Michael Jordan “I Make Shoes for Suburban Whites Not Poor Black Kids.”

Michael Jordan “I Make Shoes for Suburban Whites Not Poor Black Kids.”

“I make shoes for white suburban kids, not the poor black kids. That would be like opening a restaurant for people without stomachs.”


Several black activists have accused Michael Jordan of not doing enough for the black community complaining that even his shoes are too expensive for most black youths, a charge Jordan has answered himself by saying, “I make shoes for white suburban kids, not the poor black kids. That would be like opening a restaurant for people without stomachs.”


Jordan did state that he and his friend Larry Bird had originally designed a shoe made for blacks called Air Birds which featured a silhouette of the Great White Hope displaying strong fundamentals. However, the shoes proved to be disastrously unpopular with black youths as many complained about the shoes smelling “like dookie,” most likely due to the fact that the shoes were largely composed of discarded potato skins and horse dung.

“It was a cost preventive measure on part of the company. How were we to know that black kids wouldn’t want to wear shoes with an emblem of a tall white man throwing an effective dribble pass which may or may not have smelled like compost? It smelled like a farm because it was the Air Bird. The man grew up on a farm or something like that,” said Jordan.

Jordan continued by stating, “I don’t want to hear any complaining about can or can’t afford what. There isn’t any Phillipinos or Indonesians that are going to be wearing Jordans anytime soon and they’re making them for five cents an hour.” My Air Jordan’s are the new Blood Diamonds.”

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Standing in line for Jordan’s is a big deal these days as seen in the Video Below..”I Sure Did”

Chamillionaire has a story about Michael Jordan that you will not believe below…WOW!


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  • Marty Frazier

    Why did he say just suburban whites there are suburban blacks, Mexicans Chinese, Japanense etc

  • Debi

    My son plays basketball and there is no-way I am going to spend $200 to $300 for a pair of sneakers. First off he is still growing, second that is ridiculous! Isn’t Michael Jordan rich enough? That’s just greed! I know just one person not buying his shoes is not going to affect him, but if he keeps it up, no one will buy his shoes. He has lost all respect from me. Keep your shoes!



  • Jamaal Keith Thomas

    fuck michael jordan. he’s nothing but a money hungry and greedy motherfucker. his sneakers suck anyway. they get wrinkles and heel drag easily. michael jordan doesn’t care about anyone but himself. mostly dumbass millenials buy and wear air jordans. he is a legend in the nba and basketball but he’s a fucking asshole in real life. i cannot support an arrogant person. in my opinion air fomposites are better.

  • http://www.sneakersholic.com www.sneakersholic.com

    I Don’t believe this, But Nike Jordan going out of control ..

  • PNutButty

    Rather wear a nice pair of adidas tbh.

  • sane whiteguy

    What happened to the very colorful Chuck Taylor canvas shoes from the 1970s?

    Those were stylish and inexpensive.

  • Bobby Desarino

    Wait a second, now I’m going to start taking advice from a man who has a history of serious ethical issues himself? Let’s not be simple minded here, cheats on his wife for years, degenerate gambler, and known coke abuser. Some “people in the know” wonder if he used during his games, I wonder myself. If I want advice I’ll go to a real man… his name is Tim Duncan

  • Sam’an Khaliq

    I’m black. Y’all are TWACKIN, on my dead brothas. He’s sayin y’all shouldn’t waste all that money on his expensive ass $300 dollar shoes. You could use the money so much better than to just buy some sneakers. Ik niggas that buy jordans every 2 weeks. Thas around $200 every 2 weeks. If you save that money instead for a year thas $4,800… You could buy a NASTY ass car wit that.. I’d fuck around buy some valuable jewlery with that so that if I take care of it, then over time it gets even more valuable and I can sell it off later for a profit… If you a trap nigga imagine how much of a reup that is… see the point? He’s trying to help his people get richer. Let them “established” people buy their expensive Jay’s to go along with their expensive lifestyle. I’m out here tryina chase a Million, dig it?

  • Justin Thomas

    Anyone who believes this entire story is a fucking idiot, shoes made out of potato skins and horse dung? Nike would never make shoes like that, it’s not even possible.

  • Mike T

    Why do people worship athletes anyway be a fan but not worship

  • Rodney Bullock

    Silly to be looking towards another man to give you something, you should look at the business that man created and go out there and use it as a blueprint to get your own, Think about what you’re saying, I don’t like him because he won’t give us his hard earned money. Say it to yourself a few times, and tell me it don’t sound A LITTLE FOOLISH.

  • Gaynell Jusleavmedafkalone Pro

    My kid won’t be wearing dez…

  • Malik

    First, jordan creates shoes for white people, Second, addidas makes a pair of shoes that has shackles on them, Then timberland boots logo has a secret meaning behind it as in lynching black people. Goddamn it what can we wear?!

  • armenhammer31

    why the fuck would Jordan brand put out 30, 40 dollar sneakers so that poor black kids could wear them. If every little shit was wearing jordans, they’d stop being cool. By the way, I would note that I think the new market for jordans is actually rich university aged asian dudes. They have the money, they are obsessed with black culture and basketball, and can rock them. That’s the future kids.

  • DT Is Great

    So many people here with horrific grammar. And I have a feeling most of you are adults. Jumped completely off the subject of the discussion at that. Shameful…

  • http://www.shoeszaz.com www.shoeszaz.com

    air jordan shoes

  • SpecialK

    His shoes have always cost too much money. It doesn’t matter whether its for kids in the suburbs or not. Use your common sense. They are only sneakers.

  • Yolanda Strozier

    if you think about it Michael you make more money off of black people than white people they really don’t care for you or your shoes so for you to sit there and discredit your own kind makes you nothing but a sell out remember you had to struggle to get to your success but god don’t like ugly at all and FYI some of us ” black poor kids” not always poor just cause we live in the ghetto/Projects doesn’t make us poor…..wait didn’t you grow up in the projects as well? is that why all your kids go to private school??? you want to give them a better life right ?? something you didn’t have growing up as a kid right? yea that’s what i thought but i buy your shoes and im far from poor !! don’t judge a book by its cover clown! remember you still is black and just because you have a lot of money don’t make you better than the next! because your ways makes you ugly and how talk and treat people makes you even uglier

  • eldwdubu

    Fuck off MJ, you gaddam COON! They say money makes you more of what you are, in MJ’s case it made him more of a white supremacist boot licking COON!

  • Sherry Jon

    in the end of the day everything falls on itself. I was into Jordans as a kid and I was lucky enough to be taught compassion and not request them from my parents. I took that accountability to not wear something cool and settled for cheaper adidas or even converse or something else. It wasn’t as tough living without them as i thought it would be. I still got dates and still got picked for basketball teams. Then in college i remember living with minority kids who at this point were 20 years old and were into prada’s which were at about $400 yet they “thought i was so cool because I traveled”. I’m like dude there is barely difference in our financial situation you just got fucked up priorities and they know it too. Jordan shouldn’t be blamed for it. I had every opportunity to grow out of it and so do many of my friends who have plenty of people in their community telling them to do so as well. We mistakingly think there are only dumb and sheep black people, but there are many people with honor dignity and wisdom.

  • jackthecat2010

    Re: “I make shoes for white suburban kids, not the poor black kids”…then why are the “poor black kids” stealing and killing each other over these dumb shoes?!

  • barrystjohn

    Fuck Mike !

  • Trina Alix

    He actually said this?

  • http://www.soundclick.com/Jo-Kane Jo-Kane

    You people actually think this is a real story

  • http://tkomg.net/ Pope Chuck Paul

    i question this websites credibility

  • Ionithus

    Late, late post: Never trust a Boule. No it’s not his fault that he’s made millions off of urbanites for his overpriced shoes. It’s those who still worship Jordan and continue buy his overpriced shoes, passing this b.s. off to the youth as if it’s still in. And yes, I said worshipping. There is no reason to be wearing Jordan’s nowadays. It was cool and should’ve been left in the 90’s. And then you have those who worship his financial status. Stop it. It’s not your money. He indirectly pimped that money out, knowing you have weak people out here who will still cop it for the sake of his name and the amount of money it costs to buy them. Jordan’s weren’t even that special growing up. He put everybody in awe with his court skills, hence the marketing came in… Jordans. All it was, like everything else is a marketing scheme. But unlike most marketing schemes, they die out. Jordan disciples kept his stuff alive. Bottom line, stop buying his shoes. If you paying more than a bill for shoes, you’re nuts. I copped Timbs, Nike, etc for under that and they sharp and of good quality. Another problem, we’ve become tooooo materialistic. We were never afforded to be like those on the other side of the fence. So we created our own version of high class. It’s good to do. I’m not going to lie. Just don’t be engulfed in the lifestyle that in all essence is below our standards

  • Tricks

    All jokes aside though, there is no way he said this.

  • Tricks

    While the blacks and whites continue to bicker back and forth the Hispanics are taking over the country. ;)) And we ALL wear Jordans! Wepa!

  • Jason Jones

    Man people have to argue and ad race to every issue. Michael Jordan can do and say whatever the hell he wants. It doesn’t bother me one bit because I don’t buy his stuff. Tommy Hilfiger made a similar statement years ago about his clothes. I didn’t get upset and call him racist, I just don’t buy it. Everybody wants to get in an uproar when people are being honest. You don’t have to like him or buy his stuff but some of you that are complaining will be in lone next release date so what’s the purpose of tou saying anything. And please learn the difference between racism and prejudice. It’s a big difference.

  • My nigga

    All yall niggas and crackers are crazy

  • confidence

    “give a man power and you will see all the true being” Og mandino

  • bobbyalpy

    Lol…that’s hilarious.

  • Angie Hines

    I’m not really upset over this. Like, he said it & that was wrong, but black, poor people will continuously buy his shoes regardless, and that’s their own fault. Why should he have to give back when people have a decision, and they choose NOT to take care of their priorities. People always want a handout for something or from someone. No, if you can’t afford them or feel like they make the poor poorer, stop coming out of $200 every month just to have a fresh pair on your feet. Suck it up, get a different, more bearable shoe, and not one that will be out of style in the next month.


    The subject .. and these comments.. wtf is wrong with you people


    Its a shame these kids today are so ignorant. .just look at twitter. .IG ..and the shoes they post .. paying rediculous prices for a shyt shoe. .. reality Jordan never gave a shyt about anyone .. but himself and nike backed his play ..greedy arse. . Now if you marketed this shoe at a more compatible price structure. . His gross would be 5 fold world wide..

  • YesCubanB

    Sad reality is that even with a massive black Boycott of Jordans people are just going to find something else to waste money on. Remember that reparations skit from Chappell Show? On some level I do understand the need to boost self-esteem, and buying expensive sh*t is a big ego booster, but we’re at a point now where it’s become imbedded in the lifestyle of everyone in the hood. It makes us look ridiculous. I cringe every time I’m on the bus and see this one particular young lady rocking some busted sweats, kids unfortunately look a mess yet she’s got a new Michael Kors bag dangling off of her arm. Looks beyond silly, especially as she walks into the projects. And then later on waiting in a long a** line at the deli, waiting for her EBT card transaction to go through, a and she’s all done up from head to toe obviously headed out to turn up somewhere. Makes you feel like people just became complacent with settling for less or just gave up or something and are like “f*** it, might as well make lemonade out of lemons” which is sad in itself (How overused has that old lemons to lemonade adage become to give ratchness a pass by the way?). It’s almost like people will come up with any excuse to not better themselves, while being content with just wasting away, serving no real purpose in society. Through generations at that. Sounds harsh, but tough love is a good motivator sometimes. Even if it helps one person take a look in the mirror and get their sh*t together. I mean… The Boondocks tried it, but the messages were lost on many as they flew right over their heads but you have to try.

  • Ian Rousseault

    They’re shoes, who gives a damn! Black people cannot look to other black celebrities to pull them out of situations that they created. Please get real!

  • jasmine

    wow, mj threw some serious shade

  • Benjamin Goldman

    This is so stupid… in the USA you’re fucked because you’re obsessed with blaming each other over race. You know why you do that? Because you’re idiots, you’re like pawns in a game, controlled by your wealthy Jew leaders, pitting the races against each other like a dog fighter controls a dog fight without the dogs even realizing it.

  • enohp660

    So….there’s not video or audio of him actually saying this, right? Come on now.

  • melony trice-morgan

    I don’t believe this story at all. I wish people stop believing everything they read. Check, check and check again. before going off the deep end. Michael Jordan is not stupid enough to make such a comment. Especially since most suburban white kids don’t buy his shoes. this article does not have the name of the author like most articles do. This is BS.

  • Yung City

    Mike jordan tiger woods have the right attitude fuck the black community

  • Tee Tee Shotta Rasta

    This whole discussion is really stupid and immature to say the least…I personally have never purchased his shoes because I will not spend hundreds of dollars just to where anyones name period. And I think parents who do of any race are crazy for doing so…Its just a shoe it doesn’t cure cancer, or help with the real issues facing us all…Everybody has a right to their own opinion and a right to state what they feel but why all the race bashing and name calling…..smh

  • Jordan is an Oreo?

    Jordan should have stayed quiet. Should stay quiet. Or face the wrath like Mel Gibson. Lol. And protesters, stop asking for charity. The man has rights to. No matter how stupid he is.

  • Glam Ma

    I am not trying to take his side because my son stopped me form buying him Air Jordan gym shoe when he went to boarding school with a lot of whites. He called and said mom these kids parent save there money for cars, houses, weddings and learn how to invest instead of running out buying every pair of Jordan’s that come out. That is what is wrong with our children we try to keep up instead of investing in our future. Also we do not know for sure what he does for others maybe he does not advertise it.

  • Von Thomas


  • contel

    You guys are pathetic for publishing this trash.

  • jakiah dawson

    Anyone who believes this is ignorant.

  • Anthony Tanner

    I don’t see the problem, the problem is people that can’t afford them buying them struggling to put food on the table people have no problem with lambo’s costing as much as a house or white run way designers selling a 10,000 dollar dress its designed for those that can afford it because Michael Jordan is black he has to design some cheep shit I don’t knock em for being a businessman I like mike but I’ve never owned a par of his shoes its out my price range this isn’t about black or white this is about economics

  • GotMyLoveGlassesOn

    SO, nobody read this and got the impression that this is a parody site?

  • Mr.Woody

    Its not that the POS(celebtricity) that runs this blocked me for have a viewpoint that differs from his it is the fact he won’t respond. Is it because I am white you racist.

  • Nancy E Keiler

    Michael Jordan was just added to list of billionaires, he finally made it, a billion dollars.

  • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

    You didn’t speak truth. Stupid bitch you wouldn’t know the truth if it climbed inside you and laid eggs. Move around igonorant bitch. You can’t even put forth a grammatically correct sentence and you call me dumb. Go do something you know you do well: suck black dick.

  • Rai Simplicio

    Michael Jordan’s attitude! Full of DISCRIMINATION! I don’t think Jordan can say a single shit word for poor people..

  • trueyou2

    By the way I am black.

  • trueyou2

    It isn’t that he doesn’t want blacks in his shoes, he thinks black people who are poor should do more with their money than just focusing on brand name shit and material things, because lets face it, a lot of those the black people who live that hood life and is about that life like material things, even if they know they can’t afford it. He has made donations to boys and girls club and other under privileged societies. I do not buy jordans for my kids because lets face it, I am a saver. He is a smart business man look at it like that.

  • muteprophet

    Bunch of dumb niggers.

  • jen

    The black kids don’t pay anyhow, they wait to go to the ” midnight madness sale”

  • Ethan

    I hate how people think that he needs to do anything for anybody, especially black people. And “his people”? Who the fuck is his people? Black people? That’s racist as fuck. He doesn’t need to make his shoes cheaper just so underprivileged black kids can have his shoes. That’s like saying they should make Louis Vuitton cheaper just so poor black women can afford their purses. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. If you can’t afford first class, sit in coach. There’s no need to spend a weeks paycheck just so you can have some fucking jordans. Grow the fuck up and learn what priorities are. Because 200-300 dollar shoes are not a priority. They make shoes for 30 bucks. Go out and buy those if you’re complaining about how expensive a certain type of shoe is. The rolling stones said it best, you can’t always get what you want.

  • Shirley Major

    people pay to see these people play ball, act. sing and when they make it big you can`t even touch them. thats why i shop cheap, don`t go to the movies or concerts.

  • Shirley Major


  • Vonnie

    wow…there is some major hatin goin on here…..

  • 211197gb

    Why are you writing an article based on bullshit these articles have been circling for about a month and are completely false. Yes their is a real issue here but instead of writing an article that looks at the genuine problem of the controversial marketing of these shoes you make up some racist slanderous quotes.


    I am not surprised…..NEVER CARED FOR HIS ASS ANYWAYS….

  • blacksimian

    Plus the jordans white people wear and the ones black wear are very different, and its crazy that black people will complain cause they are the ones wearing rare hard to find j’s, if white people wear shit just look plain don’t matter how you put it the truth is the truth black people made his shoe stylish wit out us nigga you ain’t shit just a tall black monster!

  • blacksimian

    What ever the majority of blacks are doing the rest of the people are going to copy, cause i can make any style and it will look cool, i love having melanin!

  • 1queen2

    Let his dumb ass run out of money &see how quicly she leave his ass .

  • 1queen2

    he think he really getting over the caucasian man still got his dumb ass who did he marry the second time think about it .Godzilla go save the W***E woman .

  • Joey Coco

    Stop believing everything you READ! Unless or until you can show a video clip of these words coming out of MJs mouth, don’t believe it! This is just another attempt at someone trying to throw a wedge of self hate within the Black and Latino communities.

  • ConservativeCreole

    … I’m just going to sit back and … watch …

  • White Guy

    why is Jordan the bad guy because a certain group can’t afford to buy his shoes? it’s his fault? Its his fault they CHOOSE to hurt or kill somebody? To make it better he should give back? Giving does nothing but create more expectation. Jordan got where he is by working his ass off not by taking from others!
    I don’t wear his shoes and believe I never will but those that do or want to, work and save your money. What’s wrong with that idea? I wanted things to when I was groing up but I never disliked ot hated someone else because I couldn’t afford it.

    I just don’t understand the expectation that because he’s a successful black man he owes the rest of the black community.
    I think he’s a good role model as a hardworking individual.

  • FulaniyiraSpeaks!

    You know, we create controversy over a man’s business. Why? Michael Jordan can make his products for whomever he chooses. Why are Black Americans getting all bent out of shape over his comments about him not wanting Blacks to purchase and wear his clothes? Stop reacting to what other people do. You either gonna buy his product or not. I have never bought anything from Michael Jordan, but I think his ideology about business, marketing, advertisement. He is a genius. Am I wrong for thinking this of this man, no. I look passed beyond his personal opinions about Blacks. The man is Black himself. What he thinks of other Black men and Boys is a direct reflection of himself. No, he didn’t create his shoe line for the Black teen/man, he made it for the White teen/man, smh. Deal with it. Accept his marketing strategy for what it is and create your own damn tennis shoes if you don’t like his. Damn. Racism has no effect on creativity unless you allow it to and who is to blame if you let Racism limit your creativity?

  • Priscilla Fleming

    Parents should show children why they won’t spend another dime on the shoes. Let your dollars speak for you.

    • kev hurls

      Michael Jordan is a class-less sell-out. (double right-winger)

  • ShazzNem

    When we get down to nitty gritty… how can we ask a fool to act like a wise man?

  • Chris Martin

    He doesn’t have to give back. He doesn’t have an obligation. Why do African Americans always think we always have to give back to the community. If you don’t buy his products, maybe his attitude will change. African Americans priorities are in the wrong place anyway. Spending 200 US for a pair of shoes, Really. That’s stupid. I could put 200 dollars to use doing something else. But AA’s have their priorities wrong anyway.

  • Manni D. Summerz

    Lmfao I dont think anything he said was offensive I actually agree with him lol any1 can be poor and or rich its not for poor people period if your in the hood and you can afford Jordan’s dont think you wont get jacked real shit it is what it is thats not his responsibility period people die on black friday for sales is that the stores fault lmfao

  • amber m

    All he had to say was, “my shoes are for people who can afford them.” There should never be a divide between racial identity in relations to who buys his shoes. The truth is that the majority of black community buy his shoes so he should be more grateful that his profits are beneficially coming from this particular community. On the other hand, he should not be condoning violence for his shoes. That is what he should have been addressing not this hot mess he had to say before.

  • Face.

    it’s almost hard to believe this wasn’t a parody…………

  • AMA

    Before we decide to post comments on here that put the world’s races at war, make sure you spell everything correctly, because it just makes your point irrelevant if not. Also, all I have been seeing is people defending their own races and offending others. How can you expect people to get your point if you’re not even respecting anyone else? This argument has been going on for days and I’m tired of people attacking others. Besides, how did religion and politics get dragged into a discussion about a man saying who he intended shoes to be bought by?

  • machetocortez

    God give it and God take it away!

  • carol

    Why does anyone famous or with $$ have to give back?? support their ‘own’ ?? he made his $, and can spend it how he wants…and too all this talk about what he does/doesnt do aint gonna stop black/white or otherwise from buying the shoes….not sure i believe this article in whole anyways…a shoe made out of pot/skins and horse dung…w/e!

  • Eluno

    The sneakers are not for poor black kids…they are not for poor white kids either…if u dont have enough money to buy them, then they werent made for you….i dont think its about race at all…the world now is about money….aint nothing free…

  • Mawella Gee

    I will never stand in line for hours just to get some shoes that he doesn’t want us to buy, but that’s who are buying them

  • Mawella Gee

    I never brought his shoes they cost to much.

  • gregory

    Never did like the dude till this day. I Didn’t care about the bandwagon love affair people had with him in the 90’s. Eventhough he was a great ball player, I always saw players like Magic, Bird, Wilkins etc as better, because they seemed to have a soul. I read people and I knew it was something about that cat I didn’t like. People say Kobe and him act a like but at least Kobe recently took a stand on something by wearing the “I can’t breath shirt” MJ just lets ESPN rank him the greatest athlete ever ahead of Ali. What has MJ ever done besides win basketball games and make lots of money. You’d think he would stand up for Ali and say Ali did more for the world but he didn’t. Black people worshiped this dude for so long for virtually doing nothing.

  • Elise

    I agree. Poor Black kids shouldn’t buy $100-$200 Nikes. They should learn how to buy Nike stock so they can get out of poverty and a consumer/stay broke mindset.

  • Sharron Poston

    The subject at hand is, a man with amazing skills and little to no care for the millions of children who look up to and admire him for his greatness is snubbing the people who made him what he his, an icon. My boys think he’s an awesome ball player, but have no idea that he’s not a good human being…

    • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

      Very well said!

  • nav-

    i don’t think you people understand or see the big picture here. it makes me laugh when i go through the comments and all i am reading is more hate, you guys keep bringing each other down, more racial comments, this is only fuelling the fire thats been started. guys lets stop for a minute and think. . . . whats the common denominator here? ? ? YOU AND I are not the ones making millions. why are we than getting worked up with eachother over some goof who obviously doesn’t give a fuck. It’s not just this incident, its everything that’s gone on in 2014. it’s propaganda to keep us (the sheep) rattled and worked up. rather than us working together to make a better tomorrow, and for us to learn from yesterday! UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! it’s about time we stand up together, hand in hand, whites, blacks, browns, Chinese, whatever your background.

    • nav-

      ***excuse any typos.

  • Jason

    Michael jordon ain’t shit. He sold out along time age. Fuckin sell out.

  • Jason

    Fuck micheal jordan and his shoes. Thats why his dad got fucked up, he is a stupid muthafucka. Jordan think he white. I hope that white bitch break you dumb nigga.

  • Mztrinamaclovinherlife Robinso

    If it wasn’t for the poor black as he say a mother fucker wouldn’t even buy his shit cause the white sure don’t and I am a big fan of Jordan’s and there is no problem with me buying me and my 4 kids some but after this fuckem and the boat he came in on

  • thingscanbebetter

    MJ has been rich for a long time. Priorities and choices are what people have when making decisions. I don’t and won’t support those snakers. To each his own…. some peple go broke, use their “bill money$$”, or whatever. Invest in EDUCATION!! No one can take that from our children. When they (child) gets a job and wants to buy those sneakers …. hey! You worked hard for them, do you want them now???? Ijs….

