Man Kills Girlfriend, Child Support Was Taking McDonald’s Check

Man Kills Girlfriend, Child Support Was Taking McDonald’s Check


Sacramento, California.—A man convicted of killing his former girlfriend because his child support payments for his 3 kids were garnishing his wages at McDonalds and he was only making $8.50 an hour. He was subsequently sentenced to life in prison.

Marcus Gafney, 21, was sentenced by Folks County Superior Court judge to four life terms in prison.

Gafney was convicted of first-degree murder with three special allegations—lying in wait, murder for financial gain and using a firearm—in the shooting death of Tamika Jones, 33.
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  • Roman Melnychuk

    No what he should have done — DESTROYED THE AGENCY WITH EVERYONE IN IT.. Trump needs to abolish this slavery — in Ukraine we don’t gave child fucking support.. piss on you jewnited stayes of Satan !!!

  • Chilly8

    This stuff is COMPUTERIZED. Instead of murdering her, he shoud have BROKEN IN to the court/government computer and CHANGED the amount he owed to ZERO, problem solved. He would not be a convicted murderer now. And if done right, his presence in their computer network would have never been discovered.

    Then just use a program like KillDisk to erase the evidence of what he did off the computer.

  • Laura Ann Denney

    This is what happens when you have kids with someone…
    He had 3 with this chick. He paid her $197.36 in child support. I would bet they took all of the child support out of that one check too. He probably could have gone to court to have it divided in between 2 checks. – A month’s income (2 checks) would have come to $717.68 after taxes were taken out. – $197.36 is 27.5% of his monthly income. Texas law states that a non-custodial parent pays 30% of their net resources for 3 children So he was actually getting off easy and was paying 2.5% less than what he should have been paying.

    But yeah, sorry dude, you have $161 left over after 50 hours of work (likely 2 weeks)… Maybe you should find another part time job. $200 a month doesn’t go very far for 3 kids. You fathered 3 kids, it is your responsibility to help support those 3 kids. I guarantee she spent more than your $200 and an additional $200 on those kids every month. Do your part and shut up.

    If you can’t live on the $520.32 that you have left over after paying child support at the end of the month, get a 2nd job.

    Unfortunately he’d rather rot in jail and leave his children without any parents at all then follow the law and accept responsibility for his actions.

    • Kory Johnson

      Yeah easy for women to say that shit when they are not paying that kind of money out. I have my son now, and his mother doesn’t want to pay me child support, but when she had our son, she wanted me to pay, stating the same shit you are stating in this post.

      • Laura Ann Denney

        I am sorry to hear that your child’s mother is a deadbeat… There is such a thing as deadbeat mothers too… She should have to pay child support and if you went to court they would order her go,to so and after so many months of not paying it they would charge her with a felony and throw her in jail.

        I have been a single mother in the past. I assure you I spent every dime of my income on caring for and housing my children. They got clothes twice a year (before school and when the weather changed)… I didn’t bit anything new for myself, ever. In fact, at one point, I made sure they got 3 meals a day even when I could only afford one for myself. We didn’t have cable, we didn’t have internet. I had college classes and went to the public city library to do my homework. – non-custodial parents like to complain about giving 10, 20 or 30% of their income to support a child (most of them rarely see) and yet the custodial parent spends 90-100% of their income on their child.

        At one point in my life, right after my divorce, my kids loved with their dad while I finished some very intensive studies. I lived with 3 roommates and spent no more than $100 a month in food and I cooked and cleaned for my roommates for a free room. I afforded a cell phone, $100 a month in food, my vehicle payment, gas and insurance… It came out to about $600 a month. I still paid $300 a month in child support. I struggled, yes. It sucked, yes. But I made my children and they were my first priority above anything else. Once I finished that program and moved on to the next they came back to live with me and then I was the one getting child support and we still struggled but we managed until I completed my degree.

        Point is, if you have kids, you are responsible for caring for them… Period. THe non-custodial parent spends a fraction of their income on supporting the kids while the custodial parent, if low income, spends their entire income on them.

        • Dr Slaughter

          I ain’t responsible enough for kids. Therefore I made sure I have none. Point is I know I make an awful parent. Too selfish sadly. But if one is willing to take a life in cold blood, he deserves one response. Put two in his head.

        • Cloakedfury

          Id love to just beat you within an inch of your pathetic life. Spewing your garbage rants.

    • Bob Truths

      I want everyone to notice how this woman thinks. In a country where women are rewarded with free food and shelter for poor choices in making children this woman thinks a man should suck it up and get a second job because it’s become illegal for him to be poor since he had kids per the law.

      How about she deal with her decision to make children. You have the only post conception options. you can take a plan B pill, get an abortion or give the kid up for adoption no questions asked. Meanwhile a man can’t do shit but have a dumb ass woman like you tell him to get a second job because now it’s illegal for him to be poor and you will praise single mothers who are not choosing mates wisely to begin with because if she was she wouldn’t be single. Your womb, your post conception options, YOUR PROBLEM.

      if we went back to this method of thinking I bet after women see other women out here fucked up in life because they were just making babies with anyone instead of selecting a mate and riding it out with them this shit would stop. Women only do this because they are rewarded while the men are punished.

