Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Being Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In...

Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Being Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In U.S.


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We have learned that United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now very concerned that an estimated one million pounds of rat meat.

Which is being passed off as “boneless chicken wings,” has been sold in restaurants and grocery stores across America.

According to reports, FDA inspectors raised concerns after several illegal shipping containers originating from China were seized by customs at the Port of San Francisco.

It was found to contain rat meat that was meant to be shipped to different meat processing plants across America and resold as chicken.

One report says that if hundreds of thousands of pounds of the illegal meat have been seized and are to be destroyed by authorities.

The FDA warns an estimated 1,000,000 pounds of the counterfeit rat meat might still be in circulation.


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  • Isaac J Stornes

    I’m a say this Ben taste good when dipped in BBQ sauce don’t knock it until you try it😏😎

  • Joseph Suess

    What in the hell is wrong with this page??? Posting stupid shit like this just makes the little integrity you MIGHT have, just float away….. LMAO!!

  • Minkelric Green

    Chinese people don’t care about their animals I don’t like rats but it’s a damn shame to kill a rat with boiling water so they can pass it off as chicken that’s why I don’t eat it any chef Japanese Chinese Asian Thai or any other restaurant and what is the FDA doing about this are they just letting it through so that everybody can think they got chicken but it’s really rat I hope they sin some of this to the White House for Trump to eat because he’s a big ass rat anyway

  • Danny Moore

    As long as they are raised with antibiotics I guess it’s fine. Lol

  • Dan Medina

    Why does everything have to taste like chicken !?!?!?!?

  • Terry Hanson

    I remember when Obama made the deal with China, to have chicken sent to China and packaged and sent back to the US. So the chinese keep the chicken for themselves and send us rat meat.. wow! There is absolutely nothing I like about Obama, what a horrible man.

    • LiveLife ToLove


    • Lisa Baxter

      Obama did not make a deal like that. Please stop with your racist lies

      • Terry Hanson

        Yes he did, but please explain to me, just exactly how this is racist??? I bet u wont, because ur full of shit. I bet if the truth be known ur the real racist. I’m so tired of liberal bullshit. You people really suck ass, I wish everyone of you would leave the planet! it amazes me how, when liberals hear something they don’t like about Obama (clearly the worst president ever) they want to claim racism.

        • Taekwon Taylor

          Fuck u y’all need to leave the Planet y’all killed my Ancestors NATIVE AMERICAN for our Land America… And you enslaved Africans you Jerk now u leave the planet blow ya own fucken head off, saying you wish Every Black person leaves the planet

        • Lisa Baxter

          Obama worst president ever? why, because he was Black? He was the most respected, articulate, educated, family oriented, without scandal, loved by the WORLD, president Ever! And his wife was the most educated, classy lady who has ever graced the white house–But now you have an Idiot, man/child, divorced 3 times, filed bankruptcy 7 times, doesn’t pay his debts, lies about EVERYTHING, who has a wife who is a whore and high paid prostitute for a President. I say CLearly your man TRUMP is the worse– Obviously! You dont reasonably have a bad thing to say about Obama- except your bigoted butt can’t stand that a Black man was so highly educated and ran the top office in the world. Klansmen are not only racist, their just plain STUPID!

  • Scott Matern

    It came from China? I’m SHOCKED! LOL!!!

  • Cyndeewi

    Why you people keep dealing with China, I’ll never know!

  • Why

    Well I will say the boneless wings did taste much better that I had this week

  • Patricia L. Heise

    Think it’s real had some of the most disgusting tasting wings at Wing Stop…they were probably rat meat…YUK!

    • Susan

      I bet they use them in Chinese restaurant’s. You know the way that Chicken looks. Long twisted pieces, when you ask they say it’s thigh meat.

  • Tom Cook

    I bet they got the idea from the book “King Rat”.

  • CS

    Where exactly does it end up … and does the U.S know what it’s buying. If they do.. that is a problem as well.

  • Bobby Hickey

    Would be nice to read article before your popup asks me to like you and asks how I liked the story. IDK, haven’t read it yet is my reply. All the ads and popups make me want to avoid this site and also damages credibility of content. Appears, like most today, just click bait.
    If you want people to take seriously, perhaps moving ads like lose weight, enhance your sex life, etc off your page. Change to better ads if you must advertise


      My sentiments exactly. Popups make it very hard to read the article. Get rid of the popups. Usually when they start, I just delete without reading the rest of the article.

  • Wayne Grazio

    They’re quite good if they are rice paddy rats from Thailand. Probably better than the hormone laced chicken everyone loves here in the USA.

  • HW

    Rats are all bone… no meat to speak of.

  • Theodore Bender

    well it’s cheaper, wal**** will sell it

  • Brian Fitzpatrick

    The account appears to have originated on World News Daily Report, a website that creates fictional news.

  • Khadija Danielle Provencher

    False news story.. not true

    • Brenda G

      I hope so!

