Sean “Puffy” Combs Arrested In Connection For Murder Of Tupac Shakur

Sean “Puffy” Combs Arrested In Connection For Murder Of Tupac Shakur

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The arrest of Sean “Puffy” Combs may have been undertaken by authorities for the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur on the Las Vegas, Nevada Strip. This comes after New Evidence (Here)that Associates in Combs’ organization have indicated off-the-record that, yes, Sean Combs was in fact under arrest. This disclosure comes just weeks after the 20th anniversary of the so far unsolved murder of the mega-superstar, Tupac Shakur.


In a press release a spokesperson for the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office said that there has come sufficient evidence to make an arrest and to obtain conviction for the murder of Shakur in 1996. This most probably indicates that an arrest warrant has been issued.

The same statement makes mention that former Death Row bodygaurd, Frank Alexander, has led detectives onto several witnesses that do show a ‘high profile person’ is connected to the conspiracy to murder Tupac Shakur. It said that an arrest would be soon to follow.

It has been reported widely by many of those supposedly in the know that, Orlando Anderson, a member of L. A. based South SIde Crips is the shooter in the Tupac case. Anderson, it is known, was beaten by Shakur and his Death Row associtates before the murderous shooting of Shakur on the Vegas Strip.

It has been said numerous times in the 20 years since the Shakur murder that Sean Combs and associates used Anderson and the South Side Crips for security purposes when visiting California. Also, Anderson, the investigation into Shakur’s death has noted, was seen at the Peterson Automotive Museum speaking with Combs and his associate Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace hours before the slaying. The murder was supposedly ordered by Combs.

An interview with Dexter Isaac found Isaac to admit that he was paid $2,500 by Combs to carry out a shooting in a robbery of Shakur at Quad Studios in New York. Isaac’s statements to police implicated Combs and Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond in the plot to have Shakur murdered.

In a reporter’s phone call to the New York D. A.’s office they were told that it could be neither confirmed, nor denied, that it was Combs whom had been taken into custody. However, they did indicate that Combs was ‘a person of interest’ in the case. A call to the Las Vegas D. A. gained the information that a suspect had been apprehended and that an arrest was to be soon expected. They would not confirm that iti was Combs who had been taken into custody.


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  • Robert Thomas

    Lies. The case is so surpassed that even if Combs confessed he wouldn’t face charges.

  • David Collins

    I Always believed Tupac was murdered by some Close to him even in New York I believed Puff Daddy wanted Biggie out the Picture he made Puff Daddy an Empire he really Didn’t need Biggie anymore these Producers are still just using these young artists I did that shit in the early 70s and it wasn’t right and safe than but shit always come back to hunt you there is no statue of limitations on a murder if he had something to do with it he needs to get his as well

  • Megan

    I do too. That pr*ck Puffy is a self-absorbed, narcissistic, greedy man. He wanted Pac dead, gone, out of the rap industry, as if Puffy thought with Pac gone, he’d have the title of the best rapper!? Omg, what a narcisstic a-hole! And Biggie, I think Puffy had him murdered too so it would appear as a west-side/east-side thing.
    Puffy I wish you’d end up in prison, genreal population, because those inmates will beat your ugly azz for taking the lives of Tupac and Biggie.

  • Mike Quintana

    This would be a headline news I have not seen anything posted of his arrest as of yet.

  • Mike Quintana

    Well either story’s B.S. or the documentary I saw last year and the white dude they interviewed said he had tupac’s necklace an gave it to his girlfriend an it damn sure wasn’t that much money … now this documentary I watched was very long it show everything from the time it started to when it finished to the dude in prison is where they interviewed him so somebody is lying an its hard for me to believe this story LMAO LOOKS LIKE SOME PEOPLE NEED MONEY SO THEY START THIS B.S. PUBLICITY. ALSO MY GIRL AN I WERE WALKING OUT OF THE CASINO WHEN WE HEARD THE COMMOTION STOOD AROUND LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE WATCHING EVERYTHING.

    • TRAND

      Sounds like you need to go back to school and brush up on your grammar.

      • Hay una tiemporada para todo

        Lol…you are not that perfect too,Trand..”Seems like” is better .

  • MsPeaceful

    Ooh.. This is a trip

  • janus999

    Something is strange about this article. It’s dated February 2016 but there are comments as far back as a year ago…

  • Rhiannon Laakmann

    It’s not true

  • Rhiannon Laakmann

    This is not true. How can you print false information? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Beth LikeAboss Vordtriede

    Arrest date says 2014

    • APBT

      Puffy paid to have this done. Fact.

      • Shawsy

        supposed to be million dollars

  • Sololoko Raquel

    He got into an altercation wit a coach in UCLA campus that’s y he got locked up but who don’t know he had something to do wit the shooting of tupac n biggie soooooooo…..

  • Kaizaro

    “…a spokesperson for the Las Vegas District Attorney’s office said that there has come sufficient evidence…”
    ‘Nuff said, right there. My 3rd grader is leagues ahead of this purported ‘journalism’. I never could understand the power that the trash tabloids have over the masses; first paragraph and I’m out, forcefully reminded to stay with the boring old regular media, in which, unfortunately, nothing as spectacular as the allegations contained in this “article” ever seems to happen.

  • layne h

    Fakest shit ive seen in awhile, for one the first person they would arrest in the murder of tupac would be suge knight, he is the #1 suspect and secondly tupac was gunned down in vegas not california or new york, and sean “puff” has no motive at all to have tupac shot, think about it whats the motive? And lastly it has been so long since the murder that you would need overwhelming amounts of evidence to pursue and arrest warrant

    • fizdog

      Tupac is in Cuba duh

      • Jesse J Carr

        It kills me wht people say to each other on the Internet. Because they are so ignorant and they have to put race into it.

    • APBT

      Everything you typed is wrong except where he was shot.

  • Sheryl Chandler

    this shit fake right

    • Eric Lehr

      Yeah Sheryl, “this shit be fake” you uneducated moron.

      • Sheryl Chandler

        Why exactly did you feel the need to insult me.

        • Holm Wrecker

          Because; Freedom. Doesn’t matter what you think. Act like an uneducated stooge and that’s what you get. Free speech is specifically for offensive speech.

      • DA JOKA

        Conservative Douchebag Alert! Stfu you white piece of shit!

        • Jay

          why you gotta bring his race card into it?

        • Holm Wrecker

          Shut me up. You can’t. Ever.

        • Holm Wrecker

          We’ve been called worse by better than the likes of you.

      • jo

        Awww someone’s self esteem must be so low that they need insult people on the internet in order to make themselves feel better.

        • Tee Jay

          I agree…how do u determine a person’s level of intelligence by just 1 question? He prolly don’t get no pussy that’s why he’s randomly insulting women

      • JayWilson

        And you are a bigoted, mouth-breathing dolt.

      • Alfred Luna

        Fucking idiot. STFU

      • Jason

        So what everybody has to talk like you U fuking cunt?

        • Jamie

          Please do us all a favor and take a basic spelling/grammar class before posting nonsense.

      • Scozzy Scotter

        and you’re a troll.

  • Gene Dooley

    “…may have been?” Great reporting. Gee, I wonder why the author didn’t put his name on this.