Woman Arrested After Boyfriend Passes Out Due to Her Bad Vaginal Odor

Woman Arrested After Boyfriend Passes Out Due to Her Bad Vaginal Odor


Authorities arrested Lashawna Stankonia
today after her boyfriend was admitted to the emergency room for air poisoning.

Donald Faison locked himself in the basement of their home last night and couldn’t breathe due to the foul order that was later determined to be her v@gina.

“I smelled that sh*t all the way across the street at my house, I thought it was a dead body, she a real nice girl I can’t believe that bitch cooter was stinking like that” — Neighbor

Lashawna was released on $500 bond and will appear in court next month.


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  • Shawn Lincoln

    Can someone, anyone, please tell me why somebody thought that this would be funny? It’s so obviously false, and so blatantly idiotic that I’m thinking a 9 year old must’ve taken a course in “Shitposting for Beginners.” Forget the racilal overtones, and look at this idiocy for what it is – an absolutely poor attempt at some sort of “comedy” that 95% of readers think is just beyond idiotic.
    The 5% that might have found amusement in this post are the type of people who are universally considered as, well, profoundly fucking stupid.

  • http://www.itzallwayzconnected.com/ BRENDA ebonitia NERO

    IT IS WHAT IT IS because itzallconnected. This is yet another example of TPPS – Tiny Pink Penis Syndrome – with no hope of any kind of an erection – run amok and gone pussy pink wild.

    Sexism, racism, and colorism are pre-programmed, mental, illnesses founded, and grounded, in extremely low self-esteem. The belief in “white supremacy” has reduced the majority of pale-skinned [white and imitation white] people to living lies who have chosen to die in The Lie. Pale-skinned [white] people are melanin-deficient. You can only be who, and what, you are. The melanin-deficient, recessive, gene has an expiration date. A segregated, whited-out, fantasy filmed, existence is the only way their nightmarish, American, dream can come true.

    KNOW THY SELF was carved into stone by the Ancient Egyptians as both a lesson, and a reminder. Even though those 3 words were plagiarized by the Greeks while they made their tiny, pink, penises common knowledge, they are still more than a passing suggestion. If (y)our belief system supports any kind of slavery [mental, physical, doctrinal], (y)our religious mindset is still immoral. Every kind of force duhz “knot-work.” The blind-dead, war mongering, society that refuses to balance the scales of justice while “decriminalizing injustice” must be ostracized. Integrity is what holds your health, life, and society together.

    The Shunning of [white] America is now as real as “the ugly American. Pale-skinned [white] people are melanin-deficient. Saudi Arabian Wahhabism is a regurgitation of Hitler’s racism with Arabic seasoning. The real tragedy is how “White People” continU to “diss-cover” their true purpose. Soon enough, more of US will give thanks for the knowledge that becomes “won” with, and as, US. Prepare for The Rude Awakening of [white and imitation white] America. It will be called A 2020 Vision.

    “If we all are not free [to be], none of us is free [to be].” – Ida B. Wells-Barnett

    • Shawn Lincoln

      That post by “BRENDA ebonitia NERO” has got to be the most error filled, ill-informed thing I’ve read this month. I, as a non-“melanin deficient” person (i.e. a black dude), think that the poster of the above comment is 50% to blame for the problem of racial bias. Until human beings stop seeing each other as “this race” or “that race, ” or “melanin-deficient” or “melanin-enriched” what the eff ever, human relations will continue to have an unnecessary dividing line and a continual hindrance to peace & love.

  • Devedre That’s Daved Slaughter


  • http://www.terresarae.com/ Terresa Portal

    I swear this is tabloid trash. LMAO

  • SweetGaPeach81

    Donald Faison? That’s the black dude from “Scrubs”… Lol!!! I call BS on this story. #NoFactsEither

  • Richard Staccone

    I think I dated her or her sister, when I went to have sex with her she took off her pants and my eyes started burning severely and watering and I had to leave the room.

  • Rhiannon Edge

    this story kinda smells like a hate crime

  • Sonny Burnett

    If this is the case, all ghetto mothers will be arrested soon.