Lil Wayne Proposes To Baby & They Get Married In Secret Wedding...

Lil Wayne Proposes To Baby & They Get Married In Secret Wedding Ceremony



It was only weeks ago when the internet was flooded with tweets and second-hand rumors about Lil Wayne’s departure from Cash Money Records due to the rapper being unpleased with the label’s handling of his new Carter album. As we reported here.

Then last week, we received reports that Weezy had snuck into Baby’s multi-million dollar estate, pelted his windows with a couple of rocks, and when Baby opened the window to see what all the commotion was about, there stood Weezy in the rain holding a boom box.

“It was supposed to play music but I don’t think it’s water proof,” said Weezy who then presumably cackled annoyingly.

“What are you doing out there?” asked Baby, his white satin gown blowing in the nighttime wind.

“Without you, I’m drowning. This ship needs a captain. Baby, be my baby, baby” said Lil Wayne dropping down to one knee. He pulled a small black box from out of his pocket and opened it up, revealing a platinum ring with two dollar signs on it. “Will you marry me?”

Now, here we are on the precipice of the largest secret gay celebrity marriage in secret gay celebrity marriage history as Weezy and Baby prepare to tie the knot inside The Closet banquet hall in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All the familiar faces are here as the Best Man Young Thug and Maid of Honor Rich Homie Quan walk down the aisle and take their place, and then it’s the groom’s turn as Weezy is carried to the altar by a plume of marijuana smoke. Finally, the beautiful blushing bride enters the fray where he is given away by the ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage. The couple say their vows, answer their “I do’s,” and seal the deal with a kiss making them the most prolific hip-hop power couple since Jay-Z and Beyonce.

This is all crazy to us considering reports that Baby was stealing money from wayne as we reported HERE but hey kudos to the happy couple now wayne can finally put out the Carter 5!

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  • battled1

    sorry, but ‘Lil Wayne screams straight, authentic and truly TALENTED…intelligent, too. He fails all Gaydar tests!!…In my opinion, he doesn’t seem even slightly gay. I really hope he was not raped, but I’m sure he’s had a tough life… Hang in there, ‘Lil Wayne.
    I respect & adore you! —Your Fan.
    p.s. I’ve said prayers for you every time you were stuck in prison & I’m just a white kid from the suburbs!! 🙂

  • chad

    Wow y’all believe this. Im sure rich homie quan was a maid of honor.and that wayne showed up in the rain with a boom box like every romance movie ever made. Haha

  • DaRealMizzJuicy

    Okay so first and foremost this story doesn’t even make since…. Lil Wayne standing outside the window with a radio in the rain and baby in a satin robe wit the wind blowing….. Lmao this is to funny and second, at the end of the video he clearly states that it was a she and not a he….People are so gullible it’s ridiculous. You would believe anything that this unofficial websites tell you. I mean people will take anything and run with it get it together people…. Thanks for the laugh today I needed it.

  • Andreana Phelps

    THIS IS A BLATANTLY EDITED LIE. look up the REAL YouTube video he’s talking about Baby bought wayne a whore. Not him. Wtf.

  • LtMami Mini Ritz
  • michelle

    Yes grow up, truth be told everyone has skeletons in their closest.what happens if you guys personal Business get exposed? Stop judging people and their choices..because you as well will be judged in the same measure. What if someone wish you would die…I can not stand ignorance, just have several seats and shut the hell up

  • Captain Central America

    So, all you ignorant homophobes should listen up! This is obviously a parody. Also, what are you going to say when your kid tells you he or she is gay? That they should just die, they’re sick or that they’re going to hell. I think you all need to learn a thing or two about tolerance. P.S. Did you even read the whole article? It talks about a professional wrestler’s ghost giving the “bride” away.

    • Suzette Thompson

      Hey captain central America… I am not sure who ur responding too cuz I didn’t read all the comments. Look I myself am not a homophobe. Homosexuals.Lesbians ARE HUMANS and deserve respect like everyone else. The issue is tht the entertainment industry and music industry and the powers tht be are pushing a depopulation agenda. Baby obviously RAPED wayne yet u find it ok? Rape and pedophilia are never okay. Being gay on your own accord without being raped or molested is totally diff. This man was sold into sex slavery by his own mother simply cuz she couldn’t take care of him. A lot of children who end up in the industry are raped and molested and at the end of the day that is the issue.

  • Christophe Chambré

    There is no excuse
    for that.

  • David Dimoez

    Kiss a man okay but NOT on the lips! These cash money niggas are faggots. They dress like faggots, wear eyeshadow, wear pink sneakers.

  • Juliette

    What a bunch of queers.

  • Pascal

    HAHA The mouth-kiss of the century!

  • Anja

    I always disliked Lil Wayne for some strange unknown reason. Now I know why.

  • Chantel

    That’s incredible !

  • Gloria


  • Simona

    Oh no it unbelievable.

  • Farhana

    Omg can’t believe it.

  • Alice

    Is he for real ? Damn !!!

  • Helle

    They needs therapy… Just sick!

  • Juliana

    Shame ! God I wish they both would just die

  • Marta

    Lol Wow. He Would Never Forget That Day !!

  • Mariane

    That is a lie.

  • Shelly

    Lil Wayne admits he was raped as a child by Birdman…May be this is the cause

  • Jeremie

    These people are stupid.

  • Jennifer

    He is very talented in his work and music but it’s just a bad personality.

  • Michelle

    OMG crazy !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eltifa

    This industry isall about molestation, sick, they better change before they end up in HELL.

  • Daddou

    Sick this is disgusting.

  • Barbara

    No one is listening to a man who thinks he is a woman. Mutilation doesn’t make you the opposite sex.

  • Hayfa

    It’s still weird to me but whatever.

  • Sonia B.

    Sick, sad and ridiculous.

  • Monica

    Right. Yeah it’s terrible.

  • Lilila

    This makes me laugh. Rappers are wearing skirts and dresses now and kissing each other. That show was ahead of its time.