Baby Formula Linked To Homosexuality, Study Says

Baby Formula Linked To Homosexuality, Study Says


Scientist at the University of Cambridge have discovered a correlation between babies being fed formula and their likelihood to become homosexual. The study was conducted over a 20 year period which has produced astonishing results linking homosexuality and a particular chemical found in many popular baby formulas.

The recently released study has discovered that babies given formula at birth for the first 1-2 years increases their chances of becoming homosexual. The chemical, potassium hydroxide, used as part of the ingredient to produce most baby formula brands is the main factor, according to researchers. Potassium Hydroxide is an inorganic compound with the formula KOH, commonly called caustic potash. This chemical compound is used to manufacture biodiesel fuel, soaps, and gasoline.

Over the 20 year period, scientist from the University of Cambridge, studied 2000 women. Of the 2000, 1000 gave natural birth and the other half underwent surgical procedures to deliver. The women who gave natural birth, 600 breastfed and the other 400 used formula, as where 400 women who delivered via cesarean section breastfed while the other 600 used formula. The babies who were given formula were fed consistently for 1 to 2 years. Babies who were breastfed also were fed consistently for 1-3 years without the introduction of formula or dairy products. Of the 1000 natural births, 500 were male and 500 were female. The same went for those babies delivered via c-section.

Babies who were breastfed had a tendency to develop faster motor skills, higher brain activity, displayed gender specific behaviors generally considered acceptable, appropriate or desirable for a person based on their actual or perceived sex by their teenage years. Only about 6% of the babies who were breastfed grew into adults who were homosexual or lesbian. Babies who were fed formula developed just as quickly however 38% of the formula fed babies had a slower development in motor skills and cognitive development. Out of the formula fed babies, 79% were more attracted to the same sex by their teenage years. Researchers also factored in environmental influences and religious beliefs of the parents to determine other possible causes of gender role development.

“Our research was conducted in a semi-controlled environment to produce the most accurate results possible. We did not want to interfere with the day-to-day aspects of the children’s lives to avoid any potential influence in change. The data collected has provided much insight in regards to how one perceives gender and sexuality. The results of the data are astonishing. We believe we may discovered how individuals become homosexual,” said Dr. Haggerton of the University of Cambridge.

The research team plans to produce several publications of their study and will continue their research.


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  • vippy

    Now she will get tired of being in jail. Why don’t people think ahead?

  • Renee

    Wendy Staples needs to SHUT THE (expletive) UP!!!!! Enough said…

  • Drake Stevens

    I’m just gonna go ahead and say that I don’t believe this article is real in any way. Just sayin’.

  • BossLady

    As me being a single parent of three two girls and a boy my two girls was easy to potty train now my son it was hard as shit for me as a women and we dont have the same parts its took me four long yrs for him to get it togather was it hard yes the hell it was did i want to give up yes but i push me and my son to get it right i will NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS DO NOTHING TO HURT MY KIDS YOU IS YOUR CHILD FIRST TEACHER

  • Colleen A Williams

    Wait a minute.. WTF did the neighbor say. Someone please check on her children. I pray she was misquoted. That poor little girl- Soooo very Sad.

  • SJC

    So sad the 3 year old child died because that dickhead/mother doesn’t know how to look after her daughter.

  • N Carol Verhoff

    I was a single parent and it was difficult. No child support. If she found it to difficult she should have gotten some help. There’s a lot of it out there.

  • Linda Gentry

    God help us this is so evil. These people have these children why don’t they use birth control if they don’t want children. This is so demonic. I can’t understand how a mother could do this.

    • Jessica Cole

      Thats why we should have national acess to it, free for every woman who can’t afford it

      • Linda Gentry

        There is. They can go to the Health Departments and get free birth control. I worked in one for six years and they just don’t care a lot of them don’t


    Just a prime example of a millennial snowflake

  • ISeenItAll

    and the neighbors…………….

