87% of White women want to have sex with Black men, according...

87% of White women want to have sex with Black men, according to study


Rutgers University in New Rochelle, NJ, has concluded that approximately 87 percent of American White women have had or fantasize about having sexual relations with African American males. The study was conducted by the Sexual Sociological Endowment in the Cultural Histology department, at Rutgers University.

The study reveals that a whopping 87% of white women dream of having sex with a Black man and in some cases many already have. Interestingly enough, the same study says only 13% of white women said they would would marry and raise a family with a Black man. Of the 800 involved in the study, 8 percent said they have actually dreamed of having a threesome with Black men.

The fact that there is such a huge disparity between the number of white women who want to have sex with Black men versus those who would marry Black men, shows that many still have stereotypical view of Black men. Black men are seen as sexual masters in the bedroom but almost complete absent from the corporate boardroom.

So when it comes to sex, most white women would prefer a Black man but they look toward their own white men when they are looking for a provider.


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  • Terry

    Noah’s flood was local, not world wide. There is no proof that it was world wide. Even records of other civilizations proves that Noah’s flood was local. For a local flood you need high ground so that there is run off. If the flood was world wide, where would the water go? It can’t go up in the air. If Noah’s flood was world wide, then we would still be in it.

  • Diesel Trucker

    Believe what you will… The truth will come in the end. Mexican, black, white, asian etc will come together one day when we can stop judging based on what is fed to us by the media and books that OTHER people wrote. Then we can start to understand things for ourselves. If your still racist or think your race is better than another you obviously don’t think for yourself.

  • Terry

    Moses did not marry a black woman. If he did, then he was in direct violation of the scriptures. Ethiopia means sun burnt faces. Blacks don’t get sun burnt faces, only whites do. It was a name given to the Cushite people who were the descendants of Hams oldest son Cush. Ham was the youngest son of Noah who was white. Noah was perfect in his generation, Genes, blood line. He was pure blooded and a direct descendant of Adam who was white. Adam means white man blood in the face red. If Moses married a black woman, then why did the priest Phinahas kill the Israelite who was copulating with a woman of a different race. Phinahas should have killed Moses, or left the Israelite and the woman of a different race alone. God Yahweh condemns race mixing.


    White woman like any other woman look for strength in their men. White men a physically weaker than black men. They are soft, emotional, and boring. Black me are natural conquerors of white woman, if the white man did not have that economic boardroom advantage he would go extinct in one generation, a process which has already started.

    • EuropeanGuy

      Sorry dude i am eurasian caucasoid not gonna happen white nationalism is global anywhere white people live.even if there wont be whites i am sure rest of human races will destroy each other in less than 50 years over who rules europe russia exaustralia and excanada exusa humans gone from earth by 2100 frank fenner the scientist proves remember i am Greekarmenian thus part nonwhite white womans hotness and white mans hotness still at top also caucasoids of mideast and northafrica second coolest.

    • EuropeanGuy

      Whites are 900 million or 1000 million not gonna vanish overnight.other caucasoids beside them at least 500 600 million persian arabs berbers turks etc ! U are jealous europoids are the top humans on earth then american aboriginals and asians and blacks only at last !

    • Terry

      Actually, white women are staying a way from black men and for good reason. They first know that it is a direct violation of the scriptures to be with black man and to copulate with them (Deuteronomy 7), they know that they can get a lot of diseases from black men. Especially STD’s, and they know that black men are weaker then white men. White men will always be around because blacks need white men. Everything that blacks have is from whites. When whites are gone, blacks would starve into extinction. Look at South Africa. Now that it is in the hands of black power it is a pig stye. Blacks do not have the ability to manage anything. The process of eliminating black people is already starting. Black men are physically weaker then white men and to emotional. Black men are losing with white women because white women know that it is wrong to be with black men, and besides, they don’t want to be with stupid. That is why most race mixing is between blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. God Yahweh will preserve his people Israel who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. Black men are to weak and to diseased to last very long.

      • 1abcde

        Look no further than Detroit, Newark, Atlanta, Chicago, etc, where there is no white influence, but dominated and run by black folks. A cesspool!

        • Terry

          True, it is very easy to see the destruction that the black race always commit. If they cannot control their own emotions, then how can they control and maintain a city or a country? They can’t. That is why blacks have never built a nation, empire, or civilization. When they took over Egypt at the end of the last Egyptian dynasty, they lasted in power for only about 75 years. Then they got stupid and tried to take on Assyria. They got their asses handed to them. Whites eliminated them again. You ought to read the truth about the Tuskegee airmen. When they went on their first mission in 1942, they escorted B-17’s on a bombing run. When the German fighters appeared the Tuskegee airmen made an about face and left the scene. The B-17’s no longer had any air cover. Some B-17 pilots even said that members of the Tuskegee airmen went along side them, shook their wings up and down, saluted the B-17 pilots and retreated. The Tuskegee airmen were grounded until the last few months of WW II. Even then they lost 25 bombers, and the German’s had no fighters. The bombers were lost to ground to air cover.

        • Terry

          True. Wherever blacks rule corruption soon follows. Blacks are incapable of ruling under any laws because they are not God Yahweh’s people and the don’t have God’s laws in their hearts.

  • 1abcde

    Another faux survey conducted by liberals to make a minority group feel good about themselves.

    The fact of the matter is that black women fantasize about being with white men. Sex, security and overall well-being are what black women look for. That is why they want white men.

    Black men do not do foreplay. They aren’t into cunnilingus or look to satisfy their women. They are not, contrary to the myth, good sexual partners. Nor are they good providers compared with white men.

    Let’s see, what else can we make up to have black men not feel like failures? Oh, how about a new study that shows blacks have higher IQ’s than white people? Or blacks are great hockey players? Let’s just make things up to prop black men up.


      White men are weak, that lucky advantage you gained over other races during the industrial revolution is slowly fading away, we will breed you out of existence in due time.

      • 1abcde

        There are many white guilt ridden liberals that’s for certain. However, that’s changing. What lucky advantage? You mean smarts, ingenuity, work ethic? Something not found in many black communities.

        Blacks make up only 13%, at most, of the population. Outbreed? Well, you lead the U.S. in out of wedlock birthrates if that’s what you mean.

        Breeding whites out of existence is wishful thinking on your part.

        The black race, majority not all, are the mentally weak race. No work ethic, no sense of family, no role models. Pretty much failures. Great at placing blame on white people though.

        • tiffany

          WELL… how do you honestly think we got in the situation we are in??? Could it have anything to do with the 400 yrs of slavery? Oppression??? If not then come so many of my black fam from Africa come over here so well educated and with high marriage rates? They are black people that were never oppressed…. There is your answer…

          • 1abcde

            Baby, slavery had been going on for over a thousand years before a white man ever stepped foot on that continent. In fact, slavery still goes on today in black Africa.

            Many Nigerians come to America and prosper, but American blacks who’ve been in this country for hundreds of years can’t assimilate.

            The problems that plague the black community have nothing to do with white people. You have a 74% out of wedlock birthrate in the black community, 50% of black households are fatherless, etc.

            There is your answer…

            Stop blaming everyone else for your own pathology’s.

          • tiffany

            For one I am NOT you baby.. Are you some kind of pervert? So basically it not the color of ones skin that determines who will be successful or or not is the systematic oppression that caused the damage in the black community… Whites have basically had a 400 yr head start and yes some parts of Africa DID have slaves… If you read the bible you will see that my creator is not against the idea of slavery… Everyone had slaves back then. Slaves were treated as servants. They weren’t violate, beaten, hanged, raped, castrated, or toured the way the europeans did. They didn’t hang mother’s and cut babies out of the mothers wombs. They didn’t use the slave babies as bate to capture alligators. They didn’t rape children and boys either. Anybody who was poor or a criminal could be a slave back then and it wasn’t based on being an inferior race as your family created… Racism did not exist back then. There were strict rules that one needed to follow to have slaves. Also you could not be born into slavery. SO an innocent child being born to a slave mother would not just automatically become a slave just because the mother was black. Also there was just a 7 yr servitude for the slaves. After that the slave would be set free. If you were fortunate enough to purchase a slave the slave would still have some rights unlike what the europeans did to us. To treat a human being in they way the whites did, is unforgivable. And just think this was the standard treatment for black people in this entire country! You would need to be satan himself to treat anyone like that.

            We just got our civil right less than 60 yrs ago… Which means a white man could rape a black women lynch a black man, oppress us and bomb our communities all up until that point with NO justice served… Much of it is still happening today. Blacks still haven’t received any payment not even a public apology… All we got is a bunch of white people without sympathy pointing fingers at the past and telling us to get over it…All of the pain is still in our hearts… The damage still in our communities… I have many family members who had to sit on the back of the bus and use “colored” restrooms. The white male success is what should be expected considering the fact that they stole from everyone else to get to where they are today.

