60 KKK Members Commit Suicide After Learning Harriet Tubman Will Be on...

60 KKK Members Commit Suicide After Learning Harriet Tubman Will Be on $20 Bill


Atleast 60 Klu Klux Klan Members have reportedly committed suicide after finding out Harriet Tubman will be replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 Dollar Bill.

The Mass suicide took place in Charleston, South Carolina where they all took cyanide together after praying. The bodies are all of white males between the ages of 40 and 65. They feel like the blacks and the Jewish folks have stole America and since they can’t have their country back they decided to leave permanently in a mass suicide.

They left a suicide note and it reads:

“First they put a n**er in the White House and now a ni**er b*tch is gonna be on our money, we decided we just can’t live in this world anymore, we are going home to Jesus, we ask anyone who feels like we do to come join us there is plenty of room in Heaven”

Websites have been trying to debunk this story as false but we have inside information that it is very true and the Klan has been trying to keep the story under wraps so people don’t know the truth. We will keep you posted as we get more information…Stay Tuned


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  • Mr J.

    Normally, I would say suicide is the coward’s way out, but for them, it seems just about right. Let’s hope more follow from their example.

  • J-Russ813

    Jesus is a myth, just like Santa

  • dahbizz

    This so called Jesus probably don’t even have a face he maybe a essence of life. propaganda have every ones head fooled with who is the original god. To be honest and blunt if you weren’t there you won’t really know.

  • Balzack

    Bullshit. I don’t believe it. LOL

  • PhaQ2

    Guess they never heard that suicides don’t get into heaven…. oh well, seeya

  • Phyl O Butoyi

    Isnt suicide an unforgivable sin? Sad that their souls might be lost

  • Ashley Shiri

    Another shocker for KKK, when they meet Jesus and see him Black. Where would they then go to.. Lord have mercy!

  • QuinnA

    Hah! Take that you fuckers! Yeah, get off my planet! Thanks for giving it to us : ) now how can we get the rest of them to kill themselves?
    Oh man, this is just too good! Not only are they no longer on my planet but they’re going to burn in hell! THEY COMMIT SUICIDE, THAT’S A SIN!!!! Oh hahaha! This is the best news I’ve ever read.

  • Robin


  • michael hall

    You people are so concerned about a skin color when these men because of their hatred have condemned themselves to an eternity in hell

  • mew


  • cedeelbe

    I wholeheartedly agree with their letter. Go and join Jesus, all of you. 🙂

  • John M Blaszczyk

    I’ll take “Shit that never happened” for 500!

  • Ivan Simic

    Secret name is X

  • Ivan Simic

    Jesus was SERBIAN and Spoke Arameic which is old Serbian.. If you want Jesus to Understand you, you better speak to him in Serbian.. And his God was Illiya. the Sun (SUN day) God, not Saturn (satan), Sabbat, which starts after the sun is down on friday. they worship the hidden, secret societies, cover, occultism, exclusiveness, exceptionalism,”God’s Chosen”, the God of darkness, so secret his name cannot be spoken. That is whom the Jews worship,

  • Kim Cheung

    to all u dumbasses debating so passionately about what Jesus looks like, you need to know two things: He looks nothing like the white European Jews; and u all need to get laid more instead of F’ing wasting time debating his color and citing phrases from books writen over centuries ago by jackasses with their own agendas.

  • reynold1

    If that all it takes to get rid of them let encourage them to put more black people on our currency

  • enough of it

    Tell then them that the President is not leaving and see how many more will go down…

  • Green Glory

    The concept of KKK members being Christians is the biggest contradiction of reality and oxymoron that one can conceive. First of all, Jesus taught us to love and not hate others. Even as Jesus may love the KKK members, he would hardly condone their passionate hate ? How can one perpetrate or support the mass killings of innocent beings and call themselves Christians ? Also, Jesus was not a proponent of suicide. And finally, let’s be honest, If Jesus came back as an American, there’s a good chance the KKK would have tried to lynch him for being an uppity out spoken Black man. They certainly would have beheld is dark skin and renounced Christianity.

  • Sean E. Bond

    Y’all debating about something y’all can only assume…no one knows what He look like…Y’all worried about his looks when you should be more into his Message…we can assume that He’s black because He got whipped and hung…what other white person had that done to them…but the topic is about these hateful ppl committing suicide and thinking they getting in Heaven…

  • Natania Eliana Baht-Israel


  • Cassandra Mcmath


  • Mrs. Torres X 2

    Only 60?? We can do better than that! Let’s put Michelle Obama on the $100 bill and cross our fingers!

  • Daggerina

    Lmao good riddance! We don’t need more of them in our country anyway

  • Candy Smith

    Good luck getting there. You have a bigger surprise waiting there. Yeshua is black too. Ha ha ha. God says to love your neighbor. Do you really think with hearts like that you going to heaven? Last laugh is on you.


    Typical for ah dumbass KKK cracker mf smh oh well get over it you mfs don’t run shit anymore

  • lainey

    he was Japanese with wooley hair like an afro.

  • lainey

    it’s plenty of room in hell for more of them.

  • onyxbook

    Quick….change the 50 and the 100.

  • KayakTahoe

    If that story is true, let’s put another black American on the five dollar bill !

  • b4letta

    If it’s suicide, heaven’s out of the question. I hope it costs them $20.00 each to get into whereever they’re headed.

  • Stoney Montana

    This story is total b.s… Although it wouldn’t be a bad thing if more ignorant hateful people killed themselves.

  • Elijah Macon

    I don’t care what Jesus looked like. I just wish the rest of the KKK would follow suit. I know what they look like.

  • Corey Nivens

    What are there reactions gonna be when they see Jesus????? Lmao

  • mackare

    60 Klansmen commit suicide because Tubman on $20.00 bill–hurry,hurry lets put Fredrick Douglas, Malcolm X, George Washington Carver, and other Africans on USA money!


    Finally some good news

  • Gerald Jackson

    what difference does it make. You People are missing the point. stupid ass kkk members are killing themselves. Have at it!

  • Patrick Hicks

    It’s a shame that everyone has turn this into a religious debate and missing what’s really happening here. The powers that be knew damn well how controversial this would be and people would act a fool about it. The real goal is to do away with cash hence more control. They don’t give a damn about Harriet Tubman or Andrew Jackson they just want to be able to monitor ever aspect of your life. Once you start to see the first bills come out it will be the beginning of the end of cash and morons like these fools will be major contributors to the demise of cash.

  • Wun2shadow

    Damn, that’s all it took to get they ass back from what they did to the blacks, jews, and the white families who helped free the slaves? Should’ve been did this years ago!

  • Unigue Gifts

    This can’t be true, people are not that crazy to take their lives for picture!!, Gonna bust HELL wide open LMAO!!!

  • doesntevenmatter

    good riddens racist fucktards!!

  • BlackMan

    Well when they get their they will be even moor pissed to find out a little secret.

  • classic Scooby

    wouldn’t this have been on the news?

  • Whitey

    Black people are monkies die already than it be no more crime

  • William Spencer

    Hey everybody, this story is 100 percent false. Look it up. It’s sad because I thought were 60 steps closer to ridding the world with thier ignorance.

  • nitestar95

    Maybe if we put Al Sharpton on the $50 the rest of the racist rednecks will kill themselves?

  • Queen Eileen

    This is unbelievable. It’s very sad if it is true.

  • Cheryl LaShawn Evans

    My two cents. If God, Jesus, heaven and hell are merely fairytales….than no one has nothing to worry about in the end, BUT if it IS ALL REAL…where will you unbelievers and atheist be. I got nothing else to say.

  • Chiniquy

    If this is true, then they definitely will be going to hell for taking their own life.

    Especially for such a ridiculous reason.

    Many Caucasians have the erroneous idea that they have a lock on going to Heaven because of their race.

    They have been deceived into believing this because of this idiotic idea taught in Christianity

  • Freddy West

    Thanks KKK..yall with your father Satan now LOLOLOL

  • LaTrina Hagan

    Bye Felicia!!!???✌#dueces

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/1Reapers0Assassin1 DreamDemon

    The only thing i can say is, changing the bill is dumb as fuck, that’s history, and you wanna destroy it? Make a new fucking bill idiots lol

  • OrionElectra

    50,000 liberals (4 of them with jobs) commit suicide when they learn Harriet Tubman was a pro-gun, conservative republican! 😀 😀 😀

  • vernietaylor

    Jesus was a jew which was one of the Semitic peoples of the ancient middle east. A Semite is a member of the group of Caucasoid peoples who speak a Semitic
    language, including the Jews and Arabs as well as the ancient
    Babylonians, Assyrians, and Phoenicians. 2. :
    from New Latin sēmīta descendant of Shem, via Greek Sēm, from Hebrew

  • Valare Durant

    killing yourself won’t get you into heaven

  • Bill Gilbert

    This seems so much like something contrived.

  • Jaime Yanez

    Jesus is from Mexico, I should know he’s my cousin.

  • detnigga

    Hell let them all take this way out good for the human race….

  • Sadie_Blu

    I don’t know whats more entertaining. KKK members committed mass suicide. Or, the community of comments section is more focused if Jesus is Black. Oh America, home of the Attention Deficit Disorder.

  • Sekhmet


  • Gregory J Maddox Sr


  • Macjason2@Gmail.com

    He a black man which is from the tribe of Judah. Black people of America is the true Hebrews and 11 other races which are different tribes. Open ur bible and read the church is you not the building. He coming back to get His people. Which people is that? Asks yourself that which people do the most and haven’t been judged asks yourself that question?

    • Sekhmet

      Jesus NEVER EXISTED!!!

  • A Shepard

    you can’t commit suicide and expect to go to heaven. what a bunch of idiots. and i do hope the rest of you brilliant KKK members join them, PLEASE!!!

  • http://fictionbottle.com Tiphan

    Any more? Weeds needs to be plucked.

  • DC

    This is the best news ever !!!!!!!! Now if only all right wing Republicans would follow their lead.

    Unfortunately it’s not true. What a shame.

  • Baseman

    Hahahahaha wait till they reach hell and the devil tell them Jesus is black.

  • Vette Nan

    Is this a true story? I mean really? Would u actually believe any KKK members would kill themselves over something this small. Dont u think they would’ve done it when President Obama became our president? Twice! I seriously doubt this story is real!

  • Jason Slupski

    Please-oh-please let this story be TRUE…

  • voice

    The devil is busy and the people of this world have lost their minds.

  • Azell Edwards

    Wow that’s sad what made them think heaven is segregated? Last time I read the bible God made many nations and Jesus loved all people which we should do but don’t.

  • Robert McLeod

    Good riddance to 60 racists. 1000 040 more to go consisting of racists, murderers, rapists, misogynists and anti environmentalists to go. Perhaps then the good folk of the world might stand a chance.

  • kenshade

    Those KKK members are gonna be some pissed off dudes when they get to the gates of hell and find out from the Devil that Jesus was not a White man.

  • Darin Elliott

    Sorry that ANYBODY kills themselves as an Option–as long as we are alive there is a chance to Wake Up–but, honestly, the less of this kind of warped mentality on the earth, the better. Their misguided Hate will not be missed.

  • http://thedogfatherblog.blogspot.com/ armpit44

    Except you dirtbags will never see what heaven is like, anymore than a Muslim terrorist will see 72 virgins. Thank you though, for improving the world, by taking leave of it!