  • Thad R Moorland

    This makes no sense; how do you de-bone a million rats to pass it off as boneless anything? But then I imagine this would be a hit with the Trump crowd.

    • Thomas Trovato

      Boneless spineless rats, must be the Clintons!

      • Lisa Baxter

        Correction… TRUMPS

    • Terry Smith

      What does this have anything to do with Trump? Just stupid

      • Larry Fyne

        It is annoying, isn’t it? Always a smart-aleck interjecting Trump’s name in everything…thinks it’s cute, I reckon.

        • TaylorD

          It is annoying indeed. Just as much as thencomment including Obama…Or was that missed?

          • Larry Fyne

            Hey…smarty-britches…I was commenting on Terry Smith’s post NOT making one of my own. Maybe you should direct your comment/question to them.

          • Terry Hanson

            Not so stupid, when u consider this was done under Obama’s administration. Then any Obama comments have merit.

    • Jackie Bugdale

      Indeed. We feed all our democratic friends rat meat.

    • Debbie

      Wow you’re lame

    • Susan

      Dumbass remark! Liberal bitch. I hope you’ve eaten rat wings!

    • Terry Hanson

      Your imagination runs wild. What a stupid thing to say. your a complete moron.
      (this would be a big hit with the trump crowd) again what a dumb thing to say.

  • Larry Fyne

    Are they farm raised?

    • Doug Richardson

      That is funny

      • Larry Fyne

        Mucho gracias…

    • khalil


    • LaShanna Kimmons

      Lol, good one larry

  • VariedResponse

    If it squeaks, you got some “Mystrey” meat there..

  • smithleeroy21

    When you are a Federal Employee you can do as you please. You can use your hands to hold your cell phone. This makes it hard to do anything else. When you do not have to worry about loosing your job, why should you care what comes into this country.

  • Luciano Mezzetta

    Are the comments about rat meat? No, they are about orthography by people who have no writing skills.

  • Lywanda Leontyne

    Instead of acting crazy about casual posting on a rat story, could you casually post about a rat story???!!! ?????? I tell my kids all the time not to eat that random crap. Bone-in wings!!!!

  • J Jizzle77

    Y’all are fighting! OVER GRAMMER!?????? HEY!!!! Have we been eatin FN!? RATS!!?!? I MEAN WTF ?!?! Wth is wrong with our country!? Sheeew! Bbq rat ! Ugh IM DONE!

  • monica

    Um rat doesn’t resemble chicken at all Lol, bird , rat… There Anatomy is completely different, legs are different, no wings lol…so really if you look at your food and don’t know the difference, lol u deserve to eat rat lol…you can’t even pass them off as frog,lol. And stores don’t sell squirrel.. so all they can do is grind meat, or put meat on a stick

  • Janice L Brown

    Man!!!Who gives a damn about who is using proper English. Fuck the punctuation!!! The big problem is rat meat being brought into this country and sold as boneless chicken wings in our restaurants. How many restaurants have you and your family have eaten at? The question is, how many restaurants owners knows this and are selling it to us anyway? Who are the local distributors the restaurant owners are buying their meats from? How can the consumer be sure if what they are eating when dining out? Now, argue about something worthwhile.

  • David

    mmmm tastes like chicken to me

  • RussL

    Why would anyone import cheap Chinese chicken. It should be banned from importation immediately.

  • kevin kaper

    “As with all of World News Daily Report’s articles, the claim had no basis in truth. The article used an unrelated image published to the internet in 2014, itself unrelated to chicken wings or the 2016 Super Bowl.” Not true.

  • kevin kaper

    What a bunch of stupid snarky comments. Get lives, people!

  • Doreen Inesti Allam

    What I find amusing is the fact that everyone has lost sight of the topic at hand. Who cares about another person’s grammar. First the article states, according to reports, FDA inspectors raised concerns after several
    illegal shipping containers originating from China were seized by
    customs at the Port of San Francisco. It was found to contain rat meat that was meant to be shipped to
    different meat processing plants across America and resold as chicken. Mr. Marks forgive me if my words are offensive to you, but I believe that you should take some remedial reading classes to understand what you, are, reading.
    This is your comment:
    How in the world does the FDA inspectors let 1,000,000 of rat meat get
    by them, they should be fired immediately, that’s like letting a whole
    container through without inspecting it , there’s know excuse good
    enough for me.
    If you pay close attention to the article you might understand it’s, context. What is says is that they have been caught, no where does it say the FDA allowed them to get pass borders with said shipment. For this reason we are being given a warning not to purchase said products. I pass no Judgment on anyone just want to bring everyone back to the actual article at hand and it interpretation.

  • Speak-The-Words

    I wonder why there is such outrage? I personally choose not to digest meat anymore and I wish more people wouldn’t but since a lot of you complaining about this do eat flesh, why is this a big deal. I’ve seen a lot worse on American TV shows and other cultures… Did the people eating the ‘boneless chicken’ even notice? Every time I come across a meat eater they say humans are designed to eat meat (I don’t agree but..) and so as i look at it…. a rat is still a carcass. Meat eaters eat carcasses, flesh… If you can eat a cow, pig, sheep, duck, fish, crab, oyster, rabbit, pigeon… even a majestic bear, if you can eat all the meats and seafood you lot love so dearly surely you can eat a rat…? I’m a bit surprised that everyone is kicking up fuss to be honest.