  • Jay

    The reason I don’t buy Jordans is because that’s too Damn much to pay for a sneaker. Case closed

  • Christopher Rawls

    I thought this was about MJ

  • Shalona Bennette

    I see so much hate and animosity we don’t even know each other on here and it’s sad and disgusting that everyone wants to put down each other race. God created us in his image people for his purpose and all we can is worry about who ain’t supporting our black community…. this is how satan works division one can chase 1000 demons two can put 10,000 to flight, hug difference in numbers. Pray for Jordan heart and keep it moving.

  • Ficky Rernandez

    Micheal Jordan has EARNED all his money and the empire he has. Why are black people bitching because he’s not “giving back to their community”. Umm… did you play for the NBA, win Olympic medals, start a sneaker company, etc? And to the ones complaining about how they can’t afford them: There is enough money to be made for everyone to be living nice, especially in America, no matter how bad the neighborhood is. If you really want a pair of J’s, stop bitching about how much they are and just work for them. If not, theres no point in complaining.

  • William Dangerfield

    Stop testing people. You got what you deserved so shutup and stay in your lane fool.

  • Edward Jake

    Love how people are kicking off over this. He’s obviously selling his shoes to make money. Not to please people. Stop crying if you can’t afford them you can’t afford them. Simple as that really. Stop throwing a tantrum and get over it. I know black people with Jordans. I have Jordans. It’s just boils down to if you have the money….

  • FollowMe@Jesus1975

    I don’t agree with the comment he made about who he had in mind to target the sale of his shoes, However, it’s ultimately NOT his fault that anyone kills anyone over his shoes. The responsibility is with the individual purchasing the shoes. He acts the way he does because he knows he was the best athlete of his time (although since I’m from the ATL my fav athlete of all times is Dominque “THE HUMAN HIGHLIGHT” Wilkins #21 of the Atlanta Hawks) *don’t judge me* We put him on this podium and worshiped him cause he was great to watch and played his butt off. We will never deny that, But Michael needs to know his life ain’t more important than yours or mine. I do not condone by any means what he said and how he said it but at the end of the day he IS NOT responsible for anyone being killed. Tell those people that rob and murder others over anything they worked hard to buy to GO GET A JOB!!

  • Samantha Jones

    How did this go from Jordan discriminating against his people to who ‘s more worthless black or white is beyond me :-(?!!!
    Y’all went waaaayyyy out n2 left field,the real topic is Jordan a black man that dont care about the next black man that have no problem catering to the white man :-(,but what he fails to realize is that at the end of the day he’s still a BLACK MAN who is amusing the white big wigs,its amusing to them because the further we’re apart,the quicker we fall :-(!
    This is what the slave masters did to our ancestors its called “DIVIDE and CONQUER,but theres no slave masters and for some reason/s we have been separating ourselves from one another and n the process DESTROYING each another,so it shouldnt b a surprise to u that Jordan has this “FUCK YALL” attitude towards blacks,this is what happens when u separate urself from the realities off life because of money and who u associate urself with!

  • J Kirk Heard

    So be it. Good for Jordan…

  • 50 ‘CB4’ Cent #SnitchSquadPOP

    Funny because poor black kids will still stand in line, fight, kill and buy his shoes.. So who’s the ignorant one..

  • Timothy Christophe Twyman

    Ur a moron if the thinks this is real air birds made out of dung should have given u a clue

  • TairyHessticals

    if you want a pair of shoes its your own responsibility to work to pay for those shoes. It’s not his job to make subpar shoes so they cost less so that people can afford them. that’s the problem of everybody today, everybody is worried about what everyone else is doing. To all you people complaining how would you feel if I knocked on your door and told you what you’re doing is wrong from raising your kid, the job or profession you chosen? that is the best part about being in this country is that we can do a lot of things and say a lot of things.. My point is you criticize someone else but chances are someone criticized you and what you did you would tell them they shouldn’t do that.

    – keep it Tairy

    Let the hate spew

  • Laura Williams

    I don’t give a f***! F*** all of them with a limp d***, I don’t buy his shoes nor do I care about his cause. If you don’t like what he do stop buying his shoes, they not that f***** important anyway. Him and Charles Barkley hoe ass! He wrong for saying something like that I wouldnt pay that kinda money for shoes anyway. Let them white folk buy his shit, we don’t need them.

  • P.A.Porter

    Never owned a pair never liked them always thought they were ugly and not worth the money…

  • JShine

    Wait a minute. This article is posted on a site that’s known to post lies and bullshit to get traffic to the site and yet all of you are going on and on even making it a race war when no one knows for sure if MJ ACTUALLY said any of this. Like, really? It SOUNDS lile bullshit. Shoes made LARGELY out of horse shit?!? How many of you people posting and bashing white people or bashing black people KNOW of this story to be ACTUAL FACT!?!?!? Who heard him say this?!?!? Y’all doing to much for absolutely nothing!

  • kevin

    He runs a business. Its not personal its buisness. Look how well the starburys did at 15 a pop didnt Marbury go bankrupt. Be as mad as you want at him its not cause your mad at him not giving back its that he’s built an empire.

  • Alisha Collins

    I just don’t understand how people (of any race) could spend $200 or more on a shoe that takes less than $20 to make. I just can’t do it. If Jordan’s we’re made for suburban lifestyle….. Why are so many pairs produced? MJ not stupid and all the bickering will not stop him from getting at the money. Boycott anything he comes out with and fuck his pocket up. They all look the same to me anyway lmao

  • Sam

    Anybody who believes this article is true is an ignorant dumb fuck and should be shot at least 9 times to make sure the world has one less fuckin idiot using up precious air that could be used for normal rational thinking human beings…so many fuckin dumbasses out there who believe anything they read on the internet

  • Swervin Merv

    I bet not one person who wears Jordan’s owns a pair of work boots!

  • aytonkyra

    Mike you are a bitch boy just know GOD don’tlike ugly . Pussy !!

  • Moving on..

    MJ response is dissapointing and completely ignorant on all levels. He is not obliged to make shoes for black people or any group for that matter. All he had to say was that he makes shoes for people who want and can afford them. PERIOD! everything else is pure ignorance. If “poor black” people want to buy his shoes..no one is preventing them from doing so and it’s their responsibility. He’s not coercing anyone to buy his sneakers. regarding him not “doing enough for black ppl”..what exactly is he supposed to do? The fact that he’s successful influences other people..he’s not responsible for black people..We are responsible for what we do. Why is every “black” celebrity a role model?? Most of these guys are from the hood and had a talent that has a high pay off..but it’s not as if they had to study like a doctor or lawyer for 10 years etc…that’s real sacrifice!

  • K GOD

    Why everytime an African American gets rich, their own people want him to give back to the community?? Jordan could’ve been rejected by his own race during his childhood, and we already know he couldn’t make his high school basketball team. Now that he’s done what he’s done in the nba and starts making shoes, we want him to “give back to where he came from” when where he came from didn’t help him at all. Other races don’t do this, they most likely help their families at the most but African Americans want that person to give opportunities to them, and expect them to give them advice on how to do things. I don’t buy Jordan’s because I honestly like Adidas better in my opinion, but he isn’t accountable for other people’s actions. Blame the people, not the company.

  • Angela Joy Bailer

    i was never a fan of him and i never had the urge to buy jordan. i rather buy heels… or doll shoes. just saying…
    merry christmas everyone..
    there is no point of stressing out ourself with this issue because i dont think it is really important.
    lets all celebrate the birth of Jesus instead and spend with our family and loveones.

    “smile everyone…” 🙂

  • Tee Dee

    Google Michael Jordan charities and yall should stop hating on this man He’s only human What would u do if u were in his shoes most of yall would probably ball outta control Jordan ain’t flashy or overly arrogant and he could easily be both, and why are they making charity about black ppl. Everybody needs help esp, some of yall commenting on this post Lol where’s the love? Ain’t his fault his shoes are so popular why would he care what Nike charges for them buy them or nah lol Don’t hate Congratulate

  • msr229

    The crazy part is that the majority of the ppl that buy the shoes are blacks oh wow

  • Ronnie Draper

    i don’t think this ignorant nigga is actually thinking black people have always been the ones who bought his shoes you only see a handful of of white suburban kids who buy jordans. now that i think back on it I’m glad he supposedly got robbed for his personal pair of gammas thats what he get karma is a bitch and when black people stop buying his shoes he will really feel it in pockets….

  • buttons

    Good for him a lot of you can’t afford them but would rob your own kind to get them blackk ppl at just stupid

  • Don Stephens

    His money and fame illuminated who he really was and is in the first place.
    Never has he given consumers who faithfully purchase his shoes an appreciation day where shoes are slashed in price so just maybe the poor black kids he refers to CAN afford a pair.
    MJ was the man on the court in his day. But that’s as far as it goes.

  • NickleSlick

    First off I don’t believe any of this, I believe he said he makes his shoes for a certain class of people but no one trying to sell anything in this country would have the balls to say what this article is saying he said whether he was telling the truth or not no business man on Jordans level would dare make these statements openly even if he did really feel this way. This is out right propaganda people don’t believe everything people post on FB Do you people honestly think Micheal Jordan is dumb enough to risk having Human Rights hippies,Blacks (who are his #1 consumer) and Race baiters all boycotting his products simultaniously just to tell you what he thinks? Please.If not give yourself some credit give this man some credit nobody and I mean nobody is that stupid.I’m not saying it is or isn’t true I’m just saying nobody in the business on trying to make billions would have openly and publicly said any of this whether it was true of not Billionaire want every bodies money including yours that how they become billionaires He would not risk offending anyone period especially potential buyers of his product to think other wise is just stupid

  • stopit

    PS people are dying and harming them self over these shoes he can’t control what others do there for the most he could do is take then off the market and guess none will get any .. But that’s his dream so who are we to take another man dream of being famous an rich just cause we to lazy to do the same so he take em away what next more complaints main ones complaining gonna be the main ones kiss in his ads for them back.

  • stopit

    Black people always want to pull the race card approach your own issues start with your kids, stop yelling free c and free murder when all they doing s robbing and killing he made and put a price on his shoes like anybody else I’m black and I’m so tired get your lazy settling butts up and get you an education so you would be able to afford why should you walk out the house looking clean and fly when none of you guys care about getting your bill paid on time. Stop making excuses why would you want someone famous speaking about the trouble that’s happening when it starts with getting yourself up and approach what you see instead of going after it takes for them to say what they don’t or dislike in order for people (BLACK PEOPLE) TO START shooting the race card grow up I’ve always livedbin a nice lifestyle 8bed room house but guess what I left home lived on my own with $87 dollars last year I came up got me a car paid my own and started school I went from the bottom and came up and when I fall back down I appricated more I watch people be in the dumbest thing called Gangs!!! Your mothers and fathers stop your child from doing that mess they want to sell drugs and Rob but as longas your hand is open you okay to accept whatever illegal mess they bring through the door and still holler free blah blah blah and it your job for the government to give you housing and food off my tax money be real typo is in the way SORRY FOR LONG OH WELL!! Stop thinking everyone else should settle just because most of you settle yet still want all day long if you have a problem with the police then boycott outside your own police station with everyone else who feel that way and find every bit of justice and put the judge to work cause one thing I have notice is it starts with us and what we strongly believe is right for eight and wrong for wrong but don’t turn it to being wrong when everyone who pulling race card so fast is standing at a wrong !!! I’ve watch basketball players more of them are being welcome to the NBA life of lights but guess what a lot of them these days besides ones that are getting indorce deals and showing hard skill leadership when others are getting lock up because of selling lbs of drugs or what they call flipping there money yet you will watch them all day on TV and praise the game its either right or wrong and y’all know its wrong but just cause you don’t want to go a night without watching a game guess what NBA players are selling your children drugs hell so start with your city correct that instead of jumping on complaining about what someone has to say about shoes hell even the man who made Tims said he didn’t make his shoes for how people wearing black’s and mexcian etc yet you still gonna wear them you can complain all day about the price of J’s but its still gonna be plenty of blacks,whites,Latinos etc who can afford it get it and still will not care. Hell Beyoncecan turn around and say she didn’t intend for her clothes to be wore by rachet black girls but guess who every is going to wear it will !!!! Boycott my ass This man work hard to set a price he wanted get over it! And make yourself into somebody get your money up and education and set a price for whatever you want cause has a black young female I have saw enough to be 25 and boy my own race half of y’all suck cause you with the complaint get a job that pays you not just running your mouth setting for drama off keishawn and 3babymommas and doc that just took this woman’s child away holler in free him free them blah blah blah

    I never own a pair of J’s if I want I’ll get it we wear people clothes all day where they more likely didn’t intend for certain people to get it or for how people turn clothes shoes into their own wear !!! How much freedom do Americans want black people the most??

  • prettyawesomemom

    Say want you will, but it is the responsibility of us, the parents, to not put so much emphasis on the shoes. Shoes will be worn and then worn out no matter how you care for them. They are material things and we have to teach our children to be a generation of humanitarians instead of shoe-hungry, materialistic, clueless brats. We have to teach our children that if you don’t like what this guy stands for, stop buying the products. Michael Jordan may be selfish, but there aren’t too many businessmen worried about the “poor folks.” I don’t buy the shoes, and I brought up my children to put value in honesty, morality, green-living, family, and God (we believe in God).

  • brianwill

    We need to stop crawling around and begging these people to give back. let them get out and stay out.w e need to post his statements in every Black high school across the country and let our children know that they are not wanted and the they need to reject that which rejects them. Who needs him.

  • Theresa Armstrong

    First of all Michael isn’t making people go buy his shoes. It’s up to that person if they decide to spend that kind of money on shoes that are that expensive. If you stupid enough to spend that kind of money. I don’t care if you got a great job or not. Don’t blame him. Keep your money in your pocket and he can’t get rich off of you.

  • Pamela Nguyen

    He’s ruining his own business by being self hate, racist and arrogant. He’ll get bankrupt.

  • ♪ Dave the Cat™♫

    you are all morons for putting a single human being on a pedistool and same goes for his shoes lol idiots…

  • Carolyn Prothro-Brown

    How were we to know that black kids wouldn’t want to wear shoes with an emblem of a tall white man throwing an effective dribble pass
    That statement is so freaking stupid and doesn’t even make sense – afterall whose silhouetteis the logo for the NBA – and it sure isn’t MIchael’s – LOL

  • grwnazzman

    Will not buy anymore of his shoes and can someone else do the same….black lets show his ass.

  • Danko E

    Any poor kid shouldn’t want to spend $100-$200 for Jordans anyway. I happily by Chuck’s for $29.00 or dress shoes for work. Shaq & And1 do pretty well in revenue because there are more non-rich people than rich. Jordan isn’t operating at his potential because of his ego.

  • Rob

    Maybe those poor black kids should get jobs instead of listening to dog shit music and selling drugs to their communities. Just maybe. He is a businessman fuck the black community maybe they should help their selves instead of blaming the police, whites, jews or anyone else they can blame.

  • selena cole

    micheal jorden is a wast of time but im shorlly not wasting my time on him and my money

  • Dionne Denise Gamble

    bill cosby all over again to me. he will like us in the end when his people (whites) turn they back on him. O.J. THEY DID NOT LEARN SHIT

  • kikina

    But it’s so crazy that he would say that and us blacks are the ones that’s buying every pair of Jordan’s u see more blacks then whites wearing em…

  • Kahlid Muhamad

    I think some of this is fabricated

  • Kahlid Muhamad

    Michael Jordan is,was,and will remain a piece of garbage and a boot licking coon

  • The-Author Clint Bryant


  • Guest

    Wow this is truly absurd! Did he forget where he came from? Who supported his career, it sure wasn’t the “white suburban kids”, it was the “poor black kids”. Geez give back to the community, you have money don’t be greedy. You make something of yourself and this is how you want to be seen as. And he admits that his targeted population is Caucasians, and then has the audacity to talk about Filipinos and Indonesian people making his shoes for only five cents an hour. I’m appalled by this. I’m glad I never bought/buy Jordans.

  • mcm

    First Michael Jordan is making Millon’s on his shoes when japsnese kids make five cents an hour making them they can’t even go to school how could you were his shoes mostly all of them look just like each other so what’s the point of buying those almost $200 shoes

  • Shawn Soup

    Dont know whats worse people writing this garbage or people believing it.

  • tim

    u know damn well if someone gave you a pair of jordans YOUR wearing them !!! and with a smile on your face FOH. “smell like dookie” come the fuck on, be real .. your upset because of the statement not the shoe.

  • Nick TheMiightypengu Powell

    So many people are so angry or hostile. The finger has been pointed over and over but you should all have asked yourself whether or not this is a credible source. Everything on the internet is not true. The tru blame goes to the people who allow themselves to be persuaded by any kind of media not knowing of its the truth or a lie. People should not have a opinion about a topic that was discussed unless you were present for the discussion not what you were told was said.

  • Cassandra McCree

    That’s a ni**a for you. Glad that I don’t buy that shi*. Remember the golden rule, you will come back to where you started from.0

  • Jacob J’key Blacc Nash

    Video I saw was white boys fighting n I got 2 pair with no problems but dats cuz dats Wut da kids wanted so fucc anybody thoughts on dat … Break my neck fa dem

  • Pealvin

    Damn 400 comments?? Wow but yall gone still buy them Jordan’s lol

  • Laylah Lauree

    This is just sick and ridiculous..People lining up and acting a fool for some damn shoes. I have and never will buy Jordans EVER!

  • Omar

    lol, i almost thought this mess was true

  • Larry Elder

    This guy should run for president very smart individual

  • Joey Maxwell

    And the story is BS unless u guys believe the other story’s on this site like the Ebola victims rising from the dead

  • Joey Maxwell

    Damn fucking bunch of racist black and white people up in here. Glad I keep my kids of the computer , they still don’t get racism yet.

  • Omw TG

    People r idiots… Read the article do u really believe jordan would design a shoe for black people with Larry Bird on them n composed of potato skins n horse dung lol wake up

  • BlackInMass

    Screw Sell Out, Tom-A** Jordan!
    I’ll never purchase a pair of his boot-licking shoes!

  • Cynthia White

    I just cant believe that came out of his mouth…. sad what money will do you a person.. I guess he forgot he was a “poor black kid” at one time…. there will be a price to pay for that comment!

  • Major Woody

    I guess dion cant handle the truth!

  • Damien

    I see ppl arguing on here on race issues but I dont believe this article this article is real.

  • Sandra Jinki

    people in the comments are attacking each other which too sad. Being Black aside, jordan is racist towards black people. But the comments. are like “he doesnt look out for his own people”. His “people” are rich people like him. He is racist and stupid but this is the first time an idiot has made racist remarks and was not even offended because I dont stand I line or whatever for shoes (not my thing). What goes be angry you commentators attacking each other, insulting each other, saying stuff like “white people this and black people that”. It doesnt matter what skin color you are! The monster here is jordan and actions must be taken to stop him or something.

  • Linda Evans

    Michael Jordan is an idiot and should think about where he came from and his family roots. What about your father Michael, how did he live?

  • Lzoe

    Get off Jordan’s DICK!!

  • fan mail

    the dark skinned, bald head micheal jordan has not been Black since 1991.

  • Carlo Simon

    People will continue to buy Jordan’s so please stop hating on the man he can say what he wants you don’t like it don’t buy it that simple

  • Byron C Mayes

    I will buy whatever I want I could care less how Jordan feels. Oh and btw I love this site I just bookmarked it been stuck on it all morning while I should be working lol

  • Jevon

    Go work your own damn money, where was the friggin black community when he was broke. Why when a black man makes a little money he has to donate half his earnings to the black community? that’s why most of these dumb asses that get money becomes bankrupt so easy. The man is a business man, if anyone of u had a business would u want anyone without money to come in, y’ll wouldn’t be giving out handouts all the time either and it’s going to be y’ll that say he’s a dumbass for giving away everything, remember MC Hammer…smh.

  • Right

    This is why my kid wears Adidas or Ronnie Fieg/new balance sneakers. They are way much better in quality and less expensive than cheaply made Jordans ; where the soles come off, while running up basketball courts…..

  • Paul Russell

    Man its business. Wtf. He’s a basketball player not a politician.

  • DaMan ShawneeRok

    It’s not only Jordan that we support regardless of their attitudes towards the poor minorities, Timberland, Polo, and many more. It’s a shame we blame white America for everything but we as African Americans MUST handle our own business then everything else will come, and people stop using the New word towards each other, Please. I love my black folks.

  • destiny’slovechild

    Blacks like Jordan’s, whites like Apple products. Every year whites shell out MILLIONS of dollars buying the latest upgrade of the iphone when that upgrade has NOTHING more than a few extra apps the old one didn’t have. Many of those phones are designed to break down in a year or so to influence more sells. I don’t understand how whites, asians, and latinos splurge on the things they want like $500 minolos and no one calls them stupid or wasteful but you guys are all up in the pockets of black people telling them how to spend their OWN money. News Flash: most blacks do not live on welfare and most welfare recipients are not black. Most blacks do have a job and many are actually middle-class. We’re not all struggling and many of us can afford to splurge on a few expensive items just like everyone else does. By the way those blacks boys that got rowdy over a pair of Jordan’s are no different than whites going crazy on black Friday at your local Walmart.

  • Ebs

    I get the meaning behind it and although MJ can not be held accountable for what people do to buy his shoes. You best people of all races are making up those 3 block long lines to get his latest release. Many are in the line to buy them and resell them for double what they paid for them. Anything that is rare or a damn cheap price is going the draw a crowd and people are bound to trample, push, shove and get in heated fights to get what they want. What people want is for Nike and MJ to lower the price of the shoes hoping if they are affordable for the masses people won’t get jacked for their shoes. Chalk it up to the whole supply and demand thing, but don’t let Nike off the hook because they have all the great athletes endorsing shoes, socks and clothes at overly expensive prices, Nike knows these kids idolize great athletes and they know how to market for the money. Whoever said they buy their kids stock in Jordans is a genius, buy them stock in Nike as well.

  • Samantha Leigh-Ann Travis

    “Negro” “nigga” … It’s all ignorance. It’s men & women like you who give blacks a bad name. Judging people by the color of their skin is ridiculous. Get over yourselves, stop with the pitty party bullshit and do something about it. If you don’t then what’s the point in continuing to bitch about it?

  • K Love

    If you believe this story you are as dumb as the person that wrote it. It’s the same individual who wrote an article for a drug that makes gay people straight.

  • Tara

    I can afford them but won’t spend one dime on him.

  • timmylogsdon


  • Lonell Morrison

    I wonder do people ever check the validity of comments attributed to people before going on these tangents about the topic? I’m not saying he did or did not say it, but it’s strange that you can’t find the quote anywhere else but here. Does that seem strange to anyone? Again I’m not saying he did or did not, but when I see bizarre comments like this, no matter who they are attributed to I will usually fact check before jumping into the fray and this comment people does not exist on any major news source, on any sporting source, on any source pertaining to issues surrounding the black community. Just sad to read all the negativity simply because people think he really said this.

    No he doesn’t step up and address issues pertaining to the black community, but we as a society do not have the intestinal fortitude that our predecessors in the 60’s had, we don’t have MLK, Malcolm, Meadger or Huey, we don’t have the celebrity/athletes like Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Kareem, Bill Russell, Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Marvin Gaye, Ozzie Davis, Ruby Dee, who put themselves out there for justice for equality, now we live in a society that is all about themselves, in this MJ can be included but so can every black celebrity, athlete and entertainer. This is not an excuse for me but an assessment of our society overall and how complacent we have become. Name one who has really been willing to put themselves on the line, who has been willing to risk losing everything to stand up and say/do what’s right?
    It’s pretty sad overall when people like Cornell West and Tavist Smiley spend all their time trying to tear down the president rather than doing anything to truly organize, galvanize and energize the people towards any type of change.

  • shell

    I guess these people fell to realize they r paying for Jordan name and not the shoe. Yes I can afford them but I refuse to waste my money on a shoe. I have kids that have needs way more important than a shoe that was out once just being remade and people still goin crazy over it. Wats so special bout a Jordan it does the same thing any other shoe does. If people would put their money to good use like a bill r for their children education then they would be doin something. That same hundred of dollars u spending on a shoe think about ur kids future. Think about wat if I leave this world before they get old enough to take care of themselves that money can be in an acct for that purpose instead of a fuckin shoe. I knw people may like to have nice things and nothin is wrong wit that but i was raised that the same hundred of dollars u spending on a pair of shoes I can go to a less expensive store and get a whole outfit top to bottom and come out lookin like I paid slot for it and still have a couple of dollars to fuck off wit

  • Kenn L Woodard

    That CLOWNN thinks his wallet holds sway over everything he does! For the most part it DOES because there are many butt kissers that allow him to do what he wants! Mainly the brothas and sistas who chummy up to Jordan looking for some of his DUST! Outside of B-ball Jordan ain’t shit. He thinks he can play a good game of golf just because he chops with Tiger! His “Air-ness” may have a lot of coin but he certainly doesn’t have the ladies. Which tells me his performance between the sheets is subpart at best. He probably PAYS them off to keep their mouths tight! Yes, I’m NOT a fan of Jordan. Wasn’t one when he caught fire with the Bulls and certainly not one now!!!!