  • Mark Paul

    I feel quite confident Jesus wasn’t white. But the good news is belief that he is the only begotten son of God and was sacrificed for our forgiveness is the only part that gets you into heaven. And those men, if it’s true, are going to hell. You can’t ask for forgiveness after you are dead. I wish people would change their hearts

  • Sheila D Taylor

    I dont know what God would accept you loser…..R.I.H HELL

  • Meka Mack

    If this is real, I guess they don’t know Jesus isn’t white. The looks on their worthless faces would be priceless!

  • Pamela Bassett

    Is this really true? I mean, after all, this is from TMZ,,,just sayin

  • Gilbert Martinez

    …soooo funny….they think they were going to heaven…lol…lol…lol…lol…! W R O N G….!


    OMG! what are they going to do when they get too heaven and discover Jesus is black?
    They can’t come back here…..so guess only the gates of Hell will open to welcome them

  • Charlotte Byrd

    lol, really no one knows whats after death, just an opinion, assumptions, etc. its why a lot of ppl believe, because when you have hope and belief it keeps ppl going in life, something to look forward to, ppl will go and do all kinds of good deeds, helping, etc, so really God, or whatever is just that giving, loving feeling inside us that wants to do good for others! <3 ^_^

  • http://www.thatounceisfire.com Do$ Ocho

    you know whats funny is that we are all agreeing to the same thing yet arguing about the messiah like why cant we just be happy that we have a savior and the all mighty higher power looking over us, we should be happy we live in this world with so many of our brothers and sisters and just love one another, but I guess we are all too blind to realize this…. stay blessed everyone.

  • Andrew MusicJunkie Darden

    Gone be mad when there’s a n!99er at the gates shaking his head.

  • tsharnii


  • El Bibi Deleon

    There’s studies that show Jesus was Arabic looking and had curly black hair. White Jesus isn’t real and they know it, but that doesn’t matter…. KKK aren’t really Christians anyway.


    OMG!! REALLY??? Out of this story, there’s a debate on what Jesus looks like?????!!!! Sixty men died & went to Hell because of their own ignorance! THATS THE ISSUE & THIS SENSELESS TRAGEDY IS THE END RESULT!!

  • Raymon

    JESUS WAS A Caucasian that jesus that was made up,HE is one of many JESUS that’s talked about in the bible and the Quran,If you had true understanding of those Holy Books..

  • m.g.

    Yeah keep thinking that kkk members. Last I checked Jesus never condoned racism or hatred towards others so feel free to kill yourselves off since you’re so oppressed and we’ll feel free to acknowledge the fact you’re not breathing our air.

  • http://traxsmyth.com/ Traxsmyth Official

    HAha, i hope this is true, They need to put Louis Farrakhan on the $100 Bill so more of them can commit suicide…. lol



  • republic84

    60 KKK members commit suicide? NICE!

  • Cherokee

    KKK is harmless these days, all talk. I’m actually more relieved to see they were Christian, equally dangerous and Toxic.

  • Netarra Marr

    So I guess Jesus basically looks like Aladdin?

  • Greg Williams

    When they get to heaven god gone be like “naw bruh”…

  • khaliphb

    So here is a question that most cannot answer. – Who translated the bible into the English language so the English speaking world could read it and understand it and what was the fate of that person. This is a very important thing to know about your religion before you begin to attempt to teach it or preach it.. lol This answer support some of the theories listed in these threads. If you can answer it then stop voicing your opinion because it proves that you really just don’t know.. You were told and one doesn’t know by being told.

  • Jeremy Noneya

    Well there going to hell now

  • Kat Ellis


  • Valerie Hunsinger

    Oh for pete’s sake, idiots, you are all arguing over this shit and it isn’t even REAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a grip, will you?

  • David François Lejon

    Encouraging people to kill themselves, or being cynically smug about it, is never okay. Not even in the comment section of a news article on Facebook or whatever. I will never stoop to that level.

    That is entirely separate from what I think of their despicable, murderous, racist movement. They killed themselves over something so trivial in the big picture, and it seems foolish. How is that ever going to accomplish anything, and moreso, why would anything change in their favour from that sacrifice?

    Congratulations on the choice of portrait for your $20 bill, however. It took much longer than it should have taken, but better late than never. 🙂

  • Time Author

    Jesus is a fictional character in a collection of stories. The good news is that the Sun is nonfiction.

  • Stephen

    Sad I feel bad for their kids smh

  • Maximillian Wolf

    Really? Racist xxxholes are killing themselves over our new currency? (laughing uproariously) Oh, that’s rich! Well, I have two words for this delightful occasion, assuming this story is true: Natural Selection!

  • Keith Anthony Sanford

    If they see Jesus,(there’s definitely reason to doubt they will) it will blow their minds to find that He’s not white either.

  • The Truth

    His name wasn’t even Jesus. It was Isa. Just as Moses’ real name is Musa. Much of the bible’s stories are ripped straight from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs as is the case w/every major religion. People need to realize, in ancient times people didn’t have “religion” they just had a way of life that was tied to their known history & the movements of the stars. It was about living in harmony w/all of nature which included the sun, moon & stars. Read the Laws of Maat which was an ancient African way of life that predates all of the modern day religious texts as well as the Epic of Gilgamesh which also predates any religious text.

    Religion is a creation of European conquerers & was used as a tool to divide mankind in their belief systems. Its sad that people still take every word of a book that tells you on the very first page that its been changed & altered from its original state, the King James VERSION that is. A book cannot be holy if it has been revised. Holy by definition means pure & in its original state. Revised means to alter from its original state so the very first page is letting the entire world know this is NOT original nor is it holy.

    And when you dig deeper into who King James was & why he would dare to alter the supposed word of God you will find that he was a sexual deviant who slept with his sister & was the grandfather to Sir John Hawkins who for those that don’t know was the European who went into Africa to enslave the Black people years after Christoper Columbus had returned to King James w/what we call “Native American” slaves & an abundance of gold that he stole from them.

    People, you have to start reading much more closely the things around you & pay very close attention to every detail. Do NOT take things on face value & do not fall victim to Cognitive Dissonance. Religion is a tool for those in power in semi modern history but if you don’t just accept what you’re raised to believe is fact & search for information you will slowly put the truth into proper context. But for many it is much too arduous a task so they fall back into believing the lies that they’ve been told because it is much easier to remain ignorant.

    Just like the belief that George Washington was the 1st president of this country. He wasn’t, there were eight before him & more than one of them was Black. Look on the back of $2 bill & you will see a Black man sitting there amongst them. He was one of the men who was placed as president long before Washington. I’m sure many of you will want to deny that fact as well but once again, allow yourself to step away from the HIS-story you’ve been told & learn about the truth of this land, this world & all its inhabitants. What you will find is that much of the world around us is NOT what we’ve all been led to believe it is.

    As I said though do NOT take any of what I said on face value either. Do the research yourself & don’t just google your way thru it, read books…many books. The truth is there but it has been stymied & changed so you must be patient & diligent.

  • Kerry Droll

    wow I saw this ON CNN! They are dumb to kill themselves

  • Martha Foster

    Bear in mind the KKK’s are talking about the white Jesus, who has deceived the whole world. His name is Caesar Borgia, and guess where he is at, dead. They are definitely not talking about going to Heaven to be with the black Jesus of the Bible. But what a surprise for them when they see even the angles are black too. Sorry you can only kill yourself once…and ain’t no coming back. And the sad part about all this…the truth about everything was right here on earth…but they had to die to see that it is all true what they had rejected that was the truth about black Jesus all along. Now they see Jesus is black. As my grandmother saying goes…you run from the casket, you will soon run into the corpse. Using in a similitude form… using Harriet Tubman as the casket, and black Jesus as the corpse. In other words they ran from earthly black to eternal black.

  • Lilliestars Flowers

    Jesus ain’t black either. Now if the Black panthers would follow suit, the world would finally rid itself of the schm

  • tekwrite

    I am SO sure this is true… LOL

  • AnubisXx

    That’s fucking amazing. Because in there stupidity they failed to realize that there own religion says they’re going to hell for suicide. So even if they weren’t terrible racist on a crash course to hell they’re definitely on the bullet train now. Also everybody knows that Morgan Freeman is totally got anyway lol ????☺️

  • KP

    Black people will be in Heaven too though. What are they going to do? Ask God to send them to Hell?

  • Michael L. Gormley

    Oh, if only it were true.
    Is it? Does anyOne actually know.
    I’m gonna lie and spread the word that all coins and paper money are going that way… Let’s see what happens.

    Hey, everybody,
    Nat Turner will be on One dollar bills… Malcolm X will be on all coins!

  • Zephaniah Ben Israel

    Jesus Is BLACK, GOD is BLACK, And The Angels are BLACK… Oh and By the way the so called Blacks, Hispanic, and Native peoples of the slave trade are the real Jews of the bible. If you think I’m lying go here and investigate: Israelunite.org

  • Toniia E Alexis

    This was all over the news wow

  • Dorothy SisterDottie Keith

    This is so amazing how every one has their own opinion about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And that’s okay! But until you have that personal relationship and encounter, you will still be an unbeliever. BUT! If you really SEEK after the TRUTH, God will draw you to him and reveal himself. But as long as you deny, you will never know.

  • StereoGuy

    OK so who’s the dumb one here? The KKK for a mass suicide? Obama For changing our money? OR YOU FOR BELIEVING THIS STORY?

  • frubino

    I would like to know the most, since when blonds go to church?

  • Bidkar

    Put Harriet Tubman’s face on $100 Bills, it works!!

  • Ethshaam Ul-hussan

    Im sorry but this is a perfect example into how ignorance and lack of knowledge can be the KKK’S downfall. also If im not mistaken. God has made it explicit that if you where to take your life you go instantly to hell? So youre ignorance and misguidedness has screwed you over.

  • Ayo

    Fastest road to hell -suicide! May GOD free them from the prison of their minds – worst prison!

  • Todd Naz

    Natural selection didn’t even have to do anything tricky here.

  • wergov

    Just saw this on the news damn they really did it what idiots!

  • http://www.superevilgenius.com/ SUPER EVIL GENIUS


  • The Blogging Queen

    Well I think that if there is anyone who feels like these clowns then they should indeed take them up on their offer. Bye losers. lol!

  • Xolodnyj

    just saw this one the news we need to put even more Black people on money if it makes the Klan commits suicide… I say, we put Sam L Jackson on the $50 and elect him simultaneously and then watch Klan members just keel over in numbers.. hahahaha

  • Leonard Edwards

    Man Jesus wasnt even real made believe like the Bible smh

  • Maranatha

    Damn, they are really going to kill themselves when they get to heaven and have to look dead into the face of a Black Messiah and Savior whose name was not even “Jesus” and then subsequently get ditched straight to hell immediately thereafter.

  • Hasanda

    This was on CNN hahaha they going to hell

  • The Blogging Queen


  • Sweet Dolls

    aint that nice <3 RIP bitches

    • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

      Yeah, because that story is true. Moron.

  • Kate

    I wonder,.. what would they do…if they knew…committing a suicide…is the road to Hell..

  • Laffin_Hyena

    The Bible is not a history book, fools.

  • Laffin_Hyena

    I live in Charleston SC and this is 1000000000000% bogus

  • weepinbelll

    smh this is not even real……… learn how to use google thanks~

  • Beverly Bryant

    You’re arguing over Jesus’ appearance instead of being angry that TMZ World News is fabricating shit stories like this?

  • yanni54

    They went home to heaven? What a joke!