  • Mommy Says

    I will never eat chicken in any form again. Period. ALL chicken is being processed in China now. Ask Tyson.

  • luvlyempress

    They’ve been selling us rat meat for years. This is nothing new :(.

  • Marlene Marcal

    FDA doesn’t care about our health or the quality of our food. FDA approves genetically modified food that is killing us.

  • Jessica

    I guess it taste like chicken!!! Sad us people don’t have a brain anymore… Us people didn’t even realize we are eating RAT!!!! We need to stop and realize what the government is doing to us!! Sad we don’t eat food we raised and grew ourselves anymore. …Imagine how much money the world could save if we wasn’t so damn selfish and blind!!!!! JILL STEIN PRESIDENT! #savetheBEES!#NOOILLINE

  • Indian Andy

    Rat balls and spaghetti, YUM YUM!

  • Aaron Webb

    clearly you didnt watch Demolition Man, Sylvester preferred the Rat burger to the Taco Bell. Frankly, its a preconception that probably stems back to the black plague as to why people hate rats, but in reality they are just like squirrels or rabbits and completely edible…..if a rat had a different name than 500 years ago, we would probably already be eating it

  • Chirag Arora

    I have a solution for you which most of you won’t agree! Please don’t eat outside food! Cook on your own!

  • Joe Cosmo

    Why is it never US selling rat meat to other countries? We have plenty to go around. smh

  • Carabinieri

    We need to get rid of all the red tape BS, taxes, and anything against American farmers, and buy pretty much all of our food from people who actually care about this country. I don’t trust anybody else considering the rest of the world hates America…even though they want to live here.

  • Mike Beadel

    This is not hard to believe this is happening. Our own FDA is putting all kinds of junk in our food and if you don’t believe it look on the back of any packaged food in your grocery store where it tells you the ingredient so much stuff in it you can’t even pronounce most of it. Why do you think we all stay sick diabeties,Alzheimer’s, heart disease high cholesterol it’s all from the food we eat. No pure food any more unless you raise it yourself

  • Todd Naz

    I was wondering why happy hour wings were so cheap.

  • Paul Ess-dot Smith

    hahahaha, so, this post is about 1,000,000 LBS of rat meat being sold as Chicken but, ur all going on about eachothers spelling’s and punctuation and who is smarter than who. maybe its that level of “intelligence” that has allowed that rat meat to get through in the first place. shoving you’r intelligence or “claim’s of intelligence” in people’s faces does not seem to solve anything does it? has it? will it ever? just a thought 🙂

  • Lloyd Bowleg

    You would have to be a total idiot not to believe this.

  • Jazi

    No news of this on the CBP website 1 million pounds is a lot it would be discovered. I am not saying some things don’t slip through but trust me these people eat this food to the are on their job!

  • Phyllistein King

    I eat home cooked meals, I don’t fool with no restaurants or boneless meat. And be careful which ground meats you buy. With all of the mess that is going on, this is not the worse of it. I seeked I found. Everyone may not be able to handle he truth about this world we live in. Evil.

  • Kristen

    The chicken of our sewers

  • Keven Kuzara


  • Johnathan Huntington

    Yuk!!!!!!! I don’t doubt it that Rat meat made it through customs and was sold as Chicken wings, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken sandwiches, and where processed Chicken is used and made. Fortunately, I cook my own Chicken using Chicken Leg Quarters or Whole Chicken. Fortunately, I’m not likely to have ate Rat meat but processed meat can be hard to identify unless your looking for Rat meat.

  • American-Patriot

    Probably one million pound of rat meat, sold in Chinese buffets. All you can eat, chicken licken heart burn 🙂

  • Ninja_Dude

    Next up the trafficking of human meat and the trade sales of human flesh on the black market and in your grocery stores

  • Kevin Kinsell

    Tyson Foods, the largest chicken processor in the world, is having their chicken processed in China.

  • robin

    This is why I never eat Chinese food, you don’t know what they feeding you, in my town years ago they were selling people cat, they were shut down but image eating cat, eww

  • powermix24

    Rat wings …. yeeee haww

  • BerthaImsolvingmyself Williams

    Lol they only sell it to people that don’t know what a chicken looks like and chickens don’t have tails.

  • vegaseast

    Rat is delicious…it’s like the veal of makes an excellent Chicken Alfredo. It’s even better if you make buffalo style rat bites…with blue cheese..Mmmhmmm.?