      • Laura Ann Denney

        Wow, you are dense. Do you blame all of your problems on everyone else or just your children on the woman you conceived them with?
        No one said this guy wasn’t allowed to be poor. I wasn’t complaining that he was poor. He was complaining that most of ONE check a month went to child support. – I wasn’t saying she deserved more child support. He was paying plenty as per the percentage of his income. However, he was complaining about not having any money and was blaming her. It’s not her fault he doesn’t have any money. Pretty sure she wasn’t the one that set the % rate for child support in her state. – EVERYONE agrees that non-custodial parents, whether that be men or women, are responsible for the care and expenses of their children. This isn’t a woman vs man thing. If a man has full custody, the woman should pay him support too. AND the same benefits available to a woman who has full custody are also available to a man.
        This guy worked 25 hours a week. WOW… He would be broke even if he didn’t have to pay child support. Maybe instead of being lazy and complaining he should have worked 40 hours a week like the rest of the freaking people in the US.
        Someone with full custody has no choice but to work 40 hours a week, many custodial parents do have 2 jobs to support their children. So why is it that the non-custodial parent shouldn’t also be responsible for some expenses?
        Men have just as much responsibility for a child being brought into this world as a woman. A woman can take birth control, but should she have to put medication in her body when a man could just as easily wrap up his dick? OH but it doesn’t feel as good right? Shut up, quit being a selfish prick and put a condom on. I’m pretty sure condoms don’t fuck with your hormones and increase your risk for infertility later in life when you actually want to have a child. – And yes, if a woman REALLY doesn’t want a child, she does have the option of using birth control. However birth control fails more often than condoms. Eating a grapefruit can make birth control fail, so can other medications including antibiotics… Neither condoms nor birth control are fool-proof. – So would you agree that a man and a woman have equal responsibility in making sure an unwanted pregnancy doesn’t occur? Birth Control and condoms both fail about 2% of the time. But if the woman is on birth control and the man puts on a condom, the combination doesn’t fail… So if it is a responsibility shared equally by both people who choose to engage in consensual sex, shouldn’t the consequences of the 2 people being irresponsible also be shared? – You stuck your dick in a woman raw and she got pregnant and now you expect her to get an abortion… And abortion that could make her infertile for the rest of her life? An abortion that could have complications that could even end her life? And abortion that could haunt her with guilt for the rest of her life? Oh yeah, that’s totally fair. You make a mistake by not wrapping your dick up, she makes a mistake by not using birth control and you expect her to be the only one who carries the burden of that mistake, either by lifelong guilt and a medical procedure OR being the only person responsible for caring for the baby/child for 18 years of it’s life? – Seriously?
        How does that even make any sense to you at all?
        No one said the guy had to get another job to take care of his kids. But if he isn’t happy about paying child support and having so little to live on afterward, then the common sense thing would be to get a job. He not only made a child with this woman, he made 3!!! 3 children are not mistakes or accidents. 1 child might be an accident, but you know what makes babies by the time the 2nd one came along. And honestly, anyone with an 8th grade education was taught in school how babies are made, even if their parents failed at the task of teaching them at home.
        2 people make a baby. 2 people have options to prevent pregnancy. Expecting 1 person to be the only one who suffers the consequence of the pregnancy (whether it be an abortion or choosing to keep the baby) is ridiculous. Take responsibility for your actions and quit blaming them on every one else. Look in the mirror, you are a HUGE part of the problem.

        • Richard Race

          Bob, that is a great comment. It should be completely equal and its not completely equal. If they gave the man the kids and the women pays; the woman usually cannot accept the same terms. Some of them can, but not many.

          Men are being held to a higher standard; and that is somewhat ok, since we are technically capable of doing more. The part that isn’t fair is that the guy doesn’t have a say over abortion or anything like that and the option is left to the woman on her own.

          In any case its always better not to have sex than it is to deal with this crap. The problem is that most of us aren’t aware how much of a mess it really is until after we have a kid. We are accountable as guys for the financial obligation; but its definitely abused and viewed upon as a method to have a kid because women have evolved to want kids. They can take advantage whenever possible as long as they can have kids.

          The other large issue is that there is no regulation on how the child support money is spent. My mom used that child support money to give to Jehovah’s witnesses congregation before I became violent and started stealing it from her. I was only 9 years old but I was smart enough to know that child support money was for me and my brothers and not for the religious congregation. Furthermore my first girlfriend’s mother used that money to buy drugs with.

          The other large issue with the system is that the child support system and methodology and the way it works is completely defiant of free market and capitalism. Someone has needs and wants and they have to pay for it. When a woman wants a child, she should be subject to an out of pocket expense, and not an additional income. So it would be or could be structured differently. Since she wants to keep it she should have to pay the guy for the privilege of having the kid at all.