  • Mary Simmons

    The KKK members will lift their eyes in HELL. There is no forgiveness from the Lord for suicide.Blasphemy & Suicide are the only two unforgiven Sins,thus said the Lord.

  • Mary Simmons

    To all the ignorant people on here,when judgement day comes, & it will,rest assured,I really feel pity for you,because at the end of time”Every Knee Shall Bow & Every Tongue Will Confess. If one reads Revelations,you can see that everything that is spoken of is already happening. That alone should frighten you, if nothing else does.Jesus said before his word fails,heaven&earth shall pass away. Me,personally,I am a true believer of his holy word. I am trying to get my life together,because I want to make it to heaven.Every man & woman is responsible for his or her own fate.

  • Jackie

    What amuses ME is that they actually think they’ll be going to heaven! (LMBO)

  • pillar610

    Well, this is interesting and funny. If you go into anthropology and the other sciences along with the genealogy of Jesus you know he wasn’t white. You can’t go with the Bible because it was not meant to be a strictly factual document. It was not written by Christ, it was written years after by his disciples and others. Like any writing it was effected by the politics and beliefs of the the time it was written in and the customs of his social class. He was a Jew. A progressive Jew and the old guard did not like that.
    According to research into the people of that time he was dark with brown eyes and short bushy hair. It just goes to show how racism and social and political bs twist and distort everything. Just like Christianity is not practiced today as it was originally taught. There is no meat in the teachings anymore, only ritual, form and no real substance for the most part. People don’t even know half the time why they believe certain things or follow certain rituals, the question nothing. It is vapid. The blood, sweat, tears and teachings of the real Christ were not, they had meaning, beauty and strength. But you get idiots like the KKK and others who don’t have a dam clue, boy will they be surprised, hahahaha. Maybe Satan is black, lol, won’t that be hell when they get there. LMAO!!!

  • FutureNurse88

    Just sitting here watching people argue over Jesus being black or white like it matters. Why cause the bible says so right? Same bible owned by the Jews king James version to be specific. Same bible that has 66 versions and rewritten over a thousand times. Just another lie the government wants us to believe. I’m more spiritual than religious there is a higher power but anything under that is what a lying system has told us and we believed. As a child I was told not to question the bible yet I’m supposed to use it to better my relationship yet none of it makes logical sense to me.

  • Ole White Woman from GA

    Is this really serious? Half the people in America have no idea who’s portrait is on the $20 bill currently. And I would be surprised is half the population will know who Harriett Tubman is. The decision has been made…appears to be a good one.. I just cannot imagine having mob mentality. Whatever the crowd does, do that too. – including suicide. The most the folks in Jonesboro drank the Kool-aid at gun point. Is that what happened here? Or did they just voluntarily end their life over a picture? How perfectly useless waste of life.

  • Kerri Kendrick

    this is how i feel about this whole debate, i love me some jesus, however, NOBODY WILL KNOW ANYTHING UNTIL THEY FINALLY MEET HIM!

  • Sheila Anderson-Lewis


  • itsallgood4me

    REALLY ???????? Anyone who buys this line of bull ,I’VE GOT SOME OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY IN ARIZONA ………….FOR SALE : REAL CHEAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather Dupuis

    Well now, I know 6 members of the KKK who are not going to live with Jesus, if this story be true.

  • https://www.behance.net/mictheory1 Mic Theory

    Conception: Horus/by virgin | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/by virgin8

    Father: Horus/Only begotten son of the God Osiris. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/Only begotten son of Yehovah (in the form of the Holy Spirit).

    Mother: Horus/Meri. 9 | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/Miriam (a.k.a. Mary).

    Foster father: Horus/Seb, (Jo-Seph). 9 | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/Joseph.

    Foster father’s ancestry: Horus/Of royal descent. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/Of royal descent.

    Birth location: Horus/In a cave. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/In a cave or stable.

    Annunciation: Horus/By an angel to Isis, his mother. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/By an angel to Miriam, his mother. 8

    Birth heralded by: Horus/The star Sirius, the morning star. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/An unidentified “star in the East.”

    Birth date: Horus/Ancient Egyptians paraded a manger and child representing Horus through the streets at the time of the winter solstice (typically DEC-21). | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/Celebrated on DEC-25. The date was chosen to occur on the same date as the birth of Mithra, Dionysus and the Sol Invictus (unconquerable Sun), etc.

    Birth announcement: Horus/By angels. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/By angels. 8

    Death threat during infancy: Horus/Herut tried to have Horus murdered. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/Herod tried to have Jesus murdered.
    Baptized by: Horus/Anup the Baptiser. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/John the Baptist.
    Close followers:Horus/Twelve disciples. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/Twelve disciples.

    Method of deathHorus/Twelve disciples. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/By crucifixion.
    Fate after death:Horus/resurrected after three days. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/resurrected after about 30 to 38 hours (Friday PM to presumably some time in Sunday AM) covering parts of three days.
    Common portrayal:Horus/Virgin Isis holding the infant Horus. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus.
    Description:Horus/the Lamb. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/the lamb.
    Zodiac Sign:Horus/Pisces the fish. | Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus/Pisces the fish.

    Heru: “I am the possessor of bread in Anu. I have bread in heaven with Ra.”
    Jesus: “I am the living bread that came down from heaven.”

    Heru: “I am Horus who stepeth onward through eternity…Eternity and everlastingness is my name.”
    Jesus: “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today and forever.”

    Egyptian/Kemetians: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
    Bible: “You reap what you sow.”

    • Andres Villamarzo

      We live in Auburn NY, the city of Harriet Tubman and we are all glad in our city where her home is a museum and she is buried here in Auburn NY. They are discussing a park named after her too!

    • Andres Villamarzo

      don’t listen to Mesaman, he was dropped from a 2nd story window when he was born and he landed on his head/face too! Also, he buys his wardrobe at the Salvation Army. which is no big deal but he could’ve chosen a better store like Dollar Tree or Dollar General in his case…..LOL

  • https://www.behance.net/mictheory1 Mic Theory

    I have one word to say aboiut this Jesus debate? HERU

  • Melinda Killie

    Suicide is a sin and the perp will end up in Hell anyway. WTG, dumb asses.. You have made quick work of your own stupidity, and now you have handed yourself into the Devil’s hands where you belong… What morons!!! ROTFLMAO!!

  • Luis Noble-Perez

    Did they know they were actually going to hell.

  • Michael Nguyen

    what a bunch of dumbasses

  • Maria Johanson

    Nobody know what color Jesus was and another thing Jesus wasn’t raciest he loves everybody of all color so if you can’t preach the truth don’t preach it at all

  • Edna Maldonado

    If these men feel that they are going to join Jesus in heaven they will be shocked to know that by committing suicide they have gone against the teachings of the Bible and will instead go to hell! Welcome to hell fire!!!

  • TruthBTold

    WOW this was just on the news I feel so bad for the kids left behind what cowards smh

  • Mary Elizabeth De Jesus

    what a lie!!!!!!! where are the facts!!!! where are the pictures!!!!!!! this is to divide the people and start a race war!!!!! wake up america!!!!!!!!

  • Janet Holmes

    60?. Today is a good day

  • Frank


  • Michael Chege

    rot in hell piece of shit

  • Blanche Ivey

    People take what they want from the bible. We all read the same bible in different translations. White people say Jesus is white no matter the description given in the Bible. Black say the Bible was written by white people to trick us but believe the description written about Jesus which makes him black.
    All it takes is knowledge. Jerusalem, Bethlehem & Egypt are in Africa. Africans were pure dark skinned. Before white people traveled to Africa and brought Blacks here they did the same thing to the Black women….they raped them in which enstilled the lighter colors to almost white color of some Black people.
    With all that being said, Jesus is Black and if White people want to kill themselves over Black people faces being put on a piece of paper. “Oh Fucking Well” They not going to Heaven cause suicide is a sin so Black or White (BLACK) they won’t meet Jesus no way…other than saying entrance denied go to Hell.

  • tanabutler

    Just saw this on MSNBC why would they do that? How dumb to take your own life and leave your kids to suffer

  • Dalton

    Well we going to say amen to them ass holes anyway and hope a few more can join them. Can I get 30 to hang for a brother on a dime?

  • Patty Seifert-Ledbetter

    what matters what color Jesus was? his message is still the same…it only changes from whose mouth it comes out of.

  • Sydney Gutierrez

    These clowns actually committed suicide. What a stupidity. They’re going to hell anyways?

  • KcalbHctiw

    …going home to Jesus?, even in death they will still be lost, sure when that heat hits that a$$, they will know exactly where they are smh

  • Roc

    after reading these comments I now know why everyone hates America and wants to kill us. Who gives a fuck what color Jesus was, or if he even existed. Hate is wrong, but what is almost as bad as hate is ignorance and there are a lot of truly ignorant people commenting on this article.

  • http://kingrex32.webs.com/ KingreX32

    Isnt Suicide a Sin. Wont they be burning in hell instead?

  • barry

    This is all over the news those idiots really did it ???

  • Kim Rodriguez

    Lol let them all die. In America we don’t need anymore hate groups. The kkk can fuck off.

  • sam

    lmao they are upset that the jewish folks “took over this country”, so they killed themselves to be closer with Jesus, another Jew. got it.

  • barry

    can’t believe people believe this, and how do you go from suicide to what color Jesus is, and what day did this “supposidley” happen, nothing on the major networks, someone needed a “story” to tell, people

  • Terrence Arrington

    The KKK was ISIS before they were even thought of. Whatever happens to them they deserve their Karma!

  • M★j★ D☆j☆

    Ppl understand this there is no middle east Europeans made that term up and the original ppl of that area are black not arabs who sold us into slavery and as of today they still do and also the Egyptians (hamites) brought us into slavery and also other hamites sold us into slavery on the west coast of Africa

  • Jesse Beaumont

    The gullibility of people who believe this crap is amazing. How many of you are Bernouts?

  • Síyandä Dêkå

    ONLY 60. DAMM

  • Marisol

    these as swipes really killed themselves just saw it on the news they are tryna cover it up lol GOOD RIDDANCE TO RACIST RUBBISH….

  • Elizabeth Ann Flynn Whittenton


  • Will Norton

    u dumb fucks u hated ppl all your lives why the fuck will it be a spot in heaven for you lmao dick heads

  • Paul L

    Jesus for sure looked like an Egyptian bc they could hide in the midst.

  • Zoe Smith

    It bigot like you liberal progressive that the are monsters. We Whites have God given Right to live our way. God put us Whites to be in charge of rest of human beings. You better respect us so we allow you go to heaven.

    Once Trump or Cruz get to be President, it will be our time to punish you monsters.
    Us White built this country, we are taking back from you monsters.

  • Wilson Batiste

    This is crazy they going to Hell lol

  • Trevor Logan Jr

    Well if this is remotely true…..DUCES!

  • Raymond


  • Juan Carlos Rollan

    SMMFH ☹️ What’s truly disgusting is that so many of you believe that anyone who commits suicide is bound for hell. If thats what your “Jesus” tells you, then he ain’t shit but a bitch ass bitch! If that’s what your little “word” says, then it’s a bitch ass word. Disillusioned idiots, where’s your compassion? some people’s pain is too great and they see no other option. How dare you all think you can pass that kind of judgment. I don’t believe in any of that bullshit, but for those that do, doesn’t it mention something about taking that plank out of your eye before talking about the splinter in mine??

  • James


  • Jose McCray-o

    Jokes on them, there’s no proof for their “God”.

  • Polo Sporting Goods

    I love how many of you think this is real.