  • Aikyu999

    Another China demonizing propaganda piece – you can’t trust anything on the internet anymore! FDA is actually funded by the corporations they allegedly regulate. Whatever government says today is fabricated Bull $#!T to eliminate competition for these corporations. Proof! They once said coconut oil was bad, now it’s good? They once said eggs were bad, now they’re good? They once said butter was bad, now it’s good? Everything gov’t discloses is marketing B.S.

  • Rich GLeisner

    If I don’t know what it is and it still tastes good, then hell with it. Hell, during my 18+ year military career and being around the world, I tried various dishes and one thing I learned is, it all goes down the same and comes out the same….no matter if it were steak or rat! LOL

  • Charlton Blacksoul Harris

    All y’all retarded if you think this is real… Lol..its a reason why this article have 4 paragraphs and 100 AdSense ads lmao

  • Kathy Mitchell

    Ummm rat meat is dark nuggets white meat

  • sean patric

    that video is gross I can’t believe they are feeding us this poison smh

  • True Grit

    This very true. If you watch closely, they very rarely eat the same things they sell. They eat plain rice and soups mostly. The waitresses even have a disgusted look on their faces when they walk by, because they know what you are really eating. The Chinese are masters of sauce. They can make a dick taste like a pussy.

    • paperchaser504

      Lmmfao ??????

  • Richgeana White

    Who buys boneless chicken wings anyway I haven’t seen them

    • paperchaser504

      You have to remove wing from your mind it’s more like nuggets

    • Aaron Webb

      you never ate at a restaurant? They all got em, CHilis Applebees OUtback….

  • Shirley Brunson


  • http://www.Afrocubaweb MilagrosGV

    My thing is I would not believe this unless I had not seen the same in Boston and when I was in the US military YES! its a fact

  • Selene Goberdhan

    Thank God for converting me to vegetarien 4 years now plus i wasn’t a fan of meat……

  • Metroo Boomin

    That’s some good ass rat especially in the teriyaki sauce ?????

  • Denise Rene’ Kirkpatrick

    This whole thing is disgusting! It doesn’t really make any difference what is said on here. You all are a bunch of idiots! I may not be a PETA follower, but this is barbaric!!! What they are doing to these rats is horrible! I would hope after all that acid, or whatever they are using, isn’t being fed to humans or even snakes! Did I use correct grammar and punctuation?? I sure wouldn’t want the English grammar police after me!!! If I didn’t?? I DON’T CARE!!!

  • Bradley Lawrence Smith

    OK, the people that this would concern are willing to buy a chicken bone with skin in it. Do you really think they care?

  • Greg Gibbs

    Hoax??? .. SO the video we are watching is nothing but a bunch of *Digital Rats* being murdered and skinned by *digital* pieces of psychopathic inhumane trash???
    What a relief!..for a second I was sick to my stomach! …

  • Charrissa Huffman

    Why would anyone out source chicken? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to get chicken in America? IDK if this is real, but I’m guessing not so much. LMAO. I mean seriously what reasonable chef would actually get chicken from China.

    • paperchaser504

      The Chinese chefs


    Just eat the right wings, the left wings will make you stupid.


    And the rats are dipped in chickensh*t before they are fried. Makes them crispy.

    • anthony schartner

      i like them crispy

  • Edward May

    they eat kids over there why not rats next will be frozen mad

  • Pringles

    From Rat meat to boneless chicken wings straight to education on spelling and quotation marks . Not bad for a post . I don’t see how the two are related ,funny how people functions. ..

  • George Whitman Too

    Considering our meat is prepared in China, who knows, this could be reality someday.

  • DrPhrogg


  • John Lindsay

    Damn no more wings for me ???

  • Sheryl Isaac

    The FDA should stop regulating meat and let the .USDA anf this fuckery won’t happen smh

  • Mary Taylor

    Never been a consumer of chicken wings, thank goodness!

    • anthony schartner

      this is how you remind me of what i really am

  • Ed Kelemen

    What’s wrong with rat meat? Maybe it’s from free range rats that aren’t pounded with growth chemicals. Probably better for you than Perdue Chicken.

    • John Lindsay

      Heh heh heh!!!

  • Jordan Chase

    Everyone knows Chinese are very nasty, why do we buy food from them or support their restaurants. Why are we even buying raw meat from them, don’t we have enough farms here to produce our own; if not the government needs to establish that so million of unemployed can get jobs

    • Patrick David McCleary

      It’s truly sad that you’re that ignorant. First of all it’s against the law in China to sell rat. Secondly it tastes nothing like chicken it taste more like lamb. And in Chinese culture they have much more table manners than we do!

      • Jordan Chase

        I see that you are one of those nasty people eating rats, I hope you get some kind of virus that has no cure. FYI; it’s against the law to kill people does that prevent others from doing so fool.

      • Jessica Witt

        it’s against the law to sell dog as meat too, but I watched a long documentary on people putting them in cages, over top of other dogs, like they do here in America with the chicken farms. But they were selling dogs as food. It happens, just because it is against the law doesn’t mean it is going to stop people from doing it anyway.