  • Michelle Jarrett Tyus

    And people are fighting over shoes but not going out to vote. Fucked up priorities!

  • Shango DonRagga

    If y’all believe this shit, you are as gullible as the people who wrote it hope you are.

  • Harrison Bergeron

    Fun Fact: Before making shoes, Michael Jordan was a basketball player.

  • Eddie Chavis

    Everything you want to know about a person is in their actions. Whithout speaking to people…..just watch their actions. Michael Jordan never had to tell me he didn’t give a damn about black people. What’s sad is he’s not alone. BTW……one of the guys that killed his dad wasn’t black.

  • Michael Dante

    He is right, the only way a poor black in the hood is affording these shoes is if he is selling crack or stealing hub caps.

    • JSB

      You can’t be serious! So I guess all italians are mobsters making money off drugs, human trafficking, and so forth. Stop being stupid.


    This is not all true…these post are filled with lies. .you can’t believe everything some ad says! And personally I don’t think poor black kids parents should be wasting money on 200$ shoes! I make over $100,000 a year and not one of my children have been purchased a shoe over 70 dollars! And I don’t buy those unless it’s a birthday gift! I can surely afford them but I can’t afford to be stupid and allow my kids to think status over function! In my house, all you know is what’s needed…damn what you want, what is needed is all that matters! So really if people act their paychecks, nothing but the rich would be effortlessly purchasing his shoes and all the poor blacks and sensible middle class such as me would buy what is needed.. ON SALE at that!!!

  • Cassandra McCree

    Just pitiful!!! I’m glad I don’t even care. But Michael good luck with that.

  • Bear McDaniel

    I object to what this article is saying. I see it like this, look at it from a business stand point. When you have a business you have a market. His is white people with money. You direct your market toward poor black people and make your shoe affordable the shoe wouldn’t be worth anything and he wouldn’t make as much money. Example Shack shoes, directed toward people that can afford them, predominately black people. Do the poor black people buy them like they buy Jordans no. Why? Because poor black people are known for buying things they really can’t afford and most people don’t want to wear cheap stuff when others around them are wearing nice expensive things, just the way people are.With that being said, no matter what the price is poor black people are still going to buy his shoe. A business man is in business for money, maximizing profits. He don’t care who can or who can’t afford his shoe. Another thing i am thing of is to think of yourself as a business man. Would you direct your mechanic repairs at a shop in a neighbor hood with people with little money and isn’t willing to pay for your services and you have people short changing you after you have done your service or are you going to go across the tracks and work with people with a lot of money that can afford and are willing to pay the expensive price for your services. His market isn’t directed toward poor black people that isn’t a bad thing.

  • Bonnie Herron

    Wow so disappointed to see Michael Jordan, supposed to be a role model to black or white youth, show his true side. Was surprised by his remarks and his lack of respect for people of color. You would think he would feel an obligation to the black community to show he cares and give back. But just another athlete who got where he is from people dishing out money to see him play and dishing out so much on his products. he is a millionaire and it disturbs me to see he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

  • Josh turner

    There are non-Jordan’s that cost just as much. It’s what the market will bear. I grew up in a middle class household and my parents had never once entertained spending that amount of money on shoes for me, while I saw low income families do exactly that. It’s decisions like that, and a set of priorities that need to be addressed that is the problem. Jordan should not be held accountable for societies backwards ways. If the low income family decides to floss for the sake of flossing, instead of saving that money to get ahead in life, that’s on them. Nobody HAS to buy them.

  • Sexy_Libra38

    Some people in this discussion board is missing the point behind this article.Its not the point of who can or can not afford them cause if a person wants something so bad they will save or just get it regardless of other things within the household that needs 2 be done. Sometimes parents black or white make sacrifices just so their kids r happy the point is what he said cause now if u look at the prices of his shoes maybe he did design the for the white kids he figures what black family can afford almost 200.00 for a pair of shoes
    But on the other hand WE AS BLACK PEOPLE must get out of this thing that when there is a successful black person out there they are suppose/should give back to the black community and just because a few did all will not.

  • Ann Darton

    I have never bought Air Jordon, and don’t plan too.

  • Albert Muhammad

    Jordan will loose know sleep based on anything posted on this site he is in a world of his own God and God alone will be the manifestation when it’s all said and done, as a black man i never admire Jordan shoes just not my style regardless to the price I’m a working man and could afford his shoes if i wanted them how ever I’ ant no dam fool either, my people need to focus on the evolution of bring our next generation out of the site of poverty rather argue over Jordan shoe’s or his senseless as opinions (Please Believe Me)

  • Albert Muhammad

    The biggest problem that affects my people is that we get caught up with a black dream rather a people revolution, Michael Jordan has disassociated his self from the black community long before his shoes got popular, from the time he left N.C. He had no connection or love for the black community so why are we surprised at his remarks he owes us nothing we owe it to our selves not to continue to fall victim to a black dream if you really think about it his shoe’s is auction off at the highest price geard towards WhiteYouth but some how some way blacks are the biggest consumer of his shoes, he is in his hey day but he knows if he show a glimpse of compassion for blacks they will do to him what they have done two all blacks in the industry destroy his ass like OJ, MICHAEL JACKSON, MIKE TYSON and so on

  • 1970suntin

    This is such a lie yall can believe this site if yall want too

  • Ella Tootie Brown

    I don’t believe this… I have too hear that from Michael Jordan himself… A shoe smell like dookie!!! I don’t believe that…Celebrity dirty laundry always post lies!! & MJ can have an attitude…but he know poor black kids are going to work hard to buy Jordan’s….they have for years…. Suburban white kids don’t ever wear shoes like Jordan’s!! Smdh…this is stupid and ignorant… I’m going to ask Deion Sanders to find out directly from Jordan about this statement!!!


    This page is F A K E


    They changed my comment, this page is such BS



  • Rosco

    I was Jordan biggest fan just like everybody else when he played. Never owned a pair never will ,my kids either , their ugly and they ALL look the same but as long as its pricey dumb people spend and have to have them. Thats all you hear people say ” I gota get them new Js ” for 20 years and they pass that foolishness to their kids. They never seen Jordan play but they gota have them Js . Jordan got himself a whole culture of suckas. Chaching


    The saddest thing in all of this that all of you fucking idiots believe this dumb shit to be a true story!

  • Mimi719

    Why would Michael Jordan produce shoes for BLACK KIDS made of “discarded potato skins and horse dung.” Would he have allowed shoes to carry his name made of “discarded potato skins and horse dung” for white kids? Michael Jordan is a SICK MAN!!!

  • edubbs23

    Jordan isn’t a dumbass! He would NEVER say that!! If he did ESPN, Sports Illustrated and OTL would be talking about it.. not, whoever this website is!!?!?? #FOH #SMH If you can’t afford them, that’s a YOU problem… not his! Nobody’s complaining about the rest of the shit in Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth that you can’t afford!! Neither to Bentley or RR either!! This is a “how you raise your kids” problem!! That mean’s it’s a parent problem!! Which mean’s it’s a cultural problem!! If you could sell your product for top dollar you would too because that’s fucking business!! If you can’t afford it then you don’t, that’s call being responsible!!

  • as_I_see_it

    Everyone has their priorities, mine are not shoes.

  • jaz

    You ppl believe anything, sooooo someone tell me what’s up with this story. Does Mike not want whites or blacks wearing them??? Ctfu y’all are a mess. Let this man be. Do some damn research before y’all get into feelings n shit smh.

    “Air Jordan Legend Blue 11s Release Postponed After Michael Jordan Said He Didn’t Want Whites To Buy His Shoes!!!”

  • Tony

    I just wish my people had better sense. Insted of investing in our kids futures we invest in bull shit.200.00 for some damn shoes realy.. I was young once then i grew the fuck up.

  • Tony

    Quick question what color are the people that kill each other over these shoes…and befor you go there im black buy the way.

  • Sahara Sloan

    He’s the black Tommy Hilfiger

  • Trevor Clarke

    Strange how such a monumental statement can not be corroborated by any other news source on google. SO I’m not even gonna bother even considering this story even remotely true

  • Carolynpor

    Jordan is history any way.

  • Cap’n

    …. did any of you even read this article. it’s obviously bullshit. it’s pretty hilarious.

  • november61

    did he really even say that shit?


      No, crazy part is I stated the same thing and they changed my comment

  • LadyReb

    I’m sorry, before I buy into this story, I’m going to fact check it. Kind of hard to believe this whole BS.

  • Steven Smith

    I don’t think anyone actually read this because this isn’t real. Smh, i mean you really think he also said “My shoes are the new blood diamonds” and “We made Air Birds out of potato skins and house dung”?

  • Tookie Ward-Johnson

    Guess Wat???? The only reason “our pepole” run out and buy this shoe is Bc of the price. If Jordan’s was 30 40 dollars we wouldn’t b so thirsty for them. The man clearly said they r the price they r so that rich white kids can spend their money on them not for the black poor kids. But noooooooooo our kids want to b the shit wit the Jordan’s on. Smh the man doesn’t even wear his own shoe so y the hell would we camp out outside some store all nite for these shoes???? Crazy as hell that’s why!!!! I haven’t worn a pair of Jordan’s since high school and u won’t catch me in a pair either and it’s not Bc I can’t afford them Bc I clearly can I just won’t wear them simply Bc the man they r named after won’t put his feet in a pair and plus I had them all anyway already

  • Unstoppable Nubian

    Coon ass dark slave

  • Neshamacc

    On my Mama, Jordan Bogussssss Den Mf!!!!!!!! He str8 up the Devil! Not fuckin with him no more from Da Heart!!!!!! He wrong, fuck Dude and the sad part the support and our youth stand behind him. #frfr #BoycotthisShit

  • Joseph Beermann

    If there were no Air Jordans then people would buy some other tacky ass shit that cost too much. I can’t fault the man for partnering with Nike to tap into the market and make some money. If it wasn’t Nike/Michael Jordan then it would be someone else making money off people’s low self esteem and vapid consumerism.

  • tina

    All I can say is what goes up must come down… and SHIT ALWAYS hits the bottom of the toilet!! Jordan do you see the TIDY BOWL MAN.

  • Joseph Reisinger

    It’s not true people don’t believe everything you read

  • Dya

    He’s just a douche. Has no sympathy for the lives that were lost over his shoes which are over priced and intended for white middle/upper class children. How can he single out other races, especially his own. Many celebrities have said he was nasty. His platform should be taken away from him, then maybe he will be able to humble himself. I’ve never supported him anyway.

  • A.Jay

    Jordan understands it ain’t his Shoe or his image that kill people! It’s dumb people that lack respect and compassion for human life and are low enough to kill or even fight over a pair of J’s! Especially these grown ass adults! Shits ridiculous to even blame him or hate him for these words, boycott all you want, either way you ain’t hurting his pockets!

  • Sally Lugo

    I agreed with ultimatelibra21 for reason because if our kids are buying his sneakers n he is knocking us down with the words he said that itself gives more a reason not to buy his sneakers also he should give an apology for stereotyping black people because as I see he is black as well n its the people that got him famous so its just sad that when people get into good money they forget where they come from but when its taken away they regret it n the people should give him a taste of his own medicine. Also he should give our young people some type of positive words bc u have some kids that r less fortunate n don’t know no better for what ever life style they in but Jordan should show some type of romodel to the young ones bc most are his fans. He don’t care so y should the people care for him. Stop making him rich n I bet he would low his prices for all to have bc it seems his sneaker prices r getting higher n higher whats that telling us. His shoes is for rich white kids only. So our ancestors die for nothing bc he is putting us down. Wow. SO JORDAN EXPLAIN THAT.

  • Darlene Hugee-James

    Not only is he charging crazy money foe his shoes but also people who buy them are helping to keep foreign sweat shops in business. For those of you who want a raise in minimum wage you’ll never get it supporting this travesty. Plus your paying several hundred for recycled horse crap any way.

  • Thomas Rockwell

    I don’t care if Jordon like black people or not, that’s his problem not mines! But the nigga shoes be nice and am going to continue to get them hoes fo’real!

  • Summer Allan Slate

    I had the privilege to meet him & his son at a gas station & he was very polite.. and said hello even when I rolled up in my getto whip with my daughter.
    I had some Convers on with duck tape at the toe.. but my daughter had new shoes. . He looked at my feet & said “what size are u”? I said “6.5 kids” went in his trunk & pulled out a fresh pair red high tops handed them to me & said “I Respect a Single Mother who puts a child needs before her own” paid for my gas… & told me “#laceUp #stayup & “he smiled & drove away… “I just froze” it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done & I didn’t even know who he was until years later…..
    that people gave me the drive to finish school w/o freezing my toes… & I never said Thank you..Mr. Jordan♡ I wore them my whole college years with no duck tape..!!!
    so there really are expensive because they’re well made.. and that is just some proof what kind of guy he is and that is just proof and my experience from a girl had only 1 pair of shoes in her life.

  • Anti-human

    Trolling hard xD

    But seriously, who the fuck cares? Though this was more fun reading the comments of pissed off black people. The talks of union of the negro race, and such are all well and good till you factor in human tendencies

  • Trevor Philips

    The kind of people that kill each other over these shoes, deserve to be erased from earth like the barbaric animals that they are. The parents that allow their teens to camp in line for these shoes knowing that they will possibly be murdered for them, get no sympathy from me. Have fun planning your kid’s funerals you weirdos. Jordan sneakers are immediate proof that the negro race is defective. You idiots wait to purchase the same shoes over and over again. I hope you like how they look on your body in, in your casket from the afterlife.

    • Anti-human

      All humans are defective, history proves this time and time again. Just look around at your community and the society you live in. Tragic right?

  • Arzeda Clark

    Well the Nigga dnt ball no more fuck his shoe.he can say what he want…sticks in stones my break my bones but words shall never hurt me..come on folks .if he didn’t use to play basketball ball wouldn’t no one wear his shoe ..if you think about it we people make other people famous ..just get on yo grind…

  • Joseph Moore

    just being real, anyone of any race white,black,asian or whatever, that spends the amount of money that it takes to buy a pair of these shoes, on them, seriously needs their heads examined. Spending the hundreds if not thousands of dollars on something that is going to wear out in a couple of years instead of putting that money into something that is going to grow a harvest for you such as putting into starting your own business or a mutual fund , is neither wise nor a smart use of your money.

    • tj

      some people collect jordans like others do artifacts or art you cant hate on people for doing it i consider them collectors

      • Joseph Moore

        being a collector is fine. I know a couple of people who do. i am not targeting them. ( one of them almost got a divorce over it because he was running up his credit card to purchase them)(my thing is knives)

  • ColeUStoopid

    And by the way…Stephon Marbury, in his prime, tried to market some shoes to Urban youth for $15. You dumb asses ignored it, and opted to set the ridiculous standard of paying 200 for fucking tennis shoes that cost 5 cents to make. So stop complaining about Jordan’s prices. Yall been showed your asses. #BrandWhores

  • JD

    Anyone that believes this bullshit is a fucking idiot. Just look at what you’re reading and how ridiculous it sounds, use some common sense. Shoes made from fucking potato skins??? Get the fuck outta here!

  • 730clique

    That’s crazy

  • Jae Earl

    What people fail to realize is that Michael Jordan’s father was robbed and killed by our own people. That obviously shifted his perception of some of our people.

  • Deneise M. Toliver-Lockridge

    Mike was arrogant when he was playing what would make you think he changed? Telling people (black) not to buy his shoes is like telling them not to buy Tommy Helfinger’s clothes! The black consumer makes them richer and more popular! Why won’t we learn to support the people who put back into the community, the smaller Black businessman who owns, a gas station, or a clothing store, or a shoe store, grocery store. No we run to the White mans store, Arab, Chinese, Japanese’s, etc. You got my point…..!

  • kiara patrick

    black the ones who buys your shoe not the whites

  • Mr A

    Yall stupid if you think This is real

    • Mr A

      You big dummy

      • ColeUStoopid

        They won’t post this

  • http://soundcloud.com/ophkns Mars

    people really just want something to bitch about, last time i checked mj isnt the only BLACK athlete that has there own signature shoe line , why not attack KOBE or Lebron about the black community an their sneaker price tag, the man is trying to make his money let him do so, and you really dont have to lace up a pair of Jordans just for a pick up game.

    • dion

      it’s about his statement made

  • Rory

    You don’t have to….it’s not a message to white America It’s a message for these young black people that think they have to go broke buy the shoes.Yes that not MJ probably.But it dont change the fact
    @Kerri Brawley Ponder ..can’t make a comment if your not active…WTH ….

  • Rory

    Hey that explain why he will give his furtune to a non-black woman.Stupid is Stupid does.

  • Kerri Brawley Ponder

    Umm this is marketing suicide. Why should I believe this article contains even an ounce of truth? Don’t believe everything you read, people. Merry Christmas!

  • BrittMoore

    That’s why us ghetto people get em for the low screw him an his percentage

  • Linda Griffin

    Fuck jordan

  • Melva Hall

    They are just shoes! If you was a fool before you put your foot in them, you still a fool, just one broke fool with a pair of J’s on.

  • http://askthatchick.wordpress.com AskThatChick

    Only poor folks are lining up to buy those ugly ass shoes. The money is coming from our tax dollars via welfare.

  • A True man

    That’s why I Stop buying them no appreciation for the black folk that spend the money to buy his shoes.

  • djtorchMusic

    Don’t be mad at Mike. Just see him for who he is and buy a shoe from someone who likes us. Better yet, let’s make our own shoes…Better yet, let make our own everything. There are plenty of more relevant African Amercian players we can buy shoes from. Let’s buy our own factories and make our own shit… nuff said.

  • meinmd

    Does anyone really believe this article? It reads like BS all the way around.

  • cloblue23

    Why are people holding Jordan accountable for the responsibilities of the individual and the parents. He was a legend on the court but that doesn’t mean that he has great character. Most people are too quick to judge. There are thousands out there standing in these lines to purchase the shoes only for resale. A lot of the crime comes from people that are jumping lines and that causes a problem regardless of race. If i cut in front of you while u been waiting in line for a while, you are gonna react regardless if you are waiting for shoes or waiting to checkout at Walmart no matter who you are. I hear people talk stuff about others waiting in lines for shoes, but will be a hypocrite and camp out at stores for black Friday deals lol or spend hundreds on a new expensive purse or suit. The American dream usually requires living above your means. People go into debt everyday, if you’re using a credit card, that means u can’t afford whatever u purchasing or otherwise you would just buy it outright. What are you doing to help your own communities. He doesn’t owe anybody anything. He has a product and is selling it like he’s suppose to. He is not the savior or your politician.

    • dion

      did what he said scroll up

  • Sam

    Why should someone look out for their own kind. You are born into this world alone and die alone. No one is responsible for others. You’re responsible for yourself.

    • dion

      spoken like a real sellout

  • REDD

    See….. watch how people still support it.. I didn’t even know white people knew he had shoes out.

  • Röss N. C. Vince

    I’m sorry but I can’t believe these quotes.. “It smelled like a farm because it was the Air Bird. The man grew up on a farm or something like that,” said Jordan. GTFO.. This is clearly a parody

  • Datrick Marzett

    This is funny to me. Why do we care what Michael Jordan has to say about blacks buying his shoes? People gone say what they want and do what they want. If we are dumb enough to keep paying $200 for a shoe thats 20 to 25 years old then shame on us. Not one shoe since his last days as a bull has been a new design. Yes I like the shoes because I bought them back in the 80’s, but the ones buying the shoes now probably never saw Jordan play. Every piece of clothing, shoes ect wasn’t made for blacks, look at the history….BK’s, Gabeau jeans, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more I’ve missed but we still went out and bought the utems not made for blacks.

  • FRAN

    I’ve been saying for years…DONT BUY JORDANS.overpriced status symbol.

  • C Miller

    There are many Athletes that give back to their community to help encourage young people. Michael Jordan reminds me of OJ Simpson (selfish). Never forget where you come from. He is not a humble person and I love the great things King James is doing for the Cleveland area. Jesus said, “Pride goes before a Fall”. Also God does not like arrogance.

  • Felicite Ross

    People must remember don’t believe the hype about fame,money,religions… Michael Jordon is man made figure base on money. Our community sold our commonsense for a black man to represent our talents as a whole but didn’t realize it wasn’t about his talent. U better believe there is someone out there better than Mike. Just never went to college. Our community grab the bait…MORE MONEY MORE MONEY MORE MONEY! So the next time u worship, be inspire by a celebrity or materialistic items. Research,fact check and observe.

  • David P Christian

    Why should he do anything that he doesn’t want to do…….? It is his life and his alone…… We shouldn’t expect him or anyone else to to do for us what we won’t do for ourselves…..! All of the Designer products are the same, People that buy junk are sick….! Unless of course YOU ACTUALLY LIKE THIS STUFF…..! CHEAP $15.00 SHOES FOR $180.00….. FOOLISHNESS……!



  • Donte Crawford

    I’m pretty sure, what he said it was paraphrase.

  • Aj

    Wow you people are unintelligent … Research the source hahahaha

  • Aj

    Wow you folks are gullible lol. Halarious

  • 1shane


  • RichT

    michael jordan networth=1 Billion i really dont think he cares what anyone thinks. ppl still gonna be buyin j’s in the end!!

  • Christy

    Girl please!!! He has more input in it than you think sweetie!!!

  • Covae TheDon Covae

    Really? It’s sad how many people believe stories like this. A shoe called air bird and smell like dookie? Really? Some people blieve anything they read online. SMH.

    • Edoubledieyz

      I am in awe of how many people think this article is real……

  • Joshaun Blackmon

    I hope that all who read this take it to heart (especially our black youth). Your hero, who really is not a hero at all, has laid it out for you plain and simple language how he feels about blacks and Black America. Be careful who you follow and make you Hero/Idol.

  • Terrance Simmons

    I don’t buy my kids the shoes, I buy them stock in the company. It is currently trading at $93.39 a share. Why won’t the complainers learn to invest. I always stress to the youth to buy the stock instead of the high priced products. The shoes will get worn out, but the stock will continue to pay you.

  • DreDay

    There’s no author.. Don’t be so dumb to believe this articles

  • Antionette Dozier

    He’s an ass a man that makes that kind of money and cant give somethink back to the youth were ever it may be is a selfish person you cant take none of with you ijs

  • Jaie

    Not true he set the Damn price to make more money he is the Damn brand with his name the same Damn shoe would be at pay less for 35 dollars

    • destom

      Actually he sold Jordan brand to Nike.. So be quiet

      • cozywon

        and actually, I’m pretty sure that there is a board of directors who set the goals for the company. Mike ain’t sitting at the helm rubbing his hands together while thinking of a master plan.

    • TroyofHappiness

      Jaie you’re misinformed. He only owns 10% of the brand. Sure he gets a cut in royalties if you even know what that means? The board of directors set the prices. Jordan may only get 1.5% of each sneaker sold in royalties. Please do some research before you shout false information.

  • JIHAD54

    What really is Michael supposed to do for the black community, a community full of people that are the lowest on the economic scale but stand in lines and cause riots to buy a pare of 200 dollar sneakers ,Michael must think like sny other intelligent person does and that is that investing money into the community is as stupid as poor people buying expensive sneakers

  • Roy Mackey

    If this is true it’ sad to hear, but all the rich peoples in the world is not rich, because materialism” stuff” is only enjoyable and some peoples materialism stuff doesn’t matter

  • Mr.Ceaser

    Whats sad about all this people still going to buy them they dont care.

  • The truth

    Fuck him and the shoes…… He can drop dead for all I care….what is the big problem is him being a devil’s puppet killing,taking dick in the ass, and disappointing god…

  • Sid

    In my honest opinion buying Jordan’s is stupid anyway. #1. They all are the same same shoes that came out 10-25 years ago, the only difference is that your paying more for these because they’re considered “NEW”. #2 People can pay $200 for some shoes that they are only going to wear for a month. #3 90% of the people buying his shoes can’t even pay their own bills. That’s why I think his shoes are stupid and overrated.