  • lulu

    Indeed well said, if she couldnt handle she could just give her to adoption or one of her family member. Killing the poor baby girl was to cruel. I am a single mom and it is hard, but I would Never hurt my kids, and worst NEVER take their lives.

  • Don

    Try not opening your legs for every ignorant breeder who knocks on your door …. wtf

  • Peter Michael Dushan

    Ok, first of all I don’t think petula was serious, even tho
    its not a laughing matter at all!!
    Second its very sad that this mother killed her 3 year old just because the poor thing couldn’t wipe her ass!!
    I agree with whoever said she should be choked to death! That should be the bitches penalty! And it should be done by the little girls father!
    He should choke her ever so slowly …making it a slow painful death!

  • Renee

    NO, it doesn’t just “happen” and NO, you don’t not abuse kids bc you’ll “go to jail”, you don’t abuse kids bc it’s unnecessary. What a piece of shit. Hope someone chokes the life out of her now.

  • ISIS

    “Wendy Staples, a neigbour told WPXI-TV: ‘You can’t abuse kids today because the first thing you going to do, you going to jail. You get in trouble.”…….is she foreal. Kids should never be abused. It should never be tolerated or justified. I have no remorse for child abuse. If some one is found guilty of abusing a child with all evidence adding up then they deserve no mercy. I agree with the state of Texas, all child abusers, traffickers, molestors, murderers etc… should immediately face death penalty. I don’t care how annoying my kids are, how stresses and financially broke I am , or that my son who’s 5 still requires my help wiping his butt, after pooping. That is no reason to abuse and dispose of your children. No one is perfect but when people choose to abuse ChildRen in any way , these evil people must suffer, die. Our governments too, they need to stop bombing other countries, many babies and children, die everday, because the people of this planet that govern just can’t seem to make peace , and make money more important than humanity. Sick fucks.

    • Kelli Mikulec

      I agree as well. My youngest wasn’t potty trained until 5 because she’s special needs. Is it hard? Heck yeah it is. Is it worth it? Absolutely. If you can’t handle having kids there are shelters, hospitals, even cps where you can drop them off. You don’t have to kill kids if you can’t handle it. Give up your rights to them and let them be taken in by someone that wants them if you don’t want them. “She probably didn’t mean to do that to her daughter, but it happens.” I hope the person that said that doesn’t have kids. That’s the stupidest thing in the entire article. People think a child is going to be murdered by her mother and she didn’t mean it? She meant it.

      • WR Brown

        My daughters teacher had to step in and potty train her it’s finally done after 4 long years!! My daughter is also special needs. Was I frustrated and tired yes!! Especially due to the fact that her sister is 13 months older so I had been changing diapers for almost 6 years straight. But there is no way in hell I would do anything to hurt my child she is my life!! This women deserves the death penalty no exceptions!!

        • Kelli Mikulec

          I agree. There is only 20 months between my youngest and her middle sister so I changed diapers/pullups for around 7 years not counting my oldest daughter who wore diapers until she was 2. So thankful my oldest and middle daughters potty trained pretty easy. I’ve done a ton of babysitting and worked in a state licensed nursery as well as a church nursery so I’ve changed more diapers in my life than I ever though possible. If I never change another I won’t feel a bit bad about it though.

    • Jeanita R Castille

      Exactly…my first thought to her comment was why did they even publish it…wow

    • Tamara Lee Harding

      That part of her statement I got…..She was saying abusing kids is never acceptable and will get you in trouble. It is something you just don’t do. Could have been worded better. The last statement from her was way out of line…..,”she probably didn’t mean to do that, but it happens”? WTF

    • Shon’tel Daley

      If this woman is black. I believe she was saying discipline. But considering that old school discipline is now considered abuse. She was being sarcastic with it if this is the case.