  • James Thebeau

    Now ain’t that some shit! Smh

  • Jian Dhoh


  • wil7483

    Hoax….when are you all going to stop believing EVERYTHING that you read on the Internet?

    • Misanthropic Humanist

      dumbass. it’s happened before. you’re such a fucking retard

      • James Thebeau

        If people still eat meat after this and don’t go vegan they are just plain idiots

        • Tim Benson

          China. It’s considered a treat/appitizer in china to eat rat and mice on a stick.

          Enjoy fact. Such ignorance. Take your foot and try to pull it out of your mouth…be slow though don’t want your heel to knock your teeth out.

          • Rick Sander

            To be fair Tim, having lived for a year in Beijing, in China everything is a delicacy. They eat everything and love all of it. 🙂

        • Rick Sander

          The vegetables are made of rat meat too!

          • James Thebeau

            Nono, that was not my original comment content. Because I was agreeing with Wil about people believing everything they see on social media. but i clearly asked misanthropic exactly what proof and when because all this crap is hoaxes for likes and shares

          • Krystle

            Vegan? Really? #goodlord

        • Elisa

          I agree! #govegan

        • Kristen

          We kept on eating bologna after stores were caught selling horse meat last year.

        • philNYC

          Rodent is delicious!

    • Kevin M Howard Sr.

      Because all meat is bad any damn way

      • DJSTICK

        Mr. Howard, I’m curious, do you consider that statement a fact or your personal opinion?

        • Krystle

          Neither. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, no matter how he meant it.

      • Alfred Dawson Jr

        i’ll stick with venison and freshly caught fish from non contaminated rivers and lakes

    • CoreyPain718

      No reason not to take this seriously, do restaurants REALLY care what they feed you? Do Chinese (of all people) meat sellers and packers care what they sell us? Does the middle man care as long as he is getting his Rat’s share of the profits? This should be an eye opener true or not! WE REALLY HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING FOR SURE WHAT IT IS WE ARE EATING! Stop being cattle clowns!

      • Malice Amarantine

        this is so gross ewww???.

        • Johnathan Huntington

          Agreed! EEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

      • Johnathan Huntington

        Well they do; but the Chinese are known to cheat on their contracts and/or don’t supervise their suppliers.

      • KathyEtollie

        Seriously because I swear u had some from sonic yesterday and I spit it out because something was funny and chewy or uncooked about a few of them. This is confirmation to me.

    • Chris

      I know this is real they been serving us rats smh

      • anthony schartner

        you’ve been putting weiners in your mouth

      • Jeff62


    • waynelaboy

      it is not beyond this place to do this since they worship money…

    • Nuncio78

      Well, this isn’t a video of people killing and defurring rats for the heck of it lol! Come on seriously don’t believe for one second you haven’t had meat that wasn’t labeled properly in your life.


      The $1 Chinese restaurants have already been closed behind selling horse meat for beef. We need to take this serious.

    • Jenan

      actually china is famous for misrepresentation. i have watched several documentaries about it. dog meat, rat meat. they eat anything that moves. china has even manufactured plastic rice. you need to wake up

    • Cynthia Evans

      I know you right inspector would be a killer.. I don’t believe everything I read on the Internet it’s no way the U.S. would allow this..Thanks

      • KathyEtollie

        With all respect that was a dumb statement. The US allows much worst. Wow.

        • Cynthia Evans

          No way would the FDA allow this at all.. No if nor but’s

  • Sandy Alaniz


  • Tammy Jenkins

    Never trust “boneless” chicken wings

  • Onye-Jew


  • Rustyangel

    Wait till you find out that chicken mc nuggets are actually chicken rectums

  • IamUSisME

    It’s meat. Whether true or untrue, people’s disgust with it is purely psychological. As long as it isn’t tainted meat, it will simply fill your stomach, then turn into turds just like all the other crap we eat. Besides, many Americans already eat rodent meat, like rabbit, racoon, possum, NUTRIA (swamp rats) and other forms of meat that isn’t chicken beef or pork…

    • YouCrackersArePussy

      You know most chickens are farm raised and feed certain things while rats eat anything and have all kinds of diseases so no all meat is not the same…

      • IamUSisME

        I’m aware of that, I actually raised 200 chickens on my property, and even doing that, they are still dirty birds… Also, If you re-read my comment, you’ll notice where I said “as long as it isnt tainted meat…”… that statement speaks to your point… I would not suggest people just pick up rats and cook them, I wouldnt suggest that for any wild animal..unless it was a matter of survival…

        • Johnathan Huntington

          Agreed, you have to wash the chickens before you slaughter them.

      • James Thebeau

        And since when have you gotten a sickness from eating boneless but not bone in chicken? I haven’t nor has my little brother and yet all we ever eat from restaurants is chicken boneless, except I will eat bone in wings when possible

      • Jessica Witt

        They also have those chickens in horendous conditions. They are given Lord knows how many different chemicals. They aren’t healthy at all. Its horrible.