          • 1abcde

            The only oppression in the black community is caused by other blacks. Whites don’t get involved in the black community. In fact, take a look at cities across the country that have been run and dominated by black politicians for decades such as: Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Atlanta, St. Louis, etc. All with black politicians, black mayors, black chief’s of police, black school superintendents and on and on. Take a look. The schools are failures, the streets are crime ridden, they are drug infested cesspools with zero white influence.

            You’ve been indoctrinated your entire life by black and white democratic liberals.who don’t give a sh*& about you other than want your vote.

            The Bible? You certainly don’t act like a Christian.

            You have no clue about your own history. Slavery has been going on since the beginning of time through every race and every culture. The first slaves where white people called “Slavs”. Slavery in Africa went on for thousands of years with black tribal leaders capturing and torturing blacks from other tribes. Black tribal leaders invited Europeans to sell their slaves for goods. Are your ancestors liable?

            yes, black tribal leaders raped and beat their slaves and held them in chains.

            BTW, it was over 300,000 white boys who died on the battlefield to abolish slavery. That’s equivalent to over 1 million in today’s time. It was white Christians who abolished slavery while Arab Muslims continued the slave trade for over a hundred years. The Muslim Arab slave trade was much more brutal and lasted much longer than the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. They would cut the testicles out of the black slaves so they couldn’t breed which, is why you don’t see many blacks in Arab Muslim countries.

            Slavery wan’t about racism. It was about getting labor.

            Blacks don’t need whites to hold them down. Blacks do a good enough job of that themselves. You kill each other off in record numbers. You kill, rape and rob each other and commit more violent crime than whites and Hispanics combined.

            Whites invented much, if not all, of what you use today.

            Educate yourself.

          • tiffany

            LOL you must have learned your history from another white supremacist… You probably think Jesus was a white Jew from the middle east and Santa was a jolly obese white guy with reindeer. You probably think that white supremacist Abraham Lincoln wanted to end slavery because he felt bad for those poor black people and the civil war was because all of the kind white people having sympathy for those poor black slaves… You probably celebrate Columbus day as the day that the pilgrims sat down and made friends with the “Indians” over dinner and consider that Columbus heathen some hero. HAHAHA!!!! LMAO! You know white people did not even exist until about 6k yrs ago… Europe is just a baby compared to Africa, We had civilizations in Africa long b4 that. WE invented math, chemistry and astronomy before your race even existed… And just because their was slavery in other countries in other times does not discredit what had been done to blacks here in America. This is just your deflection… Whites have stolen and rewrote history because they have killed entire nations, NATIONS with the (s) . I don’t sound like a christian because I’m not one of the typical white supremacists christians that you are accustomed to…. Anyway I will not waste my time arguing with delusional white supremacist such as yourself… I realize that you people will always be stuck in your small minds. All will come to the light in the end so we will just have to wait and see…

          • 1abcde

            Jesus was most certainly a Jew. Oh, let me guess you study Black Liberation Theology aka anti white anti American.

            Yes, Europe is a baby compared to Africa yet Europe is 10 times more advanced. Africa with the worlds most available resources is a cesspool. Let me guess you celebrate Kwanza and actually think it’s a real holiday?

            Blacks in America have been giving every entitlement and hand out and they still can’t get their act together.

            You’re delusional. A racist.

            But I’d probably still throw you a bone.

          • tiffany

            Let me guess you have studied the white washed version of history… Pls go and purchase yourself a nice white hood since your race is so great… I guess finally giving us civil rights less than 60 yrs ago was some kind of hand out… WE built this country for free! And all we got was what hand out again? Assumptions really make an ass out of you… My family never celebrated Kwanza. My Nigerian family is actually full of medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, college professors and entrepreneurs… Im also pretty well off myself. I never waited for white america to give me a damn thing… You are so uninformed, your ignorance is truly fascinating yet your judgment for things you don’t even understand is exactly what I would expect from a racist like yourself… Anyway I have no more time to waste on idiots like you so…

          • 1abcde

            White Christian history is what built this country. You’re ancestors were busy hunting rabbits when we inventing medicine. You don’t like American history too bad. It is what it is. You built nothing.

            Blame your ancestors for your failure they sold you off into slavery. So, in one breath you comment on how well off you are and in the next you’re complaining that blacks can’t make it. LMAO.

            If America is so racist where is the mass exodus of blacks? Are you gluttons for punishment? Fact of the matter is blacks have more wealth and prosperity here in America than anywhere on this earth and yet, you still complain.

            The Mexicans jumping the border have assimilated faster than American blacks and they’ve been here for 5 minutes. You’re a nothing but a racist militant. You call yourself a Christian then brag about sleeping with white and black men. You must be all class. I’m sure guys can’t wait to show you off to their mother. LMAO

            The problems that plague the black community are problems they have brought on themselves. 74% out of wedlock birthrate, over 50% fatherless homes. Are white people forcing teenage black girls to have kids? You know what I’m talking about I’m sure you were pregnant by 16 yrs old. Let me guess you were on welfare to. Sit your sorry ghetto azz down girlfriend. Learn some history, not that propaganda you leftist’s put out.

      • Terry

        Actually black men are weak and are failing very very fast. That have many diseases, and 50% of black women have AIDS. Blacks will never breed white men out simply because blacks have already been breeded out. 98% of blacks in the U.S. are hybrids. That means that they have been breaded out. very soon blacks will have one of three options. 1) submit to God Yahweh and his people Israel who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today, 2) Go back to Africa (there is already a movement among African Americans to do this), or 3) be slaughtered. Those are your choices, and I suggest that you choose wisely. You cannot win the race war that is coming. Blacks are already being eliminated by their own people. You don’t want to have to face the real warriors who are the white men.

    • tiffany

      As a black woman I can honestly say that most black women aren’t interested in white men and the ones that are aren’t interested in white men for the sex… Sex with a white man is honestly nothing to look forward to.. Now maybe stability and financial security is a white man’s high point. But what would you expect when whites have used black men as stepping stools for the past 400 yrs…If black men were never oppressed by the white man… black men would literally have NO competition… Black man is stronger by nature and that beautiful glowing skin that seems to never age is simply unmatchable. Not to mention black men also just seem to have overall higher testosterone levels. I mean when is comes to protection, nobody comes close… POINT BLANK!!! EVERYONE FEARS A STRONG BLACK MAN… EVEN A WHITE COP WITH A GUN IS STILL AFRAID OF HIM… The white man’s (D) is NOT even up to par with Asian IMO so he is defiantly not getting in the business of a black man’s sex game… So whatever your black GF told you she was just trying to flatter you.

      • 1abcde

        Hey sweetheart,

        I can tell you I’m an Italian American. Black women have always found me attractive. Especially my bowed legs. And in turn I find black women very sexy. No need to get defensive and angry.

        How have whites used black men as stepping stools? Come on let’s be real here. Anyone who fears a black man it’s because there is a good chance they will have a gun pointed to their face. Is that what you mean by being strong?

        Yes, people fear black men. I agree. And for good reason since they commit the overwhelming amount of violent crime in this country.

        And I’ll match myself up in the sex game with any man black or white.

        • tiffany

          Have you had sex with a black man??? How do you know what their sex is like. Ive had partners both black and white and I will say the white male penis is NOTHING to brag about… Its funny they find your bow legs attractive. Meanwhile I find those birth defects discussing… According to the the NFL, NBA and swell as the olympics all seem favor the black male strength… They are undoubtably stronger than while males on average… This is scientific FACT! Any black women that would be attracted to a white supremacist such as yourself is broken mentally… Maybe thats the kind of BW you look for to appease you weak white male ego… If you come on blogs like this to bash the black race I can assure you that you probably could not handle the strength of a TRUE black Queen.

          • 1abcde


            Too funny. I’ve had sex with white and black women and I’ve been told by numerous black women that the blacks don’t have a monopoly on big penises. They have had white guys with big and small and black guys with big and small. You’ve slept with white guys? I doubt it. You hate white people. Why would you sleep with a white guy?

            You find bow legs disgusting? LOL. Seriously, you’re making me LMAO.

            Hockey, MMA, baseball, strongman competitions favor whites. If you’re saying blacks are stronger than whites and it’s a scientific fact can you cite any credible peer reviewed studies to indicate that? In addition, are you then willing to accept all the studies that indicate blacks are inferior intellectually than whites?

            What makes you think I’m a white supremacist? I hate those people. Just like I hate black radical racist’s.

            I’m glad you consider yourself a black queen. Don’t be a hater sweetheart.