      • AVM

        Um. Regardless of whether she was being sarcastic or not, her comment was irrelevant to the case and not needed at all. This is about a “mother” murdering her three year old because she was a weak incompetent bitch. NOT about a woman disciplining her kids. Which, at three years old, you don’t need to use old school discipline on them anyway.

    • Robert C.

      Yeah, exactly. You shouldn’t abuse kids these days because you will get in trouble. Pretty much a different way to state the exact mindset that lead to the mother murdering the poor little girl. It’s not all about you, your problems, your wants or needs, when you have a child. It’s about them. She was 3. Who the hell could properly wipe themselves at 3 years old? I’m not advocating eugenics or anything like that, but some people should never have been capable of bringing another life into the world.

  • beverly mitchell

    Sad sad sad sad sad , she did the crazy things , and walked with people looking for the child and SHE KNEW all the time, where the child was and who did it . I have no remorseat all . Don’t waste taxpayers money on this , take her straight to the. Chair, needle , she should die just like her own child died at her hands…

  • Petula Cobblepot

    Seems fair, I mean if the kid can’t get THAT down, it’s not going to be able to acomplish much in life. It’s not like she killed her by lighting her on fire. She was humane about it.

    • Maureen Hughes

      trolling? Or are you really that disgusting of a human being? She was a fucking THREE YEAR OLD. As a parent, it’s your job to guide and teach your children what they need to learn to eventually become fully independent. That little girl didn’t ask to be born, it was her mother’s choice to bring her into this world, therefore her responsibility to care for. Part of the teaching/learning process is .. you guessed it, potty training! THE MOTHER’S RESPONSIBILITY! Worst of all, you actually think TAKING HER LIFE was justified because she hadn’t learned how to wipe properly yet? JESUS CHRIST I WISH I COULD STERILIZE YOU MYSELF.

      • beverly mitchell

        Maureen Hughes well said , thumbs up on ur comment. ..

      • Nicole Riannon Lewis

        Well said!!!!!

      • Jessica Cole

        If there’s a purge I hope she gets killed first, and in the most brutal way possible

    • beverly mitchell

      You sound stupid saying this about a child LEARNING . Your mom didn’t feel like killing you when u were only three , and didn’t get it right ,seriously , ur here posting stupid stuff.

    • Stephanie

      WOW Petula…..U’re just as much of a twisted psycho as the mom!!! I really hope u never have children cause if u do we’ll end up seeing your mug on the news for killing ur child!!!! Sick bitch!!

      • Jessica Cole

        someone should report her to cps NOW!!!

    • Melissa Marie Riley

      You are a very sick person. This child was 3 you are a disgrace and should never be allowed around children!

    • Dossey

      this fukin ass !

      • Dossey

        The baby was only 3!! she had a whole life ahead of her to live… and i hope u burn with her mother in hell !

        • Jessica Cole

          you don’t have to hope. She will for sure

    • habalady

      Please don’t reproduce

    • barbarajnorton

      apparently someone else realizes this is a parody lol.

    • omfg

      I can’t believe everyone thinks your comment was serious lol

      • Marigny Pellot

        Its nothing to joke about either theres something wrong with someone that takes serious incidents like these lightly and think its ok to joke on it. Get yourselves evaluated.

    • Bob the Lunatic


    • Briteni Rose Wright


    • Latrice Crittendon

      Humane about killing her child. There is nothing humane about this. That baby had yet to thrive and was an extension of her mother. How could you as a mother have the gift of bearing a child just to later to her life. She needs to be stoned I am normally against an eye for an eye but when you take a child’s life your just worthless air and a piece of S*** and should be treated as such.

    • Jessica

      I hope you never have children!! People like you are whats wrong with this world!!!

    • Esther Owusu

      How I wished your mom killed you for all the stupids things you have done and caused her . For u to say that , means your dusty self needs to be with the bitch as well . You clearly have no brains . such people like, your useless kind is still alive on this earth . I hope when u die ,U die alone so no one finds you , and by the time they do petula your body is rotten . N gets fed to vultures.

