Lil Wayne To Birdman “Release the Carter V or I’ll Release Our...

Lil Wayne To Birdman “Release the Carter V or I’ll Release Our Sex Tape”

"yeah we was in love but that's dead, Hoe a** ni**z take it to court I'm a Real G if he don't put that Album out ASAP I'm gone release our Sex Tape to the World"

What was once a father son relationship has taken a turn for the worst. They got married in secret and now they are no longer on speaking terms.
Lil Wayne says the album is complete but Birdman says there is still work that needs to be done to release the project. A source close to Weezy told us that wayne also said..
“I’m sick of this sh**, he stole my money, took my manhood and now he thinks cuz he was my first he can put my album on ice?, yeah we was in love but that’s dead, Hoe a** ni**z take it to court I’m a Real G if he don’t put that Album out ASAP I’m gone release our Sex Tape to the World”.

All we can say is WOW! I guess Birdman is on that Ray J “I Hit It First” I hope these two can work this out but it looks like things are going to really get messy.

As you can see in this video below he disses his estranged father baby…


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  • Soso D’Vili

    LOL my god people will believe anything they read on the internet. Not defendin lil wayne but sources please.

  • nices

    Where is the proof that any of these stories are true?

  • Keith Cobb

    Y’all dumb ass…..this shirt bogus as a mf… hoes get tf on with your hate and opinions …..Look in a fucking mirror…..#getthefuckon

  • Shadia M Acosta-Cantor

    Money money money, dirty lustful money

  • Karen Reed

    Lmaoooooooo I can’t believe y’all really think this story is real….noone should be this gulliable….

  • Tendai Tebogo

    Wow! But I knew they ass was gay smh

  • Young Ak Walter

    Hahahaha lmao

  • Dominique

    If you idiots believe this shit, y’all need to be hit by a 18 wheeler.

  • Dominique

    You’re really an idiot, you believe shit from a website that tell false information. Even if Wayne was gay, why would he do this to his career?

  • mommytoalittleman

    You people will believe anything…….smdh.

  • SDC

    You are an abominable fucking idiot.

    • Tunechi Lova