          • tiffany

            LOL I do tend to gravitate towards men without deformed legs. Does that surprise you? As I stated b4, I have had white sexual partners.. None of which were impressive… Ive known about the white male tiny penis issue long b4 I decided to date a white male. Most white men already know about this… Its no secret!!! LMFAO! yes and there are some black men with smaller sizes as well as there are some whites with larger… I am referring to the average… An no I don’t hate white ppl. I just dislike white ppl like you. Your racism is so casual that you don’t even notice it… A white man that I’d talk to would for one be aware of the issues and disfunction in the black communities… He’d also have an understanding of how it got that way instead of assuming its just because we’re all just mostly lazy… criminals… because we’re black. You came on this blog just to troll black men and the black race. YOU are the hater… I seriously doubt you’ve dated any confident/intelligent/proud black women because I’m pretty sure she would not have you… and you could not handle her. Besides, you mentioned in another comment that half of us have AIDS anyway. Hockey, MMA, baseball, strongman competitions all just sport white people like… They aren’t even popular aside from baseball. The second that blacks get hokey rinks in ghettos, is the second blacks will dominate the sport… Just like Serene in tennis. One black girl decides to pay and totally rules the game… We are just stronger naturally. And yes Im willing to accept that Amerikkkan studies have shown whites have higher IQ’s on average… But that just goes back to a number of other factors that you’d rather not consider… I know that My African families come over here with Masters degrees and above. If Black American’s came over here in the same manner we’d be no different.

          • 1abcde

            Tiffany you haven’t slept with any white men. And the biggest penises in the world have been white men like John Holmes and the white guy that got stopped in the airport because they thought he had something in his pants. He was 13.5 inches. He’s white. How would you know what the average is? Whatever it is I can assure you I’m well above average. But penis size doesn’t make a good lover nor does it make someone a man.

            I’ve had women tell me they’ve been with guys with large penises and they weren’t very good at all. Either they couldn’t get completely hard or they were one and done.

            You are absolutely wrong and you have no clue about me. I came on this site and saw how some white guilt ridden liberal who probably wrote this article is pandering to black folks. I don’t like liberals white or black. No troll here.

            Please! I’ve had my share of black women. I happen to have an attraction to black women. You are the hater.

            So, in other words you can’t cite any credible peer reviewed studies to back up your absurd claim.

            “Amerikkkan” Yes, the Democratic party is the party of the KKK. Is that your party?

          • tiffany

            SO are you just really going to sit here and tell who I’ve slept with? Like I said b4 people like you are just delusional. Nothing and nobody could talk since into your head… And what would would be your issue with a white woman “pandering” to the black race if that is her sexual preference???? The issue is deep within your mind.. You are disgusting… Not worth the dust on shoes…

          • 1abcde

            Oh, so I shouldn’t make assumptions about you, but it’s ok for you to do it. Typical black militant.

            Pandering as in lying and making things up to have a minority group feel good about themselves. That’s pandering. The issue with interracial dating is fine. What I’ll call people out on is propaganda like the title of this article, which is nonsense. Nothing more than trying to make a minority feel good about themselves.

  • Terry

    Not true, most white women do not want to have sex with black men. They don’t want to be with the beasts of the field. Besides, interracial relations and sex is a direct violation of the scriptures. Most white women know this, and that is why most interracial marriages and dating is between blacks and Hispanics, Asians, and so forth.

    • Michael Pershing

      Have you read chapter 12 of Numbers? Both Aaron and Miriam had a beef with Moses. He had married an Ethiopian woman, a black woman. God had no quarrel with Moses over this, but he had quite a big one against them. In the end, God was gracious to only afflict Miriam with leprosy for only seven days. Both Aaron and her got off light.

      When the children of Israel went into the land of Canaan, that was a different matter entirely. They weren’t permitted to marry them at all, and for a very specific reason. The worship of idol, false Gods. Israel was not to learn the ways of those God himself was casting out of the land, but to marry an African was acceptable, as were any of the other middle eastern people, and European and asians were all acceptable to marry. All this is written in the law of Moses, so your thought, or your conclusions about interracial relationships are not supported by Scriptures. There are racist ministers who will argue this, and poorly. That said, it’s your prerogative to believe whatever you will, but please leave God out of it. I know it helps you to feel what you feel is right, but that doesn’t make it so.

      • Terry

        The Ethiopians were not black. Ethiopian comes from the Greek and it means sun burnt faces. It was describing the Cushite people who are the direct descendants of Ham, who was the youngest son of Noah. Ham was a white man, and so were his descendants. Blacks do not get sun burnt faces, whites do. Moses was married to a white woman that came from the land of Cush who were called Ethiopians because they would get sun burnt faces. Again, blacks do not get sun burnt faces, whites do. God condemns race mixing, and Moses would not be a race mixer (I refer you to Numbers 25, when the priest Phinahis killed an Israelite who was with a woman of a different race). Aaron and Mariam were arguing with Moses because of his leadership, and because he went outside of the Israelite camp for a woman. True Israel are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. White people are the descendants of Noah through Adam. All of Noah’s sons were of the white race. Ziporah, whom Moses married, was a white woman, a descendant of Ham.

        Marrying and African was not acceptable. That is race mixing and it destroys the blood line. Europeans and Asians were not acceptable to marry. God condemns race mixing (Deuteronomy 7, and even Deuteronomy 23:2-3 states that a bastard shall not enter into the congregation of Yahweh up to his tenth generation or forever.” the Hebrew word mistranslated as Bastard is Mamzer. It literally means mongrel or hybrid. So Deuteronomy 23:2-3 actually says, “A hybrid or mongrel shall not enter into the congregation of Yahweh up to his tenth generation or forever.” The off spring of blacks and whites are mongrels, and God condemns the union and marriage.

        The laws of Moses condemns race mixing. the sixth commandment literally says though shalt not fornicate, commit adultery, or race mix. God wants the races to be separated. Race mixing is not acceptable to God Yahweh. My conclusions about interracial relationships ARE supported by Scriptures, but your conclusions are not supported by Scriptures.

        You need to keep God out of it since you are a race mixer and you are defying God Yahweh’s laws. There is no place in the bible where race mixing is acceptable. God Yahweh condemns race mixing.

        • Michael Pershing

          It does mean “sun burnt faces.” What do you think that means, exactly? It is discriptive of having the appearance of being charred. I suppose you thought it meant “red faced,” like Native Americans. And, of course, they’re descendants of Ham. All the peoples and races of the earth were borne of the three sons of Noah. Do you somehow think blacks and asians were not?

          And Ham was not the youngest son. He was the second born. The order they are written is their order of birth: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. He was demoted below Japheth, the youngest, from whom the white races sprang, for transgressing against his father. As a white male, this gives me no comfort, being a descendant of the youngest. Shem had the blessing. He was the firstborn, and that’s the line from which Abram, renamed Abraham, sprung, and afterward our Lord and Savior.

          Just so as you know, black people do suffer from sun burn. They just tan very well.

          Moses did marry a black woman, But you can think as you will. That’s your right.

          Now King David’s grandfather married a woman which should have prohibited David from entering the temple. You know the story of Ruth, the Moabitess. God didn’t seem to mind there, either. Boaz’s grandson became King of Israel.

          But you may think as you will.

          Now following other gods, mere idols of stone and wood, was altogether a different matter. The children of Israel quickly fell into worship of other gods, mainly from marrying the women of the land.

          This was Balaam’s plan. He instructed that no enchanted could work against Israel, so long as they were not corrupted into following other gods. Well establish customs and religions have a certain draw. So the people of the land willingly gave them their daughters, all in an effort to corrupt their ways. It worked. It’s effects have rippled through history, even well into the future.

          But Boaz did not have a problem with Ruth. She didn’t corrupt her husband or her children with her pagan ways. She accepted God as the only true God. David, her grandson’s faith may have actually been strengthened by her conversion. So interracial marriages don’t always have ill effects.

          Like I said, as a white male, this gives me no comfort. In this regard, I would prefer to be of the line of Shem, but there are many negatives to that. That’s why they refer to racist as being anti-semitic. Sem in semetic refers to Shem and his descendants. Jews are specifically targeted the most among this group, from which Jesus our Lord came.

          But you can believe as you will.

          You don’t find whites in the middle east, you find olive colored skin. Whites come from the less direct sunlit Northern climates, and skins get darker as you go south, until you find the darkest in southernmost African. The sun is very hot, and very direct there. The only caucasians there are Europeans.

          I truly wish your conclusions truly were supported by scriptures, instead of racist propaganda. There’s a lot of bad info out there, and we should seek out the truth always. That’s our duty as children of God; that, and to love one another.

        • Dimitri Andre

          ethiopians are and were black and greeks were black to just thousands of years of inter breeding produce what we have in greece today

          • Terry

            No, Ethiopian means sun burnt faces. The Cushite people, who were the sons of Noah’s youngest son Ham, were called Ethiopian because they were white. Greeks were not black, they were of the white race and still are. Most inter breeding comes from the black race, who also love to pork cows, sheep, and goats. Greece was never black. They are of the white race.