  • Dennis Losee

    technically jesus was asian

  • VickandReds

    i applaud this message “ANYONE WHO FEELS LIKE WE DO TO COME JOIN US “

  • Dennis Losee

    wow i think i just got dumber reading these comments jesus was not caucasion or black he was jewish from nazareth wich is in Isreal with is on the mediterranean so taking all that into consideration he was most likely a lighter skinned arab closer in appearance to greek or Lebanese its not fucking rocket science.

  • Hater of Idiots

    they are we’re they belong haha

  • Shanon Hawthorne

    It’s doesn’t matter if Jesus was white, black, tan because these ignorant, hateful, unjust men are going to Hell.

  • Mary Helen Gaines

    it really doesnt matter what skin color Jesus came down as because..it was the spirit in him that shined brightly for the world top see..and he is now a spirit…. he told us all that we are brothers and sisters…

  • Bleu Wagner

    Great I’m tired these embarrassing hillbillies

  • lolkiddie21337

    ok so they cannot live in a land taken over by niggas and jews so they rather off themselves to be stuck in a place that is totally owned since genesis by the jew. there is some logic in there somewhere.

  • Marshall Rowe

    I call BullShitz!! Not even proposed happening for another few years. Once again, to get the headline, the media exaggerates.

  • William T Dixon

    What is going to happen when they get to heaven and they find out not only is he BLACK but Jewish as well are they going to kill themselves again lol???????????????????????

  • FatMadonna

    welp, 60 less votes for Trump. Keep ’em comin’.

  • Diane

    This is a spoof website, I don’t know how they get away using TMZ’s name lol but the debate on here is truly interesting.

  • Mena Nicole Smith

    Well guess what dumb asses, you are going straight to hell for killing yourselves, enjoy?

    • https://plus.google.com/+GerardFreeman Gerard Freeman

      This story is viral on Facebook and the KKK is getting No love ??

  • Pat Fifer

    yall missing the point. we need to putMalcolm X on the 50 Huey Newton on the ten then maybe a hundred thousand of those bitches will go see their white Jesus

  • Jennifer Murray

    Yes please.. Anyone who feels like this, please join them in “Heaven” if that’s what we are calling it! Have a kool-aid party and invite all of your like-minded friends… Shit, I’ll provide the kool-aid if you can’t afford it!!! If only it were this easy!!!!!!!!!!! I’d start a petition to get all the currency changed!

  • Sheila Nau

    I can’t be the only one that finds this funny…of all the things to commit suicide over, they chose this? This world is a better place without them spreading their stupidity and hatred! They just did us a favor…lol

  • Darryl Hudson

    Good the world is a better place without them hating and tearing other people down, now we can all move on and let God deal with them they’re no longer our problem. If this is true then my condolences go out to families affected by this selfish and cowardly act.

  • Raymon

    And don’t try and tie US the black PEOPLE in america with no jews in no way form shape are fashion ,THEY the jews played the major role in the trans atlantic slave trade…The Finacers,Get the book the secret relationship between blacks and Jews it’s all laid out with truth backing it….

    • Juan Carlos Rollan

      Tell that to Sammy Davis, Jr.

      • Pedro ZeroZero

        Triple upvote. Good one.

  • Mohak Bhatt

    If you got a problem with whose face is on your money then, one, priorities are waaaay weird and two, the great thing about money is you spend it.

  • Janie B. Johnson

    And take the rest of them with you

  • Raymon

    What make them think they are going with the socall jesus smh the jesus was there on earth with them,the same people they hated was those jesus.

  • Allan Steele

    hmmm so ln regards to ‘Jesus’, explain to me how a black man, (from Africa), that lived 2000 years ago (approx.), ends up being white, and with a name that didn’t exist until 400 years ago? I’m just saying…

  • Christopher Stolfa

    You guys know this isn’t a real article right?…
    right? …… right..? … right? *Kills self*

    Edit: Do people actually read anything other than the titles of these clickbait articles, better yet even care about credibility?

  • Bobby Dewberry

    I hope they knew Jesus was from a region where people lived that doesn’t look like them.

  • madashellnow

    Probably a spoof…democrats wouldn’t to that. lol

  • TrustedRace

    They have always been dumb!

  • hasasin1

    We as the black community are still taking donations to gather 1 fuck to give them !!!

  • hasasin1

    I think it’s hilarious that they think their gonna meet white jesus !!! lmfao

  • Latasha Haslem- Jackson

    so they think they’re going to heaven, I’m so glad I wont have to deal with them when I get there…

  • Lisztman

    Suicide is not a path to Heaven. Neither is hating your fellow man. Good luck, guys. Hope you brought your ribs and chicken…

  • Onia Maxine Royster

    Every body has a right to be stupid but some people just abuse the privilege

  • Bernard Robinson

    Go figure stupid talkin bout goin to join God in heaven devil is a lie hell u will ⏰ ☝ to Stupid

  • TeeTee

    Sounds Like they were pretty upset bahahahaha lol

  • Colleen Birchett

    I don’t believe this story, but if it is true, I am afraid they will be shocked at the temperature where they are going — it won’t be heavenly!

  • Renee Bailey

    Not sure if this is true, however, if it is “Bye Felicia!” you should have killed 60 more

  • Jessbaby215

    Bye honky saltines lmao and you will be burned in the pits of fire not heaven idiots

  • Michael Parker

    If only this were true.

    • Theresa Carroll-Hardy

      if only……………..

  • Erin

    Lmao, BYE!!!!! And anybody else with that same mindset can join them.

    • Theresa Carroll-Hardy

      for real. lol.

  • Randii September

    Why isn’t any other news outlet reporting this? It would seem to me, that this is TMZs way of saying nigger.

  • Amon Weekes


  • Nikki

    Awww how sweet of them. Their a step up from where they use to be……..

    • Theresa Carroll-Hardy

      for real…..but only if this story were true?

  • Mike

    Damn! These comments got me CTFU lol


    THEY WERE IDIOTS, im glad they decided to do this?????.

  • Okechukwu Aribeana

    It is good to be true to your beliefs. However, these dudes are going straight to he’ll.

  • Paris Whitten

    Yes yall forgot Trump! If this makes em kill themselves lets boycott to put Martin on the 100 Bill maybe they will all kill themselvess n go to so call JESUS! Hope they took that BIBLICAL BULLSHIT with em!

  • Robert Jackson

    Q: What do you call 60 KKK suicide deaths?

    • Paris Whitten

      Dead dummies

  • Joseph

    .they are only brave when they have 20 against and old lady…think they could have the Balls to harm themselves…KKK is all about self preservation..but I guess they couldn’t take it no more cowards lol

  • John H Mckeown

    then good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Mark

    People mistreating people for simply being of a different race.
    What’s wrong with these people?
    It’s weird.
    It’s strange; it seems a lot of white people in America are fighting covertly for their white privilege from days of old.
    White people have no reason to hate black people. Nowhere in history did black people mistreat whites.
    I really don’t get where all the anger and hate comes from.
    Live and let live.

  • Liuwina

    as if they’re gonna end up in heaven even if there was a heaven! LoL dumb fucks!

  • Raphael Chapman

    he’s gonna reject those klansmen, and SEND THEM TO HELL!


    Great idea. I hope others follow in their footsteps

  • oldsoldier59

    I wish I could see their faces when they see Jesus has skin the color of bronze and hair like wool.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVfNyFL741enUgD59wM3Odg/videos Let’s Build


    • Jacob Anderson

      A sad sight to be seen.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVfNyFL741enUgD59wM3Odg/videos Let’s Build


        • Theresa Carroll-Hardy


  • Tina BlaZe

    They all should follow suite. Stole Amerikkka…..gtfoh… These crakkas stole Amerikkka. ..Jesus my ass….fake ass sky daddy….lmao

    • Paris Whitten


  • To the World…STFU

    Lmao! You dam sure not going to heaven to be with Jesus, he don’t entertain demons, he cast them out I go pigs!!! With all the shit you have done, You all along with your ancestors are going straight to hell to be with your father the devil!!! Good Riddens!!!! Anymore going????

  • Immortal Arts


  • Treymane Seawood

    Yes I think they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!!!…(in my Samuel Jackson voice)

  • njborne


  • Koki Ochieng

    Really, hope Peter and Angel Gabriel was there to meet them…lol

  • Charming Billingsley

    I have never loved something so much!! I will have SWEET dreams tonight ?❤????

    • Theresa Carroll-Hardy

      my feelings as well gurl.

  • Deanie Rodriquez Cardenas

    If they were REAL Christians they would know that 1) Jesus was a Jew, & 2) Suicide is a one-way ticket to Hell! Genius at it’s best? Not so much! Smh..

    • Simon Peter Dodge

      there is nothing biblically to support our premise that those who commit suicide go to hell….nothing…but the story is a spoof anyway, and Jesus was a Caucasian Southern Baptist Preacher.

    • To the World…STFU

      He was black! When have you ever seen a dam Jew with hair of wool and feet of bronze?? Read your bible…I believe it’s in the book of Matthews………GTHOH!!

      • Anonymous Patriot

        actually it say yashua was a hebrew smh… read your bible lmao

    • Pedro ZeroZero

      What are REAL Christians? But yeah, Jesus was a Jew. So most likely he looked the part.

  • Luqman Abdullah Sudan

    Fucking heroes. Shows you how even they believe their own lies.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Need2-Tlk/512465962222530?ref=hl We Need2 Tlk

    Hopefully more will follow their lead.

  • Katrinia Williams

    They were idiots, the 20 dollar bills won’t be in rotation until 20/20 and committing suicide definitely does not get u into heaven so enjoy Hell…

    • Theresa Carroll-Hardy

      for real gurl. smh

    • Black Love

      They wasn’t going to heaven if they died naturally.

      • justice4all04

        True story with all of that hate in their hearts

    • Jovell Brown

      They so dumb lmaoooooo. Jesus should let them see his dark skin b4 sending them 2 hell

      • Raymon

        When they see a black man are woman they are looking at a jesus prototype

      • Terri Johnson Busalacchi

        “they so dumb” yet you believe that the SOUL has a skin color that MATTERS? Jovell, your black skin isn’t going to get you to Heaven, it is the deeds you do, and don’t do on Earth. It is the good you possess, not the color of your skin. Jesus had dark skin, not denying, BUT it was because the region of the world, just as my ancestors came from Sweden and Finland, that’s why I am pale…. SMH, keep the racism alive Jovell…keep it alive. You are NO BETTER THAN THE KKK…..they believed their WHITE skin was better than your BLACK, well you believe because you share a “skin color” not a HUMAN aspect with Jesus, that makes you more “almighty”….and righteous. NEITHER is correct.

    • Gilgamesh

      Depends on how you do it.
      Jump off a building, then pray for forgiveness before impact.


      Was’nt they just flicted, that hate won’t get u there either

    • tj

      They would have been..if it actually happened

  • Cathie Moss

    Any race that takes the life of another human being are pathetic. That includes Klan,BPA, skin heads,bml…etc. They’re all going against god. We’re all created in his image. And to say that one life means more than the next is totally ignorant and has no clue what the word of God really means and you’re a hypocrite. And by saying that you are superior to anyone else is utterly ridiculous. If you think you are better than anyone else, you’re basically saying that God makes mistakes. And since we are made in his image,then basically God is not as great as you all say. My God made me in his image, therefore I love everyone. And unless you do something to me or mine,I love you!! But if you do then my problem is with you as a person. That’s it and that’s all. But back to the point at hand. Yeah they found bodies, but come on y’all if anything these assbags are up to something. Racist douche bags like I mentioned in the beginning don’t give up that easy!!! All I’m saying is don’t count hate out that easy.