      • Aaron Webb

        actually the farm raised chikcen is worse for you, full of additives, hormones, and chemicals, nice try though

    • YeahIsaidthat

      Hell yeah…to the bone

    • Lori Titilayo Wellman

      technically, possum, rabbits, and raccoons are not rodents, but i get your point, and you are correct. ‘muricans are so stupid to think the only edible meats are chicken, beef, pork, and fish.

  • Dave Heston


  • Mark Jones Sr.

    How in the world does the FDA inspectors let 1,000,000 of rat meat get by them, they should be fired immediately, that’s like letting a whole container through without inspecting it , there’s know excuse good enough for me.

    • Tim Benson

      the correct term is “No” not Know

      • CoreyPain718

        Great job professor! Now all you have to do is go to school and get YOURSELF an actual REAL LIFE education so that these foreigners wont have this much power in YOUR country maybe? LOL @ internet scholars! Please I “KNOW” trailer park trash posing when I see it!

        • John Lindsay

          “Great job professor!”

          A comma is needed after job, dummy.

          “trash posing”
          The word is posting. SMH.
          Your reply is riddled with mistakes, CoreyPain718.
          I could have posted several more.

          • CoreyPain718

            LOL you know, it shames me that you are a Black man and so uneducated! This is truly sad! #1 You don’t seem to know the difference between the word Posing and the word Posting LOL. You are as dumb as you look! Not to mention a comma in a 3 word sentence? this tells me that you do NOT recognize an exclamation mark as the END of a sentence! How old are you and you don’t know this stuff? LOL its clowns like you that make Jim Crow and racist killer cops look like heroes!

          • James Thebeau

            No. because look at where we keep them and what education the get. 🙂 Your whole arguement is invalid to even try to validate racism. Your just an ignorant trump supporter who will soon be dead as the rest.

          • Donna Brown

            James Thebeau, I won’t correct your grammatical and spelling errors, or the punctuation problems. Your political statement that seemed more like a threat than a comment doesn’t deserve much of a reply. As for correcting everyone in so caustic a manner, it seems a bit like overkill. They’re posting opinions on a talk forum. I write for a global news site where there is no room for errors, ever. Decent folks sharing their opinions in here really don’t need to be dragged over the coals for a mistake. Can we all ease up a bit? We’re arguing over rat meat! Do you really think a well-executed sentence will spare us the humiliation? Then go for it, Ranger of Education and Trivial Matters.

          • Donna Brown

            Perhaps much of my comment should’ve been directed to Corey Pain718 as he seems to be the most highly incensed over the lack of proper sentence structure and other literary skills. Lighten up, CoreyPain, and your pain may ease up a bit.

          • YeahIsaidthat

            Rat meat, Lo frikin L

          • erin

            It’s addressing a proper noun and needs a comma.

          • CoreyPain718

            It’s not addressing anything, you cut and pasted into word and the corrections were made for you STFU! Nice try Hillbilly garbage!

          • Robert E. Hodge

            George Washington Carver was a black slave; he was also a good deal smarter than you seem to be.

          • Corey Pain

            Shouldnt you be chasing kids with candy you weird old loner?

          • Aaron Jones

            Hood Trash!

          • CoreyPain718

            Obama PLEASE get the unemployed back to work, the Internet is flooded with trash posts from uneducated trash lol.

            Ok Thanks!!!

          • Aaron Jones

            Obamas out fool!

          • erin

            Professor should also be capitalized as you are using it in lieu of an actual name.

          • CoreyPain718

            Says the woman with no education…PRETENDING TO BE SMART ONLINE!!!! LOL This is exactly why America falls behind in EVERY academic category! GO THE FUCK TO SCHOOL! IM SO TIRED OF YOU HILLBILLY WHITE TRASH ACTING SMARTER THAN OTHERS, YET YOU YOURSELF HAVE ZERO QUALIFICATIONS!!!!! Who the hell cares about punctuation anymore? When we have applications that make the corrections for you? (Yea dont think I didn’t catch that you used Word to make the corrections LOL)…. LIKE I SAID, GTFO OF THE TRAILER PARK AND GET THE FUCK INTO A SCHOOL! MMmmmmkay? LOL Thanks!

          • YeahIsaidthat

            Dont be an asshat

          • Preston

            I think the proper grammar is, “without any education.” God forbid if I am wrong though.

          • Tamaracboy

            Such puffery when you can’t even put an apostrophe in I’m; and in ALL CAPS yet, Poseur !

          • Guy

            Acceptance of mediocrity or the outright ignorance of intellectual pursuits is the hallmark of a society not worth writing about. ~Cicero

          • Virgil

            actually no professor should not be capitalized until it is given to
            an actual proper noun such as Professor Scott.

          • Robert E. Hodge

            Correct; just saying. I have Only read an estimated 800 books a year for over 65 years. Read 2,675 in 1962 alone.

          • Corey Pain

            Arent you a little OLD to be a participant in this pops? So what do you say you get going before Chris Hansen from To catch a predator hears about this MMMMMkay? See ya gramps!