          • Terry

            Ethiopians were not black. Where did you get that from? The Cushites, who were the descendants of the oldest son of Ham who was white, were called Ethiopian by the Greeks. Ethiopian means sun burnt faces. Blacks don’t get sun burnt faces, whites do. The Cushites were the direct descendants of ham who was the youngest son of Noah who was white.Noah was the direct descendant of Adam who was white. Adam means white man show blood in the face, to blush red, to be fair with a ruddy complexion. Only white people get sun burnt faces, blacks do not. Ethiopians were not originally black and they, and the Greeks, were not black because of thousands of years of inter breading. Where did you get this nonsense from? there is nothing in history, the bible, or archaeology that can prove your contentions. Besides, if the Ethiopians and Greeks were black because of thousands of years of inter breeding, then they would no longer be black, and they would have a high capacity for mental illness. So what you are actually saying is that blacks are mentally ill. Well apparently so, since you believe such nonsense that isn’t proved by any factual evidence. The Cushites (Ethiopians) and the Greeks were of the white race.

          • Dimitri Andre

            Yes they were black just some or most of them got lighter over the 2000 plus years thru migrations/invasions of central Asians(white people) like turks, huns, scthyians , etc over the 200plus years in series of waves. However for the most part there are ‘black people’ in the general sense. Using the bible to prove your point makes you mentally ill lol

          • Terry

            NO, they were white people. Noah was white, a direct descendant of Adam who was white. There is so such thing as people getting lighter over the 2,000 plus years. You are mentally ill by not using the bible. That is why you are making such stupid statements. Your intelligence is pretty low if believe the stupid stuff that you are saying. There is nothing in the bible, history, Archaeology, or Science will back you up. You are truly mentally ill. Your going to have to get off that crack.

          • Michael Pershing

            It doesn’t really mean red.

            האדמה (ad-aw-maw) soil, country, earth, land: derived from the soils basic redness;
            האד (aw-dawm) ruddy

            (Both of these, by the way, are from Gen. 2:19. The first is translated as ground, and it is from whence the latter’s name is derived, Adam.)

            This root and even the very name of Adam itself is used throughout the entire Hebrew text to refers to mankind in general: man, men mankind, and people. 1 Chronicles uses only the root האד as Adam’s name in the genealogy, though this isn’t usually the case.

            Adam and all mankind are called this because they come from the earth. You may want to check this out. All this supports is a one family theory. It doesn’t support all האד as being all white. As you know, it doesn’t even mean white; that is, unless you think the earth is white. It also means soiled, dirty, defiled, and common. And none of this sounds too good to me, especially as a white as can be Caucasian from, of course, European descent.

            So you do have an alternative origin for all other races. Again, I really don’t want to hear it, even though I am fairly certain I know what you would say.

          • Terry

            No, Adama comes from Adam. It literally man who tills the ground. Adam is not from Gen. 2:19, Adam is from Genesis 2:7, “And YAHUAH ELOHIYM formed the man (Adam, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance #120 from #119, white man to show blood in the face red) of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living soul.

            I have checked it out. You might to do some studying. Adam literally means white man blood in the face red. Adam does not mean soil, dirty, defiled, and there is white earth. Not all mankind is called Adam because not all mankind came from Adam. Only white people came from Adam.

            Adam means white. It means white man, ruddy, to show blood in the face, and besides there is such a thing as white earth. All man kind is not called Adam, only white people are called Adam. Other people or other races are called iysh and Enosh. Blacks are called iysh, not Adam.

            Of course you don’t want to hear it. You don’t want to hear the truth. Adam is the father of the white race and the white race only. Adam does not come from Genesis 2:19 it comes from Genesis 2:7 where it specifically states that God created Adam, the white man, from the dust of the ground ( Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance #6083 From #6080 )

            #6083 – aw-fawr – Dust, powder or gray; clay powder or earth. Mud ash, earth, ground, morter, powder, rubbish.

            #6080 – aw-far – primary root. meaning to be either gray or perh. rather to be pulverized, to be dust.

            Only Adam #120 or #121 is used in Genesis, not the word for dust #6083 or #6080.

            Genesis 5:1, “This is the book of the generations of Adam (#121, name of the first man. From #120 – from #119 – ruddy, a human being a species, mankind. #119 To show blood in the face, ruddy, to flush or turn rosy, be died made red, rosy. Only white people turn rosy and are able to blush. .

            Other races were created before Adam, and science even proves this.

          • Michael Pershing

            Adam is called adam simply because he was taken out of the ground. It had nothing to do with color. Dust to dust. And what is clay? Water mixed with dust until it takes a solid form and is workable.

            The real story is how God breathed into the man’s nostrils and he became a living soul. That’s spiritual. He was now not only a living creature but also an eternal spiritual being. That means man has an eternal destiny. That’s the primary difference between man and all the creatures of the earth, which were also taken out of the ground.

            Still, man was carnal. That’s why the nature of sin and error dwells within him. In order to take on true immortality, man must become transformed. Presently the life is in the blood. That has to change. Life must be in the spirit. That is the form Jesus, the second man, has taken. All must taken on this form. Our immortally will either be with him on the new earth and new heaven, or in the lake of fire with Satan and the angels who followed him into damnation, which is the second death.

          • Terry

            NO, Adam means white man blood in the face red. (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance #119 and #120). There is no question about this. It has everything to do with color. There was no farming at the time and Adam (the first white man in this creation) was formed from the ground because he was going to be the tiller of the field and a farmer. Who farms today? white people do. What is white dust?? Diatomaceous Earth.

            Only white people are God breathed. Only white people have souls and are living souls. True Israel are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. Jesus only came for the lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24). He didn’t come for all people. Universalism is not in the bible. Genesis 5:1 even states, “This is the book of Adam (the white man) and his generation, genes, genome, blood line.” All other races were not created in Adam or by Adam, only the white race was created in Adam and by Adam. There is nothing in the bible that supports your views.

            Also, sin was not found in man, it was found in Lucifer. (Isaiah14 Ezekiel 28). If man was carnal, and if sin was found in him, he would not be redeemable. True Israel, the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today sins from the outside, not from the inside. IF he sinned from the inside, he wouldn’t be redeemable. Satan is not redeemable and neither are his people the Jews. The book of Obadiah talks about the destruction of the Jews.

          • Michael Pershing

            The Persian Empire became Christian in the fourth century. That was a few years prior to the Roman Empire doing the same. Three centuries later a man named Muhammad, claiming himself to be the son of man, whom Jesus said would come. He proclaimed his followers to be “true Israel.”

            Fast forward to the twentieth century and we find an abridged Aryan history, which was a Caucasian race. The leader of this movement proclaimed a message not dissimilar from that of Muhammad. The Jews were cast off and to be destroyed, and his people were “true Israel.” He even derived the idea for the Third Reich from Christ’s Millennial reign, which, in essence, also proclaimed himself to be Christ.

            Well, since I don’t think you to be of Persian descent, I wonder where you get your ideas, and why you so highly esteem descendants of Japheth, son of Noah, and not his other sons.

            Do you know where anti-Semitic comes from? Sem is Shem, son of Noah. It is a theology directed against Noah’s firstborn son, Shem, and his direct descendants, from which Abraham, Isaac, Jacob came. Jesus’ own father was a descendant of King David. That’s because the blessing was on Noah’s firstborn.

            Since I don’t think you are proclaiming the message of Muhammad, it seems you may be proclaiming the message of the latter false christ, that of the Aryan’s.

            The actual history of Aryan’s is kind of interesting. They migrated east as far as India. They brought their religion with them. A horse was their sacred animal. They taught it to the people. The Indians apparently accepted it because after the Aryans departed, they created their own version of the Aryan caste system. The Indians chose cows to be sacred. The giving of milk seems to have been more important to their ancestors than the strength of the horse. But making cows sacred wasn’t very well thought out. The result was starvation and poverty.

            Nothing good comes from Aryan theology.

            And every nation seeking to destroy the children of Jacob shall find themselves destroyed. Only Israel is true Israel!

          • Michael Pershing

            I read your article by Rich Deem. The idea of a local flood which kills out only one family, that of Adam, is ludicrous. Localized floods must occur in lowlands, and that’s why, though they may kill some, they don’t kill everybody. They are survivable. There is no way all other lines of Adam would have been destroyed if that were the case. So Noah’s lineage would have no significance. They would just mingle, and I know how much you hate that thought.

            Neither would spending so many years building an ark be necessary. Just leave the area! Go out! Depart! That’s what Lot did to escape a local destruction. And there would be no need to bring any animals aboard, either. Their survival wasn’t at risk.

            But if a 17,000 foot mountain is covered by water, then sea level had to rise over 17,000 feet high. That would be global, even though there are many mountains taller than that in the world. And the flood rose much higher than that, and that did threaten the very existence of land animals. So the ark was necessary to preserve life.

            If there were other homo sapiens, unrelated to biblical Adam, husband of Eve, then they would have revered Adam and his offspring as gods. (Adam was actually one of them. God breathed into his nostrils, and he became a living soul. He was then placed in the garden to tend to it, until he returned where he was born. So he was diverse from even his own family, much the same way Jesus is diverse from his own.) These homo sapiens would have had short life spans, as opposed to those who seemed nearly immortal. Yes, they would have been gods among men. Stories would have told of them. Perhaps embellishments of their lives and loves have been handed down to us. But then that world came to an abrupt end. A watery grave.

