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Lil Wayne “Do not Sign with Cash Money, Baby is a “Slave Master”


Lil Wayne “Do not Sign with Cash Money, Baby is a “Slave Master”


This just in! Lil Wayne has officially left Cash Money Records stating, “Cash Money Records is a slave contract.” Prior reports lead everyone to believe that Lil Wayne and Baby had, in fact, reconciled their differences. Apparently, this is not the case as Lil Wayne announced a surprise press conference earlier this day.

It was at this press conference where Lil Wayne on to call Baby a “slave master,” recounting the horrors he would face on a daily basis at Cash Money Records as well as the extent the record label went in order to stifle the artist’s creativity.
“Baby had just gone crazy with power, and even though I was his bestselling artist, I wasn’t getting that kind of respect,” stated the visibly shaken Lil Wayne as the EMT’s placed a warm blanket around his shoulder. “I’m just happy to be out of there.”
“I wanted to write a historical novel on legendary Naval battles throughout time and Baby said that it would destroy my street cred. He controlled my career like that all the time. He told me not to play the guitar anymore. He said I should take lessons on playing the guitar before I just start making records claiming I play the guitar. He shot down my one man show,” said the hip-hop icon nearly in tears.
“But, that’s not the only thing. Baby was getting like Caligula crazy. Every morning, he’d have a human centipede bring him a pimp cup of syzurp, and nah, it wasn’t codeine. It was just maple syrup,” said the physically convulsing Weezy.

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