          • Isabel Munoz

            Hey Cory, where’s the apostrophe between the n and t in the word Aren’t?

          • Corey Pain

            and where is your green card between your wallet flaps?

          • erin

            Great job professor! Now all you have to do is go to school and get YOURSELF an actual REAL LIFE education so that these foreigners wont have this much power in YOUR country maybe? LOL @ internet scholars! Please I “KNOW” trailer park trash posing when I see it!

            I’ll just go ahead and fix the entire thing for you.

            Great job, Professor! Now all you have to do is go to school and get YOURSELF an actual, REAL LIFE education so that these foreigners won’t have this much power in YOUR country, maybe? LOL @ internet scholars! Please, I KNOW (What are you trying to indicate with those quotation marks? They serve no purpose here other than to advertise your deep misunderstanding of the use of punctuation in the English language.) trailer park trash posing (as what?) when I see it!

          • Corey Pain

            Ok so you can cut, you can paste into a Microsoft Word doc and you can get all the corrections made for you, and you can PRETEND to be educated. FINDING A JOB…. Now thats where you fail! LOL Not impressed lard ass, get off the couch, you and that foul odor of yours get out once in a while. Thanks in advznce LOL!

          • Ann

            You’re an idiot; nothing you say even pertains to the argument. Just get out of here and stop embarrassing yourself.

          • Ladyhawke22

            What a horrible thing to say! YOU are a racist! Shame on you!

          • Ann

            First of all, never use “LOL” in formal
            writing. Second, the use of
            “its” here is wrong; the correct format here would be the utilization
            of a conjunction (it’s for it is). Last,
            but not the least of your frivolous mistakes, never use all caps.

            “How old are you and you don’t know this
            stuff?” I have composed a complete
            analysis of your foul paragraph below.
            Please go back to middle school before you embarrass yourself further.

            LOL (there should
            be a comma here) you know, it shames me that you are a Black (why is this capitalized? Colors are not proper nouns. Calling a human being out of ethnicity, is
            racist no matter what you are; which you hypocritically contradict at the end
            of the paragraph) man (there
            should be a comma here) and so uneducated (how dare you call someone else ignorant; when you cannot write a
            single sentence with intelligence)! This is (do not use unclear antecedents; to what, or who, does
            “this” refer) truly (truly is an unintelligent word to use)
            sad! #1 (numbers one through ten are
            always spelled out. Also, good writing
            does not use pound signs. There should
            also be a comma after “# 1”) You (“You” should not be capitalized, as it did not start the
            sentence) don’t seem to know the difference between the word Posing and
            the word Posting LOL (why do you have “posing”
            and “posting” capitalized, when it is in the middle of a
            sentence? Also, you used “LOL”
            again, seriously?). You are as dumb as you look (I concur that you are stupid. One’s intelligence is irrelevant to what they
            look like, however, as many animals are more intelligent than you)! Not to mention (no, please do not ever suggest any more corrections to others)
            a comma in a 3 word sentence (again,
            numbers from one to ten are always spelled out, or you could use a hyphen; if
            you even know what that is)? (Why
            is there a question mark at the end of this sentence, there is nothing to
            suggest a problem) this (“this”
            needs to be capitalized, it is the beginning of a sentence, dummy)
            tells me that you do NOT (there is no
            reason for “NOT” to be in all caps; in fact, formal writing never
            uses all caps) recognize an exclamation mark as (“as” does not fit this context; it should be
            “at”) the END (all
            caps again) of a sentence! How old are you and you don’t know this
            stuff (you phrased this sentence
            childishly; try: “At your age, you should be aware of proper grammar
            etiquette)? LOL (those of us
            who are writers, frown upon the constant misuse of repetitive words; as well as
            the use of acronyms used in pre-teen text messages) its (you really need to learn what a conjunction
            is; you should have put “it’s” here to mean “it is”)
            clowns like you that make Jim Crow (there
            should be a comma here) and racist killer cops (there should also be a comma here) look like heroes (the connotation of this sentence is
            irrelevant to your argument on grammar)!

            Another major mistake in your so-called writing, is the lack
            of double spacing.

          • Corey Pain

            LOL Its an online post, who said anything about this being a formal body of work? STFU You fat faced, retard look alike! Are you seriously that desperate to feel like somebody? Are you that lonely? Is THIS all you have? Bitch go get married, a woman should never be so lonely and idle! LOL @ Writer! Writing and Journalism majors = BROKE ASS bums! That would explain why you have nothing going for yourself right now except for being a Hall Monitor online ROFL! Major in something that’s actually competitive, and makes you some money! You do this country ZERO service being a human spellchecker LOL! Our nation is being out performed economically, technologically, and mathematically and this piece of shit fat faced cow is writing term papers LOL! L O L

          • Ann

            Where, exactly, did I inform you of my major? Where did I say if I am married or not? Oh, right, I
            didn’t. Your argument is still invalid; especially given that today’s world is surrounded
            with text more than ever before.