    • dante hyndman

      so its not the shoe, its the people then.

      • Sid

        Basically Yeah. All he’s doing is making a living just like everyone else, people shouldn’t buy shoes they can’t afford and they should look at what they’re buying.

  • JustAFan

    All YALL on here talking about his expensive ass shoes since when has $160 been too expensive $200 for real exclusive ones….Timberlands $180 Lebrons $200 Air Max $160 Foams $200 YALL just a bunch of cheap ass hating ass folks mad YALL can’t afford a decent pair of shoes besides cheap ass Air Force 1’s

    • Sid

      If people don’t have $200 they shouldn’t be out buying shoes in the first place it’s not that people are cheap they just don’t have they’re priorities in order

  • dante hyndman

    as an 18 year old black guy. i kind of realized on my own that jordan doesnt care. i respect people like shaq who made their shoe affordable for anyone to get. but hey, one thing i also learned is to not mix business with personal feelings. so sadly jordan is doing the right thing in terms of business but morally not at all. at the end of the day, why are blacks mad? we arent writing his checks, we arent doing anything for him. He doesnt owe us anything. the problem is that when one of us make it, we get mad when we dont get handouts. sure a helping hand would be great, but “we werent with michael shooting with him in the gym”. so dont try to reap his benefits that he worked for. the man got his money, he can say and do what he wants. if i dont approve of it, then i just wouldnt buy his shoe. but to go out my way and call him names and all that is immature. if you dont like what he said, teach your kids that jordans arent worth it. the sad part is most of you “parents” think jordan failed the community when you failed as a parent. if your child values shoes more than anything, whos really at fault? Jordan isnt raising your kids. Do i like jordans? not all but some i would get. If i was a millionaire i would get the all of them in addition to foamposites. many of you have nikes who has kids in sweatshops in china making them. so you cant tell anyone “jordan doesnt have moral values” when you support those same companies hes affiliated with. Thats why the rich dont care about most people. most people are hyporcrites and want handouts instead of getting their own. I would get jordans because i like them. not because i care about what jordan thinks. business is business. leave your feelings out. he has a product with tag. if you want it, buy it. if you dont, then dont. But going around living your life and letting your feelings dictate your actions isnt any way that will help you advance further in the world; especially America. thats just my two cents. Im NOT saying Jordan is right. I never stood in a line waiting for his shoes because i dont see the point in going out my way that much. but id rather focus on getting into the top 1% myself instead of saying how people who actually did work for theirs should do with what they got. feel free to agree or disagree. id like to hear what some of you think.

  • Dazzy Dee

    Thank you for finally putting it out Mr. JORDAN because their is a difference between being Black and being A NIGGA. Black civilized work to buy these damn shows weather it be for there Kids or them selves. Now NIGGA’S get mad cause they run out seeing other people with them and they want them. Hell nigga’s are the one’s fucking up the community. So hell I bet y’all keep buying his shoes every month a new pair drop. And yes I’m a hard work BLACK Man. Dazzy Dee @ Facebook

  • Lorraine Easterling

    I never liked Michael Jordan nor would I ever buy anything he endorses. He will have to answer to God one day. Wonder what he will say then?

  • Andrae Cox

    You’re still gonna buy them anyway.

  • Johanna Marie Workman

    Im sorry I’m white and I’m broke lol

  • Rubyredd Angel

    Lol some of u ppl are so ignorant n should think before u speak. .to imply that someone is trashing mj or speaking the truth or expressing their opinion on his part in his sneaker sales because they can’t afford them is ignorant. White ppl can afford them n they still don’t buy his shit mainly because sneakers are not as important to them, n they don’t care about image n keeping up w everyone else when it comes to foot wear. N yes ppl of color including myself often have our priorities fucked up. N yes Nike makes the shoe but he endorsed them it’s his name n face that sells them. He does have a say so n control of it. He Can Stop advertising for them take his name off of the label if they don’t agree to lower the price to an more affordable one. Do your research do u know how much it actually costs to make a pair of Jordans , do u know who’s making them what ages they are , how many hours they work per day , what their wages are, n what type of conditions they work in. Smh. Between the materials n the wages alone that it takes to make those sneakers is no where near what we are being charged for them. It takes less than 25 dollars to make that shoe. They have children n elderly ppl slaving in horrible work conditions n paying them what you pay prison inmates to work in the prison. Smh. While he sits back n gets richer. Yes he should care about the ppl who support him because without them he would never be where he is.

  • Ch_dahghost

    First off the high prices are created by the retailer not him you simple minded hating morons

    • Joseph Moore

      prices are created by supply and demand. Lower prices indicate that the product is either in over supply or under demand and if a retailer sets the price too high , then people will not buy the product. Jordan’s products are high priced because they are a high demand product and people are willing to pay the high prices for it.

  • vessy

    Its stupid just some fucking shoes

  • Monie Les

    Does anyone say any of this hypocrisy about Gucci or prada, no. People need to stop being so damn sensitive. The man makes shoes that are comfortable and stylish, if you want them buy them if you can’t please just stfu about it. I have a few pair,I don’t run and get every pair but I like the shoes, I don’t care whose face is on it I’m going to buy them.

  • Nicholaas Anthony Diemel

    They’re only popular because they’re expensive. If everyone could afford them then everyone would have them, making them uncool

  • Jim Murphy

    lol I love it… i see soo many people trying to make ends meet.. but they wear jordans. And he is right.. he makes them for people (no matter what race) that can afford them. I could afford them. however sneakers are a waste in money. i can have a weekend on the town for less than 200. i would also have more fun than buying a pair of sneakers. people that buy them are wasting energy trying to “keep up with the jones’s.” . If your image pays your bills then i would say ok.. but work ethic pays mine and i show up looking any way i like.

    • Joseph Moore

      200 a month over 12 months is 2400 dollars, compound interest and that turns into almost 5000 dollars if invested at 12% and left alone for a period of 6 years.

      • Jim Murphy

        Yea as long as you can keep that money away for mr Irs.. then its 12.. but with the irs as the silent partner its more like 6

  • caaashyke_

    We So. CALLED POOR BLACKS Are The Only Ones Who Make Him Rich We Are The Only Ones Standing in line For Hours buyin Tickets Fighting For Jordans While Your White Surban Kids Dont. Buy Shit Of His So Why You. Coming Down. On Us Black Folks He. JUST ANOTHER NIGGA WHO HAVE RECEIVED MONEY. TRYING TO ACT LIKE HE DIDN’T COME FROM NOTHING

  • Fujcsjnnk

    If somebody is willing to die for a pair of shoes I say good riddance. Thin the herd, if Michael Jordan makes money off stupid people who are vain enough to die for a pair of sneakers then good for him, they deserve it.

  • Mrvymarv1226

    Anyone who believes this crap shouldn’t ever buy another pair of Jordan’s anyway!!! You should use that money to buy some common sense!!!! Js

  • Marlene Broussard

    Chamillionaire thanks for sharing. What a jerk. Him and Charles! You are more a role model! F him plain and simple. I hope they never go broke

  • nathan bean

    Again my people are lost and missing the entire point over something within itself is about nothing,y’all ready to defend this man to the tee calling each other niggas and you can’t afford this and that careful of what you say because it can be possible that you will wake up and find yourself not able to afford anything,this is another of another black man who has got beside themselves because he made it and has to sellout to keep it if he does anything outside of what he’s doing,all his fame and fortune will be taken away….look at Cosby and other black celebs who are falling off even though they got it you still just another nigga in their eyes but really this is a waste of time black people been laying down for the longest,have no guts to stand-up for what’s right and important but we will band together against each other over b.s………I’m done this is beyond me.

  • http://www.MarkDanielAdamczyk.om/ Mark Daniel Adamczyk


  • Dereje

    Watch out for how the media spins things. They probably been bothering him about the price of his shoes about as long as the shoes been out. Why don’t they tell Louis Vutton or Gucci to make cheaper clothes? Black kids buy those too. Just because he’s black does he have to make basketball shoes for poor black kids. This is possibly the greatest basketball player of all time and the brand he’s created should be the expensive. Let Scottie Pippen make basketball shoes for the economic consumer. And no I’m not rich and yes I am black. And ya’ll be tearing down the character of every strong black man. You hardly hear things about white icons unless they do something ludicrous… every thing else is swept away by their public relations people. Last but not least he’s not the only one making money on those shoes. Black or white what if someone told you can’t sell shoes for whatever price you wanted.

  • DreDay

    Y’all even notice these articles have no author. Don’t believe everything you read

  • Ryan Campbell

    seems like the ultimate example of a black man that’s been so separated from the African American experience in this country that he’s just lost his empathy for the people he used to be (though admittedly I do feel pretty white while saying that)

  • DeWayne MrComment Wright

    This society is the most materialistic and craziest generation ever known….They will die for these shoes, murder someone over two dollars, and they are doing it for what purpose? To show ppl that they are doing better than the next meanwhile you struggling trying to pay the rent and light bill because you bought the same high as shoes for your kids too… This is crazy and ppl you need help he comes out with a new pair every month and what do you do go and get the kids out of bed early on the morning to wait in line for these shoes to come out in the meantime you are vulnerable to thugs and robbers who will just take them from you when you come out the store….smh life over jordans

  • eb tay

    If yall believe he would ever say that yall are about as ignorant as those idiots standing in line for them… this is a man that gets a majority of his shoe wealth from black people middle class rich or poor no one in their right mind would say something so dumb…

  • Bynum Denise

    They should be a price so all kids can enjoy to wear

  • fu

    Yall dumb as fuck thinkin this article is real get the fuck off fb and read a book

  • Ann Wright

    Michael Jordan has changed tremendously since his father died. That’s not the same Michael Jordan I used to know. Some people shouldn’t have money, they lose their senses of who they are. I didn’t expect this from him. Especially for being a figure for young people.

  • Bynum Denise

    I feel u do not by nothing with his name on it.

  • dee

    I’m not as surprised at all of this as I should be.

  • http://saflickz.com/ Tuflaw

    You people make me sick always attacking people like him with money and success and expecting them to help others. Micheal Jordan is not responsible for “His Community” (Blacks) WHY? Because he’s black, no one told anyone to buy his shoes. He’s successful because we worked his ass off. You buy the shoes because their great basketball shoes. MJ is not responsible for all the ignorant ass people killing and stealing for a product. Quit expecting people with more money, and high media publicity to help the community out when its the communities family that is broken. You dumbasses are like the cousins that come to the family reunion always needing help. FUCK it and help yourself. Don’t blame MJ, if he doesn’t want to be around black people I dont blame them. Most of you too lazy to get it yourself, and most of you too dumb to even figure it out. HONESTLY. GET OFF HIS DICK!

  • Ladedra Newell

    That were he is wrong my step mother is Filipino and she does where jordans. How low can he put a person with color down and those from a third world country business out, we know how much they make and their living. Were do he think he making his money from the “poor blacks”.

  • Charles Gatlin

    This guy is the worst story tellers in history. I don’t believe his story

  • http://www.google.com/ Dude


  • this some bs

    I just read another article that said he didn’t want white kids,buying his,shoes. So I don’t believe this or the other article is true. U can’t believe everything u read

  • JayCross

    This is not real, everyone relax and just go watch his highlights.

  • Asogwa Damian

    Who is Michael Jordan”?.?.,,,, he is nobody in Nigeria

  • Angela McCorvey

    I didn’t even know he was anything like that had I would’ve not ever brought his shoes…. That’s very disappointing but let it been a “suburban white kid” he’ll give his condolences that not right a life is a life not matter what color, shape, or form….,,

  • A. Scott

    Are you serious? You actually believe this site?Really? How dumb and STUPID can you be? This stuff isn’t true, just another dumb story someone made up to get people talking. Hell, there were never any Air Birds, and do you really think they’ll made shoes out of potato skins and horse dung? Damn, you’re gullible, believing ANY and EVERYTHING you read. Dumb assess!!!!!!

    How come nobody complains about Lebrons shoes? They cost more than Jordans!

  • Guest

    Why is it Jordan’s responsibility to give back? He worked his ass off for what he has..being a pro ball player and good business man doesn’t make him responsible for everyone with less money….that’s a typical hand out beggers attitude. How about folks going to work and making their own way in life rather than looking for a successful person or the goverment to provide for them or make things affordable. That’s the attitude that has this country in the piss poor place its in now. Get a clue Jordan’s are $200 a pair because all the marketing Nike does says that’s the acceptable price point not cause Jordan sets the price…

    • dion

      Because if it wasnt for the poor peolpe supporting his ass he would be where he is today thats why

      • dion

        Im not a millionaire but to do help those less fortunate than me

    • Joseph Moore

      stingy people will never be rich, and having a charitable spirit is also a part of what made america great, lets not forget that.

  • msxredd

    Fuc* JORDAN OL Racist ASS if it wasn’t for Us BLACK HE WOULDN’T BE SHIT….

  • Nishia Kingtrouble Williams

    He doesn’t have to make them for black kids but he forever remember that gun in his face the signature he was made to sign and going home barefoot because someone took his they probably couldn’t afford them

  • TheFilmKid

    This story is GARBAGE and NOT TRUE!

  • TheFilmKid

    This story is B.S. I cannot wait for this story to get so much heat. Whoever wrote this is false reporting. Speaking completely out their a**. This is utter b.s. and untrue!

  • MsRazzy

    CLAAAAAAWD HAMMERCY! I’m so done with him smh

  • Abdelmajid Ibn Allal Bouloum

    that jordan nigga, what a bitch,

  • TheFilmKid

    This story sounds like b.s. I refuse to buy this story. I need more proof !

  • joshua muniz

    this is fakeyou idiots you are on a celebrity gossip website

  • Coty Bowen

    This white boy needs a new pair of Jordans.

  • Monie Ova-time Bigg Larry


  • charles Jackson

    why in the world do poor people buy them in the first place? if you stupid enough to buy them when you’re poor don’t blame the seller

  • Shirley

    I bet after these clowns let that statement marinate they are gonna still go by his shoes. Smh. What a slap in the face. Go stand your dumb ass in line for a pair of shoes that puts your life at risk and your mama can’t bury you because you don’t have life insurance. People priorities are all FUCKED up.

  • randyp35

    Funny how money can make those forget it was the ghetto that made them who they are fuck mike and barkley both bitches to me to act like u aint caring about the black community

  • cajunboi

    This is a travesty Jordan don’t fuck with black folks you see how he did chamillionaire I’m not even surprised smh

  • nasty706nigga

    After reading some of the comments it’s no wonder the U.S. ranks 30 something in education in the world. All I can say is wow. You people won’t boycott shit you will be next in one to buy this mans shoes after he said this smh

    • nasty706nigga

      So the mods on this site changed my comment and added: “You people won’t boycott shit you will be next in one to buy this mans shoes after he said this smh”.

      Damn they must really hate Jordan

  • Carlos Pnut

    Fuck him and his shoes!

  • Judy Eurich

    Expensive diamonds, handbags, shoes some of us can’t afford, why should MJ apologize for having his name on high priced shoes? I’d like a mazaradi but my budget lets me stick with General Motors. If owning a MJ shoes is ones only ambition, work hard and save, or better still, when you become a foot doctor tell your patients not everything that’s expensive is the best.

  • Cyrus Dandridge

    You all know this is a lie right. you can not make shoes out of horse shit! you did read the article right Dung is another word for fecal matter you know bowel movement you know shit. Come on People get it together reading is fundamental. SMH!

  • Blah Blahson

    This is satire, you fucking imbeciles.

  • Calvin375

    This does open up another dialogue on how the poor, low income African American and Hispanic communities spend their monies. It does call into question on where do our priorities lie in terms of spending and most of us in those communities do not have “disposable income( monies for extras /entertainment)” in this economy. We are barely scraping by daily, more less have monies for $200.00-$300.00 tennis shoes. Most of us have to put that kind of money towards rent, mortgage, food electric, gas, water and phone bills. Then we barely have enough to last to the next week/month or even set aside anything for a savings account in the bank and not to even mention monies set aside for a college tuition. We as the low income African American, Hispanic and poor communities need to re-prioritize our responsibilities when it comes to our finances and how to get them to work for us and not over spend or even over take us. We need to be honest with our selves and families and just say to them that it’s not in our budget and we need to have a budget to set aside monies for things that really matter. It is not practical for anyone in those categories to buy those kind of tangibles and your light bill is due. We need to get our priorities in order.

    • Neveramazedanymore .


    • HmmmIJS

      Sips my tea. Yes Calvin.

  • Gre Edmondson

    He has been a asshole all alone. To hell with him. I hope everyone stop buying his shit.

  • Calvin375

    I know this story isn’t true. But, it does open up another dialogue on how the poor, low income African American and Hispanic communities spend their monies. It does call into question on where do our priorities lie in terms of spending and most of us in those communities do not have “disposable income( monies for extras /entertainment)” in this economy. We are barely scraping by daily, more less have monies for $200.00-$300.00 tennis shoes. Most of us have to put that kind of monies towards rent, mortgage, food electric, gas, water and phone bills. Then we barely have enough to last to the next week/month or even set aside anything for a savings account in the bank and not to even mention monies set aside for a college tuition. We as the low income African American, Hispanic and poor communities need to re-prioritize our responsibilities when it comes to our finances and how to get them to work for us and not over spend or even over take us. We need to be honest with our selves and families and just say to them that it’s not in our budget and we need to have a budget to set aside monies for things that really matter. It is not practical for anyone in those categories to buy those kind of tangibles and your light bill is due. We need to get our priorities in order.

  • Robert Nathan

    So basically he got mad because Michael turned him down for a pic and autograph so now he is spreading bullshit…..smh.

  • nasty706nigga

    The same idiots that would sleep outside all night and fight for his shoes are the same ones that would actually believe this nonsense. Smdh, there is truly no hope for society.

  • John Wilson

    He to will come down someday, in time he will be ask a question how do you want me to except you in my fathers house if you didn’t except people in yours, no one is above god,

  • Tanarockin89

    This shit fake as fuck

  • Robert Vincent

    I can’t believe you guys believe this garbage? Crabs in a bucket.

  • Tipsy McStagger

    do any of u check the credentials on this site…this is a satire site a shock value site…u think if jordan actually said this it wouldnt be on espn everyday and front page news….this site doesnt report real news and if jordan cared he would sue them for slander yall berated the man on a fake news site

  • Jalonna Gipson

    First off for all you Jordan fans…we been telling you to stop wearing his shit and number two…did he really just say the shoe was made out of horse dung and potatoe skin??? Is this true what he is saying he really said that?? I need to see him saying that…Now this is the type of dude that gets called all type of bitches….I never bought a jordan bought only one nike a lobg ass time ago…I usally mess with Vans but now I don’t give a fuck blessed to just have shoes….I don’t waste my money on nqme brand shit why because they don’t deserve my money.

  • kiona marie

    How the fuck are you racist to your own kind smh

  • Sentsuizan

    Damn you people are dumb. This is satire.

  • Gwendolyn Darkdiva Swann

    All I can say is wow..I never would have thought that MJ was that type of person I have never and will never support his shoe line or anything else he represents he he take a look around white suburban kids don’t wear Jordan’s they wear vans and other name brand sneakers because of his statement he may lose a lot of money and profit I’ll be dampened if I stand in a line to buy anything with his name on it I say BOYCOTT his white ass he must have not look we d in the mirror lately.

  • Saskia Jones

    Jordan, don’t you realize that you wouldn’t be as successful as you are today with out these “black youths”? You should have just kept your trap shut. While growing up I’m sure that many of these black youths looked up to you as a role model, myself included. You just lost a huge amount of respect from me. We should boycott his shoes!

  • Natural Woman

    Lol That man didn’t say that. Just this morning I read where they claim he didn’t want whites wearing the shoe.

  • Milagros N Carlos Torres


    • Major Woody

      Spoken like a true ghetto rat!

      • dion

        shut the fuck up meth head

        • Major Woody

          That is a funny statement coming from a crack whore like you. Yeah I know you are a male but still a crack whore:-)

        • Major Woody

          Crack whore!

        • Major Woody

          Quit deleting my posts you little crack whore.

        • Major Woody

          You are truly a little BITCH dIon.

        • Major Woody


  • Lorna Simmons

    That’s why I’ve never been into Jordans like a lot of black people I know. MJ can care less about any of us. I’ve never been a fan of his anyway. He’s a total sell out and a disgrace to the black community. Why would he even put this out for people to read knowing that he has a lot of black fans. Doesn’t he know he was a poor kid from North Carolina. That’s the only reason I ever did like him was because he was from my state, NC, other than that, I’m not a fan of Basketball, I know he’s the greatest basketball player of all time, other than that who cares.

  • Dwayne Ashton

    MJ is a known asshole so this don’t shocked me at all he probably has said way worse he’s lucky they didn’t record his ass like donald sterling. And I agree we do look so weak as a people!

  • Arya Yashar

    you guys needa quit playing the victim role and get up off ur asses, make some money so you don’t sit behind urr computer like losers winingg about the prices of a shoe

    • dion

      shut the fuck up racist

      • Arya Yashar

        how am i being racist idiot

  • Antoine Hart

    The fact that you guys believe this is hilarious

    • Arya Yashar

      lmao seriously

  • Arya Yashar

    he’s not playing no more. his buisness is clothes and shoes… and the man is a legend he can even put a higher price and there’s nothing wrong with that… he’s done his hard work now he wants to make money play golf, and kick it… ur all ignorant as fuck for hating on him…. how bout u guys buy some shoes u can afford and quit blaming Mj for ur pocket issues

  • Jamaldoman

    this is a fake article everybody!

  • Clamos

    Jordan continued by stating, “I don’t want to hear any complaining about
    can or can’t afford what. There isn’t any Phillipinos or Indonesians
    that are going to be wearing Jordans anytime soon and they’re making
    them for five cents an hour.” My Air Jordan’s are the new Blood
    He needs his ass kicked for saying that smh

  • Luis

    Did you ignorant fucks read the whole story?? You guys are dumb to believe this shit is real lol…. Not everything in the Internet is real guys come on man!!!

  • Darlyn

    ……and Black people will continue to buy Jordans. Who’s more ignorant?

  • Quincy Harris

    He couldn’t of said this

  • Eugene Rice

    I’ve read this on the original site and it’s satire (google it vocabulary challenged). I can’t believe most of you can’t tell the difference. The funniest thing is the broke mf’s like “that’s why I don’t buy them”. Ignorance and crab in a barrel mentally. Tear down down a black man quick just give yall a half of reason smh.

  • Norman

    I never liked jordans anyways allways though thy where ugly

  • Asia Griggs

    May Allah humble him. He forgot where he came from which means he will be put in that situation again before his time is up on this earth.

  • Richard Smith IV

    This is fake fr if you believe mike wrote for these white people that cant afford an interview with him you’re an idiot

  • 0pusX

    Did anyone READ this story???? It’s so obviously fake. Shoes made out of potato skins and horse dung…… You’ve all been trolled.

  • Lefty Sam

    Guys this is obviously a fake article. Instead of “I’m only buying Lebrons now” get the point and stop buying grossly overpriced trinkets. Why are we so distractable and materialistic?

  • http://instagram.com/therealblackalbundy į âm KìÑG hęrê

    If you believe any of this shit you’re an idiot.

  • MaryLovesJustice

    Is he a prison investor? I keep hearing that he is, but I cannot find evidence of it. He seems to have the attitude for it.

  • Jackson Strong

    smh at all the ppl that think this article is not a joke and that he actually said these things. wow…

    I too think its crazy how much his shoes are but guess what…. people are standing in long lines to buy them at that price! nobody is forcing anybody to buy them!

  • http://Reverbnation.com/JFHunnit JF Hunnit

    damn…I no longer like his bald ass
    & kobe is better bitch

  • yoyodre

    Do y’all really think this story is real?

    • Vince Edwards

      Good question

  • crow

    This website is FAKE. LMAO! Air Bird??? REALLLLY? Jordan never said this. This is a satire WEBSITE! THIS WEBSITE IS FAKE PEOPLE. How can y’all believe this shit, really.

  • Felicia Crystal

    Smh. But all his fans are black

  • Monterio

    These comments tho O_o yall going in on MIKE but yall know yall asses will be in line when the retro 23’s come out hahaha lol

  • Guest

    Just watched the chamillionaire video at the end of this article and yeah he said it he’s just like OJ he ain’t one of us dam COON!!