  • Krystal Burgess

    Well they’re going exactly where they should be….. Hell where they can burn for all eternity.

  • Phaze Affiliation


    • Simon Peter Dodge

      Yes he is too white. And he’s a southern baptist Preacher.

      • beeeeeeee

        jesus was a middle eastern man ya dumb fuck

        • Lisa Jean

          Sarcasm isn’t something you’re keen on, huh?

          • Bugzy

            lmao….ohh, get him….

          • http://optimizeagency.com/ Jacob Brown


        • HatakeMegumi

          With African ancestry as well. 🙂 They’ll probably want to commit suicide again on the other side.

          • Phillip Esho


          • Raymon

            lol then where will they go smh

          • J Chilly


          • Raymon

            I just talk to our people in cleveland,THEY DON’T WANT THEM EITHER…..

        • Deondra Gaines

          Remakes like that is the reason we all fight each other now. If you have not seen Him personally don’t make that assumption just enjoy your relationship with Him. In retrospect share love with your neighbors instead of debating about right or wrong seek Him so that one day you will see His face love you and be blessed….

          • Bobby Dewberry

            What is the biblical description of Jesus. It definitely not a blonde hair, blue eye man from the middle east.

          • Starde

            Bobby, the Biblical description is hair as that of lambs wool and skin the color of burnt brass. If he existed at all, he was a black man. Even to this day, there are few blue eyed blondes in that region. Also, when Herod was searching for the child Jesus, the family went to Egypt (a black land) were they successfully hid from their persecutor. Why? They blended in with the Egyptian population.

          • Dennis Losee

            egyptians are not black they’re arab

          • Sonja Mack

            ancient Egyptians ARE Black

          • Sharnese Hall

            Goodness gracious Dennis. I thought this was cleared up in the 80’s. Egypt is in AFRICA. Egyptians are black

          • Raymon

            You my friend needs a pre history lesson.

          • Raymon

            If they painted jesus as a black man which he is ,,You think white people will follow that black jesus??????

          • K Sue Howell


          • Raymon

            Then follow the black people in america

          • K Sue Howell

            What does it have to do with color?…C’mon now. Jesus doesn’t see and judge you by “color”…Seriously? You may regret your reply on judgement day.

          • Raymon

            Nope im standing on my comment as the real jesus was my bratha loland you say what color has to do with it Let say that they gave him his real vision of him which is the original color which came with the universe BLACK ,,woooooo lol will you still love him and follow the way that you love and follow the fake one that they made and put a vision on him??????

          • GJ

            They would rather go to hell.

          • Raymon

            A white mans hell is a black mans heaven….

          • RayCy


          • Sonja Mack

            Sorry sis this is NOT biblical.. YOU are to follow the Laws. Statues and Commandments and come out of those fake christian churches they set up to deceive you. Shalawam

          • Raymon

            Im still waiting on your reply Sista?????????

          • RayCy

            Waiting on yours. For months.

        • Bre

          middle east is a direction dumb as!!! that was a made up term not middle east people duhhhhhhh. jesus was black like he burned in a oven he was a black man from the tribe of judah!!! duh

          • Dennis Losee

            your a special kid of stupid

          • DONNAS CUPCAKE

            Damn, you’re grammar! Is she serious with that fucked up English n she calling folks dumb, haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          • tj

            “you’re grammar” Bre is grammar? I love Irony(Its a joke)

          • Raymon

            Watch your mouth disrespectful bafoon..

        • Sonja Mack

          what is middle eastern? a term made up by Europeans to disguise the REAL TRUTH???

        • Simon Peter Dodge

          Know more than you and worth more than you. You are like a piece of dung gathered up by Madateuchus viettei, Scarabaeidae to feed their colony.

      • Raymon

        you need help

        • Simon Peter Dodge

          I’m not accepting any help. You’ll have to throw own damn self into the furnace.

    • Linda Baker

      I agree….. God said he will not have you ignorant
      These guys have shown nothing less

      • Theresa Carroll-Hardy

        truth. smh.

    • Janie B. Johnson

      They will find out when they meet him.

      • Atia Wright

        if they meet him

      • xiromisho

        Pretty sure that they aren’t going to meet him for several reasons.

        One) Bible’s pretty clear on suicide.

        Two) Bible’s pretty clear about hate…

        • tj

          Three) It didn’t happen

      • http://www.jeremymartin72.com Jeremy Martin

        You will not find out anything after you are dead because… Wait for it….because you are dead. Your threat of Hell after I’m dead makes me feel sorry for your reliance on threats of imaginary punishment instead of evidence. The evidence is in my corner. You don’t do shit after you die but be dead <— FACT

        • Douce Epine

          Have you died?

    • Raymon

      Correction jesus was white,That made up one that was said to come and deceive the world,,that was that white jesus until most of us black people woke up,But still alot of us still mentally dead thinking that white jesus was the Son..

      • Terri Johnson Busalacchi

        Does that matter WHAT color he is? Really? He was sent here to save all of OUR sins, not the sins of the same color of skin. I double dog dare someone to stand at the pearly gates and BLAME the “persecution” of the PAST generations (yes, slavery is done) on the COLOR OF YOUR SKIN. I can see it now…. God: Why did you do the things you did? Individual: Well, you see, God, I was black on Earth and you made me the wrong color at the wrong time. Nope…can’t see it.

        • http://www.jeremymartin72.com Jeremy Martin

          For someone who claims to have mixed family you sure are ignorant of racial issues in America. BTW, Jesus is fictional like Hercules, so it doesn’t matter at all.

          • Sonja Mack

            No he isn’t fictional He is REAL and Alive just as we are but you are spiritually dead. He shewed His Word unto Jacob not Esau

          • http://www.jeremymartin72.com Jeremy Martin

            No, he is just as real as Spiderman. I may be “spiritually dead” but you have been duped. You don’t even have a single shred of evidence for spirits, same as your God…did you just talk to me in old testament talk?! Lol.

          • Sonja Mack

            Just like an Edomite who don’t believe in NOTHING but himself….so superior NOT!!!! I have PLENTY OF EVIDENCE BUT ALL YOU HAVE IS EMOTIONS. LOL

          • http://www.jeremymartin72.com Jeremy Martin

            Wrong again. I believe in love, music, doing good things for people, and that the community is strong when people work together and care for each other. I never said I was superior. I believe in a classless society where all people are equal and come together to work together. If you had evidence for a spirit you would have presented it instead of posting in all caps that you had “PLENTY OF EVIDENCE”. I know better. There is no evidence for souls or spirits. There is only evidence of fiction. Jesus is fictional like Apollo and Athena.

        • Sonja Mack

          did it matter when WE ALL thought he was white? yes because they changed his color from black to white to continue with white supremacy. YES it matters. The New Kingdom is for ISRAEL ONLY. Yes the blacks, Native Americans and Hispanics not black Africans either. Christ came NOT BUT FOR the House of Israel. No other nation NEEDS Saving but us. Being SAVED means Rulership and Power not the lies we’ve been fed.

        • Raymon

          lol Do you not understand how slavery affect my people right up to today,How can slavery be done white you still have white supremacy around???And yes it does matter what color he was because he was not that blond hair blue eyed devil that they told my people that lie to controlle,If you understand history and that bible We the black nation in america is all up in it,And Our creator did promise abraham our outcome of the suffering that we will indure here in america..

          • tj

            Please, site the scriptures to back up that statement

          • Raymon

            Rest a sure abraham that your seeds will end up in a land hmmmm and will be afflicted for 400 years and he said that he will hear our moaning and groaning because of the cruel affliction that they,THEM DEVILS will afflect on us and he said him self the <<>>> hmmmmm and he did …

          • tj

            Genesis 15. Couldn’t have been talking about the 400 years of slavery in Egypt? You remember that Moses guy he sent to free them?

          • Raymon

            you have no understanding of the bible which we all should pray for daily,,????Do you know what Decisive and Allegorical when it comes to that bible..Most of whats talked about in that bible never happen but was to come to at a later date,PLEASE PRAY FOR UNDERSTANDING OF THE TRUE WORD OF THAT BOOK,I CAN TEACH YOU A HISTORY LESSON

          • tj


          • Raymon

            shall i point it out in you bible

          • RayCy

            Please do.

          • Raymon

            open your bible lets get started

    • Mary Helen Gaines

      what a bigger surprise they’ll have there..

      • Comelia Shawnae

        When they realize Jesus doesn’t live in hell. Oh yeah they’re gonna be very surprised. ?

        • Terri Johnson Busalacchi

          Now for all those “black lives matter” individuals….will they be in hell too? Because any one empowering or killing (officers in this case) should be in hell, right? Now, I am not condoning the KKK in any way. I don’t agree with them, and my 2 biracial daughters will tell you that. BUT I am often offended that individuals that are creating mayhem and criminals are being (currently) placed on a pedestal, while officers who are protecting citizens are being persecuted. I guess the new rule in this country is, “if you disagree with minority rule, then you are going to hell”. Now, I know the KKK is active yet. I live in WI and it’s everywhere, but what about the Black Power groups. They degrade, victimize and intentionally harm whites, yet, I never see someone saying “going straight to hell”. We all know, that the road to salvation is a PERSONAL road. Pave your own, and judge not someone else’s.

          • Will Norton

            hey you over there stfu

          • Jeffrey DCoy Zachary

            What you fail to realize is, that the individuals that are that radical, looting, fighting, killing, etc., do not represent BLM, rather their own agenda, despite then chanting blm.. The real BLM is a group of all races, black, white, brown, yellow, who want to remind you that, yes, all lives matter, but due to the unjust treatment of minorities, not regarding the individuals who brought their outcome to themselves i.e. mike brown, trayvon Martin, but Mike garner, and the living minorities, who are treated unfairly, or even killed because of their skin and/or background, matter “ALSO”.

            There are more individuals who protest peacefully, than there are radicals. Unfortunately, conservative news outlets, fox, cnn, don’t want you to see that.

          • tj

            CNN(The Clinton News Network)..CONSERVATIVE?!!?! Agree with everything else though

          • Simon Peter Dodge

            That’s a crock of bullshit if I ever read anything in my life. You are sucked in by the bullshit of BLM. It is clearly a racist movement and contains all the elements of the early KKK.

          • Bobby Dewberry

            Really how many lynching have the BLM committed, how many innocent white people have been burned alive by a mob of BLM members. Until that happen only racist idiots as yourself will compare BLM to the KKK.

          • Raymon

            Good teaching

          • Chris Whitley

            umm no it isnt. it is a group trying to show that all lives matter and trying to educate against racism. although I do not agree with the title as it singles out one particular race that isn’t the only race of people ever being discriminated against

          • TEagle

            I agree with you on most of this. Unfortunately Palestinian groups have infiltrated BLM and spread lies and hatred of Jews and Israel. I pray they

          • Terrence Arrington

            You sound crazy!

          • Bruce

            What’s this dumb horseshit you’re saying? Ah, some dumb rambling horseshit.

          • Dmax Lomax

            From what I seen, the officers are disguising themselves as protesters and the ones that are starting the hateful riots. So yes they will be in yall hell, i agree, lol.

