Chicago Man Arrested for Slapping 25 B*tches Because He Was Tired of...

Chicago Man Arrested for Slapping 25 B*tches Because He Was Tired of B*tches


A 23 year old Chicago man was arrested last night for slapping 25 Bitches.

He said he was tired of bitches playing games so he went to the liquor store on 71st and state brought a 5th of Hennessy and got pissy drunk.

He then proceeded to walk down the street and slap the dog sh*t out of every bitch he approached.

“I thought he was a Pimp the way he was slapping them hoes around but he ain’t ask them for no money ” — Witness

He attempted to slap a heaven set woman and they got into an argument and the police arrived to take him into custody.

He is being held at the county jail and faces multiple charges for assault, disorderly conduct and being publicly intoxicated.

He released a statement to TMZHIPHOP:

“They can all me Captain smack a hoe, sometimes bitchez do stupid shit and gotta get smacked ,a bitch could be a male nowadays theirs alot of male-bitchez Too”

His court date is set for next month. He has not yet posted bond.


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  • Jamie Olsen

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  • John Hall

    Jesus, doesn’t anyone proofread their crap anymore?

  • Lady Love

    He got them handcuff slap on his looser as I hope they make him pay for doing that n the people that’s clapping for what he done you wouldn’t be clapping if it was you or your daughter prime example for the reason why this world is full messed up people cause a lot of them see people don’t care about nobody but there own. He ain’t got no business putting his hands on nobody who ain’t did shit to him I don’t give a dam who he’s feeling pussy as prayed on the week. We got bigger problems n I know those affect his ass to he ain’t go n slap that no so this pussy as bum gone gone go after women.

  • Olex Levchenko

    someone has to put em back in line cuz …

  • Ivy Shelnutt

    He got 99 prob and 25 bitches ain’t it. Lol

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  • Daryl Lee

    The editing and grammar in this article, is absolutely atrocious! What ever happened to the old-school proofreading adage….”read and re-read BEFORE you publish”…?

    • Marcus Love

      Daryl, I didn’t want to be the first Grammar Police Officer to mention this. Thank you, sir. 😉

    • luis

      will you help me how to speak good grammer

    • Ian Walston

      Your comment has a misuse of a comma and misuse of ellipses.

    • Carter McMillan

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    • Aljovin

      Editing. we talking bout editing.. Not slapping bitches but editing. We talking about EDITING.

  • Tony

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  • J25

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  • Paul Wathen Sr.

    Damn you sure this idot isn’t Muslim

    • Scott Rice

      Only idiot is you with the racist shit dum ass the bitches deserve it because there hoes

      • Heinrich Evers

        Musilim isn’t a race…… o.O It’s a religion.

        Prejudice is the word you wanted me thinks…

        • Scott Rice

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          • Mark Hellios

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      • Marcus Love

        Please sign the back of this citation, sir. It’s “There,” “They’re” and “Their.” ~ Grammar Penal Code (GPC): 420. 😉

    • Frost Mac

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      • Mr Justin Time

        Paul wathen is one of the bitches this man slapped up. This bitch don’t have no more brain cells left!

    • Mr Justin Time

      Damn, you sure your not one of the bitches this man slapped up???

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  • Hbic Do Dew

    Lmao we woulda been fighting like shit he woulda came my way

  • Danny Duignan

    That’s wrong. You don’t hit a woman if you’re tried of her. You hit a woman if she’s imminently about to deliberately physically hurt you in a life threatening way; like if she’s trying to punish you by touching you with a hot cloth-iron.

  • GuitarJam

    He’s lucky to be alive

  • neganforamericafirst

    sounds like a whole load of slapping….

  • trueletterson*

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  • trueletterson*

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  • Ilpalazzo

    So the war on women IS real.. it’s just from black males…

    • William Dudley

      Right in the midst of the highly-publicized black-on-black crime, there is a high rate of white-on-white crime happening in America. Is the media is purposely denying these facts, even though the violence has reached an alarming rate?

      It’s possible that there’s a lack of reporting because the theories that some use to explain crimes between blacks – such as poverty – aren’t applicable to much of the white-on-white crime that’s taking place.  This is due to the fact that the white population is wealthier than the black population, according to Pew Research, yet the white-on-white crime rate is extremely high. Or maybe it’s just ignorance.

      Whatever the reason, a 2011 FBI Uniform crime report showed that 86% of white American victims were killed by other white people, and also revealed that a white person was six more times likely to be killed by another white person than by a black person.

      • Ilpalazzo

        2011, eh? Trayvon was 2012. BLM started after that. Ferguson started after that. Chicago’s implosion started after that.
        You can join us in the present when you’re ready.