            But stories of old never really die. So long as there remains a storyteller, the stories of old shall be retold.

            I have always wondered about the wives of Noah and his sons. As important as they are to man’s progeny, not one of them is named. I am sure you wish to think they were all white, as you couldn’t bear to think of them being anything else. Nevertheless, all nation descended from these three sons and their wives, as well as all races.

            A crazy theory, huh?!

            There is only one race: THE HUMAN RACE.

          • Terry

            No, Adam means white man blood in the face red. Adamah comes from Adam, not the other way around. It literally means white man who tills the ground. Only white people farm. Only Adam, the white man, became a living soul.

          • Michael Pershing

            Of course you think it does, because that is all you can accept. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a closed mind is a waste. That is what comes from all forms of racism.

            And only white people farm? That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Different cultures may cultivate different crops, but nearly all cultures farm. The exceptions are those who get all they require from hunting and gathering the fruits and vegetables that grow wild. Farming is borne out of necessity. If there be no necessity, then there will be no farming.

            Don’t think you are alone; racism exists within every culture. People are people wherever you go. And there are always some who believe their race to be superior. That only proves, for better or for worse, people are people. All are blood bearing and all are soul bearing. The flood made absolute sure of that.

            There is only one race: THE HUMAN RACE.

          • Michael Pershing

            What’s interesting about you bringing science into it is science can prove mankind preexisted the biblical Adam, who lived a mere six thousand years ago. But if this is so, then Adam’s children also intermingled with them. Their offspring became men of renown, and the earth would have been filled with violence because of them. Oh, wait! that was what happened. And God repented that he had made them, and he wiped them all out with a terrible flood. Only Noah, his wife, and his three sons, and their three wives lived through it. These repopulated the earth. There were no others.

            The DNA from the aformentioned intermingling remained, as did stories from their pre-flood histories. Not only were there Noah’s three sons DNA, but also their three wives DNA to create diversity. They attempted not to spread out over the face of the whole earth, but that was in opposition to God’s will. You know this. Soon the different families were not even able to understand one another, and they began dispersing. They left off building the tower, which ended up being called Babel, because language became confused. And the rest, they say, is history.

            I am sure you like this possible history even less, even though it is an easy explanation as to why races evolved so quickly after the flood!

            There was a flood! Those races you think were apart from the line of Adam would have also been destroyed. Period.

          • DeVaughn Holt

            White folks are not from Israel they’re from the caucus Mountain that’s why they are
            called Caucasian

          • Michael Pershing

            Am I supposed to disagree with you?

            The youngest son of Noah, Japheth, migrated into the north country. The Caucus Mountains would have been the natural route to travel, as they wouldn’t have to cross water into Greece. And they are white, of course.

            Israel was borne of Noah’s firstborn, Shem, as were all the people of the middle east, for they had the right to possess the land of their heritage, being firstborn. The only exception was a tiny population in what is now Palestine. These where holdovers from Ham’s migration. They didn’t wish to go anywhere. Nothing has really changed. They still refuse to go. And all the children of Shem are relatively light skinned. Olive.

            Jews living in the north are indistinguishable from Caucasian. White is white, right? Even so, they still are afflicted with anti-semitism, which is discrimination against the descendants of Shem as a whole.

            If the Jews are truly cast off, it is but for a moment. When the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, the Jews shall be re-grafted into the kingdom of God. That is why no matter how grandiose the efforts are to destroy them they shall never succeed. Then shall the children of Jacob become a nation of priests to all nations. This shall happen after all the nations gather them out of their lands, for the purpose of presenting them to the victor of the battle at Armageddon. They may be kicking and screaming as they travel, but they will nevertheless finally say: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord: for they shall see with their own eyes their Messiah.

            So Jew bashing isn’t healthy, either. Yet there is not one nation which shall not burden herself upon this stone.

            The children of Ham also migrated. We are told they occupied the territories to the south.

            It remains unclear, from a biblical account, who fathered the Asians. Some say it was Noah himself. I do not. Ham’s heritage would be too small if it just encompassed Africa. I think those who didn’t wish to migrate into Africa’s climate would have instead turned eastward. Ham’s progeny may have the greatest population as a result.

          • DeVaughn Holt

            Noah was not white Noah was an albino

          • Terry

            You are mentally ill since you don’t use the bible to make your point. No, they were not black. Adam was not black, he was a white man and he was created separately from blacks. Since you don’t use the bible, you really have some mental issues. Even science backs up the bible. History and Archaeology do to. Blacks and whites are different and they are to be separated. God Yahweh condemns race mixing, and yo will be held accountable for it.

          • Terry

            No, Ethiopia was not black. Ethiopia was the name given to the Cushite people who were the descendants of Ham’s oldest son Cush. Ham was a white man, he was the youngest son of Noah. God Yahweh condemns race mixing. Deuteronomy 7 and Deuteronomy 23:2-3. Ethiopia in the Greek means sun burnt faces. Blacks don’t get sun burnt faces, only whites do. Race mixing is condemned by God Yahweh.

      • Terry

        Just because he married an Ethiopian woman that doesn’t mean that she was black, she wasn’t. God Yahweh condemns race mixing. You better read chapter 25 of Numbers where the priest Phinahas killed an Israelite that was with a woman that was of another race. He also killed the woman. God Yahweh condemns race mixing. Moses was white and so was the Ethiopian woman Zipporah. Ethiopia was what the Greeks called the Cushite people. Ethiopia means sun burnt faces. Blacks don’t get sun burnt faces, whites do.The Cushite people were the descendants of Ham’s oldest son Cush who was white. Ham was the youngest son of Noah who was white. Noah was the direct descendant of Adam who was white. Adam means white man blood in the face red, to be able to blush, to be fair and ruddy (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance #119 and #120). God Yahweh created kind after its own kind and with seed within itself ( Genesis 1 and 2). The Bible is about the descendants of Adam (Genesis 5). Adam is the father of the white race in this creation.

        • tiffany

          Since when has an Ethiopian not been black??? Its the continent of Africa for God’s sake you delusion idiot! You just mold the words on the bible to fit your agenda instead of reading it with your hear…

      • Terry

        No Ham was the youngest and he was a white man. The bible is only about the white race (Genesis 5:1). Noah was perfect in his generation, genes, genome, blood line. He was the direct descendant of Adam and Adam means to show blood in the face, to flush red, to be able to blush. to be fair with a ruddy complexion (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance #119 and #120). The white race came from all of the sons of Noah, not just Japheth. That is why they Egyptian dynasty was a white race dynasty. That is a known fact. King Tut was a Caucasian, and that is a known fact.

        Ham was not demoted below Japheth because of transgressions against his father. Ham wasn’t cursed, it was Canaan that was cursed because Canaan was the product of incest. Ham had sex with his mother. Shem was the oldest white son of Noah and his descendants were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. These were white, not black. The bible is about Adam and his descendants, and all of Adam’s descendants were of the white race.

        For your information blacks don’t tan. They don’t actually get sun burned. Only whites get red in the face. That is what Ethiopia means. Blacks get darker and all that precious melanin will come off of them. I will show you a picture of it if you want.

        Moses did not marry a black woman. There is nothing in the bible that says that he did. If he married a black woman than he violated God Yahweh’s law of kind after its own kind and seed within itself (Genesis 1 and 2). I guess you know better than God does. If Moses married a black woman, then how come the priest Phineas killed and Israelite man who was with a woman of another race. Very simple, God Yahweh condemns race mixing. Moses never had a black woman, but you can think it if you want. You are wrong, and I am right. Sorry about that.

        Ruth the Moabites was an Israelite. She is in Christ’s genealogy. She couldn’t be in Christ’s genealogy if she was a hybrid. She was an Israelite in the land of Moab. A couple of hundred years before the Israelite’s conquered Moab, but kept the name. Ruth was a Moabites by area, not by blood. God Yahweh created kind after its own kind with seed within itself. God condemns race mixing (Deuteronomy 7) Deuteronomy 23:2-3 states, “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of Yahweh up to his tenth generation and forever.” The Hebrew word that is translated bastard is mamzer. This word literally means mongrel. Deuteronomy 23:2-3 literally says, “A mongrel shall not enter into the congregation of Yahweh up to his tenth generation and forever.” God Yahweh condemns race mixing. Ruth was not a Moabites by blood, only by area, and David was not a hybrid since God Yahweh condemns hybridity and race mixing.

        Ruth wasn’t a pagan, she was an Israelite. Balaam told the king to have the daughters to parade among the Israelite men to seduce them, not to get them into the pagan religion. He told them to have the daughters get sexually involved with the Israelite’s in order to mix their seed and thus causing corruption. I guess you don’t study much and not very well.

        All interracial marriage has bad effects. Boaz and Ruth were not of different races. They were both of Israel but probably of different tribes. They were both of the white race.