          • Guest977

            Um…what does BLM even have to do with this? You realize the KKK is made up of disgusting human beings who look down on basically everyone who doesn’t look/think like them? We see where your head is. Furthermore, if you can’t see the obvious difference (offensive v.s. defensive), then you are the problem. Having black friends/family members doesn’t automatically dissolve your obvious prejudice & ignorance. If you were honestly confident in what you are saying, you wouldn’t need to pull the “I know black people” card to help your case and make you seem less prejudiced.

          • TEagle

            I agree with most of your comments. Regarding BLM, I would like to support them because I am against racism and for justice. Unfortunately, they have been infiltrated and brainwashed by BDS groups that spread lies about Jews and Israel.

          • Sonja Mack

            Why would they be in hell for speaking up against killing them? that doesn’t make sense whatsoever. Who killed an officer? What criminals..you mean YOUR people who have raped, robbed and murdered on every continent? What groups degrade whites and harm whites? WHAT GROUPS AND BE SPECIFIC….YOU are making up LIES as usual. Your road is in the book of Obadiah I suggest you READ IT.

          • GJ

            Terri Johnson Busalacchi if you do have 2 biracial daughters I know they are truly ashame of you, being you are the one that is the problem.

          • Doren Davis

            Everything you said is Bull****! BLM is very important part of our community. Lady! fewer cops are killed pre year then unarmed black men. And as for the Black Panther’s or any group that condones violence should be arrested. And you said you have biracial kids well I hope they never come upon a cop that wears their racism on their sleeves.

          • Douce Epine

            Why is it that white folks think that justifying their racism with statements such as “I am being dicked by a black man”, “kids are mixed”, “my best friend is black” make them less racist? I have never heard such things from anybody but whites, can someone enlighten me on the matter?

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            Terri….it is obvious that you are not aware how a person of color is treated in some situations and environments which is considerably different than how you are treated. For example: if you are a person of color, you are at least twice as likely to be pulled over for a traffic violation as a white person. And once you have been pulled over, you are have only a 25% chance of leaving with just a warning as opposed to your white counterpart who has about a 50% chance. The population of black people in the US is about 20%. The color of your skin has no correlation to the amount of crime you will commit. Crime has a very high correlation to one’s economic resources rather than skin color. Yet the prisons have population over 60% are people of color. So does this represent equity in applying the law? I think not. It means the system is prejudiced by not only economics but skin color. When you see a couple of juvenile (in age) children of color, do you see white folks locking their car doors or crossing the street to avoid contact with these kids? Do you think these kids don’t notice? Do your friends call people of color “lazy, no count, and criminal” ? Do you believe that to be true?

            And when you read about a 12 year old black boy and is playing alone in a park with a toy gun within eyesight of his front door, get gunned down within 3 seconds of the police arriving on the scene, you have to wonder why this child’s life did not matter. And then you read that a week later, the police took about 45 minutes to talk down a 35 year old white man with a real gun which he had been firing randomly into the neighborhood, taking the gun in a peaceful manner without firing a shot. Why were the techniques so different? Would there not be the same presumption of danger for the police officer? Yet, both cases certainly were not processed the same…could it be because the boy was black and the man was white?

            If you cannot see the inequity which exist in our society, then you will never understand what the BLM organization is about. Basically all the want is equal treatment, equal due process, equal access to opportunities as everyone else in the society. This assumption that black people are somewhat less worthy of the considerations or presumed to be guilty must end. And in order to end this inequity, we must be aware that the inequity exist and do what we can individually and as communities to put an end to it. We can not change people’s hearts, but we can install appropriate training and hiring with our law enforcement to enforce the law in a color blind manner. Then is when we will see that every life matters, and BLM will disappear. They have a legitimate purpose and I will support equity for ALL people and that means supporting them.

          • Jeanette Smith

            I am an Ole White Woman in S.C. and I agree with all that you have said! Brava!

          • Raymon

            Can you amagine 450 yr of free work,and education kept away they murdered raped men woman and children,split familys apart then let go with nothing in a country that was built on slavery,suffering with a KKK MINDSET,and want us to play catch up when your people had a head start,and we did catch up and pass your race here in america…

          • Raymon

            All live do matter as all lives comes from BLACK LIVES..

          • Comelia Shawnae

            Did I say anything about black lives matter? No! Did I mention anything about killing cops? No! Black Panthers was created to protect themselves from the kkk and crooked cops! But I didn’t mention any of that! If a bunch of racists wanna kill themselves over diversity let him! That’s what I’m talking about it. That’s the only thing I’m talking about it. Don’t try and change the subject.

    • Chuck Presnell

      You are correct. Jesus was a Palistinian Jew and looked very much like the Palistinian Jews of today. Renaseance European artists depicted Jesus as white because at that time in history that was all they knew was other Europeans. Some people are just too ignorant to realize that.

      • Hebrew

        He looked nothing like those Palestinian jews of today, those aren t even real jews! The bible says He was brunt bronze with wooly hair.

        • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

          It does say that but I can’t get my head properly round debating the race and nationality of a fictional person.

          • John Smart

            I was going to reply to your comment with, “How in the hell do you know what race Jesus was,” then I thought. Hell, I don’t really give a damn what race he was because I don’t practice that religion .
            Massa’s Religion (Islam: Massa’s religion).

          • xiromisho

            in Islam, Jesus is a profit, second only to Mohammad.

          • jimcrowe

            aha. you better tell it!!

          • krishna

            profit is a gain in money from a sale or transaction. You probably mean prophet

          • Anton Parks Sr.

            Equates to the same thing just one is gain, the other is taking your money to tell you what “God/Jesus” said. There were stories of Virgin births before

          • Kuntrybear


          • JD


          • Doren Davis

            So if Jesus is a profit how much did he make? (Prophet)

          • Raymon

            Excuse me Sir if you have no knowlege on a religion why would you speak ill manner of it Sir ?????

          • RayCy

            Never stopped you.

          • Chris Whitley

            the whole point of the race conversation is that he: if actually existed: was NOT white, and the ignorant men killing themselves to be with jesus because they hate not white people in fact are trying to be with a man that has the skin color of men that they hate.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            By the way, no sixty Klansmen killed themselves.

          • Guest977

            lol It amuses me when pompous atheists say things like this. Aren’t you guys supposed to be all-knowing master researchers who talk down to everyone else because we’re supposed “sheep” who don’t research and think for ourselves? Yea, I think I nailed it. Not all atheists, of course. Just the pompous ones. Anyway, Jesus was a real person. That’s a fact. What’s up for debate is whether he was the messiah, another prophet, or simply a man, but he did exist. If we could obtain information on Plato and Aristotle, why do people think it’s soo impossible to have information on a man born hundreds of years afterward? Because he’s in the Bible? lol.. If people would actually read the Bible without prejudice, they’d realize it’s a piece of history as well. I have no issue with whatever people choose to believe in, but don’t dismiss the facts just to fit your own agenda.

          • Nicole

            so Jesus is real… besides that do you also believe he had superpowers? Only human on Earth with superpowers, born from a virgin woman, reaching his 30’s before his mother… Must be true indeed… a piece of history indeed. I wonder why Plato and Aristotle didn’t had superpowers… damn atheists.. probably that’s why..

          • Guest977

            lol Reading comprehension? The point of my comment was that Jesus existed. The end. I’m not here to argue with anyone about what they believe in. That’s not my business, and frankly, I don’t care.

          • robmusicman

            That’s right, a waste of time arguing with morons, they r sealing their own fate and do not even realize it, unfortunately!

          • Steve

            Cowards, like nicole, won’t tell you what they believe.

          • Steve

            Tell us what you believe then. I’m eating popcorn now.

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            A piece of history? Really? Name one event from this historical text which has historical evidence outside the Bible which verifies these stories are true. There is no evidence of the flood of Noah, nor the presence of Joseph in Egypt, nor the exodus of Moses. There is no evidence of the mass annihilation of the Canaanites. There may be some evidence that Solomon existed, but his kingdom was so small perhaps the size of a city, that he had very little influence in the region. There is evidence that Herod existed, but the no evidence of the slaughter of the innocence nor the beheading of John the Baptist. There is no evidence of census of the populations of Judea, including Jerusalem, Bethlehem or Nazareth at the time Jesus was supposed to have been born. There are no records outside the Bible that Jesus existed – at least not in the Roman records nor in the Jewish records. Now there certainly could have been a man who lived in or around Jerusalem named Jesus who was an itinerant teacher/philosopher/rabbi. And he may have actually been crucified as many, many others were at the time. And then when you look at most of Christian sects who profess to follow Jesus, you find most of their cannons are not based on Jesus but on Paul. And Paul seems to know very little about Jesus. He knows nothing of his teachings or healings. He only know one thing – Jesus was crucified and arose from the dead. It is Paul who assigns the purpose of Jesus’s death. And if you read the Bible…you find many contradictions, so many that it takes real mental gymnastics to figure out what a believer is expected to do and what passages are true and what are just window dressing of the writer…So in the end, people look to other people to interpret the truth for them, and they then select the truth they like the best.

          • Doren Davis

            Everything you said is wrong read Titus Flavius Josephus he was a scholar and historian around the first century this will help you out a little bit.

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            The portion of the writing which refer to Jesus and his brother James have been generally accept as fraud perpetuated by Eusebius in the late 4th century to give credence to the Jews that Jesus did exist. Prior to Eusebius proclamation that Titus Flavius Josephus writing contained this information, no one was aware of these references. The style of writing is for a Jewish audience in this particular section. Almost all the other writing including the siege of Massada and even the imprisonment of John the Baptist seem to be accurate.

            Again, Jesus may have been a real person, however, the events attributable to his life and death are so similar to other stories of heroic characters both prior to and since the life of Jesus which are known to most as myths. It is difficult for me to find something which makes him any different than say Perseus or Hercules or even Superman. After all Jesus was the son of god and a human woman – well so was Perseus and Hercules. Jesus possessed superhuman powers not like normal humans – so did Perseus and Hercules. Jesus came to save man and bring him back to gods way – so did Perseus and Hercules. Jesus sacrificed his own life for the benefit of mankind – Perseus and Hercules did that too. They all tried to give mankind a better life and a path to reconcile to the god father. And these are substantially the tenants of every religion on earth. So there is an all powerful god who is vengeful or does nothing, a sacrificial offspring who comes to save humankind and a promise of a glorious afterlife. And to top it off, in order to accomplish this you must have faith..and yet everyone in the Bible is not dependent of faith. In fact all are given evidence – Noah, Moses, Joseph, Jesus, the Disciples, the crowds…..so why I am I not worthy of this evidence? Could it be that there is no evidence? Could it be that these are all just stories like Aesop’s Fables, or of King Arthur and the Round Table or the stories of dragons and leprechauns and Santa Claus?

            Even if Titus Flavius Josephus writing are true – what evidence does it show for this man called Jesus is Jesus of the Bible? The Bible did not exist at the time of Josephus. Was there only one Jesus in the entire world? I know several men named Jesus today, perhaps there were more than one then. And if there were more than one, how do we know this is the man who is talked about in the New Testament? We don’t. It would be a leap of faith to say this man Josephus talks about is definitively Jesus of Nazareth whom many refer to as the Christ. And faith does not equal evidence. Faith is another word for opinion.

          • Carlos

            Thank you for enlightening me on this issue.

          • Time Author

            The Sun is God, God is the Sun. You’re correct.