  • Vince Edwards

    The truth is Michael has never forgiven for James Jordan’s murder!

    • meka

      Woooooow someone FINALLY got it

  • Brenda Pearson

    Fuck Micheal Jordan. as a mother I never spent one dime on his Dame shoes for my two son..who cares what Michael Jordan say!!# I don’t give a fuck about his UGLEY BLACK ASS IN THE FIRST PLACE.These mother should be ashamed of their self buying this ass hole shoes for there kids.

  • Jalen Anthony Law

    This is all BS. If Michael Jordan is criticized for saying nothing, why would he say some radical and completely insensitive BS like this. Where is the source of these words? What Interview? SMH people believe everything

  • Juice1234

    He need his ass kicked for saying that who the hell does he thinks buys his shoes? Dafuq?!

  • idiots

    I agree man we look so weak as a peope! He’s just like that damn OJ! Smh

  • Sakethia Mac Taylor

    WTF?! Ahh hell nah he didn’t? He a hot mess for that

  • Bigg Vic

    Wow michael Jordan done lost his mind and his business no one will buy them high priced J’s no more he’s a fag!


    What a lot of people don’t understand is he just put his name on the brand. He doesn’t got anything to do with the prices. It’s NIKE that administer the prices! If anything the riff should be with NIKE! It’s NIKE that we should have a problem with not just MIKE!

  • Palmz

    Jordan should charge $3,000 a pair. This would discourage poor people from purchasing them. In turn, poor people could spend their money on something more beneficial (possibly the opportunity to become rich). The public, as well as media outlets, blame Jordan for poor people buying his shoes but never blame poor people for buying his shoes knowing they can’t afford them. That makes the brand look socially irresponsible. Then you wonder why these high end companies say nasty things about poor people, because they are trying to get you to stop purchasing their products, they don’t need your money and don’t care to have it. If you want to blame someone blame yourself. Blame yourself for making yourself believe you’re relevant and self-worthy by purchasing $200 Jays, $350 Faragamo belts, and $200 Gucci shirts

    • things that make u go hmmmmm

      Yooo I’m dieing over here I can’t stop laughing because this is sooooo true. I have actually witnessed this social behavior on every level on both sides stated. working in the industry and just day to day business. But you summed it up very nicely well said Palmz

  • Glenn

    Jordan all I can say is remember o.J’s arrogance..where is he know?

    • ch-town finest

      Fuck Jordan he’s a bitch nigga I’ll never ever buy that nigga shoes or closes no more he ain.t for the people and I’m from Chicago Hugh bulls fan but fuck that bitch ass nigga

      • Debra

        Well you seem angry?

    • mikep

      In the hangover movies idiot. He went into acting and did something. Better than can be said of a nig nog who is more willing to get the the new pair of Js than feed his family.

  • Holiday Hamilton

    This is a fake ass story and you bitches know it. And anybody who believes this dumb shit should be ashamed and if I was Michael Jordan id sue YALL asses

  • Gregory D. Allen

    It’s time Black folk start to realize that boys like Mike and Charles Barkley have be co-opted by corporations and lost all sense of value if they ever had any. For Michael Jordan to sell $200 sneakers knowing that young Black kids will steal, rob and kill to get them is a travesty. So, while young Black kids commit crimes to get his Jordan’s he takes the profits and invest in prisons to house them. F%$# Mike and the bus he came to town on!

    • Jason Staley

      Maybe he is hoping that you go to college like he and Charles did. That way you can have a productive life and then in turn be able to afford his shoes

      • Gregory D. Allen

        I earned my Masters degree when both you and Mike were peeing in your pants. And for the record Charles only received his degree after the NBA and Mike never did.

      • Gregory D. Allen

        BTW, the next time you hear Black folk talking shut the %$^& up!

        • Aj

          Have a masters degree LOL

        • Jon Rivers

          LOL, the same “folks” you’re bitching about not being able to afford $200 sneakers??!!?

          Injustice I tell you!!!!

          You would think by reading these comments that people had no other choice than to buy Jordans.

          Guess what? That’s what Payless and Rack Room are for.

        • things that make u go hmmmmm

          Damm mm mm mm I’m done

    • Debra

      I agree with poor blacks trying to wear jordans, but the same saw their Dads do it when they first came out. Most of whom are still in prison orin and out

    • things that make u go hmmmmm

      DAMNNNNNNNN !!!!!!#!!!!

  • Albertico Gonzalez

    A black man that want to go forward will not deal with fools that putting gun’s in they hand and killing eachother he will deal with people in the same positive way with him to reach his goals in life but in this life you will fine the player hatters that dont like to see a brother man make it in life and who player hatting his own blackpeople you think jordans worrying he living life support o no support he went for his goals he play his basketball games with all his talent that god give him

  • Albertico Gonzalez

    Well the black man getting riches from the white and if you cant afford it by something else i dont know why in this world people always fck complaining about white and black fck this shit because it got alote of black people with jordans keds on if you cant afford by what you sack can afford stop player hatting

  • Jamal Yancey

    People be so dumb smh. Y’all believe anything. Like his pr people would actually let him say this shyt lol. Yall so gullible

  • 1234FIF

    SMH at the people who actually think this is a legit article. MJ is an asshole though.

  • keno swain

    Air birds thou my nicca lmao

  • http://www.killyourself.com/ ….

    This is obviously fake

  • keno swain


  • keno swain

    Air Birds

  • angela collins

    i can see straight through this which i feel is good on his part. he is pulling a tommy hilfigier in hopes that blacks would stop buying his shoes so he will not have to hear anymore of this nonsense. smart pr move.

  • Don Iam Settles

    He need stop selling them

    • Jacklin Britton

      LOL! he is not selling them, the company paying him to use his name, and long as they keep paying him, they are selling them shoes. I never bought a pair.

      • Don Iam Settles


  • Sheritha Desalle


    • Jalonna Gipson

      I was just mouthing that….like, yea right never in my life…..fuck mike

  • Chelsea Angelikia Rose

    I never felt the need to buy jordans just Because of the price, i can afford them but thats pure chaos just to put something on my feet. Im really speechless about this ..i wonder how the people that DO stand in a long line just to purchase them feel about this .probably going to continue buying Because thats what there use to .smh

    • Dee Znutsinyomouth Twiz

      Yet in rap music, the “artists” boast about how much money they blow on Gucci shoes and such. Smh

      • Jalonna Gipson

        And poor people go right behind them like they not poor…

  • Theultimatelibra21

    That’s why his ass isn’t even welcome in his own hometown. I stopped buying jordans in the first generation because of his lack of giving back. He’s all about himself and doesn’t give a shit about his own people. Granted, if he doesn’t give a shit about his own people, but on a HUMANITARIAN level, he could at the very least, address the issue of the lack of police presence surrounding the sale of his shoes because of the robberies and the killings all over the country. He’s making millions in profits and he’s not going to say anything regarding the negative side of purchasing his shoes. He doesn’t want blacks in his shoes, WHY ARE WE STILL BUYING THEM ?!?!? BOYCOTT!!!

    • Jamal Yancey

      Why does he have to address it? He’s not out there promoting his shoes, not his fault people have their priorities messed up

      • Theultimatelibra21

        Ur right. He doesn’t have to address it but he should because these are his shoes that people are dying over. Despite the lost priorities of the people, they still have the money to purchase the shoes and he doesn’t have to spend any money to advertise and promote his brand. U and I both know that Jordan’s sell themselves. He should have some compassion for the millions of fans that spend the money to make him millions in profits to at least SAY SOMETHING to make things more safer when people spend hundreds of dollars to buy his shoes. If he’s not giving back financially, he can at least use the power of his voice to make a difference.

        • Arthur James Sampson Jr.

          I never did buy Jordans and never will because of Michael Jordan attitude towards black people like Charles Barkley.

          • Aaron Patterson

            Nigga you probably can’t afford a pair that’s why you won’t buy them

          • bourne

            see y we don’t get any where ,how u know he can’t afford them,maybe d man money have sense

          • williamhackney

            Negro dont know body care bout that nigga shoes dumb ass blacks buy his shit so they can fill like they got money an living from pay check to pay check fuck jordan an his shoes he looking an all you black standing outside in the cold an rain for them shoes smiling

          • Aaron Patterson

            First of all I’m 20 no mother no father I use to be one of them black kids that couldn’t afford Shit and now I can and I make 300 dollars a day maybe 2 on a bad day that’s everyday of the week so I feel like I can talk a little Shit because this situation is ridiculous where was this conversation two years ago nobody gives a fuck understand the past is the past people been killing for these shoes he lowered the value of most of his Shit so niggas would stop killing for a pair Michael Jordan has fans just like all these weird as mfs out here so when a idol comes out with something new their going to buy it period on some real Shit I always appreciate someone trying to make movement but come with a different approach

          • jordan crichton

            Who are you to tell anyone they can afford something; understand his stand point and not condemn him for don’t having Jordans do you think Rich people have Jordans? People with class prefer Ralph Lauren Hugo and Giorgio armani. You are clearly missing the point. Yes it is not Micheal Jordans fault poor people are buying his shoe but the racist innuendos with which displayed his point is disgusting of him and It brings out his snobby egotistical persona with Arthur was stating. Would support someone who has that outlook on life? I wouldn’t as a person with self respect

          • Major Woody

            Do you mean the attitude of taking responsibilities for your own actions instead of blaming everyone else?

          • MCJ

            This is a very ignorant response. This assume a single ethnicity doesn’t take responsibility for their actions as others do. Look around you, this is a generation of unaccountability, no matter the ethicity.

            But when the same people, share the same old thoughts and repeat the same old rhetoric, I should expect uninformed responses lacking any original thought.

          • Michele Adams Domes

            I agree with you that it is a generational thing, originating in the schools and sports programs that refuse to acknowledge the competitive world we live in by worrying more about a child’s self esteem than about teaching them right from wrong or awarding their accomplishments with trophies for winning rather than just participating. That being said, there’s so much BS out there about separating races and genders and ethnicities via television and fake news that a white woman, like me, would be called a racist for uttering the same opinion you just did. I think that if we would look for the similarities in one another, rather than the differences, the world would be a much better place. Let’s face it, we all just want to do and be better everyday. Your ‘better’ may be different than mine but that’s what keeps things interesting, don’t you think?

          • Captain Central America

            I love your attitude, but everyone did realize this is a comedy article, right?

          • Jeyon Tyrese Foster

            I have never heard anyone so right in my life……Im sitting here thinking like, He is making all these racist remarks but his fans and supporters were BLACK AND WHITE. But when the Jordan brand starts to go downhill he’ll know why!!!!

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            I wish I could like this a million times, you wrote it I thought it.

          • Tricks

            You’re gorgeous 🙂

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Thank you (blushing)

          • Ronnie Armstead

            And u do n the same thing same oh , I got mine u get your mind set, it’d public knowledge that he make His money out of sweat shops and kids, not realizing this show a degree of ignorance

          • TEC GROW

            Its kids period.. when some cant reply with understanding they toss race into it.. typical foolishness. .no matter if jordan was black or white is attitude towards this situation SUKS

          • Omnis Odium

            I hate people who make everything about race, but I swear, if Jordan was white, you would not be leveling this criticism toward him. His attitude is the typical, laissez faire American business mindset that EVERYONE in this country has, ESPECIALLY the wealthy.

            the only reason you aren’t indifferent to economic consequence and exploitation is because you don’t have property or business interest to exploit people with

            but I promise in the same situation, you would act the same.

            besides, its Nike’s responsibility, NO OTHER PERSON doing a licensing deal would be required to take responsibility for that license, ESPECIALLY not when its handled by a huge company.

            if it was ANYONE other than Michael Jordan, you wouldn’t be looking for him to take responsibility over a brand he has no control over, this shit is NOT his responsibility AT ALL. if someone WANTS to take responsibility and help out maybe the community they came from, or maybe help out poor people, w/e, that should be appreciated, but not expected.

          • Omnis Odium

            Where the fuck did he say black people don’t take responsibility? Way to shove words in dudes mouth, which makes zero sense, because his comment is in response to a comment about how Jordan acts in regards to Barkley, which implies that Jordan does and Barkley doesn’t. It sounds more to me that he’s implying that Jordan, as an individual, does not have a victim complex, but here’s the thing, most other people do, and that includes white people. You’re a racist piece of shit who read into connotations that were not there. OUR SOCIETY has a fucking victimhood complex and INDIVIDUALS who shun said complex are often vilified by the incompetent masses. Skin color has nothing to do with it, stop treating “black people” like a monolith you hypocrite.

          • grwnazzman

            what the hell you talking about

          • brianwill

            Right, stop blaming Black people for crime when more Whites are on Welfare and organized and white collar crime effects more people,,, Stop pissin and moanin about Black people and take responsibility for meth heads

          • FollowMe@Jesus1975

            What does meth heads have to do with people killing people over shoes #BaffledAsF*ck

          • zach

            take responsibility for crack heads cuhhhhhh

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Since many of those are white too…..

          • Jay

            I know of a lot of black crack heads. What’s it matter what race has the most crack heads u racist piece of garbage. I’m married to a beautiful black woman and she wouldn’t dream of downing another race

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Having a black blow up doll does not equate to marriage to a beautiful black woman. She probably wouldn’t dream of downing another race because she’s a sellout. F**k you and your wife.

          • Amber

            Lol sounds like your the racist…even to your own race

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            You are so stupid it’s funny. If I start the fire, I can take the heat you stupid bitch. You’re just mad that your man is locked up. Don’t you have a train or Mandingo party to attend you white hoe?

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Bitch you’re not married, your profile says engaged. And skip tracing your looney ass does not come up with ONE marriage certificate. I am sooo jealous of a disease infested white bitch with a black jail bird fiance. How will I ever live with my husband who is free in our huge house? Bitch get your life.

          • Amber

            Lol gee that’s reall believable for someone who is so bitter lol…disease infested WHITE bitch? I’m the racist lol? Looks like I got u to show who the true racist is….btw honey he is my kids father that I have been with for EIGHT YEARS, lol u might as well considered us married, engaged, living together with 2 kids….lol I’m happy with my life… Your husband must not be loving u right for u to be such a bitter black woman so don’t sell me a dream that u are so happy lol because clearly u are not. Lol me and my husband (because in ky common law marriage is 7 years and we have been together 8 ) are very happy (the real kind lol because I’m not bitter like u)

          • Amber

            I’m mad lol ? No he will be out at the end of this month. Lol I’ll never be mad at my man for being a real man and beating the shit out of a guy for hittin a woman….lol your just mad because ur lonely with no one to love u.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Let’s see, you are telling me your business why? If you don’t care what I think of you and consider yourself better than me, why take the time to try to explain to me what you are about? If you were happy with your life you wouldn’t be on a blog talking shit about black people ESPECIALLY when you birthed two black babies and are sucking a black man’s dick. My whole point is you are a liar and a fraud. How dare you claim all you do for your man and how much you love your children and turn around and talk shit about other black people? You have nothing better to say than I’m bitter. You have not apologize to the other black people on this blog for the racist things you said which tells me that you meant it and the only reason why you are back peddling is because I called you out. Get some class about you girl and learn where your loyalty lies.

          • Amber

            Lol if speaking the truth is “racist” lol stop holdin ur breath honey u will never get an apology from me. Ain’t no one peddlin shit, I just think it’s funny that everyone on this blog who call u out or disagree u call racist…stop swiping the race card girl it’s maxed out past its credit limit ( including the ones who called u out for being a racist ur self by telling u everyone is equal lolike the white guy who married a black woman and u called her a sell out for dating out her race)

          • Amber

            OMG LOLOLOLOL U are obsessed with me

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Not obessed with you because your not much to be obsessed with. I do though make it a point to know my enemies so other black people will know how you really feel about black people. Don’t flatter yourself bitch, you really ain’t much to look at and judging by your responses only have dick sucking going for you.

          • Amber

            Girl maybe u need some dick in ur life lol cus ur a dried up hatin ass mop head ass bitch

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Got plenty of dick in my life bitch, my man is free. Is yours?

          • Amber

            Btw u ignorant bitch lol I NEVER said I was married, but u were talkin shit about a man for being married to a black woman so I commented about marriage…but I dont expect much comprehension out of a doe doe brain such as yourself

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Typical response from a typical whore.

          • Amber

            Lol u apparently have nothing intelligent to say

          • Amber

            Don’t mind “I’m just saying” she’s a bitter ass black woman with too much time on her hands !

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            And don’t mind stupid bitch Amber she’s a black man whore with too many dicks in her mouth.

          • Amber

            Whoa there lol comments like that mite make u a racist and u might end up on that website

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            You stupid bitch I am on the website since I and three other people created it. Take your recessive gene having sloped forhead back to the caves you emerged from bitch.

          • Amber

            Lol u feel like u really accomplished something in life with this website don’t u

          • Amber

            Lol don’t hate that u could never be as beautiful as me. Lol maybe if u take some of the money u make from that escort service u run and get top dollar weave u might look like something u hairy, monkey lookin ass bitch

          • Amber

            Black mans whore? Lol u see why black men no longer date black women right? Because of bitter ass bitches like u

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Bitch the black men that don’t date black women are the dumb fucks we allowed you bitches to have. Don’t think you have a prize when you actually have a strong black woman’s trash.

          • Amber


          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Actually bitch, I know five mixed race couples and the husbands are white. White men let black men have you dumb, fat, ignorant white women. White men don’t want you trailer park trash hoes either. There are white men who would rather fuck the best black woman than a trailer trash white woman. You bitches are really good for two things: sucking and swallowing.

          • Darlene burt

            Black men no longer date black women? Really? Maybe you should say why the one you are with doesnt date black women

          • Sarah Elisabeth Myers

            Ignorant and racist! Your ignorant racist option shows how fucked your morals are

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            No dumbass my morals are on point. It’s so funny that you have white folks make generalization and out right racist remarks towards people of color and you chose me out of the bunch to call racist. If you allow blatant racism to go on with one group and not the other? You’re racist. Smile for the camera Sarah!

          • Jeremiah Daniel Barker

            Your comments are wat making you look racist. . A black cop killed an innocent homeless guy in California but you dont see Al Sharpton speaking about that.cause he and people like you are to concerned with race and color..

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Here’s the thing, even if I was racist it doesn’t affect me or my life in any fashion, I still own my business, still employ others of all ethnic groups and have a white grandmother. If I am racist it’s towards racist white folks who spew the same BS rhetoric that was spewed in 1691. Al Sharpton don’t speak for me or a vast majority of black people and it’s you racist white folks that are the first to say his name not black people. In the case of police brutality, it doesn’t see color idiot, the only color brutal out of control police see is that thin blue line. I refuse to apologize for how I respond to racist white folks and I refuse to apologize for not stepping down when you idiots step up. NOW if you want to have a respectful discussion about race and racism we can, if you are going to continue to spew the same racist propoganda that all racist white’s spew then I have nothing more to say. Peace out Oppie

          • Jeremiah barker

            Ive dated very beautiful black women and I have a girl friend who has a mixed baby.. im not racist and I dont like talking about this stuff unless I see racist comments.. if it were a white person acting like Sharpton you would say something too.. Its not about color most of the time, its the fact people like Jordon worked for the money he has now unlike the majority of black folk. I have black friends who said they would act like their neck oe something is broke if they get in a car accident so they could sue and get money from the insurance which is Evil.. I have never met a white person who said they would do stuff like that..we actually forgive and let it go.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            My whole point is you white people are quick to step to black person who is either defending black people or responding to racist remarks. I not ONCE saw you step to other white folks and say anything to them about their racist remarks why? There are white men that act like Sharpton, again you don’t say their names why? Don’t you get it? By you saying “the majority of black folks don’t work” you are pertpetuating a stereotype. By you saying how black people will get over if in a car wreck you are perpetuating the stereotype. Here’s the thing. I work in an industry where I see most if not all the fraud committed, is done by white people. Most of the white collar crime that affect thousands (hedge funds, stealing employees 401K’s, taking people’s money for investment fraud, and let’s not forget the countless victims black and white from the real estate fraud where banks preyed on consumers) You want to call someone evil, they are evil. I know you have pre conceived ideas about black people regardless of how many black friends you claim to have you will not view them as being your equal and when dealing with black people in general I see you choose to where rose colored glasses when white folks are spewing racist BS. The difference between black people and (some) white people is black people hold on another accountable for actions that make us all look bad. You white folks simply ignore when one of your own is doing bad and focus instead on the person who reacts to their initial racism.

          • Jeremiah barker

            Because your comments are the most recognizable on here by how many comments you have on here compared to others is y I spike to you.. But I would speak up to wgite folk to because im not a republican or democrat. .

          • Jeremiah barker

            The reason I brought that up about republican or democratic is because I have black friends who believe if your white and you are republican they are racist but thats not true either.. however im not saying you are racist or pointing any fingers toward you. Just saying

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Let’s see if this makes sense: If the majority of the people spewing racist propoganda and stereotypes are white, one cannot get mad if the majority of the black people think all white people are racist. I have been in this world for a long time and most if not all the racism I experienced was at the hands of a white person. There were many white people who fought alongside and died for the black cause, THAY got it and they damn sure didn’t spew the same racist generalizations and stereotypes that racist white folks spew. I’m sorry, I give what I get. If you give me respect and don’t lump me in with all the negativities of black people then I give you respect back and don’t lump you in with all the racist people.

          • Amber

            “You white people” that’s a statement for ya

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            You give me racist rhetoric I give it right back. Difference between me and you? Nothing you can every say affects me because I’ve heard it all before. You stupid racist are not even clever enough to come up with something new, all you do is recycle the same bullshit racist rhetoric that your ancestors spewed over 400 years ago. You have yet to evolve.

          • Amber

            Lol umm and u seem to think that whatever u say affects me? No lol because I’m still happy living and breathing 🙂

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Apparently it does because you keep coming back to see my responses stupid bitch. Laughing my ass off for real.

          • Ku$ha $wank

            Lauryn hill…is that you??

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Inbred meth addict is that you?

          • Ku$ha $wank

            someone give this woman an ambassador sash…she def can represent

          • 1111

            this! always shows the true colors.

          • Amber

            Just because u have a white grandmother doesn’t make u white

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Dumb bitch I know you aren’t black. No black person would ever say the dumb shit you say. And let me kick you some knowledge you dumb bitch. My skin color is black, having a white grandmother I have white blood running through my veins. Besides, when did I say I was white idiot? I wouldn’t be white if I was paid a million dollars to do so.

          • Amber

            Lol u are do fukn retarded lol u do realize I never said I was black, but u told me I’m not black? So I was doing u the same favor and reminding u that u aren’t black lol!!! Believe me I NEVER EVER wish to be any other color then the skin I’m in

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Bitch I know you aren’t black. Just because you fucked and black man and shot out black babies don’t mean shit dumb bitch.

          • Tia

            How did this go from talking about shoes to a racism thing.. Geesshh!!

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Read the comments if they haven’t been deleted. Question? Why do you feel comfortable confronting me, the person who responded to disrespect and racism, rather than the person who came in spewing racism and disrespect? Geesh!

          • Henriette Wagener

            Blood is RED.
            There is no such thing as White Blood.If you have white blood, you should go and let a doctor check you, because that sounds like severe illness.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            WTF ar you talking about dumb a$$?

          • Amber

            Lol you really are stupid because u just made a generalized statement about white people in that statement…. Sellout lol… U swiping the race card out to the max aren’t u

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Fucking with your dumb cunt ass is fun. I am far from stupid. I was smart enough to send your comments to your friends and post you on a website exposing racist white folks like you. The race card was dealt me dumb bitch, I have a right to swipe it. Just because you suck black dick, don’t make you black. Just makes you a dumb white cunt that sucks black dick.

          • Amber

            Whoa there now lol u got me

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Shut the fuck up. You are dumber than a head of lettuce you bitch. Also, didn’t I tell your ree ree ass I was racist against racist??? Stupid ass local yokel.

          • Amber
          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Yes black men who date white women then turn around and dog black women to make you bitches feel superior. A man who dates white women and proud of doing so would NEVER put down black women you know why? Because his mama is black, his grandmother is black and if he has sisters they are black. So you see him talking bad about black women is a slap in YOUR face too. He isn’t dating you because he loves you (when a black men dates a white woman and have nothing bad to say about black women in the process) means he love ALL women. Bitch you were last choice because he is too weak to be with a black woman and strong enought to be with a white woman, which says nothing about him

          • Jeyon Tyrese Foster

            This is what im confused about…who said it was wrong for a white man to date a black woman?????