      • Jessica Cole

        heck yeah!

      • Petula Cobblepot

        Love you too, sweetie.

    • Marigny Pellot

      I hope you know that comments like this can be reported and put you under a scope . Not to bright are you?

      • Petula Cobblepot

        I hope you know that is not based on any reality we are living in. I am very bright, which is why I don’t have kids.

    • Terri Walker

      Really!?! I hope to God you don’t have kids! MONSTER

      • Petula Cobblepot

        OMG shut up miss judgmental and take a freaking joke.

    • Nicole Riannon Lewis

      What is wrong with you. This CHILD was only 3 YEARS OLD…. I prayer to god that U NEVER HAVE CHILDREN EVER!!! You are just as worse as this piece of shit of a mother. Potty training takes time and patience. I’m not a parent yet but I do have a nephew the same age this little girl was. And yet he got it after time. Please never ever have kids.

      • Petula Cobblepot

        lol, Yes I am just as worse.

        In reality, I think your sister is the worst, why were you potty training her son? You steal that baby or was she just to incompetent to raise him?

        • Nicole Riannon Lewis

          Just for your information I never said that I had a sister. But I take my rule as an aunt very seriously. Plus you think that this is funny and a joke well it’s not a three year old little girl is dead. If you think that my sister in law is incompetent then you need to look in the mirror cause that is you. FYI I love watching my nephews and niece that is what you do for your family.

          • Petula Cobblepot

            It IS a joke sweetie, and you didn’t get ANY of the ones made. I hope that anger felt good. XOXO.
            You totally should get some friends and maybe do something for yourself. You seem to have a lot of defense over watching a bunch of kids. I mean, you didn’t even make them.

          • Nicole Riannon Lewis

            OMG just stop because you have to realize not everything you have to say is a joke and there are some people who have opinions on the matter. I don’t have to justify what I do for my family to you. And it’s not any of your business either. So stop trying to say things as a joke because in reality it’s not.

    • Crystal Jassmine

      wow thats so sad i hope you dont have kids u dont kill your baby who u had a c section or pushed out n held for 9 months u dont kill them just cuz he or shes not gettin the hole potty training thing down as fast as some kids she was only 3 maybe she just turned 3 shes a baby a toddler how can u say if the kid cant get that down then her its ok to kill her um no wrong answer

      • Petula Cobblepot

        I would never have a c section. It’s epidural all the way. Although, I think I much prefer hiring a surrogate in India. (so much cheaper than the whiny American surrogates “I want this and this demand demand demand.” I mean the Indian lady is happy to have some food for a week,

        • omfg

          I love your special brand of sarcasm and humour. Not everyone has that…obviously LOL

    • Janice L Brown


      • ISeenItAll

        omg how in the world is this comment still here! I get deleted for far less! lol

      • Petula Cobblepot

        OMG you are funny. Not one for baby humor, i take it. I don’t have a daughter, I hate children. Then tend to get in the way, for me. I am sure you are super (although your kids probably freak out a lot ) If when i need to have a kid, I will have a nanny. It’s called planning for a family.

        Got my IUD and that’s good for me.

    • Laura Jo Reed

      Wow! No child in this type of situation should have died! The poor little baby was an innocent person! The mother knew exactly what she was doing. To even look for the child when she knew she did it. Sad sad sad! Some people can’t have children and would be happy to be able to potty train a child! Enough said im not gonna rant about it bc the mother deserves to rot in jail for her actions! The woman who did this better hope she is in protective custody while she is jailed bc plenty of people would and will make her life living hell, bc she deserves it! She needs Life without a chance to get out!

      • Petula Cobblepot

        I think it was our president who said “you think were all so innocent?” that baby had it coming.

        I can already imagine the outrage you have over that. LoL you deserve to rot in jail too, for being an uptight mother who spends all day online instead of watching her illegitimate kids.