          • Corey Pain

            You said you werent married with the swiftness of your responses…. LOL No man, no family, no phone calls, no dates, just you, your extra bellies, and the glow from a monitor #PATHETIC!

          • Ann

            You must be retarded.

          • Corey Pain

            You offer zero by way of insight or intellect for that matter, and sadly you claim to be “educated” because a computer makes corrections for you? No wonder we lose the important jobs to better qualified foreigners, our academic rankings drop by the day, we are being hacked left and right because WE as Americans are so busy PRETENDING and NOT actually EDUCATING! SMH

          • Ann

            I agree completely, it is sad that you are included into our society.

          • Aaron Jones

            Get a job instead of commenting online wasting everyones life with your unwanted and unneeded replies. Asshat remarks + an apparent lack of intelligence = Trolling Asshole with no life

          • indyjeepman

            You really can’t be this fucking stupid…

          • Corey Pain

            and you REALLY can be this lonely and womanless to still be posting on this!

          • indyjeepman

            Should I make the point that you did the same thing after a month? No, I won’t. But I guess you are THAT stupid.

          • Corey Pain

            Dude it’s over, you had your chance to be involved but you missed it…..GO AWAY! GET MARRIED!!! SORRY thats too much for you JUST GET LAID ALREADY! Go on GET!

          • indyjeepman

            Who needs to get married to get laid. Now GFY in Pain.

          • Corey Pain

            Did you really just sit there and waste that much of your life in typing me this novel that I didn’t even bother to read? LOL FURTHER PROOF THIS WAR-PIG IS LONELY!

          • Ann

            Fixing mistakes is not a waste of my time, but obviously being intelligent is a waste of yours.

          • Corey Pain

            Cut + Paste + Word Documents + auto-correct = fat hillbilly women that think they are smart LOL

          • Ann

            You’re an idiot.

          • Ann

            Also, I believe you meant to say: ” Did you really just sit there and waste that much of your life by typing a novel for me; which I didn’t even bother to read?”

          • Maknme Thursty

            wrong. Corey was correct, assistant professor.

          • chris johnston

            Wrong, Thursty. Also, you forgot to capitalize. Always use a comma when directly addressing someone/something, regardless of whether the direct address is at the beginning or end of the sentence.

          • slutskis

            U ALSO SUCK

          • Charles Cohen

            Hey slutskis, I wonder how you would feel if it was your father who was run down by a stupid teen driver who wasn’t paying attention to the road.

        • Doc Wu

          It’s easy to see why someone who hasn’t even mastered the language might not understand that the reason the inspectors might miss something is because only a tiny fraction of what comes into this country ever gets inspected at all, not because the inspectors are incompetent, but because the FDA is ridiculously underfunded. Only a idiot would think that imports are 100% inspected, but they are the first to complain about their taxes being spent on government programs like the FDA, then run out to Mickey D’s for their $1 value menu…

          • Corey Pain

            Yet another failed attempt at sounding or coming across as “Smart” GO TO SCHOOL PEOPLE it works out better in the end! TRUST ME!

          • Ann

            I agree, you should really try it. Trust me.

          • Aaron Jones

            Hmm, as much as you talk about school it sounds like a bunch of past regrets about not finishing. Tell me how is your relationship to your mother, It must be horrible the way you are disrespecting the women on here.

          • Corey Pain

            Dude you look like a white trash Hillbilly piece of garbage! Please stay in your trailer home and enjoy your marriage to your hideous little sister…..or is that your brother? lol

          • Doc Wu

            Corey Pain WTF is your problem? The only one here coming across as NOT smart is you. Take your own advice, stay in school.

          • Corey Pain

            Ok Doc doo-doo can you please go away now? I’m sure you have heard that before!

          • Aaron Jones

            100% correct.

      • Mike Weaver

        This aint no resume!

      • slutskis

        The correct word for you is asshole !!

      • Dee Frost

        who gives a RatsAss yew new what it meant, your rude

      • joed


    • Kristin Worman

      Thiscis crazy!.

    • Johnathan Huntington

      President Obama, “It was my my predecessor, George W Bush” who failed to inspect the imports.”

    • Helen Damnation ?™

      Only 2% of meat imports are inspected by the US.

    • Robert E. Hodge

      Lets see: about 500 agents x 10,000,000 Containers comes down to what percent get looked at?
      That is on the West Coast alone.

  • James Beezie

    Sick to my stomach. Perfect reason to go vegan after reading this.

    • Mayo Gang Member #MayoNation

      But go ahead, turn vegan because of your ignorance. No one cares dude

      • James Beezie

        Indeed. I’m sure that God would not prefer us to kill and eat animals anyways. IJS

        “…….their will even be those that hated Jesus Christ, the son of God.”

        • Johnathan Huntington

          We can always eat meat! I will!


      This looks like a PETA article.

      • Johnathan Huntington

        Ha Ha Ha! Don’t give those Radical animal lovers any good ideas!