          • Amber

            Believ me lol u ain’t makin no noise in my life lol u think u really hurt me lol and put me in my place? U are hilarious

          • Amber

            Lol only when people disagree wit u , they get called a racist

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            People disagree with me all the time. If it walks like the Klan, is dressed like the Klan it’s damn sure isn’t the Black Panthers bitch.

          • Amber

            Lol but the black panthers aren’t racist

          • 1111


          • TEC GROW

            Crackhead is so 90s early 2k term.and again your are wrong. .more suburban whites and corp people come and purchase cocaine in both forms ..you think any crew selling 25k too 100k a week hasnt a diversified group coming on a regular. . You are possibly one of the milion sheltered only gather data from fox news individuals. . And or just plain ignorant hateful individual. ..

          • barrystjohn

            Love a Meth Head !

          • Vonnie

            “Technically” more whites are on welfare, but when you consider over 70% of US population is white and only about 18% is black, are there really more whites on proportionately to respective populations???

          • TEC GROW

            Wtf does all this have to dpdo with a shoe.. i tell you this .. its more WHIITE AND BLACKS WITH A D H D. And m0ore acrynms than any other country.you people cant stay focused for shyt

          • http://www.expresstek.org/ JoostinOnline

            It’s not about black or white, or any other race (not sure why everyone limits it to those two). It’s about social class. Crime is pretty much level across the board. People in higher classes (which, yes, is made up more of white people) are more likely to commit white collar crimes, while people in lower classes are more likely to commit blue collar crimes. If everybody’s class was suddenly reversed, I bet you the crimes committed would change too. If races were reversed, nothing would change (other than people freaking out that someone went Alt+E+I on them).

          • J.d. Norton

            Race matters, but not as much as class, in my white opinion.

          • blacksimian

            Very true you ripped him

          • Jay

            Wut r u a racist against whites? Wut bout Mexican, Chinese, Arabs.

          • Theultimatelibra21

            My opinion IS NOT about helping black people individually. My beef is that he’s not giving back to his own communities that made him rich. He’s NOT giving back towards the betterment of the people in his OWN hometown which many don’t know he was born in BROOKLYN and raised down south and he hasn’t done ANYTHING for his people. My beef is that when all other races ESPECIALLY white people will build schools and do things towards the betterment of their people. That’s what I’m talking about not give personal handouts.
            And I want people to tell me WHY he doesn’t have to say anything when there’s not enough adequate security in places that people are getting robbed and KILLED for his shoes because he chooses to make a LIMITED number of shoes for each store instead of MASS producing for EVERYBODY?!?!
            I would care that people are dying over my products. It’s only right that he shows COMPASSION towards the people that pay for his luxuries and continues to keep him filthy rich.
            YOU DAMN RIGHT I think he should SAY something. Speaking to victims families PERSONALLY is too far of a reach.

          • FollowMe@Jesus1975


          • Bridgette Alexander

            No the attitude that weren’t made for “poor black people”

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            No accountability is across the racial divide, and blaming others is what people do, what’s your point?

          • Sarah Elisabeth Myers

            The point is being racist is a different subject! Dumbass

          • Sarah Elisabeth Myers

            You all cry and play the race card and sit there and spew racist bullshit against whites. That’s ugly and ignorant and shows how messed up and ignorant you are. You piece of shit. That no different then Jordan’s racist ignorant comments.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Says the genius who has her Disqus page connected to her Facebook page.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Coming from the dumbass named Sarah Elisbeth . There are levels to “dumbass” and you are on the top one. Weren’t you taught when you come online under the “guise” of anonymity you shouldn’t A) talk smack & B) don’t link your Facebook page in with your Disqus page. See I tried that and it didn’t work, had racist from all over the country attacking my friends and I couldn’t have that. Word from the wise to a dumbass.

          • Ronnie Armstead

            No just for be n crossover and his greed

          • TJ Leon


          • Magnificient

            I am not a sneaker person. I applaud you Arthur for taking a stand

          • truth teller

            He and Charles Barkley were friends so what attitude are you referring to??

          • tj

            once again not jordans fault bitches kill each other over shoes open your eyes stop being a fuel to this fire of idiocy

          • bourne

            total agree ,black people need to wake up and bet who bet on them

          • Julia Marcmans’Auntie Wigfall-

            White ppl too,who shoots up schools full of white students? White boys,so white ppl need to wake up too and what!!!

          • cctee

            Everybody needs to wake up and STOP judging people by the color of their skin. At the same time, people need to quit living off the gov. Because they are too lazy to better themselves. “The system” wasn’t invented to live off of…STOP wanting things handed to you and STOP raising your children to hate the police and someone who isnt “like you”

          • trever

            Some people can not get a job because of where they live a person would give some one in the a upperclass nneighborhood a job before a person in the hood. And the polive bring hate upon themselves. Look at what’ . Going people need to change their own actions befor . The CriCriticize. Some one else

          • barrystjohn

            Tell that to all the Po trailer trash rednecks and hillbillies you know too that’s ” Living’ off the government laying around smoking Meth all day ,watching child porn ,molesting children stealing out of Walmart to support their Meth and Heroin habits because their sorry asses too lazy to work and wait for a government hand out !

          • Amber

            U are such an idiot! Also tell all those rioters who have all the time to steal for a “good cause” from hard working ppl to spend just as much time getting a job as they do rioting in the memory of a thug! Not all white ppl are the things to which u said but I bet if I said all black ppl are “thugs” I’d be racist but u wouldn’t ? Shut up please and have many seats, and according to everyone “blacks are the minority” so if they had a lower number of ppl on welfare that would only make sense u idiot because there are less of them.

          • Brittany Bullard

            Fyi statics show for a fact more white people are on welfare then blacks.”And memory of a thug”.Did you know that young man to call him a thug?

          • Neveramazedanymore .

            Actually as of July of this year that is no longer the case. And when you consider that America is 17% black and 72% white and 39% of welfare receiopients are black and 38% are white..well you do the math, if you can. Personally I dont care what race is getting wha, I just wanted you to sound educated next time you spout statistics.

          • Joseph Moore

            There are 190 million whites to 40 mil blacks so yes there are going to be more whites on welfare

          • INKY

            I understand their are more whites but if you listen to the media Fox News an other conservative outlets make it seems others races beside whites are eating up Social Services. Truth is Caucasians rank 1st in receiving food stamps, housing, along with receiving SSI an Meidicare. Case closed

          • Joseph Moore

            Quantity yes as a percentage of the population no. Other races have more of a percentage of their population on welfare then whites.

            Actually it was created by whites to destroy black families because the powers at be saw the black race getting stronger and also buy votes. Lynden B Johnson a Liberal democrat was author of it and he created it to reward broken homes which is one of the main foundation problems that is destroying this nation.

            And when he signed he he said “I will have ever ni#=er voting democrat for the next 200 years”
            look it up

          • thomase

            Welfare is the alternative to communism. There are not enough jobs to go around. If everyone jumped out tomorrow and wanted to work, there are not enough jobs, even at mcdonalds, which forces their workers to depend on welfare.

          • C.J.

            WOW! I didn’t realize u had so much education & u knew it all. I betcha one of those people that’s an attorney, optomitrist, engineer, etc & a ROCKET SCIENTIST right?

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Society makes it seem as if white people are the end all be all. I am surpised there is no law forcing non whites to bow down to white folks. Oh wait there was one, it was called slavery, segregation, Jim Crow Laws and the Willie Lynch Letter.

          • mikep

            If we didn’t know for a fact that niggers couldn’t read, I would be appaled by how much this simple fact is glossed over in any argument about welfare. The fact is, Niggers are 300-400% more likely to live off welfare than any other race. Just like they commit 700% more violent crime in relation. It’s basic stats

          • Joseph Moore

            go home your drunk and pray that God gives you a brain. We are all part of the human race and are all made in God’s image, just different colors because God likes variety

          • INKY

            White are the minority in America receiving government services. When you turn on the TV the media often make it seems minorities burdening the system. My daughter works as a social worker from her statement to me Caucasians are the majority who receiving Social Services from welfare to housing in America. 1st in Welfare, SSI, also receiving disability.. Amber lets get the story straight.

          • FollowMe@Jesus1975

            There are more blacks that are jobless than whites!! I work for the government so that’s a fact!! There are more Hispanics on welfare and more blacks that live off of section 8. Black people stay on welfare longer than white people and most white people use it as a last resort and only as needed. White people smoke meth, ok so what. White people use their food stamps for food blacks sell theirs to buy crack!! Before you fix your mouth to respond to me, Im not white. Dont get it twisted. That’s just my way of saying we all have issues, nobody is better or worse than the next man and Jesus saves your soul NOT YOUR SKIN!!!! If my comment sounds ignorant to any of yall GOOD……the feeling is mutual……we all sound stupid. People killing other people over shoes is the stupidest thing ever in a day where counterfeit shoes is lurking at every fleamarket, website, Chinese hair supply stores and Indian owned gas stations………someone’s life is worth Taking over shoes that might not even be real???? Really??!!!! It’s worth causing someone’s family heartache and pain for you to wear some shoes that you will probably only get to wear a few times before your caught and spend the rest of your life in prison?????? We as a black community get all bent out of shape over comments like Michael Jordan said but yet you’ll still buy his shoes and stand in line for them!! This why other races do not respect us and take us seriously. We have white friends who we let call us the N word because they are so cool and down but yet we ready to destroy a city when a coach or public figure says it all hell breaks loose and world war 3 is on the horizon. Until we respect ourselves and practice what we preach don’t expect anyone else to!!!!

          • thomasbone63

            I would not buy anything he.endorses, would not support his basketball team or gp to his restaurants.

          • Poc Fleur’duMale Booker

            You say all these facts the say JESUS saves souls smh where did you fact check that at oh the same book that the kkk uses to prove we should be inslaved and remain that way burn that Jesus book then we can talk!!! Jesus tho….I’m sleep

          • FollowMe@Jesus1975

            From yo mama!!

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Jesus would say that?

          • FollowMe@Jesus1975

            Who or what YOU believe in or nah has NOTHING to do with me. Just like you have the right to follow, worship, praise and pray, SO DO I……If ANYTHING is gonna get burned it won’t be the Bible, IT’LL your AZZ IN HELL MR. POSTMAN……
            Jesus tho,
            YES JESUS THOUGH!!!!

          • thomase

            There are more white people on welfare. Why? Because there are more white people in USA. There are more white people working. Why? Because black people are fewer in numbers. When it comes down to it, it is all about how your mom and dad raised you. Whether you are a worker or a lazy bum, they come in all colors.

          • Jamaal Jordan

            You are dead wrong. The statistics show that there is a greater number of whitse on welfare than black brah.

          • The Blogging Queen

            They know that and we know that but good luck getting them to admit that. I can’t fix crazy, but like you I can dam sure shed some light in their dark corners of hillbilly central.

          • Amber

            But is it wrong to say u came from nigger central?! U sound so ignorant, u ASSume people are hillbillies because they are white and that doesn’t make u racist but let me call u a “nigga” or a “thug” and let u tell it I’ll be considered “racist”.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            You’re really ignorant to be a white girl dating a black man. Does he know you talk like that Amber?

          • Amber

            “Brah” because blacks are the minority u idiot! But there are also more white people in the work force.

          • mc

            It’s whites not whitse. Maybe you should have paid attention to your English teacher.

          • mikep

            considering there are 280million whites and 30 million blacks what the fuck exactly is your point? Or did you skip statistics 101 taking it in a the ass from a big black cock?

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            We can respect ourselves, stop saying the N word, pull our pants up and get off the welfare rolls and you will still have some that stereotype you. No other race respects us because the system is set up that way. I am a professional woman, drive a nice car and reside in a very nice neighborhood, that didn’t stop a piece of poor white trash from calling me a welfare recipient, multiple baby having uneducated machine, when I wouldn’t let her intimidate two workers at a fast food place. I know everyone in the place thought I was going to go angry black woman on her however I maintained my composure and she still kept ranting. By that time the employees had the manager on the phone and told the loud mouth trash to leave his store, she wouldn’t and continued to call me every racial epithet and stereotype she could find. When I got fed up I turned to her and told her she was mad because I wasn’t all she thought black women to be and she wish she could be me, at that point she raised her cane and approached me as if she was going to hit me. When the police arrived she immediately turned into the victim and said I hurled racist remarks and innuendo at HER. Thanks to a store full of customers of all races & sizes the police issued her a citation for threats. So you see that BS you are spewing is just that BS. You can respect yourself and do everything to present yourself in a good light and mofo’s will still spit on you and view you as nothing but sub human garbage.

          • Jay

            U r jus at racist piece of shit, my wife agrees n she’s black .Fuck u trick

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            We have idiots among the black race, your wife is proof of that. You wish you could f**k me, don’t like white meat Bubba.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Oh and you say God has your heart, and yet the Devil has your tongue. I REALLY find it hard to believe you are a black woman. I call BS

          • Theresa

            And I approve this message. PREACH!!!!

          • QueenAriana Monique Lockhart


          • Amber

            If that’s true it is because they ARE THE MINORITY u jack ass that is what I said. Please use your brain, and READ what I said before u ASSume. There are also more white ppl in the work force then black ppl too but, where did u get your facts from?

          • C.J.

            A black person will say anything to uplift their race. “GET REAL!”

          • The Blogging Queen

            No, YOU get real.

          • C.J.

            I’m more real than all those crappers. They have as much drama as u women do. Michael Jordan doesn’t give a rat’s ### about his own people. U never hear him giving back 2 the community. All he gives a damp about is putting another dollar n his bank account & u people are 2 stupid 2 c it.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            That’s why his “own people” don’t give a rats ass about him. We gave white folks OJ, Tiger and now you can have Michael. And while you’re at it, take that pissy tail Miley & Bieber with you.

          • C.J.

            Without caucasian’s O.J, Tiger & Michael wouldn’t b nothing. It wasn’t black folks that gave them fat contracts.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Without caucasians this world probably would have turned out better thus eliminating the need for OJ, Tiger and Michael. Oh and for the record, Michael was first contracted with Mowtown who was owned by a black man.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            And white person will lie to perserve theirs.

          • C.J.


          • C.J.

            Black boys & Black girls r both the same…MESSY!

          • Jay

            U a racist too

          • C.J.

            Damn skippy! Black boys keep drama going. None of them r real as they call it.

          • C.J.

            I haven’t “NEVER ” met one single black person n my life that was straight up. Their all liars, cheats, thieves & con men. I’ll “NEVER” trust any of them regardless what any of them say.

          • C.J.


          • Amber

            Lol u didn’t bother to read my comment did u? Why respond to something u CLEARLY did NOT read

          • Jay

            What’s all that matter anyway , who cares what race has more on welfare

          • Vonnie

            Over 70% US population is white…only about 18% is black. Whites may be overall majority, but if you looked at each population by itself, I wonder which group has a larger percentage getting government support?

          • barrystjohn

            Amber you are such a C-UNT Try giving that advice to rednecks and hillbillies in your family and Trailer Community I’m sure the need your advice desperately ! Don’t bother with a reply I’m done talking Trailer Trash with you i won’t respond ! Byeeeee

          • Joseph Moore

            Combating racism with racism equals nothing and gets nothing accomplished. Besides calling someone a redneck is a compliment considering that people got red necks from working hard in the fields.
            (PS Black rednecks exist too. Don’t believe me then come visit hastings FL)

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            It may not equal anything but is damn sure feels good.

          • Doug Thomsen

            ur still black at the end of the day so suck it up tuna

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Well duh Bubba! What is your point?

          • Amber

            Lol u ASSume white ppl are hillbillies but if I assumed u were a “thug” or told u to go back to your “ghetto nigger neighborhood” I would be racist lol…. wow way to get your point across.

          • Mujre

            If you use the n word it does make you racist.

          • Kel

            *No actually your the idiot, your people riot, loot and steal when their favorite football/baseball team loses a game. But we are not supposed to take a stance behind the loss of an innocent life . Also protesting and rioting are 2 different things .The nerve of this bish

          • Darrin Numbanine

            Thank u kel for saying that because i was really getting pissed by the shit she was just saying like really. How bout you go take several seats back and do your history search thot. Smfh she forgot about the white chick who was scamming the welfare,ppublic housing and ssi and the dumb bitch owned a house in the suburbs and drove a fucking bmw plus the bitch was
            Getting like damn 1200$ in foodstamp. Like gtfoh

          • Joseph Moore

            Good day.

            Not all whites are that stupid, please don’t let the voices of the stupid over rule the majority of white folk who have common sense

          • anthony

            Their ignorent blacks and ignorent whites.get use to it. Because ignorents is going kno where. Their a crazy person in every race. And micheal jordan is a dbag.got these poor children making his shoes.you can atleast give them $5 a hr your shoes make millions

          • C.J.

            Another dumb ###!

          • Jay

            Not all whites are that way jus like not all blacks r crack dealers. Stop the fuckin racist shit. Somebody gon Fuck u up someday with that attitude

          • Junior240476

            How is looting, stealing and hurting people taking a stand?

          • grwnazzman

            Because the only things whites are concern about is that green (money)…who was hurt….and tell me what is the right way to make a stand

          • shannon

            It’s crazy how we concerned with another person’s opinions , I’ve never bought Jordans in my entire life but just plainly because I don’t fancy them. But to hear if someone actually doesn’t like a certain race and specifically making it known that they really only made it for one race … then how are we mad he made that statement? It’s his opinion that he made and if that’s how he feels than so be it. I can’t hurt inside cause people don’t like African americans. If everyone would take time out and do a history family tree search on their personal family they would honestly see the truth. That unfortunately, whether you like it or not everyone is related. Sorry to bust the bubble!!! It’s life and we should just learn to live day by day and appreciate things that we all have. I’m not saying that we have to communicate and get along because I know that’s not possible with some strong feelings. But why still fight or argue over something that no one is willing to change!
            I am an African american, Indian, white, jamican, spanish, irish, german, and Japanese! I don’t hate or dislike anyone because of race , how can I when I’m part of so many? Exactly. Well I bid you all a good day and hope that Yale can find some peace in all this and further situations!!!!

          • Neveramazedanymore .

            only white people are concerned about the green? The people of Ferguson were sure worried about a new TV. The right way to make a stand is to protest civily. Do you really think the people of ferguson made thier point or made them look like they were out for product?

          • Joseph Moore

            Not all and I have met many black folk who are a slave to mammon too.

            The love of money is the root of all evil and no race is exempt for it

          • Harry Mena

            burning businesses (white & black owned) is wrong and a very sad & ugly way to make a point. The time for protest day in day out was before the murders of of young black men – the time to vote for new council members who represent the people was before the rioting (not protesting). The time for protesting for new schools and for a new police department is now. The time to help your neighbor is now!

          • zach

            pretty sure those rappers are flossin around there green bro

          • mikep

            Yeah last I checked in our constitution (I’m white so books don’t make me burst into flames when I touch them) it says we have the right to peaceful assembly and protest. Rioting and looting should be greeted with a hail of bullets. The best thing this country ever did was put a shitton of Democrats in a land depression, build shit dikes, then wait for a Katrina. It showed us as a country EXACTLY how these animals react when there is no chain holding them back.

          • Junior240476

            Those books you read have not improved your intelligence one iota. I hope you eventually grow up. Have a good day.

          • mikep

            Excise me? I don’t see you putting anything intelligent into this conversation so where exactly do you think you get off saying that? Try reading the first ten articles of our constitution. It’s obvious that the lack of reading on your part has severely hindered your intelligence. The only thing I can give you credit for is iota: which is exactly how few Fucks I give over a race that murders over shoes.

          • Junior240476


          • Amber

            I NEVER SAID ONE RACE WAS STUPID FOR RIOTING BUT AGAIN U PEOPLE SEEM TO NOT BE ABLE TO READ! Anywho ANYONE who riots in an unpeaceful way is ignorant no matter what color u are. So u are arguing with yourself on that one! Ppl burning couches are STUPID…. Ppl rioting a thug is STUPID…. lol the nerve of u “bish” …. U could have SIMPLY read before u commented. And yes there is a differece between the two… Rioting is burning stealing , acting like 2 year olds to get your way. I can atleast respect a protester no matter what color evaluate they are being peaceful about it.

          • mikep

            If by innocent you are talking about Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown, I think you need to reinvestigate the meaning of the word innocent. A gangbanger who happened to be in that neighborhood due to a suspension from school for violence, and a repeat offender who charged the police. Sure seem like paragons of excellence so you can go around destroying black businesses and looting them. I can’t even remember the last time there was a “riot” in the US over a sports game. Go back to Brazil lol.

          • Tabiaus Russell

            You got to be one of the stupidest bxtches i have ever read a comment from Amber.. White mfs are the minority… U dont know shit.. And if u said all black people was thugs, then bxtch, u must need someone to show u what a thug is. U would be scared as hell. So for one, keep ur mouth close about all blacks being thugs. Cause u dont know what the hell u saying. Them comments will get ur took care of..?

          • Amber

            Lol whoa there we got a bad ass. Lol u clearly did NOT read my comment! Lol man first it was blacks that where the minority now u say it is the white whoa are minority… Make up your mind. lol i am not scared of some key board thug so go on with your bad ass..”took care of” whatever u feel

          • Tabiaus Russell

            Yea, u saying that, cause u aint in my presence.. And im not a keyboard thug bxtch. Im very well educated with a great job. But if u was in my presence, i would show a thug…

          • Doug Thomsen

            get a rope boy

          • Sarah Elisabeth Myers

            She didn’t call black peoples thugs

          • grwnazzman

            First of all tell me who was a thug…did you know him…define a thug to me…maybe the police officer was the thug…seem like the true hurts you….also define idiot….wouldn’t have to riot if the system wasn’t corrupt…it don’t matter how many blacks/whites are on welfare so don’t forget its whites on it as well…so what is the difference between black and white besides skin color….we are all the same….we have good blacks and bad blacks just like there are good whites and bad whites so just blame blacks for everything …let me stop entertaining you and get back to my level….because you made me get to your level….like they saying, “if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say nothing”…..remember that Amber and sorry for stooping down to your level

          • Joseph Moore

            I know many white thugs. Thug is a state of mind not a color label

          • Poc Fleur’duMale Booker

            No you wouldn’t be a racist because you already are one…

          • reepa7

            So he is an idiot, and you respond in kind? Nice job Amber.

          • The Blogging Queen

            Rioters? Are you serious? Why is it when white people start tearing up shit because of their “denied” rights and whatnot, it’s called “an uprising” but when black people do it, it’s called “rioting.” Case in point… During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a white family was seen going into a store and taking food. The media presented as, “Citizens trying to survive during this terrible ordeal.” That SAME story showed a picture of a black person doing the EXACT SAME THING but said, “It is such a terrible thing thugs would loot a grocery store.” Really? What YOU need to do is stop allowing the media to shove garbage down your throat so you can stop all this emotional vomit which doesn’t amount to a hill of dry beans. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND DO YOUR OWN GD HOMEWORK. Your ignorance is positively staggering and I’m almost embarassed for you.

          • Amber

            First of all I was referring to someone else’s comment! I never ONCE said one race was wrong for rioting… ANY COLOR who acts like animals to get their point across are idiots and are not “protestors”. And u are comparing apples to oranges here. Someone who was in the aftermath of a hurricane compared to someone who is stealing and burning black and white owned business in the memeory of mike brown are 2 completely different things! The funny part is if u could simply read a comment before u comment garbage, u would not look like such an ASS. But I guess that is too much for u.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Every ethnicity had rioters involved so who are YOU talking about?

          • Amber

            Lol did I ever once say black ppl only rioted !? no! Any race who acts like2 year olds to get their point across are rioters!so please read then comment. Thanks

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Kinda hard when your grammar sucks AND you use racist rhetoric. Thank YOU.

          • Amber

            U have no life bitch lol what are u like 40 years old, sitting on a computer thinking ur opinion makes a difference…lol that’s cute, I just see that u respond every once in a while when I log into my email…

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Ahhh typical response from someone who lacks enough intelligence to carry on a conversation. I guess you exhausted all logical thoughts and resorted to calling names and getting mad. Wooo you’re scaring me stop. Your man wasn’t calling me bitch when he ate my asshole out last night c*nt.

