Babysitter On Crystal Meth Eats 3 Year Old Baby

Babysitter On Crystal Meth Eats 3 Year Old Baby


De Soto, MO | Two Missouri parents were horrified to discover their babysitter had turned into a crystal meth-smoking cannibal when they found the remains of their 3 year Old child cooked in the microwave.

After a night out at the movies, the young parents came back home to find a confused babysitter under the influence of alcohol and crystal meth who had lost consciousness and was covered in blood in the family’s living room.

Moments later, they made the gruesome discovery when the mother saw something moving behind the microwave door.

Anna Krutchiev, the 16-year-old babysitter, claims she had brought some crystal meth and only took a few hits before she became exceedingly hungry and eventually lost consciousness.

“I just took a few tokes because I was bored and wanted to stay awake,” she told Officer Johnson. “All I remember is that I started getting really hungry, ate some chicken wings and passed out” recalls the police officer, visibly traumatized by the latest events.

Covered in barbecue sauce

The 3 year old child was found in the microwave, covered in barbecue sauce, and was rushed to Springfield’s Mercy Hospital where doctors do not fear for his life.

“It appears she tried to cook him in the microwave oven but apparently she was unable to do so, and was probably disoriented and lost consciousness moments later,” explained Sheriff deputy James Anderson of the Jefferson County Police Department. “The baby’s arm was eaten and teeth marks were all over his legs” he acknowledged, visibly distraught by the whole affair.

The state of Missouri has led, for more than a decade, the nation in methamphetamine busts. A recent 2015 state-wide study revealed that more than 60% of adults aged 21 and higher have tried crystal meth at least once and close to 40% of respondents believed crystal meth should be decriminalized as a schedule 2 drug for medical use in treatment.
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  • Shanda Parish


  • Philip Joey Barlett

    I can’t believe 41,000 people actually hit like on Facebook. Do they pay attention to what they are hitting or they really like the fact that a woman tried to eat a baby?

  • Eric Williams

    This shit aint real. Your average 3yr. Old will not fit in a microwave. A regular oven sure but a microwave? Where do they come up with this shit.

  • Lacey Jenkins

    That is just sad!!! I feel very sad for the parents and I hope that the baby recovers quickly!!!! My heart goes out to all of their family!!!

    • Dino Mitchell

      The baby was cooked

  • Eileen Brennan

    This is horrible, has nothing to do with the drugs. It has to do with a crazy teen

  • Katina Wright

    She was really ridiculous!!!!

  • ashley

    it sounds like bath salts

  • big one

    Yall its real seen it in the papers as well

  • Splunkzop

    Hungry on meth? I don’t think so.

    • Judie Holtz Welch

      ^^^Best comment ever! ^^^

  • Kim Young

    Stupid it isn’t real

  • Lydie Mergey

    This isnt real is it? OMG if it is!!

    • meetthemets26

      that shit is fake…….a lot of bullshit on the internet..

  • Dillon Reece Maxwell

    This has got to be one of the most sickening things I’ve ever heard of!!!

  • Shaun Jaramillo

    its already decriminalized as a class 2 drug the pharmaceutical name for it is Ritalin and adderal

  • Cathy

    Sure it wasn’t bath salts, I’ve heard of that making someone eat another but not Crystal meth. She could have done both

  • Sulis

    This story does not make sense! One thing 3year old child not baby in microwave? What bloody size microwave do they have, you couldn’t fit a normal 3 year old in a microwave. Also written was the remains of a 3 year old (which one would presume dead) but actually later in the article the child not baby was partly eaten but a live. If true this is a heinous crime but written in such a way seems just made up. If it had been a 3 month old baby then that would have made sense.

  • Allison Johnson

    Meth doesn’t make you hungry. It actually suppresses your appetite. And you sure don’t pass out after smoking it.

  • Deonna Ramos

    I have no words… I almost lost consciousness just reading the story.

  • Heidi Keating

    I can tell a meth head from a mile away, dumb that the parents didnt know.

  • Guzman Priscilla

    “The 3 year old child was found in the microwave, covered in barbecue sauce, and was rushed to Springfield’s Mercy Hospital where doctors do not fear for his life.” doctors do not fear for his life? This can’t be real.

  • Stephen Smash Badger Baker

    How do you find the “remains” of a living thing?

  • squaw833

    How damn big is that microwave that a 3 year old child could fit in it?? I call BS

  • Moe Jangles

    Y’all stupid if you believe this. 3yr in the microwave? 3month old maybe.

  • Janis Simon

    The story contradicts itself. At the beginning, it says that the remains of the child were found in the microwave. Then, after the ad, it says that the child was found alive in the microwave. Both cant be true.

  • Beth Parchman

    True being hungry is not a side affect of meth use, i dont think a 3 year old would fit into a standard household microwave, it also states the doctors were NOT worried about his life, yet his/her arm was eaten. Sounds very false to me! Lol…also this was TMZ news reporting! Eventhough they added the “world news” at the end of TMZ but I guess that was to try & make it legit!

  • Patricia Lynn Gaiters

    I Couldn’t Begin To Say What I Would Do! I Mean This Is A Very Sick Disturbing Stuff! It Literally Makes Me Sick! I I Agree With Slowly Killing Her & Torturing Her! God Please Forgive Me For My Thoughts! But To Come Home & See My Baby In A Microwave! She’d Go In The Oven & Bake For Life!

  • Carrie Dawn Ervin

    Bogus story. Never was on the real Springfield MO. News.

  • Thatwackytech .