        • yolanda

          lol… Cognitive dissonance at its finest

          • Ilpalazzo

            as opposed to forced narratives at their finest…

        • SecludedCompound

          Good god, you’re like a cartoon version of an idiot wingnut redneck.

          • Ilpalazzo

            Sweet Tuna of the China Seas, you’re quite an unoriginal lemming, aren’t ya?

          • SecludedCompound

            Well, it’s a pretty unoriginal thing to be; you guys have been stupidly ruining the country since about 1803, if not since the Articles of Confederation.

            Got anything better than “it’s unoriginal to point out that I’m a mouth breathing hick imbecile”?

          • Ilpalazzo

            I didn’t realize I was 213 years old. Oh, right, you’re into groupthink. Isn’t that the definition of a bigot to disparage a group of people? But yeah, I’ve got a lot of better lines than yours.. I’m just confused slightly, since that is your line and not mine, am I reading it correctly that you’re calling yourself a ‘mouth breathing hick imbecile’?

          • Brewski William

            That’s fucking hilarious

          • Brewski William

            Haha that is awesome

      • Ilpalazzo

        “This is due to the fact that the white population is wealthier than the black population”
        Also, was that a projection of your groupthink race-hive mind or something?

        • NoNickname90

          The answer you’re looking for was mentioned right after the comma of that very text you quoted. Here’s the rest. “…according to Pew Research”

          Oh, and if we must go that route, I don’t think it was the blacks that did this research. I doubt we’d be allowed to go those places to conduct that research. LoL!!

        • EMMA

          There are some very wealthy black people don’t fool your self where did you get that from that’s really not true in milwaukee I don’t know about any where else

          • Ilpalazzo

            oh god, learn to read and punctuate.

          • GuitarJam

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          • Ilpalazzo

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          white race has cheated blacks all their life, robbed, stole and embezzelled , so yes they should be wealthier. But you’re NOT

          • Ilpalazzo

            What’s that? You mean the result doesn’t match the cause you cited? Guess that means it’s BS!

          • Michael Jans

            the white race bought blacks who were already enslaved by other black tribes. If none of the blacks had sold their brothers into slavery the trade would not have existed. The Arabs n Jews sold their brothers into slavery for thousands of years. The Asians have done it to each other for centuries. This is the only country that has fought a civil war to end slavery. Its sickening to listen to the hate n bait bullshit n even more sickening to watch the alledged leaders of both groups play the same old mind game glib talk blame game with their herds of sheep n wolf packs. Actions n progress are achieved only when men STOP reacting n START treating all equal.

    • Kevin Smith

      I hate saying this because I don’t judge individuals based on stereotypes but I know a black guy with a white wife and mixed daughter who doesn’t allow his daughter to date black guys because he says they treat women badly. Sad.

      • Brewski William

        Doesn’t his daughter know that he is black what kind of damage is he putting in her ahead of him


        that’s because the men he’s referring to are from neighborhoods that has NO value to them as they don’t value themselves. Maybe he should teach her to associate herself with blacks guy that has values, work ethic and high standards and of course God fearing, Maybe if he’d looked for these traits in a black woman instead of a hood rat he wouldn’t be cooning with a poor trashy white woman

    • Ronald L. Andrews II

      Speaking of abuse.The biggest cults in the world are run by white men who abuse everybody.Especially little boys in the catholic church.

      • Ilpalazzo

        ah so you want to play the relativism game: generalization edition, eh? I guess using your logic, black people are all criminals and rapists too, especially in Chattanooga.

      • Brewski William

        You are correct and the christians stand there holding the door open for the queers to come in and get married isn’t America great then you have yes I’m white but then you have over half of the white population Who will not agree that the African-American communities get profiled by the police and the Jewish owned media and will not come to terms with what happen was just wrong and then for them to use the African-American people in the Civil War was disgraceful They had nothing to do with and then you got this guy who just won’t let it go it’s sad to say but this race they will always be here until one of them is wiped out and I have a pretty good idea what race that will be

  • Mark O’Blazney

    Where was Tyrone ?

    • NoNickname90

      Being reincarnated into a white vessel to be overtake the white house. They’ll never see it coming because they still believe in God.

      Eventually we’ll just keep coming back, because you know reincarnation doesn’t exist to you if you believe in God. So yea, just keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t mind us at all. We’re not planning anything suspicious. Nope, not at all. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

      P.S. Keep your kids off the internet. Especially away from Reddit. Heh heh…

      • Brewski William

        Did you come back reincarnated as a sponge