Inmates Allowed to “Rape” Teens On “Beyond Scared Straight”

Inmates Allowed to “Rape” Teens On “Beyond Scared Straight”


‘Beyond Scared Straight’ is a series in which many Young offenders are gathered and sent to a real prison where they to interact with the real inmates of the prison in hopes to be scared into avoiding a life of crime. Many of the teens are yelled at, taunted, and sometimes even touched by the inmates. But of course, there are always authorities present to regulate. However, it appears as though the show has taken it too far by allowing the inmates to actually rape one of the teenagers in a shocking effort to “scare him straight”.

18 year old Donovan Green was reportedly raped by 3 inmates all while authorities watched them. The authorities allowed the inmates to rape Green while they “cheered” on the inmates yelling phrases like “you gonna learn today boy”. “He had to go through it to learn, it was the right thing to do” says Officer David Lupo, who was present during the rape.
Although appearing to be a horrific deed, 18 year old Donovan Green, who was brought to the prison for gang related violence and selling drugs, actually appeared to have been scared beyond straight. Since, Green has left his gang and has changed a whole lot. Green unexpectedly cooked breakfast for his whole family in the morning. He also began pulling his pants up and dressing properly, as well as carrying a bible everywhere he went.

Do you believe Beyond Scared Straight took it too far it was it necessary for change?

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  • George Clinton


  • Glenn Senior

    This is faker than PornHub telling me there’s girls in my area trying to hook up

  • Tasha Smith

    Can’t be real

    • Aundre Stevenson


  • Sunil Rohira

    We r in 21st century but we can’t do anything to such matters….cuz the authorities are corrupt nd only after money…..nd we say we r educated ….

  • Dwight Wilson Jr

    Too fucking far that child is scarred for life how is letting a grown man rape a young man acceptable punishment if this is true this show needs to be cancelled immediately and criminal charges need to be brought up against the producers of the show the prison authorities and the criminals involved in the act how can you justify an illegal act such as this as a punishment for bad behavior its barbaric and uncivilized and anyone who is in agreement with this type of behavior is sick.

  • Kawanza

    Wow… I really don’t know what to say! Speechless ?

  • Paweł Ujazdowski


  • Dominus24k

    lmfao the accuracy. Y’all may not like it but that exactly how it’ll be if he goes to prison. It’s a dose of reality. That inmate saved his life and his ass

  • Misty Msrudegirl Blue

    They all need to b put behind those very bars and get done the same no matter what they’re there to protect those children and they didn’t I will bring charges for rape against them all the officers and inmates and I’ll also Sue the show and jail

  • Jac Cooper

    These are serious allegations that have been made. People send their children to be on this show to help them, to give them a brutal sense of reality, and to show them what happens when you make certain decisions in life. When i saw this headline i was utterly disturbed by the title. If that were my child no matter how bad and unruly he has been i’d be tearing shit up. First i would make sure that the show, inmates, officers, and facility was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I would then be ready to get incarcerated so that i could inflict a type of pain on those mother fuckers who violated the essence of my child that they could not even imagine smmfh sick to my stomach.

    • Matúľ

      Do you know what quotation marks mean? “Not literally”. It’s the same as when someone you know says “I’mma kill you” or something of that sort.

  • Mocha23

    Straight up bullshit the adults don’t care anymore

  • Marebear

    I believe they took it to far I don’t care what anyone says that’s just wrong and what if a child got Aids or dease you don’t let anone touch a child or teen ..rape is not funny at all what was that offers thinking I have lost my respect for the TV show they are suppose to help not have teens raped by grown ass men thats just foul… like wtf are ppl thinking!!!! Ughhhh????

    • Faulkner Kenneth

      It’s a lie. It never happened.

    • Matúľ

      It’s not literal… That’s why there are quotation marks…

  • Orlando coombs

    Rape is not funny. Prison is a horrible place. Rape is a part of prison life. Rape is an act of violence. Rape is a another form of brutality. That’s it. It’s not about sex or lust, it’s pure violence.

  • Sylvia Woods

    Dumb question, and don’t believe it all lies! Waisting peoples time

  • Ebony MsSlim Williams

    Bullshit. Alllll lies

  • Seth Wilson Imvu

    it not funny and it no joke be rape .

  • Stacy

    I would flip them over and rape them

  • Coffee is for Closers

    So rape jokes are entertaining now? Smh

    • Stacy

      Its not funny but it happens

  • Exoctic 1