          In order to decrease the demand, price should go up; and women since they have more control over the choice of having the kid should be required to do more than just raise the kid and collect money.

          Its almost like I want a car, so I take a car and now Honda owes me to put gas in the car; since the car runs on gas and I wanted it.

          If change was made to the way the system works at the root level, I surely believe the number of births would mysteriously go down.

          • Richard Race

            No justification to what this guy did btw

        • GhostSpectre

          You sound like every other female who spread her legs and popped out a couple kids in now because she break up with the guy you feel entitled to everything. Well in your case you’re probably only spreading one leg being an amputee and all. And likely you are on disability or somebody is taking care of you. There’s no way you’re doing everything by your self. Somebody is supporting your crippled ass. For all you know he could’ve done everything possible in his position at the time and he fell on hard financial times. Of course by your self. Somebody is supporting your crippled ass. For all you know he could’ve done everything possible in his position at the time and he fell on hard financial times. And let me tell you something else, I am a self-made millionaire who grew up poor and work my way to the top. I would not have gotten there if I had to shell out child-support to my ex which is why I took custody of my kids. And I worked two jobs back then so let me tell you the more you make the more you take so what good would it have done him to get a second job if they were just going to take more money from him after the fact. Let’s face it the system is geared toward rewarding mothers for their reckless and irresponsible decisions and punishing fathers for being on the receiving end of the break up. As far as I’m concerned killing her was the only way out. That’s one less single mother to worry about.

      • makeguapordie

        I agree with you 1000 percent

    • zaid toma

      Everything is soooooo simple when you have a vaginas isn’t it lol

      • Richard Race

        That is so funny. Wow what a comment.

        • ShlomoShunn

          > “after 50 hours of work…Maybe you should find another part time job”

          Maybe the mother should have aborted or given kids up for adoption or used better birth control.

          Women look as men as ATMs, mere money-making drones for Her Royal Highness.

          > “Do your part and shut up.”

          Only if you are a male. If female….whine, whine, and whine. Why? Because the world will then look at you like a helpless child and protect you. You know, like the Patriarchy.

          He’s better off in jail, when the state provides food, shelter, activities, medical care, etc. He was already in prison, working for her. Now he’s freer.

        • Ceo Clarkson

          i agree with this statement and endorse this statement on behalf of all men lmfao its true if you put a women in a room with 20 men how many do you think would talk to her ? if you put a man in a room with 20 women how many do you think would talk to him ? this is the world we live in while the man is penalized and made to take care of his responsibility women have options if she finds herself another man usually she can slowly SUCK him dry all while acting or not she doesn’t even have to put much effort or work lol for that matter, to find another willing participate it will depend on how good the Na Na is, ratio to how much her next man earns and women you can act like you have never supported a dime off the next mans backbone but us men that have been used in this fashion know your a GOT DAM LIE ! don’t get me wrong there are truly some real genuine case’s but even with my statement and coming from a broken home were my father abandoned my mother and i at 29 fought and won sole custody of my daughter and have raised her from birth doesn’t excuse the fact that these kids suffer the most but we always crying the man, the man, the man ! what did you do to leave us SALTY ? food for thought ! animals have procreated since the age of dawn, ever wonder were there child support went and how they work shit out when the male animal leaves or sorry screws another animal ? ever think we were here to reproduce wether we stay with the female counterpart or not aren’t women tried of trying to control and change the male species, ever think its in are DNA ? to reproduce maybe stop trying to change men for your own personal and emotional gain and start to understand and stop disproving physics of the human body and natures law.

    • Educated Blackman321

      It is not possible to spend $400 on three kids in a month. The biggest cost is pampers, and I’m sure all of those kids are not still in pampers. Since the woman is black, I am also sure she has a problem letting the children be around the father or his side of the family because she is afraid they will tell the children the truth about their mother, so she might have to pay for babysitting, but that wouldnt be necessary if she would let the child around the fathers side of their family. How much clothing can you buy a child? How much food can you stuff in its mouth? It certainly wont be $400 a month. I’m a grown man, and I dont eat that much food or buy that many clothes per month. And dont try to say rent and utilities because she would have to pay her own rent and utilities anyway, regardless of if she had children. Dont get me started on if the guy had other children who lived with him because those children would be screwed. The law doesnt take that into consideration whatsoever even though its premise is supposedly to benefit children. Bottom line is that its not hard to see that there is no reason this man should have been paying that woman that much of his hard earned money to supposedly go to his children. Stop making excuses for this sick-ass child support industry. You say oh well, “thats what happens when you have children with someone”, right? Well, this man’s life was destroyed by this woman with the help of a corrupt system, and he was fed up to the point that he lashed out and killed the person he felt was responsible for it. So actually, THATS what happens when you use the currupt system to destroy the life of the father of your children. I’m not saying it was right, but…thats what happens.

      • Tyecha Brown

        OH SHUT UP !!!!

    • Cloakedfury

      Id love to put my fist right in your mouth tramp.

    • Cloakedfury

      Just kill youself.