Husband In Shock After Wife Gives Birth To Child Of Dwarf Stripper...

Husband In Shock After Wife Gives Birth To Child Of Dwarf Stripper She Slept With At Bachelorette Party



A married woman in Valencia, Spain had a lot of explaining to do after she gave birth to another man’s child.

The New York Daily News reports that on the night of the woman’s bachelorette (hen) party she had sex with a dwarf stripper hired for entertainment.

Dwarfs are frequently hired in Spain as entertainment at hen parties

Nine months later the unidentified woman gave birth to a baby with dwarfism. Her shocked husband thought their child was conceived during their honeymoon. He was sure there was a mix up at the hospital and demanded answers from doctors, who assured him the baby was his wife’s.

The woman eventually told her husband what had really happened.

“I know colleagues working out of Valencia but I’m not aware of any of them getting involved in something like this,” a dwarf stripper told the Daily Mail. “They’re mostly men in their forties and fifties and who’s going to want to sleep with a man that age. There must be about ten of us doing this line of work in Spain. More often than not it’s a joke thing and the women are very shy and don’t even want you to touch them. You often go along with a normal stripper who blindfolds the woman and then you take his place and pretend it’s him that’s still dancing. You take the blindfold off, congratulate her and go. At most you sometimes get asked to stay behind and have your picture taken with the bride-to-be. I’m astonished at the idea someone’s fallen pregnant like this and the woman has managed to keep it a secret even from her closest friends.”

It’s not known if the couple remained married.


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