          • Darryl Arthur

            This is quite amusing that after all the past years of Christianity, millions and millions of believers. A true book that has been handed down centuries and centuries…And we get to this generation of idiots who think all of these millions and millions of people who have devoted their life to the one true GOD, Jesus Christ, are somehow wrong. Wow, it took all of these years. Maybe its the fact that you were raised void of GOD in your life so in the haste of your ignorance you, meaning Atheist, can only claim he doesn’t exist because you truly do not know better.

          • John M. Barron

            What about the millions and millions that have been praying to other gods all that same time? They are all wrong and you are right?

          • Darryl Arthur

            There is only one true GOD. No others before or after.

          • John M. Barron

            So you’re the guy that knows which one it is? Maybe you should wise up everyone else in the world. Just like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson, Marshall Applewhite or Shoko Asahara did.

          • Darryl Arthur

            The world is wise. There are Billions who know Jesus Christ is the one true savior. You’re in the minority here. Maybe you should wise up.

          • Raymon

            If thats how you think let me ask you this,,Who do you love the Most Jesus are God???????????

          • Darryl Arthur

            Jesus is GOD!

          • Raymon

            Just that comment there let me know that you are on spook time,Jesus said it himself DON’T WORSHIP ME BUT WORSHIP HIM WHO SENT ME….who is the he in the bible,What was the words he said when he was on the cross which he was never on the cross repResent his struggle in life and suffering and thats why he said PICK UP YOUR CROSS,hmmmm why so that we can be on the cross are suffer what the real jesus suffer which was neglect from them WICK PEOPLE OF THAT TIME…

          • Raymon

            No i am the guy who knows who he is..

          • Steve


          • Ole White Woman from GA

            Darryl Arthur….you are a Christian because that is how you were raised. You were born in a location where that was the predominate held belief system. You were expose to the stories of the Bible from the time you could listen to a story. It is a part your identity and do deny it truthfulness would change who you are and possibly alienate you from certain relationships. And this would not be tolerant to your self-image. So you keep on with the same mantras and associating with those who are very much like you. And you start the whole process over by indoctrinating your children. I know, because I was there once myself. But something within me said…wait a minute…theses things do not make any sense. Why would a God whose very existence we (theoretically) depend on make it so hard to determine his will? Why would he allow the suffering in so many lives? Why create such a flawed creature in the first place? The whole hell and damnation thing…well that sure didn’t look or sound like love especially when no two Christians seem to agree on the same recipe to avoid hell. And how is it that all the powerful, all knowing, all beneficial god needs human help at all? Yes there are millions of Christians, but there are more than twice their number who are not Christians at all – Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, Shintos, Mother Earth worshippers, etc. And after about 2000 years, the message still has not resonated with a majority of people on the earth. So if the Christian God is the one true god, and Christianity is the “truth religion” and its Bible is a true book, the population of the earth certainly does not reflect that. Why is that? And as time goes on, it appears that there are more and more varieties of religions on earth, because people do not a agree on certain tenants and resort to forming their own variety of beliefs. So what is the truth? How can one mans set of beliefs be true when the overall population seems to disagree? Yes, I am an atheist. I am an atheist because I can see NO evidence of god or gods existence outside the mind of each individual. God appears to be a function of man’s creation with powers greater than any human but are truly human like. Everyone’s god seems to fit their particular needs – to be supportive, to be forgiving, to be a friend when in need and to be punitive when one feels the need. If there was a god, I imagine that his character and expectation and role in each individual’s life would be defined, consistent, and provable to every individual and every one would have the same knowledge of this in such an innate manner, there would be no question as to who god was and his role in this life. It would somewhat like the laws of gravity. God would respond exactly the same to every human. But that’s not how life is working is it? I you wish to believe in god and that the Bible is the truth, and Jesus is the way and light….be my guest and go right ahead, I don’t mind. But inorder for me to believe I need a bit more than stories created by men who thought the earth was the center of the universe and the earth was flat and that anything which was not explainable by the current knowledge was god’s work. I need a bit more than the myriad of opinions on who god is and what he is capable of doing without a smidgen of evidence.

          • Darin Elliott

            Thanks for sharing an intelligent reply.

          • voice


          • TEagle

            You are too smart for your own good. Jesus is the original. The mythic characters are the imitations. If you ever decide to get off your high horse and research a bit more, I recommend “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell as a good start. I also recommend reading the Gospels. It helps to try and free your mind from prejudice first and just read, before you read to refute. You can always do that on the second reading , if you just can’t help yourself. Also, if you study Old Testament prophesies concerning the Messiah and New Testament fulfillment , you will find it near impossible to rationalize them all away. You sound very angry and hurt. It is always better to run to God than away from Him.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Please explain how one than be too smart for their own good?

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            Thank for the compliment….’too intelligent for your own good”. I am not sure how you come to that judgement…but it really does not matter. I have read the Bible. And when Jesus say to let the dead bury their own….and to hate your parents, hate your spouse, hate your children and hate your very self and come and follow me……He did not say make him (Jesus) the top priority in your life…he said make him the only thing that mattered in your life. Forsake everything else in the world – you loved ones, your job, your possessions…and come and follow him. So if every person follows this prescription, then there will be no families, no workers and which will lead to no food. So as many people have noted, the world as we know it would end. Of course Jesus seemed to believe the world would end within the life time of his followers and said so. So this prediction or prophesies made by Jesus simply has not been fulfilled yet. As to the prophecies of the Old Testament, well what can I say. Like anyone who receives information about the future, we humans tend to see that which we want to see. About 20 years ago, the prophesies of Nostradamus was a popular subject of social gatherings, and television specials and individual research. While Nostradamus did have many writings and some appear to have been predictions and some have even appeared to be true, they all may be purely the interpretations of those individuals who wish them to be prophecies and cite events to convince others of their accuracy. These are the mental gymnastics people go through to believe something to be true. There have been many folks who have published works prophesying the future. But as of yet, I have not heard of one who could consistently and accurately see what the future brings. How many have prophesied the end of the world since Jesus? How many times has it happened? None, not even when Jesus said it would happen.

            As to being angry….I am not angry or bitter. I do not care if others think I’m crazy or headed for hell or whatever punishment their god deems appropriate. I do not mind if others have a god or religious beliefs. That is a personal choice. I would love that they understand why they have a god and why they need a god. And I would appreciate it if they would not represent things as factual when in fact they are not. They are merely acts of faith in the belief of something for which there is no evidence. There is no god in my life. I am responsible for who I am and what I do and how I relate to others. And when I die, I will simply become a part of the earth or universe. There is no after life – good, bad or indifferent. Life is from birth to death and that is all I know. Humans are the only animal which is aware of it mortality. Some have formulated ideas that there must be something more than just this life. It seems to be a desperate attempt at immortality of some kind. The only evidence I see is that when my parents died and other relatives died, there was clearly no indication that something comes after that. They are with me in my mind as memories and nothing more. And when all die who knew them, their memory will die with those folks.

            For those of you who believe that god is real, is with you always, loves you and gives you guidance routinely, I ask one simple question: If your god decided one day that he had had it with mankind and went away to do other universes, and just left mankind to his own to fin for himself, what in your life would change? Only those with relationships with god can answer that question. What in your life would be different? Think about that….And the answer is not that god would never do that. The supposition is that god makes a decision to leave mankind on his own. No more hearing or answering prayers….no judgements, no punishment, no granting of favors or blessings. Just pure abandonment. What would be different in your life?

          • Darryl Arthur

            Ole White Women you are messed up in the head! You need Jesus more than anyone I’ve ever met.

          • Chris Whitley

            oh so the “mythical” characters that were written about hundreds and thousands of years before jesus and even hundreds of years before the Jewish prophecies of the messiah, we’re imitations? did you even think about that statement before you typed it?

          • Rob

            Love your reply ?. People believe out of successful propaganda, fear and popularity. Mom and dad believe it so I am too. Not proof. They attempt to shame those that don’t follow the populous. Facts have nothing to do with popularity. We all have a responsibility to seek truth. Not repeat rhetoric that’s been handed down because someone we love believe it.

            No I’m no atheist…. I believe in God…. Period. Religion further divides the people.

          • Valerie Hunsinger

            Mental gymnastics…best description of what it takes to “get” the bible that I’ve seen yet! lol

          • ukobserver2009

            The Noah story is the biggest red flag.

            A nine hundred years old alcoholic built a wooden TARDIS that housed two of every animal in it including polar bears, koalas, and kiwi birds (the last two who couldn’t swim and DEFINITELY not from the Antipodes) for fourty days? Really?

          • Darryl Arthur

            When the bible speaks of two of a kind, it’s not referring to two Polar bear, two brown bears, etc. It’s referring to two bears, two cats. “two of a kind” means just that and it’s totally plausible. You look at a cat or dog. Through years of breeding we now have mountain lions, persian cats, etc. Same with dogs. But initially it was two of a kind.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Good grief!

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            Darryl – how can two individual dogs which have their only one set of DNA generate over 1,000 different breeds of dogs from the Chihuahua to the Mastiff? And this would take place in how many years – about 6,000? The same with say monkey’s or apes which reside in Africa, Asia and South America? Each monkey breed having unique colors and markings and size, yet the originated from the same pair of monkeys? Of course the various races of humans – the aborigines of Borneo and the Eskimo of Northern Canada came from the the same set of ancestors who were on the boat floating in the Middle east during the flood, right? Somehow…this makes Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection a slam dunk! Evidently it was Darwin just had the wrong time table? Somehow the scientific research done with DNA and breeding simply does not support your explanation.

          • Steve

            Well, you got the animal kingdom “covered”. Now explain your belief in how the universe came to be.

          • ukobserver2009

            Basic science shows that the changes cannot have happened in only 6000 years and again how is a flightless non swimming bird travelling all that distance?

            It doesn’t pass the smell test.

          • Darryl Arthur

            What doesn’t pass the test is evolution! Have you ever seen a half man, half fish. Have you ever witnesses anything evolving into something different. There is no proof whatsoever of evolution. It’s has more holes than swiss cheese.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Just out of interest, do you really believe that or are you just playing ‘Devil’s’ advocate’? If you do, maybe you should have a lie down and a rethink. If you still believe it, then surely not even God can help you.

          • Darryl Arthur

            It’s just a theory so calm down. However this theory has been presented many times. It’s better than the theory you have that man, science, all of this happened by chance. That takes a person with no thought or mind.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Except that I have presented no theory at all, much less ‘that man, science, all of this happened by chance’. I have at no point indicated whether or not I am an atheist – as it goes I am not, I just find it odd that so many people seem to think that the definition of an atheist is someone whose view of or thoughts on God is not the same as theirs.

          • Darryl Arthur

            That’s not my definition of an atheist either. However from what I read you sounded like an unbeliever.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Because I said I do not believe that I do not believe these was such a person as Jesus? Well in that sense I suppose I am an unbeliever. Leastways not one that turned water into wine and all the rest of it. Each to his ir her own though I guess.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            OK, I’m calm.

          • Steve

            Just out of interest, what do you believe? And, how do you think everything came to be?

          • Steve

            The universe was create from magic dust. Really?

            If this isn’t your belief, then please do tell how you think it all happened.

          • ukobserver2009

            Who said the dust was magic?

          • Steve

            Well, ,tell us how it came to be then?

          • ukobserver2009

            It didn’t start six days before two nudists and a talking snake ran around a mythical garden six thousand years ago.

          • Steve

            Said the coward who doesn’t share his/her beliefs.

          • Chris Whitley


          • Robert Schildt

            Look to the news now! they have proof of the exodus! they have found the walls of Jerico. There is all kinds of evidence out there that the Bible is true. some people are just to stubborn to accept it!