    My GAWD BITCH! DON’T YOU KNOW that the kids turn out all Chewy, & Rubbery when you cook them in the Microwave??? TAKE SOME PRIDE in your COOKING, for SHIT’S SAKE….

  • Mazikeen666

    Omg,poor baby,,wth,,did the baby die??

  • Viagra Boy .Enrile

    Yo Chamikwa,
    How’s the shoplifting business? Do u go looting with @freddy_west:disqus? “LMAOOO.”
    Freddy is depressed right now. Seems like I touched a nerve with a “chain” joke. LOL

  • Bonnie J Exley

    This is false

  • Brian Smith

    That’s where the words of God comes in at. Whoa unto the little children that gives suck in those days. These people are killing and abuseing them left from right its a nasty world we live in as today the words of God are being forfilled. As we read and speak about these things. People that does harsh crimes as these are worthy of death. Have them sent before the Lord Jesus Christ and judged for their trangressions. These poor little angels that God sends down here on this earth are being tortured by people. All they know what to do is depend on the one that they are with but many cases they are being thrown away like a old towel They are a great judgement that is coming no law man, judge or attorney doesn’t have your back or any witness’s to stand there and try to justify your guilty to innocent acts for everyone’s stories are written from birth to death. A person that old knows not to do those things and they yet do them. If you know not to do something and yet still do it your judgement is hot and no water can put it out. Its a bad sin unto those who know to do good and doesn’t.

  • Bryce Quintin

    This must be DramaAlert tier horseshit.

  • Joshua

    Was she possessed?! She seriously needs to put down the meth and pick up a bible, and check into rehab!

  • kcir321

    Its almost impossible to get a 25 lb turkey in a microwave , how do you fit a 3 yr old human

    • Lee Perryman Jr

      some can hold a bird that size not all are small

      • kcir321

        They must have really big microwaves a lot bigger then the oven in my full size stove ,even it would be tight and you would have to remove all the shelves

  • a Pair of Socks

    Im calling bullshit on this story just because of how this shit is written.

    • Tino Martinis


    • soleofsoul

      “I smoked some crystal meth and got really hungry and passed out” 2 polar opposite things that crystal meth does.

    • Tiffany

      I agree I call bullshit also, because as a former meth user I know that you you don’t get hungry like that. If anything, you become nauseated by food.

      • dinalynn

        I never used meth, but I was thinking the same thing..considering my husbands daughter is a crackhead and weighs about 90# I think this article is bullshit.

  • tiredofworkingtoo

    could a 3 year old fit in a microwave? I’m not sure this story is true. I surely hope its not.

    • Mary Davis

      I thought it said 3 months old

      • Kyle Archilta McCarroll

        It says “year”

    • Lee Perryman Jr

      if you can get a big bird in one,yes some 3 yr olds will fit

    • Brian Smith

      The story is wrong a 3 year old child would not fit in a microwave. A 3 month old child would. They tend to get their stories right but some of the time get in a rush and make mistakes. We all do.

      • Janis Simon

        I had a microwave that would have been large enough for a 3 year old child to fit into. No, I never put a 3 year old child in it, but the dimensions were large enough that one would have fit in there.

      • Annette Boyd

        Yes i call it bull crap.also

      • Connie Parker

        I read the same story and it was a 3 week old baby.

        • Connie Parker

          I think people make up this stuff just to see what people will post.

      • Kyle Larson

        Yeah, we make mistakes in casual messages and letter/e-mails. Not in a publication of a national news story of a baby being eaten. Get real.

    • Janis Simon

      I had a microwave that would have been large enough for a small child to fit into. I never put a child in there, of course, but the dimensions of the microwave would have been large enough.

    • Malcolm Newcomb

      3 MONTH old

  • Samuel Stebbins

    If it was Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce then I COMPLETELY understand her confusion… 🙂

  • Freddy West

    Whites yuk

    • Viagra Boy .Enrile

      Georgie Z. & Dylann Roof want u picking cottons again in the morning….. lmaoooo

      • Tonya Wilson

        I’m pretty sure Viagra doesn’t work on cocktail weenies so….

        • Viagra Boy .Enrile

          Say what Tamika?
          How’s the shoplifting business? Do u go looting with @freddy west?

        • Viagra Boy .Enrile

          Freddy West AKA Buckwheat sais he doggy-styled ur mouth. LOLOL

  • Nightshadow Wolfpaw

    wtf this kid (provided he wasnt being raised by retarded parents who hate video games and buy into this whole bullshit of video games make people violent bs) will never know what its like to game all because this sick bitch of a babysitter ate his fucking arm ive never been more disgusted by a human being in my entire life and ive seen 3rd wave feminazis and blackliesmatter idiots

  • Lenae Snedeger

    For sure this is a flekka contamination because extreme hungry is certainly NOT a side effect of meth….it’s going to get worse as it spreads…

  • cookie snap

    I would have burned her ass alive.

  • Riley Chase

    I swear to God…there would be a blood bath. If I came home to see this happened to my baby girl, Id torture this bitch slowly until she died. The fucking CIA would be shocked at the shit Id do to this bitch!

    • Wendy Sue

      I completely agree with you . I would kill her . I would not care if I went to jail I would kill her …. And I’ve never harmed anything in my life . This story is so disturbing that I feel sick .

    • Barbara

      That’s because YOU ARE A GOOD PARENT! I tell people all of the time that when it comes to protecting my babies I’d Scare the Shit out of Satan Himself!

  • trendolizer

    Sick bitch

  • Myopinionsowhat

    This some type of sick disgusting bitch she needs Jesus!

    • LusciousDC

      She needs a noose for real..