        The Jews are the descendants of Esau who was Jacobs oldest brother. Esau was a race mixer. Jacob was not. Shem’s covenant lines goes through Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Jacob, who were all of the white race. The Jews are hybrids, and are not the promised people. They are not Israel. True Israel are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. Jesus Christ was not a Jew, he was an Israelite of the tribe of Judah. The Jews are Edomites and they changed their name to Jew in about 1860 in order to deceive the Christian church’s. The Jews of today, as well as in the past, do not fit any of the parameters of being of any of the tribes of Israel. They even said this when they said that they were of Abraham’s seed but had never been in bondage to anybody. Jesus Christ acknowledged that they were of the seed of Abraham through Esau (Ishmael was also of the seed of Abraham, and so were the six sons of Katura); but if they were of any of the tribes of Israel, then they would have known that they had been in bondage in Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon, but they didn’t. The Jews of today are not Israel, and they are not Shemite’s. I cannot be anti-Semitic since I am Semitic. I cannot be anti myself.

        You can believe what you want, but you are wrong.

        Have you ever been to the middle east? I have. Whites get tan, that is a known fact. There are many white people in the middle east. I saw them when I was in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Egypt. There are very few blacks there if any, and besides, whites can also have olive colored skin. I am a red head, but if I’m in the sun I can get very dark complected. Just like what Solomon said in the Song of Solomon 1:6 “don’t look upon me because I am dusky (dark), because I have a tan. Blacks don’t get tan.

        Whites originally came from Mesopotamia or the Persian Gulf area. Whites established the dynasties of Egypt, the Cushites or Ethiopians were originally of the white race. Sorry, you need to do some research because your opinion means nothing. My own ancestry comes from Mesopotamia or the Persian Gulf are. My DNA test proves it. Lawrence of Arabia spent years in the desert before and after WW I, The Kurds are Caucasians, many of the people in Iran and Afghanistan are of the white race. However, you can believe all the nonsense you want.

        It is to bad that you haven’t proven your point by using scriptures. Sorry, it is to bad that you are so blinded by Jewish doctrine and absurdities. True Israel are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. Jesus Christ is the kinsman redeemer of these people only. Sorry, Jesus Christ was a white man. He couldn’t be called a Nazarene (Matthew 2:23) if he wasn’t of the white race. The Nazarene’s were a white people. You need to do some studying because you are not approved yet.

      • Terry

        You need to support your information with scripture. Of course you don’t know scriptures. Ethiopia does not mean charred. It means sun burnt faces. No, the Israelite’s were not permitted to marry the Canaanites because they were race mixers, and God Yahweh condemns race mixing. You need to start studying to show yourself approved, you are very weak.

        • Michael Pershing

          Interesting? Exactly how many times have you read your Bible cover to cover? I stopped counting when I did it a dozen times. It is too easy to lose count after that point. So it is amusing to have someone tell me I need to study more. That’s never happened to me before. I have had many, many people disagree with me, but never has anyone suggested I don’t know my scriptures. I simply chose not to quote chapter and verse for the sake of brevity. And, quite frankly, I am quite sure no one will ever persuade you from your personal viewpoint. Any effort to attempt to do so is not worth it to me. I would only be wasting my time. I will only point out errors, simple misunderstandings, which you were probably taught from the time when you were young, and allow you to go on your merry way. Injuring or offending you is not my intent, even though that appears unavoidable.

          • Terry

            Well you are interesting because I have read the bible from cover to cover many more times than you have. As I said, you need to study more because you haven’t done much. You don’t know your scriptures. Nobody will persuade me because I go by the bible and I know what I am talking about. God condemns race mixing (Deuteronomy 7), and Deuteronomy 23:2-3 states that a bastard (the Hebrew word that is translated bastard is the word mamzer which literally means mongrel) shall not enter into the congregation of Yahweh up to his tenth generation and forever. In other words, a child that is the product of a race mixed marriage is not to be in the congregation of Yahweh. God Yahweh created kind after its own kind with seed in itself (Genesis 1 and 2). God Yahweh also condemns Universalism which is what you are apparently involved in. Jesus Christ only came for the lost sheep of Israel who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today.

          • Michael Pershing

            You don’t really believe everything you’re saying, do you? I hope not. You can believe anything you want. It just doesn’t make it true, just as my believing something doesn’t make it true. It’ll all come out in the wash. I know you believe time will prove you to be correct, but I have no fear of that day, either. Let’s both welcome it.

          • Terry

            I believe what the bible says, something you don’t believe in. God Yahweh condemns race mixing, and Moses did not have a black wife. If he did, then Yahweh wouldn’t tell Israel to separate from other races. Time will prove me correct. You have a choice, either accept Jesus Christ or reject Jesus Christ. If you accept Jesus Christ then go by his laws and his commandments. After all, their not multiple choice.

          • Terry

            You really make no sense. You’re going to have to get off the fence and start believing in something. As I said before, God Yahweh condemns race mixing, and he doesn’t want his people Israel, the whiter Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today to race mix with anybody but true Israel. I believe what the bible says, and the bible is true. You have no belief system at all, that is why you believe in nothing.

          • Michael Pershing

            No, that’s not it. You believe what you believe and just use the Bible to justify it. Have you noticed how you won’t use the New Testament. You are reading a lot into a few verses.

            Those who read the Bible for truth, it transforms them. It tears down belief systems one by one, only to replace them with something entirely different. It shows us how we have been blind all our lives, and now we can finally see. We had spent out entire lives viewing the world through something like scales, which prevented us from seeing clearly to discern truth.

            If you truly believe, you already know this. You would also know that in the spirit there is neither male, nor female. Neither are there Jews or Gentiles, not in the spirit. And the spirit is everything.

            There are two types of people who read the Bible. There are those whose beliefs are transformed, and there are those whose preexisting belief systems are only refined. You see, the latter group takes what they like from their studies and leaves the rest behind. They like what resonates in them. They don’t feel what they chose to ignore is of any importance. Many won’t agree with them on this. That’s difference between the spiritually discerning and the carnal.

            What has been discussed are matters of the flesh, superficial matters at that, and the flesh profits nothing. So why are we caught up in a discussion about skin pigment. The inside man is the same. I know you don’t believe this. They share the same breath and they share the same blood. All are children of Adam, and because of the flood, children also of Noah.

            Skin pigment is just the bodies defensive mechanism against sun damage. That’s why it gets dark. Darker is more resilient to harsh sunlight. Northern people tend to be lighter because the sun’s indirectness, and not all Caucasians tan. So there are no indigenous light skinned people on southern continents, just as thee are no indigenous dark skinned people in northern territories. This did not occur because of any purposeful race segregation, but rather a continental and climate division. Any lighter skinned people descending beyond the more temperate region of the Mediterranean would have suffered burns for some time. Their bodies would either have to adapt, or perish.

            But what does pigment mean to the inner man? Nothing. Yet because it is the most visual of differences separating one race from another, that’s what people tend to focus on. Even Africans judge each other based on skin color. I bet you can’t guess which pigments some of them feel are higher and which are lower. Yes, it is even there. So sad!

            I know you would like to believe different races sprang from something different than Adam and Noah. I am not even curious as to what your thoughts are on this, although I have some suspicions.

        • Henry Nurse

          Well Terry, I have never seen an instance where god was against marriage of any of his people to anyone, based on anything other than, “whether the person believed in him(faith in their creator), or not.”
          They could marry anyone, from anywhere, as long as that person believed in and worshipped, the same supreme being (not idols nor anything else) that his chosen people did.

      • Terry

        Adam means white man, blood in the face red. I know you want to believe the foolishness that all races came from Adam and Eve and eventually Noah, but not according to the bible. The bible is only about the descendants of Adam and Eve (Genesis 5:1) who are the parents of the white race, and only the white race. God Yahweh condemns race mixing, and those that participate in such sin will suffer damnation.

    • Eric Miller Miller

      Has anybody told you, your full of B.S. lol. If not I’m telling you now.

    • Samoan Brown

      You are ignorant Adam was made from the dust of the ground meaning the dirt after it was well nourished showing he had to have been of a dark skin color. The origin of man is BLACK. The white race is Esau who came out red and hairy all over progenitor of the nation Edom which means red nation. It takes about this nation as being the wicked on the planet and based on the history of the world, white people are the most wicked people on the planet. I agree black people should never mate with such a disgusting race of people we are a holy nation chosen by god. He set a difference between ham and the Ethiopians and the children of Israel who went into slavery again on ships in America read the scriptures correctly!! Just type in “i am black” in google and see how many scriptures pop up talking about the true greatest people on the earth the real Jews!! You and your nation will be completely destroyed when Christ comes back for all of the. Blood you have shed you are the devil the deceived of the world and god says you are worth nothing shalam✊🏾✊🏾

      • Terry

        No, Adam means white man blood in the face red (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance #119 and #120).

        The white race is not Esau. There is nothing in the bible or history that says that. Esau and Jacob were brothers they were both of the white race. Esau was a race mixer, and God Yahweh condemns race mixing. Jacob was of the white race, he was an Adamite. There is no proof that Jacob was of the black race, he wasn’t. Jesus Christ was of the white race. Adam is in his lineage. God Yahweh condemns race mixing.