          • Amber

            Girl my bf would never ever for the love of God touch yo weave headed dry barely there hair…lol only in ur wildest of dreams

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            You sound jealous you pasty white bitch.

          • Amber

            Pasty but still look better then u lol, I bet your make believ husband (because we know your to bitter to be in a relationship) would leave u for me and jump on the snow bunny band wagon if he seen me… My hairs all natural baby

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Bitch you couldn’t look better than me on my worst days. If me talking shit to a nothing ass racist white bitch implies I am bitter then bitch, I’ll be that. That’s you stupid white bitch problems, you believe just because one lower than dirt thug ass ninja likes you, all black men will like you. No bitch, they will fuck you and leave your trashy ass in a heap. You are good for nothing but collect calls and commissary bitch.

          • Amber

            Lololol girl NEVER EVER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Would my bf ever touch a weave wearin barely there hair headed ass bitch like u Bwahahahahahhahahahahahaha

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Bitch I have all my hair. Never ever for the love of God would a black woman want him after rolling around in the bed with a white cunt. He is one that we are glad you pathetic white girls have taken off our hands. Have several seats Becky and do what you do best: suck a black dick.

          • Amber

            Lol looks like your white grandmother must have been a cum dumpster her self

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Nah my white grandmother fucked black men and would never let something degrading come out her mouth about her husband and children. YOU on the other hand are the mother of black babies by a black man and you are holding disparaging thoughts about them as evidenced in your racist comments.

          • Amber

            Girl what comment lol !!!?? What’s racist!!? That I disagreed with u lol

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Bitch you are so full of racism you don’t realize that the stupid shit you say is racist. You fuck a black man, have his babies and still harbour hate towards black people. Don’t worry bitch, EVERYTHING you say on this blog is being reposted in another one and we will let the public decide if you are racist or not.

          • Amber

            Lol so what if I suck MY MANS dick lol ATLEAST I can keep him around and ain’t bitter… Lol a lot of black men don’t date black women because they say they have bad attitudes, are bitter, have bad hair, all of which the categories u fit so maybe they are right. lol

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Is that all you racist white bitches can come up with, calling black women bitter? While you have to scrape the bottom of the ethnic pool to find a man that a “bitter and angry” black woman threw away. Bitch you ain’t shit but a pasty white bitch getting used by a ninja that would leave your ass in a heart beat of something better and BLACK came along. Oh wait, don’t nobody want your mess of a man but you lowlife bitch.

          • Mujre

            Honestly that isn’t true. There may be a number of black me who don’t like black women but there are alot of Black men interested in Black women. However more and more non-black men are dating black women. . My hair is natural. I don’t have any implants, botox, weave, etc. I graduated from college with my Bachelors. I do not have multiple children. Although I do have a temper I rarely curse. I am not bitter and came from a two parent household. Although I do find black men to be attractive. I prefer Latinos/asian/white. Its a preference. When I see black men with white women and they look happy I smile at them because it is beautiful. The same for my Coco women. Hate can not fight hate.

          • Amber

            Pathetic ? lol I’m proli livin better then u, one things for sure I aint bitter

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Yes pathetic. Don’t know how you’re living better than me bitch. 1) My man is free, never have been to jail. 2) I own my home and a time share in Vegas bitch, so if I am bitter, I’m a happy bitter bitch. 3) My tax dollars are currently supporting your man (and probably your children) so how in the fuck are you living better than me…in your dreams?

          • Amber

            Lol girl u are definitely not supporting me or my kids in any way. Girl stop lying u know ain’t no man ready to marry a bald headed, bitter woman. And stop lying about all this so called money , lol cus if u had it u wouldn’t be sittin here arguing with people on the Internet like a keyboard gangster lol…..and again lol I’m not mad at my man for being locked up, atleast it was for a good cause 🙂

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            That welfare check you get? Yeah bitch it’s tax payers money and comes out of my pocket. Your man can support you which means you support him too. WHen will you stupid white bitches learn that all black men aren’t good black men and regardless of WHY he is in jail, he is still nothing but a loser ninja out her making hard working black men look bad. Tell your thug ass boyfriend thanks for nothing bitch.

          • Amber

            Welfare? Lol because me having a job and providing for MYSELF makes me on welfare, gee u really are half way retarded…u know there are a ton of scholarships out there for ppl just because they are black….u should really take advantage of that because u truly are as dumb as a box of rocks….girl they got fried chicken n chittlings for bitter bitches like u….girl u would think u were suckin my mans dick as much as u speak on him lol….believe me honey, being tricked out is not a job that makes u pay taxes, so u didn’t even support him while he was in jail….and who are u tryna fool that u aren’t racist…yourself? Girl boo lol “white bitch” that lol there’s real black women out there then there are dumb bitches like u who think their shit don’t stink, think they are queens but in reality are just project hood rats wishing a white man or any man for that matter would come play captain save a hoe…lol again, u could never compete with me….between bad hair, no brains, a pussy for everyone that looks like dried up beef jerky curtains, a tricking job, a man that I could have if I wanted lol u lose. Girl u are one of those ghetto bitches who think her shit doesn’t stink, but in reality everyone know u are a loud ghetto obnoxious belligerent weave wearing( because u aren’t happy with what u truly look like) McDonald’s and tricking for a job whore who pretends like she is the ceo of something….girl u know u are a low life lol just quit.

          • Amber

            Lol again look at your ghetto ass hood rat mentality and realize that is why your own race won’t even look at u….who wants to be with a bitter ghetto bitch who wants to act like the man in the relationship because she believes she is the “black queen” girl stop u are really making me lolol over here….how old are u like 50 lol and u still haven’t found your life?

          • Amber

            He said your pussy proli looks like dried up beef jerky curtains lol so it would never happen

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Typical white racist cunt. Bitch stop counting my pussy miles like I borrowed yours and have to give it back. I don’t want your locked up man, bitch I don’t do collect calls and commissary I’ll let your dumb ass have that. You better how he’s not letting Bruno run balls deep up in his ass while he’s on lock down, but considering you are who he has to look forward too I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Don’t forget bitch, you are now a part of infamy on a web site that calls out racist idiots. Wonder how your black friends will take knowing how you REALLY feel about them. Black man’s whore.

          • Amber
          • Amber

            Girl u need a man in ur life because u obviously have way too much time on your hands lol and your so bitter! Typical bitter bitch…go watch diary of a mad black woman u might relate

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            I have a man in my life and he isn’t and have never been locked up in jail. I do have too much time on my hands, running a business free up a lot of time for me. Typical bitter wigger, you think dating a black man lets you join the club when all you are is a Just In. Just in case he can’t control a black woman he has a snow bunny he can control. I can’t relate to a white piece of trash, you are correct. You never answered Becky, does your black boyfriend who is in jail know you talk about other black people? I will be more than glad to copy and paste your comments and send them to him on Facebook, or better yet I’ll write him a letter. Now go do what you do best: suck black men’s dicks and then talk about them behind their backs when they nut in your face. I pray you don’t have any black babies because your words on these blogs will come back to haunt you big time. Now I know a cunt like you will respond because you have to have the last word. This is me letting you……

          • Amber

            Lol shit he knows all about what I say, how I feel again lol u ain’t makin no noise, better hurry up and write that letter lol he only got a couple more weeks

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Teach your children to have compassion and acceptance for people that are different from them. If you have black babies then everything you have said about black people on this blog will come back and bite you in your ass at the expense of your children. Poor babies have to be raised by some clueless twit. Poor babies.

          • Amber

            And btw lol again u and your escort business is not a real business

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            That’s a response I expected from a dumb ass white bitch. If I did have an escort business I would have sent you a application to your Facebook inbox bitch. You’re so trashy no one wants you but that ninja in prison bitch. How proud you are of your thug ass ninja. The thing is you know NOTHING about me, however I know all I need to know about you which means all this stupid shit you are saying is just that…stupid. You’re not a real woman because a real woman would not be online talking racist bullshit about black people ESPECIALLY when you are sucking one’s dick. You wish I was an escort so all this stupid ass shit you are saying would be valid. The one thing we both know about you? You’re a pasty ass white bitch that decides to be duplicious and talk about black people then turn around and fuck one.

          • Amber

            My conversation was not intelligent but look at what u responded with? Lol I guess it takes ignorance to know ignorance

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            And yet you talked all that dumb ass shit and still said nothing. Go sit down white trash I am sure a collect call in coming your way.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Does your black boyfriend in jail/prisonknow you talk about black people like that or nah? Dear dear Amber you should be smart enough to NOT link your Facebook page with your Disqus page, even on private the link to Facebook is not. Oh and your name and likeness have been added to a website that calls out racist who think they are anonymous when they really aren’t. Wave and say hi to Accountability!

          • Amber

            Lol ur so funny, he’s been locked up for fighting another guy that was beating up a girl….so why ur think u know it stop lol…also oooooo u scared me and put me in my place! Lol NOT! Girl take yo old ass on somewhere I didn’t say nothing on here that I aint said to my black friends or boyfriends lol half the time they agree with me…shit and u wonder why my boyfriend only likes white girls hahaha…

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Blah, blah, blah, blahI don’t give two rats ass why he’s locked up. You think someone wants your jail bird boyfriend bitch, really? You take your ran through white ass somewhere and sit down. Your boyfriend (and you said it right bitch, BOYfriend) had to settle for your pasty ass because no black woman would have him so his ass slithered to the ugliest white girl he could find and made you his. You are not a prize bitch so stop coming off like you are and your jail bird boyfriend DEFINITELY ain’t no prize because he’s in jail and is of no use to anyone but you. You look more like his hoe instead of his GIRLfriend. I see he took all your income tax money and took pictures of it. Tell his ghetto thug ass, ninja’s with real money don’t take pictures of it. Now sit your meth looking ass down somewhere bitch.

          • Amber

            Lol my income tax money

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            I knew you’d bring your bitch ass back trying to explain your situation to me. How can he make his own money locked up? Why would I be jealous of a pasty faced white bitch and her criminal boyfriend? I’m made because your bitch ass is on these board talking shit about black people and yet you suck black dick, how is that for a hypocrite? My husband would wipe his ass with you white bitches much less “lust” after you, we leave that for the weak ass bitch ass ninja’..like yours. Bitch you ain’t common law married so stop fooling yourself and (trying) to fool me. Move around you piece of poor white trash.

          • Amber

            Girl lol how’s the projects for u whore? U know u don’t own no home

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Haaaa you wish I didn’t own a home. I am done defending myself to someone who has proven to be a racist cunt sucking a black man’s dick and spitting out his black children. Stupid bitch.

          • TroyofHappiness

            Amber you sound very uneducated. The way you type and the choice of words you pick make you seem like you dropped out of school and work part time at a Popeyes. Grow up.

          • Amber

            Again pasty is better then burnt charcoal

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            You are racist and dumb. Bitch your children are black or did you forget? And for the record black man’s whore, I am the color of caramel probably the same shade of your bastard children.

          • Amber
          • Amber

            I Rollin on the floor over heRe in tears laughing

          • Amber
          • Amber

            U gunna put me in the corner lol…?? … whoop my butt? Take my toys from me???

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Stupid bitch not one hand has to be laid on you to ruin you. Remember the internet is public property so anything you post I can repost dumb bitch.

          • Amber

            Whoa there now I’m so scared lol…u showed me right by postin my “racist” ass sonewhere

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Don’t be scared bitch, be careful.

          • Amber

            Be careful of what lol? Bitch ain’t no one worried about u whore.

          • Amber

            U just an old dried up scally wag with no life, who thinks that her opinion and website are a big accomplishment lollololol

          • Amber

            Lol you could NEVER ruin me… Not even in your wildest of dreams, sorry honey don’t get a big head, you are that important to ruin my life

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Actually bitch, I can. I just realized I have bigger fish to fry and you’re not worth it. Your name is and information is listed on a public website for those wanting to know if they have closet racist in their midst. We also send to your family and friends the comments you have made online under the “guise” of anonymity.

          • Amber

            Lol ooooo. U put me in my place didn’t u

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Bitch the only fans you have are men wanting to know how much you cost per hour. Skanky ass hoe.

          • Amber

            Let me laugh one more Time cus u really think u made a difference

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            I don’t need validation from a racist cunt. I know what I have done for my community. If you weren’t so busy chasing a black man that NO black woman wants and thinking you won a prize you too could do the same thing for your community. Your children are black bitch, don’t forget that.

          • Amber

            Nope bitch never will u ever be that important lol

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Actually bitch, I am VERY important. Since you’re nothing but a low life whore you wouldn’t grasp that.

          • Jay

            I agree with u Amber we r racist if we say sumthin negative about blacks. but when they negative towards the whites their not considered racist. We r all people. No matter what color u r. I have a beautiful black woman that I’m proud to call my wife.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            Many blacks respond to racism with racism. Stop saying stupid racist rhetoric and you will find you won’t be met with racist rhetoric. Does your black wife know how you REALLY feel about her kind or nah?

          • DT Is Great

            Aren’t you people all adults? What the hell happened to your grammar? Damn…

          • bestnmebrown

            Say that shit !!!

          • Neveramazedanymore .

            Wow, you are quick to react. he said ALL people, not black people, but all you see is negative.

          • C.J.

            Your one of those dumb ass black boys waiting for the 1st for your hand out.

          • The Blogging Queen


          • jinxs

            The funny thing is welfare was made for poor white people who today are still the number one race who lives off of it. Maybe if people would raise wages people wouldn’t need to live off the system or work two or three jobs. Food isn’t not cheap and neither is rent.

          • grwnazzman

            Well said

          • Neveramazedanymore .

            Maybe you should doulbe check your numbers, you ar wrong. 39% of blacks get welfare, 38% of whites. When you consider that in America 74% is whites and 17% is black…….you do the math.

          • Michael StPeter

            I’m tired of you judgmental people my wife gets assistance she’s a full time college student gets straight A’s and B’s and works but see if these jobs paid more instead of minimum wage we wouldn’t need assistance just cause you or your family wasn’t poor doesn’t mean you can judge the less fortunate not everyone abuses the system the system traps people you get a nice car you can’t get help you if you go to college and take to many classes they won’t help you and you get evicted there are many way the system traps people if it wasn’t for less fortunate these fools won’t have jobs

          • grwnazzman

            You right on

          • Neveramazedanymore .

            So why dont you work? Letting your wife support you??

          • Reclaimer117

            I agree with you cctee. This article isnt about race because not only does Micheal Jordan do this but any successful business owner knows how to make money. He follows the statistics of his costumers and adapts to who is more likley to buy his product. Race has nothing to do with this. If you have to bring race into this, its because you have nothing else to say because you know your wrong and M.J. is right.

          • Jason Underwood

            I agree with you to an extent. But miss using the system is because there aren’t strong guide line’s that govern it.And when it comes to police no one has to raise their kids to hate them because some of them earn that them self’s and this coming from someone in law enforcement. Some are good and some are bad that’s people in general.

          • thicks16@baker

            I wish people would stop saying that living off of the government crap! I may be wrong but I think you are f referring to the black community.if so yes there were probably a lot of people that did sit home and collect welfare checks .However that was sooooooo two decades ago. The last time I looked which was a few minutes ago, everyone in my block which is in a poor part of Detroit, got up and went to a real tax paying job today. Please get your facts straight. Yes living off the government is a thing of the past.

          • thicks16@baker

            By the way my previous reply was to the comment from cctee.

          • Safiyah Hankins Rawls

            Where do u get your statistics from? How do u know people on government assistance are lazy? Just because u r that doesn’t mean everyone else is. U should only be speaking for your. U dont have a clue what other people are going through so how dare u judge.

          • The Blogging Queen

            Are you kidding me? First and foremost, the government needs to own up to the past of this country that is directly related to the symptoms of this disease of this country. For a lot of white Americans, that would be “concious dissonance.” Google it.

          • http://kansasexposed.org/2014/11/29/ku-journalism-major-shreds-case-against-mike-brown/ I’m Just Saying

            I hope you are sending this out to people of all ethnicities. The welfare roles are full of white people.

          • Jay

            Welfare seems to be a career these days

          • barrystjohn

            Tell it !

          • FollowMe@Jesus1975

            And us black people sit back and riot over white on black crime and ready to turn up Iin the streets but yet it’s ok Iif we kill one another the same way!!!! There is more black on black crime than anything else.

          • Doug Thomsen

            u need to quit blamin whitey for your problems

          • My Opinion Counts

            Um excuse me…… Black ppl are not the only ones wearing Jordans. I see alot of other minority children wearing them. Alot of the children live in the hood as well. Their parents are not rich…. But hood rich they want to look. I see them right at the welfare building getting help and they lil ones have on the newest Jordan’s. All ppl who can’t afford his shoes need to stop trying to catch up with the Jones and live by their own means.

          • Safiyah Hankins Rawls

            Why do u say black people? Do u know all black people?

          • Ella Tootie Brown

            Arthur that’s going a bit far…he is no where near Like Barkley… Barkley is half white and bitter about that….he hates being black…Jordan isn’t like that….he doesn’t like black thugs…like the ones who killed his dad…and ruining his favorite city Chicago… but he doesn’t dislike regular law abiding blacks! But I do believe michael Jordan is capable of this!

          • Josh turner

            One was white, the other was black. So race has no place in who killed his father. It was two fucked up individuals.

          • Willie J. King

            Those boys didn’t kill the man. They were fall guys. It was much bigger than just a robbery gone bad. Jordan knew it. You see, he never went to their trial. They had to show hi, who is boss.

          • jjackson

            Love People not Color… The fact that he said he made his shoes for suburban white is CRAZY. HE SHOULD HAVE SAID THAT HE MADE HIS SHOES FOR ANYONE WHO CAN AFFORD THEM. I am a middle class person but not a sneaker person so I don’t wear Jordan’s. There are all race of people who can afford them so stop singling out a race for things. I don’t discriminate against any race becuz i love them all. There are good and bad in every race, but we as a people must learn to focus on the positive in all and not the negative.

          • felicia

            I agree with what you said but as far as we must learn to focus on the positive in all and the not negative I don’t agree with that much. We have to address the negative to hopefully make things better. Way to much stuff that has been happening regarding race gets pushed under the rug because nobody wants to address that racism is very real and is getting worst actually.

          • Harrison Bergeron

            I would never wear them because they look ridiculous.

          • fan mail

            I agree Barkley and Jordan are both brain washed. they have forgotten where they came from.

          • Heart Of Steel

            So you shouldn’t buy anything because white people hate us and they own most of these companies you dumb nigga

          • TJ Leon

            Boo hoo. Not black people, ignorant ass people.

        • non-promoter

          They are OLD shoes that keep coming out over and over again, some people act like they’ve never had the shoes before and yeah people should boycott and not PURCHASE his shoes or any other Jordan brand…… #brainwashed

          • Theultimatelibra21

            Brilliant marketing strategy – they sold the original sneakers to us when he was playing. Now, 15-20+ years later they’re selling them to our kids(2nd generation). Somewhere down the line, they’ll be selling the same concept to our grandkids and so on and so on….

          • taylor1784

            And motherfuckers will still buy them

          • Neshamacc

            True! mf just so damn dumb….smh

          • dickhead4hundred44

            and pay 195$ for a shoe that looks good for 2 weeks, feels comfortable for about 1 week, and will do pretty much everything in it’s power to scare away any potential job opportunities for you. Leave the basketball shoes to the basketball players, and get yourself some leather dress shoes, I like Magnanni. The price of two pairs of J’s mi amigos.

          • fan mail

            I can buy 5 pairs of shoes for $195.

          • Ratman

            Can’t we just all get along. This is some funny statements, remarks. Getting all worked up over nothing.

          • EJW

            Yep so whack

          • Shawnna Williams

            I was just think the same .

          • tj

            explain why people shouldnt buy them? xboxs are the same thing playstations all the shit in the world has its roots and keeps coming out over and over just a little different every time to make people buy em. Bitch about things that matter like youth killing each other #you’redumb

          • EJW

            Iphone , tablets…….

          • eddie lasoups

            Video games evolve and the retro jordans do the same shit they did when they first came out. That’s a horrible comparison.

        • juang0421

          He doesn’t have to give shit back is not his fault, that most ppl idolatries him like if he was a god and pays for what he makes is business, marketing strategies morals are not taken into account in that world .

        • JustAFan

          His voice not GON make a difference people don’t wanna hear him talk they want his shoes so if he not talkn about giving them away they don’t want to hear it and we know that’s not going to happen so what is it that you want him to say? I’m curious

        • Tammy Peters-Smith

          He is not making people buy the shoes. The young people or the parents are purchasing the high price shoes for their children. You can not hold his accountable for the actions that people take to get the shoes. If people do not want to be a possible victim then I would suggest they stay at home. I have never purchased his shoes and I damn sure would not get inline for a pair of damn over priced shoes.

        • EJW

          We Are talking about shoes right? Compassion for people that choose to camp out fight and kill for shoes? Really? They aren’t camping out for a cause. Their there for SHOES!!! At the end of the day he cant stop these idiots, all races, from killing themselves over shoes. We are responsible for our own actions. Lets not look to blame others for the decisions we make. Why would he speak out and hurt his sales? Not a smart move on his part.

          • felicia

            It seems like the convo went from about his comment to everything else. At the end of the day he could have just said he make his shoes for whomever can afford them and been done with it. Next, should he be doing more by speaking up about issues in the black community, sure he should because he came from the inner city himself so he should use his voice to make a difference. I really get tired of our black men forgetting where they came from when they become successful. It is truly sad, but at the same time we as blacks need to stop feeling or thinking that they should and make a difference themselves within their community.

        • val

          Like that’s really going to do some good. First of all, we as blacks need to educate ourselves. I bet you won’t find a white person killing over jays, please believe that! Another thing black people have there priorities messed anyways. Mj sits back and laughs at you guys because you’re making him more wealthy.

          • bourne

            you said right

        • Bill

          Really? You are seriously going to blame Jordan because people kill other people for a pair of shoes instead of blaming the people doing the killing? What do you want him to do? Install a sensor that detects if the wearer has gunpowder residue on their hands and glues itself to the floor?

        • Rose

          People are ignorant. They see these celebrity doing wrong or promoting wrong and they still support it. Without the poor people it would not be them. Rich people are the cheapest.. They shop Goodwill and thirty store. Poor people buy rich product because they put on an image.Rich people are ungrateful.

        • Reclaimer117

          Its not his fault people give him their hard earned money. Its not his fault there’s a large demand and a limited supply. Yes it is his product that people are killing each other for but who cares? Obviously he doesn’t and knowing that people WILL still buy them. Nothing will ever change that.

        • Bryce Sevier

          but why would he say something when the more people that go to prison the more people there are to manufacture his products for $30 a month.. also clear he doesn’t care about blacks. he even told Chammillionair “I don’t take pictures with Niggers”

        • Anton Westbrook

          Its not his fault that’s these dumb ass youth id out here killing over his shoes or that some of these black kids wanna waste their last 200 dollars on his shoes. You can’t blame him for the violence thats been cause over a pair of shoes he’s not promoting kill a person if you can’t afford to buy my shoes.

        • STACK


        • FollowMe@Jesus1975

          It won’t work and it won’t stop!! How about telling the trigger happy idiots killing over the shoes TO GO GET A JOB…….He don’t have to take the responsibility of anything he had no part of. How bout we get back to teaching our kids morals and values and raising them to be positive instead of letting the streets raise them and being positive role models to our kids.

        • Miles Keenan

          Giving back to who? Did he pull a ghetto grant ? Do you really think that it should take him saying something to keep people from shooting each other over something as stupid as shoes

        • sara santiago

          Late af but idc he only owns like 10% of the actual Jordan brand so even if he wanted to he couldn’t do shit about it JS

        • Glam Ma

          I disagree if the parents are aware of what happens to their children over gym shoes than why send your kids out their in them. I know some parents who receive public assistance that buy there children new Jordan every time they comes out. That is their fault not Jordan if they choose to buy them he did not put a gun to their head and say hey go buy my shoes. Parents need to get there priorities straight. Jordan will have money rather we buy them or not.

        • Margo Wilkins

          Why, why WHY do black people waste hundreds of dollars on things that we can’t afford? Michael Jordan is not forcing anyone to buy his shoes. We black people have become a consumer group when used to be a producing group. SMH

      • Linda Griffin

        That’s why the black are in the condition their in cause we are separated divided… Until we honor our ancestor and all become compassionate we will be punish. No roots

      • Love White

        How is he not promoting his shoes There is a picture/image of him on every pair.

