Source Claims Prince Was Murdered For Winning The Rights To Own His...

Source Claims Prince Was Murdered For Winning The Rights To Own His Music


It’s a sad day in the music industry and in the African-American community. Prince, the artist who changed the face of music in the 80’s with hits such as “Kiss” and “Purple Rain” died Thursday.

The 57-year-old singer was found unresponsive in an elevator at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said, according to CNN.

Prince was in a 18 year battle with Warner Bros. over the rights to his music which was recently settled.

Warner Bros. announced Friday it had reached an agreement with the pop icon, who was signed to the label from 1978 to the mid-1990s, during which time he released key projects like “Purple Rain,” “1999,” “Diamonds and Pearls” and “Around the World in a Day.”

Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

Despite the surprising yet unfortunate death of Prince, a source close to Prince claims that he had received death threats just days after winning the battle over the rights to his music.

“Prince was so excited for finally winning the battle with his former label over the rights to his music. He had threw a little get together to celebrate the victory. Myself and a couple of other close friends were at the studio when Prince got 4 anonymous calls back to back making threats against his life. That night he got the calls, he thought it was just a prank but that following day he got a video recording of us outside the studio the night he got the initial calls. Prince started getting really scared. A few of us tried to convince him to get security but he said he wasn’t going to let the threats stop him from living,” said Adonis G.

While the media claims Prince was in poor health prior to his death, this incident seems very suspicious. Many wonder how is it that Prince dies just days after winning his 18 year battle with record label executives over his music catalog.


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  • Erik Eriksen

    what is REALLY scary is that some VOTERS will actually believe this…

  • Deonna Ramos


  • JD

    OK, right article, wrong comment section. Thought this was about Prince, appears to be about religion. Hmm.

  • Brian

    I love Prince as an artist. His music will live on forever. He was more talented and a level of genius that will likely never be matched. As a thinking human being he was not a smart man. He was dumb enough to join a religious cult that changed his life for the worst. Nobody who is intelligent can honestly believe in the tenants of the Jehovah Witnesses. Nothing is more tragic than black and brown people worshiping white gods.

  • Shawna Phd

    Prince you will always live forever. Money is rule of all evil. I know your heart was true and you did nothing wrong. You are remembered by the goodness of your faith and the love and talent of your music. We all have a life to live and a death to pursue for our own lives short as well. Time is all we have to make something of ourselves and either your journey here is good or bad. It’s your life so live it the way you see fit.

  • Sexy Pammy

    No one killed Prince. RIP Sir.

    • Brian

      I appreciate your reasonable opinion. Wish more were like you Miss Pammy.

  • Leon Zoe Show

    Crazy.. It doesn’t even matter what race Jesus was . He did exactly what he was supposed to do.. Keep him in our mouths even after he left.. Work done.. The Bible is the most referenced and sold Book of all time. Like it or not. Hate is like a desease it can kill you and others around you . wake up. Please

    • Tony Cortes-Barocio

      Jesus is a made up bitch, you stupid sheep, fuck Jesus, and fuck Christians, fairy tale believing fools.

      • HyyeЯЯ Jones

        Fuck you too! Hating ass keyboard warrior! Spending your life hating on others is a bad trait.

        • Tony Cortes-Barocio


      • Sexy Pammy

        Tony Cortes-Barocio. I just prayed for you and your family. God Bless you.

        • Tony Cortes-Barocio

          Please dont pray for me, might as well curse me, NO Jebus is not my savior, he is mine and your enslaver.

      • BryanLoberg

        Damn straight!!!

      • Drea

        I hope you like it in hell

        • Tony Cortes-Barocio

          This is Hell, just ask an African child if this isnt hell stupid biatch.

      • Jay Dee

        Oh here comes the Homos all upset!!

      • Tiffany Ramos

        You are a asshole fucking stupid to post that you are a sick human

        • Tony Cortes-Barocio

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        • TheUglyTruth

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      • Terri Johnsen

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        • Tony Cortes-Barocio

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        • Tony Cortes-Barocio

          666 Biatch.

        • Brian

          The only thing more stupid than a magical sky daddy is a magical underground enemy. Liberate yourself from nonsensical myths.

      • Brian

        Tony Cortes-Braocio They don’t want to hear the truth. Black people and Hispanics worship a white god that condones slavery,rape murder and evil. They act all defensive when you bring up the evil aspects of their myth. Keep fighting the fight brother. The truth is there but we can’t help those who choose to keep their eyes closed.

        • Tammy ‘Schlenz’ Sullivan

          Your the Racist one talking like that not all whites, not all blacks etc. You can’t point fingers at all the whites get over your self no body owes you shit, everybody has to have someone else to blame but themselves . I’m so f-ing sick of this Race shit! Get a job go to school take care of your self your kids,wife,& family and shut the F up! God is of all Colors he is what you want him to be and if you don’t believe I don’t care it’s none of anyone’s business Stop tying to spread hate it’s like the plague. Keep your hate to your self!!!!!!!!

          • Brian

            What are you talking about? Eurocentric Christianity is a real phenomena that is a giant lie that was forced on African slaves and indigenous native Americans. There is only 1 race, the human race. I believe people should rely on themselves and not ancient myths to promote peace and happiness. Not hate here at all Miss Sullivan. Save your rage for someone else who deserves it.

    • joy

      Then why not tell the TRUTH if race doesn’t matter? His family hid in BLACK Egypt to escape Herrod-hard if he was white????