        Black people are the most wicked people on the planet, and they prove it each and every day. Who started slavery? black people. Blacks to this day practice slavery. Who does 90% of the crime? black people do. Blacks were killing each other off for centuries until white people stopped them. True Israel are nation builders and a company of nations, but blacks have never built a nation or been a company of nations.

        Blacks are not a holy people, they have never been a holy people. True holiness are in the white people where Israel comes from, True Israel are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. Black people are disgusting and savage, and that is why God Yahweh tells his people Israel, the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people to stay a way from them.

        The first slaves who went into slave ships in America were white people, not black people. In fact, the slave owners in the south were either black or Jews, 95% of the people of the south didn’t even own any slaves, and they were white people. However, whites have always been in slavery for thousands of years. In New Orleans there were at least 3,000 black families that owned black and white slaves.

        There is no such thing as Jew. The word Jew was made up by the Edomties (who are not white people. They are hybrids: Esau, Canaan, Cain, and Khazars. They are not of the white race who is true Israel). There is no scriptures that pop up talking about black people. Nobody in the bible was black.

        All of them were Adamites. Genesis 5:1 states, “This is the book of Adam (white man) and his generation, genes, genome, blood line.” They are not of the filthy savage black race. You have been deceived by your Jewish handlers. The true greatest people in the world today is and will always be the white race. You have a choice. 1) submit to Jesus Christ (who was an Anglo Saxon) and his kindred people Israel, the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today, 2) go back to Africa where you belong (of course you won’t want to do that because you will wind up on a black savages dinner plate, or 3) be slaughtered. It is your choice, and I suggest that you choose wisely. You cannot win against God Yahweh’s people Israel who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today.

        One other thing, there is no such thing as black dusts, but there is white dust.

  • Liberal Juggalo supremacist

    No one likes black chicks doh.

  • Brandon Boggs

    ANY white chic that has dated a black guy in the past has always expressed regret to me. They will experiment for sure but when it comes down to it, whites are tye cream of the crop and they KNOW it! They are white women, they sell out, thats just what they do…

  • hithummah

    meanwhile, asian men fade up in obscurity. not even their own women look at them as a first choice.

  • XLR8

    LOL whoever wrote this article, it seems like some white guy wrote an article that he didn’t want to write about. Why do white women liking black men have to come from a stereotypical point of view? Why couldn’t it just be a normal feeling of attraction? Blacks differ the most out of all males, maybe black males standing out more is the reason why black men are seen so exotic. Absent from the boardroom??? Like white guys want black men taking their women and their job, they are absent because of the existing racial disparity. You almost only see white men in corporate board meetings because they are only looking at whites to advance. I use to work at a warehouse that was like 60% Hispanic, 30% Black and 10% White but yet most of the people who held office, supervisor and manager positions were white. Machine and floor workers were black & Hispanic while the whites had all the less physical jobs regardless of age, even some 18 year old white teenage boy had a desk job compare to all the other seasoned workers the company had. White men know they will be at a huge disadvantage concerning women if black men were seen as equal earners, they would almost have no reason to be with a white men.

  • John Adams

    Whoever wrote this anti-white race mixing bullshit is either a anti-white, treasonous enemy JEW or an enemy Black parasite. Only brainwashed race traitors would get with an ugly black parasite and destroy their blood line / race.

    • Natlie Mcgee

      You mad John Adams lol…

    • cheez27

      Don’t get mad, grow a dick

  • m brown

    Sound like the person who posted that picture is a hater and makes it seem like every black man that dates out only chases and only can get a fat ugly white woman unless he’s rich/famous. I’ve seen men of all race with fat ugly women of all races same race couples and interracial couples.

  • Johnny Baum

    Lol ?

  • http://twitter.com/BIGBLACKSEXCOCK BLACK STAG

    Women are smart, no matter the race. White women know that many black men don’t take care of their women or kids whether it be for being too lazy, can’t keep a job, hot tempered, persecuted just for being black, might get killed early or just because he doesn’t want to.

  • guest

    Ive never dated a white girl who only liked black guys. I find that type repulsive, and offensive. I much rather prefer white women who have never been with a black guy, or even thought of it. As a black man its an amazing thing to seduce a white woman who had no prior attraction to me.

    As a young black bachelor race isnt important in my efforts to obtain any woman. Because when it comes down to it, charm, wit, humor, and seduction outweigh any preconceived notion… Most stereotypes tend to fall in my favor especially with white women. Imagine constantly catching women glancing at your package. All in all, women just want to feel like a woman. And if im more equipped to please her mentally, and sexually than her white counterparts… Why would she cheat herself…?

    • Robert Graff

      lol she wont she will cheat you.

    • kartashok

      You’re not more equipped to please her mentally or sexually. Women cheat on men for both sex and money and emotional reasons.

  • My Name

    Every white man should have sex with an Asian girl. They’ll never bother with white girls again. Asian girls are superior in every way.

    • Robert Graff

      How so? Are you an Asian supremacist? lol

      • Onyeka Onyebuchukwu

        Nah..just a butt hurt white boy offended that 87% of white women want to sex black men.

        • kartashok

          Nah, more like nogs just have sex with White women to get back at the White man. If more White men just went for Asians, blacks would be trying to get the Asians.

        • Robert Graff

          Also, being socially engineered doesn’t equate to actually wanting. If enough women openly admit to fucking a mule and how good it felt to be dominated by their huge animal cock then this would be about the percentage of white women who want to fuck mules. I mean there are actually women who fuck outside of their species and it seems to surprise people that they would fuck anything. Apparently the feminazi army has turned the world into one huge dildo and sex toy store for vaginabaters.

          • Onyeka Onyebuchukwu

            And how does that make u feel?

          • Robert Graff

            Honestly it makes me feel glad that I found someone who I love and who loves me back because most of these females now days tend to make me feel disgusted just by opening their mouths and letting their stupid out. There are many sick minded people in the world. Don’t get me wrong if the people are actually in love with each other for the right reasons I really don’t care but usually now days the white female and the black male are feeding into a fetish that they were programmed into while the majority of black females are baby mamas wondering where their man is at. Its fucked up and its a very damaging cycle for all those involved and society as a whole.

  • http://www.thehiphoprecords.com TheHipHopRecords

    OK. As a black man – I’m going to answer this honestly.

    Most white women don’t want black men. Black men are not as popular sexually as the myths claim us to be. There are many who believe that most white women have a secret fetish for black men. A discreet preference that they hide only because of widespread shaming and racism

    This isn’t completely untrue.

    Yeah we all know there is a small % of white women who have a thing for black men.

    However, the truth is that the typical black male is not that hot of a ticket as far as white women are concerned.

    There are a substantial number of white women who will eliminate a black male from contention on sight and have no interest in dating a black man. And often even the ones that would do so, would only do so under ideal circumstances (very handsome, super tight game, money style, budget)

    The fact is that for the most part, the bulk of white (or in fact) non-black women just are not that obsessed with black men as a whole.

    The stigma of dating a black man for a white woman is enough to put them off and if a white women is with a black man and this results in kids ? She is vastly reducing her options for a future partner. White guys won’t let her back in.

    So here you have a WW with bi-racial kids. Those kids don’t go away. They have to carry their bi-racial kids around white society. So that means their parents have to suffer. The kids suffer. The women suffers.

    Now I have never met one WW with bi-racial kids who would change it. And even if a white women is just with a black man many white men (And non black men) instinctively recoil when they see a non-black girl with a black man.

    Girls understand this and feel this, and so many, who may be attracted, shy away from dating one, or else try to keep any former black boyfriends from being known about by later, non-black boyfriends.

    Many white and Asian men that I’ve known have been quite repulsed by an otherwise attractive girl if they find out she has dated black men.

    I’m just given you the cold hard truth.

    Questions ?

    “White men date outside there race. They have access to all races of women”


    The parents of non-white women generally find it at minimum acceptable for their daughters to bring a white guy home. If it were a black guy, doubters and haters of all kinds would make their opinions known IMMEDIATELY before they even met the guy.

    I have rarely, if ever have witnessed a woman of another race threatened to be cut off entirely just for being with a white guy.

    • Robert Graff

      All very true my friend. Most white girls when young are very fickle and exploratory. No man of any race should deal with white girls that are younger than 21. Not if you are looking for a serious relationship anyway. They don’t know what they want long term and will use you without guilt to feed their need for instant gratification while conning you straight to your face. They look at the world of men as a shopping mall of sex full of dildos now days. If a white girl wants you in bed she is under the assumption that you are packing what she wants. When she has gotten bored of your toys she will go to find different toys. It wont matter what toy you have. She doesn’t care about you or what you want its all about her. Now this of course doesn’t describe every white female, but you can bet your ass it covers the attitude of most young “modern” white females. In other words if you are a black male and a white girl shows interest in you and you have not known her for a very long time as a friend don’t bother, she is just hunting to validate her curiosity and is going to be fucking all of your friends until she has the story she wants to tell all of her friends.