      • taylor1784

        Seems like his priorities are fucked up as well. I’m just saying… #BOYCOTT JORDAN’S

        • fan mail

          I agree and support your comment. MJ is brainwashed

      • Christi Johnson Winters

        Hell yes they are fucked up!

      • juju

        Yeah i didn’t no that bout jordan fuck Jordan from here on out kobe might be like his ass to he wnt to be so much like him

      • Kahlid Muhamad

        Are you serious? Well lemme answer for you….he needs to address it because he got rich off the back of the black community white suburban kids did not make Jordan famous it was poor blacks intercity youth who wore and made his shoe to be the number one. best thing is how he probably came from a poor black community himself it would only be right that he not be a handkerchief head and give back at the address what was going on because he has black children but an idiot like him and you would never understand that. your priorities don’t seem all in line either there jamal and by the way that hairlines a little push back why don’t you shave it off maybe then some sense will get into your head

      • Junior240476

        Well said.

      • My Opinion Counts

        He use to promote his shoes. He be in his basketball

      • FollowMe@Jesus1975


      • TEC GROW

        If i put your name on a product.you endorse it. Lining your pockets .. people saying things about the product + – ..you are going to have to adress it.

      • Mike T

        totally agree with you

    • Willie J. King

      True that. Boy, you are preaching now. He IS a selfish cocky ass bastard. That’s why THEY killed his dad, to show him who’s boss. When we tell you to throw a game, you do it.

      • tj

        Right except he won a lot. But, No he is not selfish. the fuckers killing eachother over shoes they are the selfish ones. why blame the man whose brand it is? thats like blaming ronald mcdonald for someone having a heart attack, when they ate 4 meals there a day

        • Willie J. King

          (Jordan) was/is the best ever. I get that. Primarily, it IS the stupid dumb ass people killing each other over a pair of $5 shoes. Hey, I bought a batch of Jordan sock valued at around $180 on a single purchase. Who does that dumb shit? Me! Then, there is the shorts, the t-shirts, etc. Of course, the shoes. Had to have it. People are getting killed over my brand. I’ll do something. A life should worth more than a dollar. (Jordan) never showed that he cared for anyone, but himself. Not even, Juanita. That lady had his kids, raised, and took care of them. What more could she do?

          • Bill

            What do you expect him to do? Tell them to please stop killing people for my shoes? You don’t really think that will work do you?

          • Willie J. King

            Probably not Bill, but why not try? You may ask, how do I know he hasn’t tried? I would say that I never heard of him speaking on it.

        • Willie J. King

          Oh yeah, I do like your McDonald’s comparison. So yeah, I get what you are saying, TJ.

        • jaz

          Exactly ppl r responsible for their own actions

        • Joseph Moore

          you are right, each person is acceptable for their own actions. ITs not Jordan’s fault that people are going crazy over his products. Love the mcdonald’s comparison

    • Jaie

      So very true I have never will never buy his shoes I honestly put him in the same ranking with Timberlands. And Tommy Hilfiger FUCK EM. WITH TWO DICKS ONE IN THE ASS AND ONE FOR THEIR MOUTH

    • Klesha Kay Jones

      I had no idea Jordan was this type of man, fuck that rich black son of a bitch I’ll never purchase shit with his logo on it ever again in life.

      • traggiccMoment

        Stop flexin u the main one who gonna be the first one in line at the mall buyin j’s

      • truth teller

        You do know this isn’t real right?? It was written to be as extreme as possible to gauge the reaction of people

    • Terrance Simmons

      I don’t buy my kids the shoes, I buy them stock in the company.

      • Joseph Moore

        smart man you are . BRAVO!!!

      • Shachor Sbc Melek

        Yes very smart. Get then js and a check (if they want the j’s)

    • Patricia Jackson

      I know that right girl friend!!!!!

    • truth teller

      You do know this is a satiracal piece right??

    • tj

      maybe he just makes shoes and whoever can buy them buys them like everything else in the world. If broke ass bitches cant buy em they shouldnt go to the store, then they end up killing someone stop blaming jordan when the youth are the ones being ignorant thugs. Just part of the fucking problem man thats all you are open your eyes

      • TroyofHappiness

        Exactly. Who kills someone for a pair of sneakers? I’ll tell you who. Lowlife animals who refuse to work and want to steal from an honest taxpayer to sell what they stole. The problem isn’t Jordan, Apple, or any company. It’s the people who think they are entitled to something they cannot afford. McDonalds is there for people who can’t afford Buffalo Wild Wings.

    • Elyetta Thompson

      I Agree!

    • PimpNutz

      No ones keeping MJ out of Wilmington, NC lol

    • Steve Spencer

      This story isn’t real smh.

    • Adia Lewis

      You realize that this is 100% false, right? And no one should have to make any statements on anything because we perceive them to be more important than other human beings, because of talent in sports, business or any other area. He does not need to publicise his community-building efforts. We are not entitled to any of that information.

    • Ella Tootie Brown

      Do we know that he really Really said this…Celebrity Dirty Laundry lies alot!! I will find out…I don’t wear Jordan’s… but my 14 yr old son does at least three times a year….so I want to know before I get another pair… just got the 13s and Columbia this weekend???

    • Chicquila Cox

      When people were shot and killed at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rising not only did Christian Bale go to funerals, memorials, and visit people in hospitals, but he was so distraught that he vowed to never do another Batman movie. There IS a degree of responsibility that comes along with this situation in particular; the shoes are HIS brand and carry his name. His family did not initially come from money, so for him to be as crude and carefree as he is, lacking even the most basic of compassion towards these children, shows his true LACK of character. Maybe if he lost over 75% of his sales he’d see things a bit differently.

    • destiny’slovechild

      Black people purchase his shoes because they want to. Jordan is doing nothing wrong by offering his shoes at the price that wants to and making them available to WHOEVER wants to buy them. What he’s doing is no different than Gucci, Versace, and the like. Why is no one complaining about them being overpriced? Rappers and the like rap about these designers as much as Jordans and many blacks want to wear them too, but if they can’t afford the real deal they don’t whine about it, they just buy a cheap knock off which I suggest you do if you feel Jordan’s are too much. There’s too many cheaper options out there to get mad about Jordan charging a premium for his name

      • Theultimatelibra21

        I said the same thing about why people feel the need to define themselves by the materialistic things they purchase based on the price they pay for them. I’ve had a pretty decent life wearing $5 different color tshirts and decent clothes and have had experienced great relationships with some pretty extraordinary women in my life and I NEVER needed Louis, Gucci or any luxury brand to do everything I did. Don’t get me wrong, I have some name brand clothes but nothing luxurious to assist in defining my character. I doing really well without them. Thanks but no thanks. I could be a multi millionaire tomorrow and still won’t buy that crap.

    • RT

      Who are his own people? That should be everyone. Doesn’t matter what race we are. Unbelievable. MJ23

    • DemotivationalSpeaker

      What is really funny is if you really think Michael Jordan said this stuff.!!!

    • Delyce22

      And blacks continually buy his sneakers. I see just about every week a new Jordan is released and most of the new releases are just remakes of older Jordan’s but released in a different color way then the original ones. I see young people today walking around with hundred dollar shoes on and just shake my head. Did I every buy Jordan sneakers. I sure did but one day I realized why am I spending all this money so now I get my sneakers from Payless.

    • Laylah Lauree

      I agree 100% BOYCOTT!

      • TroyofHappiness

        I am about to buy a pair now. $104.99 why because I like how they look and I can afford it. When a $750 iPhone comes out I don’t rob, boycott, or threaten anyone. I work my 9-5 job and save my money until I can afford it. People need to stop feeling entitled.

    • Alex Bougher

      I don’t know where y’all been staying, Errbody over here got money for J’s and I live in the most ghetto communities in the US and niggas still got 10 pairs fresh as fuck out the box. People without money chose to be lazy and not discover what there own Hustle is. Media has a way with words, I see new shoes everyday and I live in the Murder Cap.

    • FollowMe@Jesus1975

      I don’t know where you got that from, but its not true!! Why do you need support from him? Do you need his validation to validate you???? He isn’t the only black celebrity that thinks and speaks that way.

    • Wanda Silk Douglas

      Perfectly said!!!

    • BEYONG

      Isnt it interesting how my black child was bullied by black children because those children’s single mothers would sell themselves to keep their little black children in the shoes of a man who doesn’t give a crap about their little black kid and I preferred to keep a computer and food at my child’s disposal. Those same black kids who keep the newest Jordans steal and beg food from the neighbors and shoplift from the supermarket so often they have been banned from going inside. Very interesting.

    • rashinique

      Color is a state of ignorance to let the color of skin affect so mocha we all need to do better stop blaming each other and come together and fight

    • Miles Keenan

      Last time I checked bill Gates hasn’t given the white community a damn thing. What exactly does the black community need or want from this guy?

    • 1queen2

      I agreewith 100 spread the word on his ass what he gonna do take a bath in some bleach .what does the birth certificate says .with his ignorant ass .our people need to stop supporting his ass wake up people .

    • trueyou2

      I wouldn’t want to come back my old neighborhood either, because of the shit and ignorant responses he has to hear. You want him to be accountable for all of the black people’s problems, when he isn’t the one that caused them. Everyone should take accountability for their own lives and stop trying to make other black people of power of wealth your saviors! Save your own damn life!

    • contel

      Come on bro. You smarter than that. You know Jordan not foolish enough to blackball himself with the entire black race. Stop believing everything you read on the internet!

    • TJ Leon

      Wah wah wah! Quit ya bitchin. Maybe he considers “his own people” other millionaires or other people who work hard….not a bunch of lazy ass ghetto bums. Giving back is an option. I’m tired of people who don’t do shit for society complaining about those who do, not doing more. Get a life. Anyone who is of no income or lower income, doesn’t own a car or home, and pays over $200 for these shoes is a fool any way.

      • TroyofHappiness

        Preach brother. During the ALS Ice Bucket challenge I donated $145 and did the challenge and on twitter I had to worthless human beings saying “$145” isn’t enough. Meanwhile they never donated a dime. Everytime I hear people bitching about why someone isn’t giving back I reply “Have you given back?” And their responses are always “Why should I? I work hard for my money” so ignorant.

    • tasha

      Why should he have to support his people he worked his ass off to get to where he is at! This generation you have to earn a living you don’t get handouts! You support yourself in this world.

      • realista101


    • Alex Perez

      Fuck MJ racist bastard.. thats why the world is the way it is cause of evil people like him.. thats wat that is plain hatred same as Michael jackson and his hatred towards his own skin… so much so that it brought him 2 his grave..pumping all that shit 2 make his skin white why I just dont get it .. smh

    • Jerome Jasper

      you are so right Theulimatelibra21 it breaks my heart every time i see a black men pick up them shoes and but them because i know that he does not give a fuck about them

    • https://www.facebook.com/Edogz818 EDOGZ818

      Isn’t it looking out by selling his overpriced shoes to the Pilgrims instead?

    • realista101

      LOL how did this shit got off topic and became a race issue? Well just adding my 2 cents here. Listen up kids I’m Salvadoran (not Mexican) raised in Cali and the only reason why I love (and collect) Jordan retros is because they are part of my child hood. Growing up I had Black, White,Asian, and Hispanic friends and back in those days “We all wanted to be like Mike”.
      Yes I played ball and became good at it, call it nostalgic, or ghetto Jordan retros are a part my life. Both of my kids play ball and to be honest they could care less if Jordan was Black, White or Chinese. They see an Icon, a hero, a legend, the best to ever play the game of B-Ball. Do you think they care if MJ is a role model with his money and gives back to the community? I doubt. They are learning that if they want something they need to work hard at it and earn it. They are aware that no Millionaire (no matter what race) is gonna come to our town and give us shit for free.
      All you kids talking about black, white and all that hate please stop now. Go to school get an education, play hard, study hard and stay out of trouble. Do your own thing and stop worrying about the wealth of others. Shit, create your own label, a name for your self and enjoy life….peace.

    • TerriblyTerrific

      You said it very eloquently. You are correct as well.

  • LilSmoke Parks

    Smh daz y i fw charles Barkley

  • Akilah Howard

    I wouldnt buy his shoes to begin with if i had a million dollars to blow a day. They not that clean to me. People are buying the name. And blood diamonds…? Nigga u a nigga lol from the projects. Your sneakers aren’t the blood of Christ and they take lives over saving lives. Overrated is what those shoes are. STOP BUYING THOSE Dumb SHOES

  • hip hop queen

    I think he needs to re word his statement, I dnt see suburban white kids and his shoe’s, , I see a lot of ppl of color rocking Jordan,, supporting a black man,, I dnt knw how ture this statement is,, but it really makes you think

    • Jalonna Gipson

      Suburban white kids Don’t wear his shoe unless they got black friends that rock them….Mexicans and African-Americans wear his shoe….he needs to stop lying

  • SatireFan

    People. Chill. This article is satire (not real). Did yall even read it?

  • Dane

    You morons realize this is SATIRE, right?! Oh look, Oprah said: “fuck black people!” smdh. Y’all will believe ANYTHING!

  • Aaron Durham

    This story just sounds fake.

    • Jackson Strong

      bro, this is a spoof. lol this is comedy, not statements that he actually said. smh

      • Michael ‘Stalker’ Davis

        Just strictly business is why Sony was hacked all to hell. They wanted to protect their bottom line and for strictly business decided to not secure their systems and now look what happened. Strictly business is not how you run a business.

        • Aaron Patterson

          That’s dumb

          • Michael ‘Stalker’ Davis


          • DJ Big Jon

            Fuck Jordan

        • Jon Rivers


          I’m not seeing the connection between Sony being hacked and Nike pricing their shoes at fair marketing value.

          Does everyone want $40 Gucci bags too?

          • things that make u go hmmmmm


          • Michael ‘Stalker’ Davis

            I was not commenting on Nike pricing, I was commenting on the “strictly business” comment.

  • King Moe

    Are there any sources, confirming this statement? It sounds like a made up story and why would people that MJ is the one setting prices?? Don’t you think it’s Nike that are setting the prices higher with a purpose of earning more?? This story seems like bullshit and oh btw the Jordan air bird models, don’t exist cheh your facts people

    • Sentsuizan

      No he didn’t. Do you also believe they made Air Birds from old potato skins?

  • Sean

    This is such a fake story. I hope MJ sues whoever wrote this article. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  • Shawn Brooks

    Anyone that buys J’s after this is an Idiot!

    • Valencia Cheatham


    • Aaron Patterson

      Your an idiot if someone can’t afford something the thought of getting it shouldn’t even cross their mind and that’s Jordan fault get your mind t right

      • Wilma Scott

        Unfortunately you are the idiot and clearly miss the point. Equally unfortunate is that there r those in our community, like you, who are just stuck on stupid., explaining the residual effects of slavery mentality I n your DNA. EVERY BLACK MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD along with any progressive person of ANY HUE, should boycott this elitist.

        • Monie Les

          Oh my word. Is that the argument of every black person, slavery slavery slavery!?!? People need to stop making minute things such major problems.

          • Joseph Moore

            people need to also check history. the first slaves were white (research the history of the Irish)

        • Jon Rivers

          Supply and demand. If no one bought the shoes, they wouldn’t be so highly priced.

          But people DO buy the shoes. Is he supposed to drop the price?

          This whole shoe operation is a business. Not a charity. MJ doesn’t owe anyone anything, seeing as how his success came of his own volition.

        • dante hyndman

          jon is right. blacks need to stop looking for a handout. if MJ was like you, he wouldnt be wear he is. thats why he is WHERE he is and you are where you are. No disrespect. just making a point. Blacks, whites, asians, anyone made it to the top by stop asking for handouts and using their mind and what God blessed them with. im a black teen and im not mad at him. blacks should have more sense. black teens know that shoes like that are too expensive. even if you can afford them, youre better off getting them every once in a while and not everytime they release. that way, you will have some extra money to invest. Im 18 and black. i bought one pair of Jordans for the year and invested thousands of dollars. Blacks love to attack successful blacks because they wont help them out. this is BUSINESS. This isnt race issues. Not even white people do this! people in the community should know they cant afford a shoe, dont buy it! Is Louis Vuitton lowering the price of his products so italians or white can get them? no. so why should jordan do so?

          • dion

            nobody asking for a handout just dont forget wear you came from for him to make the statements he did was stupid they should do him just like they did sterling vote his ass out

        • Aaron Patterson

          What slavery got to do with a black dude making shoes that other black poor ppl can’t buy?

      • blizzo

        You sound stupid

      • Joseph Moore

        the one who calls the first name forfeits the argument

    • blizzo

      Y’all people gotta get ur minds rite me personally after Wat Jordan said I will never purchase his shoes again sticking with the force’s and ACGS.

    • tj

      no you are the idiot

    • jaz

      Your an idiot for believing this ctfu

    • Joseph Moore

      Each person is entitled to spend their money on whatever they want. You may not agree with them buying Jordan products, but they are entitled to think and speak for themselves.

    • disqus_t47KEhi4a4

      Anyone that doesn’t recognize the article is a joke is an idiot.

  • Sameoldnew


  • quecifer

    You people are stupid if you believe this story in fact for anyone who does believe it…i got a bridge for sale for the low low

  • Tanarockin89

    DAMM! I bet folks will still stand in line all night in the rain and risk phnemonia for a pair of J’s so sad

  • ChaunniB00

    I’ve never been interested in the hype about Jordan’s

    • Monie Les

      “And for two if YOU’RE smart… ” Don’t call people dumb and use incorrect English in the same very long run-on sentence.

      • ChaunniB00

        How about Monies Less or whoever you are. Kiss what I twist and I do not mean my wrist. Good day!
        @Monie Les

        • Monie Les

          Hahaha I love when you try to enlighten someone and they fight it with ignorance. It’s OK sweetheart stay stuck on stupid.

          • ChaunniB00

            Yes thank you at least I’m not stuck on Jordan’s ha!

          • Monie Les

            Oookkkk???? And…..

          • ChaunniB00

            Exactly! Ha!

      • ChaunniB00

        Girl bye, go lick pie! Ha!

  • Khailyn

    Jordan need his ass kicked for this! Love this site by the way I follow it daily:)

  • Tara Curtis

    What a great contributor to society! who the hell does he think has been his fans and supporters through all these years?!! The poor black kids. this is exactly why I’ve never gotten a pair of Jordans in my life

    • dante hyndman

      well white people are the ones who can afford to go to his games and white people are writing his checks. thats prob how he sees it

      • dante hyndman

        im an 18 year old black teen. i get jordans. not like how some of these others go out their way. ill get one to two pairs a year since but id rather invest. blacks need to get their priorities right instead of enjoying life at the bottom and asking every successful black who realized “life at the bottom isnt good” for a handout

        • Jaie

          Handout really is it too much to ask of a person I don’t give a hoot about race but if we as a people support you boost you up being a die hard fan buying your merchandise putting BIG money in your pocket for you to in turn be willing to put some of those same dollars back into the communities that got you were you are

          • tj

            his money he can do what he wants with it work hard and get your own shit

          • cozywon

            who got mike where he is? he did. his talent got him in the nba. his talent got him noticed by nike. who in what community got him anywhere? would he have been a worse basketball player had he not gotten a nike contract? probably not. nike capitalized on his talent and they both made big money. not sure what the problem is really.

            if i had a great idea or talent and i worked hard to get it to market and it took off and i made millions, how is it that i owe the customer anything? don’t like the product? don’t buy it. simple

        • Joseph Moore

          you sir are a very smart man. Bravo!!

      • Jaie

        Blacks made his punk ASS who he is if it weren’t for his own race making a big deal out of these Damn shoes no one would want them

        • tj

          HE made his ass who he is by being a legend at basketball

        • Joseph Moore

          Jordan is responsible for his own success. Other people didn’t make him a basketball legend. He had a god given gift to be one of the best basketball players of all time and he used it

      • Joseph Moore

        looking over the crowds i see people of all races and colors at the games. Poverty is a equal opportunity oppressor and it oppresses people of all races and nationalities. I work at a Mercedes dealership and i can tell you that most of the people that are buying these cars are black or indian(from india) and where i live some of the biggest players and market movers in my city are black.
        Now one thing i seam to not understand is why black folks turn on those in their own community that have risen out of poverty and have become successful because i know a lot of african american millionaires that are not NFL players or rap artists.

        • Neveramazedanymore .

          Finally some wisdom and no one can argue it so they all ignored it! Thanks for sharing

  • jeremy kingston

    Yall might jus b the dumbest people on tha internet….if yall believe this article is real


    I mean shit this guy owns prisons what yall expect from him?? Smh

    • ChaunniB00

      That is so true.

    • Debra

      Prisons? Really

      • things that make u go hmmmmm

        That’s what I said . I was like nahh forreal

  • TxHoodlum713

    Fake…..mfs hate to see a black man make money……build u up to tare u down….

    • TheFilmKid

      But watch people still buy his high priced ass shoes! Makes me sick!!

      • Aaron Patterson

        I got them retro boys that just came out and they smell like money

        • Dro91

          Stfu lame who cares you must be one of those spoiled ass kids who begs for their parents to get em everytime they drop. Sorry ass nigga

          • traggiccMoment

            Lol true shit

          • tj

            or its someone with a job broke ass nigga

        • Christy

          Your stupid ass hell young nigga. We see you’ll be a good field boy!!!! LOL!!!!

        • Cynthia Williams

          Yeh yo money…going in his pockets

          • jaz

            I’m sure you have namebrand things n ur closet or drawers or whatever. So what’s so different???

        • Linda Griffin

          Lol! And now you broke

        • Dya

          but they ain’t. Once you wear them the value decreases.

        • Joseph Moore

          good for you, cograts. but i will take that 200 and buy my stock options and you can have the shoes

          • TroyofHappiness

            Joseph what makes you think he can’t have both? I have stock in Google, Apple, and Delta and I still purchase Jordans, Nike, and New Balances. You need to understand people have different finances and spend it differently. You shouldn’t assume a person spending $200 on a pair of sneakers can’t also afford a $1000 vacation somewhere at the same time.

          • http://triple8Interactive.com HullioGQ

            Ooh..day trader?? Well, most of the kids in line for those new shoes are either students or kids working at minimum wage jobs but feel they need the prestige that comes with wearing the latest Jordans. It sickens me to see these young kids spending money they could easily invest for their future to buy a $10 shoe for $200..!

          • Brent Bach

            $200 shoes and they don’t know how to tie them, or the fact that wearing socks keeps them from smelling like Hillary’s vag after one wearing.

          • MJGabe

            @Joseph Moore – PREACH!!!!!

        • cozywon

          its funny how all of the replies to aaron are calling him broke and dumb and young (except tj). how do you know aaron isn’t 24 years old with a degree in computer science and freelances by building websites or web apps for people? i believe this is what the saying “crabs in a barrel” means. instead of assuming that the kid can afford his own kicks, you assume that he is a spoiled kid, or a good field boy, or that because his money is going into the pockets of a large corporation that he’s stupid (what do you spend your money on? do you make your own clothes/shoes? grow your own food? just saying), and saying that he’s broke. just because you choose not to purchase a said product doesn’t meant that you are almighty. i swear the internet is for people that need to feel self righteous.

        • MJGabe

          Cool….that was about the same time my 401(k) increased. I see the money.

        • Marty Frazier


    • tj

      its not his fault fucking retards kill each other over the shoes

    • jaz

      You sound ignorant, your acting as if he specifically put them n the ghetto. Their his shoes his price n their n EVERY shoe store n just n the ghetto. Jordan makes affordable shoes but No one talks about that huh.

    • mikep

      Maybe the kids in the ghetto should be more focused on getting a car or housing that my taxes don’t pay for. Yet they have 20000 worth of shoes

    • disqus_M2OtKNOg3E

      the sad part is those shoes cost only 16 in china and 200 -300 in america

  • Maranatha

    Says Michael Jordan, per Celebtricity: “…That would be like opening a restaurant for people without stomachs.”

    Thus negating the fact that more than 99.1% of the people in the world have stomachs and the vast majority of them got them for free. It was like, a “package deal” for being born.

    I’m not saying that his whitesuburbankids shoes should be free, but that he makes a mighty nasty and prideful comparison to people who likely have to wear colostomy bags for the rest of their lives.

    • Dee Znutsinyomouth Twiz

      Buy him a damn book, for crying out loud.

      • MsRazzy