Man Kills Friend for Putting On Netflix Movie While they Were Alone

Man Kills Friend for Putting On Netflix Movie While they Were Alone



“Yea I turned Netflix N Chill into Netflix N Kill, I don’t know what the f*ck he was thinking disrespecting me like that I ain’t no B*tch, I’m not with that F*ck Sh*t”

Said Reggie Noble after stabbing his best friend repeatedly for playing a Netflix N Chill Movie and coming over to sit next to him while they were smoking weed alone.

Reggie stabbed Elijah Johnson 17 times in the head and torso before dumping his body in a near by dumpster in an attempt to cover up the crime. As he was led away in handcuffs he told news cameras:


“I came over to smoke weed and play PlayStation, I should have known something was up after he kept on playing young thug, I’m the real victim here and I’m innocent”

Reggie Noble is in the Detroit county jail on a No bond for 1st degree murder and faces 25 years to life in prison.



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  • Galen Nycroft

    Damn lol

  • Andruminati

    Dudes looks gay… maybe he was mad because he is a bottom and apparently his friend was too…

  • bnxblatino

    Please– ya’ll gullible mofos seriously commenting on here- THIS IS NOT A REAL NEWS SITE. This is a SATIRE/entertainment site– they MAKE SHYT UP. lol

  • In My Opinion

    With those soft looks he is going to be somebody’s bitch in prison.

  • The Real PY

    He would

  • The Real PY

    People are just out of control…. This is reaction from his bff ACTIONS….wtf…. he could have left and never looked back…. He is crying victim REALLY, someone being attracted to you is not a crime…when the story does say anything about an attack just “Netflix and Chill”.

  • vino1954

    Maybe dude was thinking it was a come kick it date .

  • dennybislost

    BTW…Weed had nothing to do with it. With the marijuana laws forming they have to make sure to mention weed was involved…smh

    • Melanie Adams

      you got that right!

  • MsCreative1


  • Pansy CaramelGoddess Rogers

    Well where hes going that shit happens no Netflix watch out boy he looks suspect