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Meryl Streep is Future’s Biological Mother, DNA Confirms


Meryl Streep is Future’s Biological Mother, DNA Confirms

DNA testing has revealed that Dirty Sprite rapper Future was adopted and his birth mother is famed actress Meryl Streep.

A lot of steps were put in place to hide the truth about Meryl sleeping with Futures father a Pimp named “STR8ROLL CASH” aka STR8 from New York City, hence the rappers real name Nayvadius Cash. One of STR8’s former prostitutes “HoneyLuv” gave us the truth about it all.

The story goes STR8 Cash was pimpin hard in New York and had a secret sex Romp in the city at the Mayfair Hotel and this resulted in Meryl being pregnant with baby future. She couldn’t resist his Pimp Game and it is said that when he spoke to her if felt like a thousand angels whispering in her ear all at once. She fell hard and fast for the Pimpin.

STR8ROLL’s ex Hoe Honeycutt tried to explain to us what it was really like to be with him and she explained “well you know how your hair grows on your head every single day but you don’t feel it? That’s what it’s like being with him before you know it your hair is down your back, and Meryl just could not resist the Pimpin.

At that time the world was not so accepting of black and white relations in Public so Meryl decided to break if off with Str8roll and go into hiding for nine months until baby future was born.

Meryl Streep gave him up for adoption and before she did she gave him a gold locket chain with an inscription on the back that said:

“You are the Future, I Will see you when the world is a better place”

When young Nayvadius Cash’s
adoptive parents gave him the chain at age 12 they told him where it came from and who his mother is, and that’s where he got the name Future from.

We reached out to Future to confirm this and he says:

“I mean why everybody think I did an album with Drake? Come on now Bi-Racials stick together we da Future, you do what u want when u poppin”

We spoke to Future’s ex Ciara and asked her did she know who his real mother is and she said:
“The rumors are definitely true, that’s why he can’t settle with a black woman, his momma is white and he’s searching for a snow bunny, so any woman of color all you will get from him is a baby and some good Dope D*ck, he’s saving that ring for a Becky not us that’s why I left”

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