      That being said their are good white girls out there, most of them will not stray from their heritage. Not even for curiosity’s sake.

    • XLR8

      If you don’t want a reply take your comment down but i’ll start by saying for starters, you aren’t a black man. Its just don’t seem reliable when you start your comment off with “As a black man” as if for some reason you are trying to convince people you are black. Then your user name… its like the most basic stereotypical name anyone could think of for a black user… “TheHipHopRecords”? How old are you to easily come off as a white male pretending to be black?

      A lot of the things you said, I’ve only heard white men say and I doubt that has changed to this day. Just look how unbelievable your comment is, as a black man (your claim) you are talking from the perspective of everyone except a black man. As a black man why would you care if any female is accepted by white or Asian males? In that case wouldn’t a black man want to “taint” the image of all women until all white males have only left is each other?
      Next time maybe if you clean up your comment a bit and talk more from the actual perspective of a black man then you may be believable. If you are a black man you are gay with the hardcore over the top homo erotic things you said about white males.

      • christian h

        says the guy who believes what he read on an article with no reference to the studie

    • Arthur

      I would like to hear your opinion on the research results. Whether you believe the results or not. If not, please show your own research on the issue.

    • christian h

      You sir should be the one writing the article here, I’ll take life experience anyday over a lame ‘”study” with very short samples

  • Inhumanite

    This is true they love BBC lol

  • Hill Derek


    • Jimmy Compton

      Sounds like you’ve lost your taste for white dick……sorry to hear that. Fag.

      • Onyeka Onyebuchukwu

        I will admit that comeback was sick as fuck. You funny cracker

        • kartashok

          Not as salty as you, n!gger.

      • Brandon Boggs


    • Jimmy Compton

      This is sooo true lol

    • Mark Winberry

      How can you have so much loss in just two disjointed sentences? Amazing!

      • Robert Graff

        That is Afrocentric linguistic encryption, otherwise known as not English.

        It has low fidelity not at all like the lossless Flaac codec.

        • Mark Winberry

          LOL Yes Bob I think you summed it up perfectly. It’s a lot of Flaac alright.

    • Robert Graff

      You sure do seem to think that you know a whole hell of a lot about white dick. Why do you think the world wants to hear about your private love life?

    • Johnny Baum


  • Matthieu Riviere

    Just here to say : probably around 100% of white (and straight) american women dream of having sex with a WHITE man. 87% with a Black guy.

    Only thing i read is that we’re not at 100% for both colors, which should be the normal number.

    I would have been shocked if it was 87% that dream of having sex ONLY with black guys. Useless numbers here…

    • Young

      Naw u gotta calculate like this. Ask 5000 African American women would they have sex or had sex with a white person ? Then ask would u marry and build with a whire man ?

      • Matthieu Riviere

        Well, i guess almost everyone would answer “yes” to both question, at least in my country. Not sure about America…

    • XLR8

      Your comment is stupid, so much misinformation.

      If its heavily highlighted by mentioning “black men” what is the difference from saying “ONLY black men”? In this article the study was ONLY about black men. Lol at the “probably around 100%”, is that not a contradictory to use “100%” with such an unsure statement? Through my life black & Hispanic women dislike white people in general, so that possibility of 100% drops greatly.

      • Matthieu Riviere

        Black men =/= ONLY black men -> it’s normal on an “equality” culture to dream of sex with both white and black. Saying 87% of white girls want to have sex with a black doesn’t mean they don’t want white, doesn’t mean they prefer blacks. It just means that some white girls don’t like black people.
        It’s not misinformation, it’s only logic, it’s no more than number comprehension.

        The article “was ONLY about black men” that’s right and that’s why i think it’s useless.

        Plus, “black & Hispanic women” are, i guess, not white and are not concerned by my “around 100% of white” women. Quote again : “WHITE”, not hispanic and black.

        So, seeing that half of your comment is misunderstanding of mine (maybe i wasn’t clear that’s truly possible) and the other half is not about what i said, you can’t say it’s stupid.

        • XLR8

          Well the stupid I was referring to was the “100%” statement, you are not going to get 100% out of any study, a high average is the best you could hope for. I already mentioned the “probably” part, no need to further explain that. I believe out of all females black & Asian women are the most loyal to their counterparts, they’ll look for black & Asian men before trying something else and yet 100% of them wouldn’t Dream about sex with their males.

          How does this research mean that “some white girls don’t like black people”??? Its the exact opposite.

          If you were just talking about white women why did you put “(and straight) american women”??? You might have worded this wrong if you were just talking about white women because straight American women means more than just white women. Did you mean to put white straight American women?

  • Nikki

    Fuxk who you want. Marry who want. What u do with the parts between your legs is your biz, unless its violating someone’s rights.

  • http://www.workwithdexter.com Dexter Nelson

    All women the same color when the lights go out…

    • Mark Winberry

      Don’t forget the gloves and nose and ear plugs.

    • hithummah

      but the meat under the skin is totally different. black > latina > white > mediterranean > pacific islanders > asian > indian

  • Cool Slim

    The race mixing that’s taking place currently is certainly new. The whole reason human races exist in the first place is due to being isolated from one another. For the majority of our existence, we didn’t have the type of efficient travel that we have now.

    Dysfunctional race mixers want to ruin the beauty of each individual race by combining them together. You mix all the colours of the rainbow together and you get an ugly brown.

    Every race hates to see the women of their kind taken by foreign men. Nothing is more disgusting than two people who see to the eradication of an ancient culture out of spite, just sick.

    • Grimm Kill’em Nuffsed

      True lol

    • Daniel Coppio

      New? Hahahahahahaha. Only shallow minded, uneducated stupid fucking white bitches want to sleep with a guy just because he’s black. What a load of fucking shit.

      • Cool Slim

        I’d like to see the sample size and methodology. White people generally find non-whites ugly.

        • Jimmy Compton

          What in the fuck do you base your statements on? where are the facts to back that up?

          • Cool Slim

            Well white people make up the majority of the world’s sex symbols and beauty models, white people are the most attractive.

          • tj

            Well, white people own the majority of major entertainment/news/fashion outlets, so….guess who gets on the white people’s mags/movies/etc.

          • Cool Slim

            Yes in white countries white people own the majority of entertainment outlets. This is to be expected.

            But even in non-white countries skin lightening cream is very popular, plus non-whites are always saying that mixed race people (i.e non-white/white) are attractive, you never hear white people say this.

          • Jimmy Compton

            You live in a hole and don’t have facts to back up your lame opinion. What do you call jet magazine. What do you call Ebony magazine. What do you call the Oprah network. What do you call BET. You don’t know who owns what

          • Mark Winberry

            Well there Jimmy, you really need to keep up. Johnson publishing has Sold jet and ebony to via com, a White owned company. Vh1 soul is also now white owned. And these are just off the top of my head. So I would be very careful who I claimed lives in a hole. Would you care for a ladder?

          • Jimmy Compton

            This is an opinion. Where are the facts? I want to see statistics. If you don’t have them then either do research or quit adding to the problem.

          • XLR8

            Females are the majority of sex symbols and models, wide array of colors. Men who are a sex symbol or model are a small number for all races. In porn they aren’t graded on beauty and yet whites are the majority, why? It’s to cater to whites because they are the majority of fan bases, not because they are better at anything.

  • Patricia Manuel

    Everyone knows that ! This is not a surprise about this race of overindulgent self centered privileged whores who feel like they can use people at their disposal! Black men need to wake up and realize they don’t have the capacity nor the compassion in their iced over hearts to love and accept you for anything but a myth!

    • christine

      Wow lady you’re the one that needs to wake up,you must ONLY socialize with people of your own race. I feel sorry for you,please expand your mind,don’t limit your life experiences by being racist. One love?one human race?build understanding and trust not barriers.

      • Patricia Manuel

        Yeah that’s what women like you believe cuz anything goes with your kind! You better believe I feel better with my own kind! That’s the problem, white women are so easy to bag they think everybody love them!

        • kevin collins

          The black family is a Direct Assault to White power and (WhiteWomen) are the greatest tool to Destroy it white people for centuries have had a hatred of BlackPeople :Thi is a last Warning to Black men: You are being set up!

      • Kelli Schultz

        I agree. I believe the problem with racial discrimination is FEAR, or as I’ve gotten used to saying False Evidence Appearing Real. People fear what they don’t know or understand, but instead of opening thier hearts and minds to getting to know a different people, they push back and say derogatory things about them and vilify them based on thier own irrational prejudices. I believe in my soul that racism is a form of behavioral disorder even mental illness since it requires irrational fear of someone else. Most racists actually believe they have a God given right to feel superior to others, even though biologically speaking, whiteness is a recessive trait.

    • Onyeka Onyebuchukwu

      I just fucked a white girl before seeing this story. I feel used. tomorrow i would go back, fuck her one more time and then break up with her.

      • Ai Wei Wei

        Sounds like a cracker thing to do D)