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            I have gone to the Jericho Excavation website. I appears that the city of Jericho may have been established as far back as 9000 BC and existed up until about 3500 to 1500 BC. It appears that these excavators have found that the walls of the city have fallen and been rebuilt at least 17 times. It seems they are in an area with earthquakes and the river on which it was built have been quite detrimental to the walls. They have found that the city was engulfed with fire and destroyed at one time and that it corresponds roughly with the Biblical attack on Jericho. Now was this fire the result of Joshua’s attack or an earthquake cannot be determined from the evidence. But of course the city was rebuilt after the incident, and life continued. The bottom line is that there is evidence of the destruction of the walls of Jericho multiple times but there is no evidence to positively attach one or more of these incidents to Joshua’s efforts. This appears to be a reading into the evidence what you want to see.

          • Steve

            How ironic. Because what you wrote appears to be a reading into the evidence of what you want to see, as well.

            Now, tell us all your belief system.

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            Steve….Robert Schildt said that there is all kinds of evidence that the Exodus happened due to the fact that the walls of Jerico have been found. My contention is that yes the city of Jerico has been found and excavated and through the evidence gather during the excavation process, there is no definitive link between the destruction of its walls and Joshua and the wandering mass of Jews.There is no evidence that the walls came down from anything other than natural causes – earthquake or weakening of the wall foundation by the river on which it was built. There is evidence that the walls came down – multiple times. It is a leap of faith to presume that the wandering Jews or God caused the walls to fall as told by the Bible, because there is no specific evidence which supports that story.

            As to my belief system? I believe that god or gods are the creation of man to explain for which there is no knowledge of. I believe that god is the creation of man to give himself hope for something beyond this life. I believe that the existence of god is only within the mind of the human who believes. God’s powers, rules, and actions are governed by how the person defines him. And since he is a social animal, he forms social groups and transfers this belief system from one to another. All the beliefs are based upon acceptance to the society and emotional faith. The evidence is generally seeing what the individual wants to see, rather than independant actual evidence. I choose to believe evidence as in the scientific method, whereby various individuals can look at a set of facts and preform various test of reliability and come to the same conclusions. I believe that man’s relationship with each other is dependent on being a part of a society and working for the greater good as well as individual benefit. I believe that you should treat others as you wish to be treated. I believe that you should do what you can within your talents and resources to aid and assist those less fortunate than you are. I believe we have better lives when we work together sharing the work than when we have emotional responses of rejection or intolerance of those who are not like us. I have no objection to folks believing in the Bible or in god or gods or in any other religion. I do have an objection to folks telling me things which they proclaim are historical facts or factual in nature when they are not and for which no evidence exist to its truthfulness. In science, hypothesis narrow down to factual acceptance. Myths and legends get dismissed by facts. It was once believed that the earth was the center of the universe and man was god’s most glorious creation. Well we all know that the earth rotates around the sun, and that our sun is only a part of our galaxy and our galaxy is only one of billions of galaxies. And we have reason to hypothesize that there may be life somewhere else besides here on planet earth. So is man the most glorious creation? If would appear not. It would appear that mankind is just a purely incidental lifeform which has developed here on this planet at this time. We are fragile and subject to laws of nature. Our ability to survive is dependent on our knowledge of nature and how well we cooperate within our communities to face the problems of living in our environments. And god is purely optional.

          • Darryl Arthur

            You just got through telling me “we have artifacts to trace history” and they tell a story yet here you are trying to down play those artifacts found in Jericho. Truth is these things only matter or are believed to be true as long as it agrees with your philosophy and belief system. Cop out!

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            Finding Jericho does not mean we found evidence of Joshua. In fact there are no artifacts which mention Joshua or Moses or Joseph son of Jacob. There are not artifacts or writings which mention that one day, 25% of the population of Egypt got up and left for the desserts on the Sinai Peninsula. Egyptians were pretty good record keepers. On this day they lost practically all their manual labor force – the brick masons, the child care givers, the maids, the cooks, the field labors…. And their entire army was drowned in the Red Sea. Do you not think someone would have written about this? And of course each Egyptian household was supposed to have lost their first born on that very morning too. It was a really bad day in Egypt.. and yet not one writing mentions this? Not one historical non-Biblical source for this tragic event for the Egyptians. Finding Jericho mean we found a city which existed for hundreds of years. Finding Jerusalem or visiting Jerusalem does not mean there is evidence of Jesus or Mohammad.

            There are historical artifacts, buildings, engravings, books, writings which verify the existence of certain historical figures. The way it does that is that it refers to these people by name and there are other sources which mentions the same person or an event by name in the same time frame. But of course we are talking about someone who was a mere human, and had no claim to be a god or god like. We know Julius Caesar exist because of books written at the time by various sources contemporaneously to Caesar’s life, to monuments in the ancient Rome city, and other architectural buildings mentioned in historical records – multiple sources all pointing to the same thing.

            In the case of Jericho, you have a city which existed over hundreds of years and the evidence shows its walls fell to the down – 17 times over several hundred years. One time point to a fire being involved with the destruction of the walls and city. But what you do not have is any evidence that Joshua was involved with the process?. There is no carving:Joshua and God were here. There is no evidence that the wall fell from anything other than natural causes – erosion of the river or earthquake. Oh and no one has reported finding any horns either. To conclude that any one of the falling of the walls of Jericho is the result of Joshua and his efforts is a reach of faith and is not supported by any evidence whatsoever. For it you had never heard the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho, and you just looked at the physical evidence, how do you conclude that this was something that a man did with the help of God? And which time? Real evidence is something in which most people can look at a draw the same conclusion. You believe because you want to believe not because the evidence is there to support your belief.

            The Bible is not evidence….the Bible is a collection of stories which may have some elements of fact in it. But they are very hard to discern among the balance of unprovable and contrary to natural law incidents. It is not a history book. It is a book in which people have decided reflects their god and their beliefs. Except no one believes everything in the Bible, they pick and choose what they want to believe. And I am okay with that because I will not tell someone what to believe. But do not tell me this is a book of facts – there is no evidence of that. Do not tell me that this is a book of truth – it is not my truth and I see no evidence of that. I see it is your opinion that I am wrong – yet I see no evidence of that. Evidence=Facts…..Opinion=Faith.

            There are more people on the earth who do not believe in Jesus is lord and savior than do. If hell exist, which I do not think it does…its going to be really full. Since there is no evidence of that….I do not accept that there is anything after we die – no heaven, no hell, no purgatory or ghostly existence. We will live until we die and then we will be no more. That is what I believe and that is all I have evidence of.

            This is my final response to you Darryl….I am going on with my life and I have no fears or concerns what will happen afterward. I suggest you go on about your life…and you think about your relationship with God and Jesus and all they do for you. And I wish you well… but you keep thinking about my question: what would your life be like if god just decided to leave humankind? How would you know he left? What would be different about your life from that moment on?

          • Darryl Arthur

            OK, my final response as well, I know there is a GOD because I can feel and sense his presence within my heart. As for your statement that Hell will be really full. It actually speaks of that in the Bible. GOD knows there will be unbelievers. You have a choice!

          • Sharon

            So what happened to the story of the kkks? Will they go to heaven or hell?

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            There is no evidence of god nor of heaven or hell. And even the believers say “no one knows the mind of god”. So I am not one to consult with as to what believers think the final judgement will be – whatever that means. I think that when they die, they will just die. There is no hereafter. At least there is no evidence of a hereafter. Their conscientiousness will end and that will be that. I will leave it to the believers to decide where they are going. Of course if given a choice of suffering some pain and discomfort for eternity, well I’d chose just an end to life and that be it. So while your here, do what you innately know to be right. Be kind, help others when you can, and treat this life as the one and only one you have. Value that which is and enjoy the fact that there is great beauty and wonder in the world and a limited amount of time. Do the right thing not because it will get you to heaven, but because it will help you and others have a better life.

          • Raymon

            black people in america are what’s talk about all in that book ,you just have to have understanding of it which the average person don;t have…

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            Raymon -What book talks about black people in America? I am afraid I do not understand your comment.

          • Raymon

            That holy called the Bible and the Holy Quran if you had true understanding..which i can teach you and your people…

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            Raymon….since both the Bible and the Qur’an were written several hundred years prior to the discovery of North America….it is doubtful that it is about black people in America. I am going to have to decline your offer on the basis of your non-sense comment. By the way…me and my people? I’m not sure which of my people you are speaking of. I’m not sure I want to know – old people? White people? female people? American people? non-believers people? Well does not matter…no thanks.

          • Raymon

            Once again we should all pray for understanding when it comes to those books,Ok have you ever read in the holy books when it says also these things shall come to pass are even as it was in them days so shall it be,Remember this Come out of her my people.???ho is Gods people let me help you a little bit more revelation 18;4 and ask your self what people fits that crime,slavery and receiving some of the worst treatment human being as suffered in history,QUALIFY US AS GOD CHOSEN PEOPLE,the evudente says YES

          • RayCy

            Here’s one. Not so much hate but delusion. I have called you out on this multiple times and you never post the teaching.

          • Green Glory

            I do not believe in Religion, but actually, the Bible itself can be considered evidence of the examples you gave.

          • mitchell

            Jesus is real. He does my lawn every Thursday!

          • Vessie Campbell

            Is he Purto Rican?

          • Carlos

            At least you can spell it right ignoramus!!

          • mitchell

            Hell if I know! He works miracles on my back yard.

          • Tracey Lin Miller

            lol Hayzus ain’t who they talking bout,lmao

          • Sharon

            I just figured that. Lol.

          • Vessie Campbell

            You are the ignoramus Carlos!!!!!!!!

          • mitchell

            Those exclamation marks hurt my feelings Carlos…

          • khaliphb

            lol you are too funny dude. You are starting a war

          • Steve

            Only cowards that are ignorant say this crap, yet won’t disclose what they truly believe with regards to how everything came to be.

          • mitchell

            Thank you for the compliment. I would disclose how if I knew, but since I don’t, I can’t. Just like everyone else. Your faith doesnt mean you know. Sorry to break it to you

          • Sharon

            That’s being blasphemous.

          • mitchell

            Thank you. I was wondering if That came out right! Blasphemous extraordinaire!

          • Mrs. Torres X 2


          • IZZY

            He wouldn’t happen to be from Mexico

          • Bryan Wallis

            His name wasnt Jesus is was jmmanuelle spelt with a J you all are so fuckin stupid!!! Know your shit before you try and preach it master a fact that is sinning trying to quote the bible and not knowing or quoting it right… if I’m not mistaken!!!

          • Steve Yantz

            lol you’re also wrong. His rel name was Yeshua in Hebrew. Which translates to Jesus in Spanish. Which translates to Joshua in English.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            No offence Bryan but are you saying that if you are mistaken, then you are ‘so fucking stupid’? Just so that we are all clear because you did begin with what was presented as a fact.

          • TEagle

            You are very rude. No one is perfect. He was big enough to admit it.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Who is this ‘He’ that was big enough to admit too not being perfect? Well I too am not perfect, although what you call being rude was simply an articulate response to a very rude comment.

          • Steve

            But you still haven’t told us what you believe with regards to how everything came to be Mr. Tough guy.

          • KillWhitey

            I don’t think letter J was invented back then.. wasn’t his name Yashua?

          • ackeegrl

            The letter J was first distinguished from ‘I’ by the Frenchman Pierre Ramus in the 16th century, but did not become common in Modern English until the 17th century, so that early 17th century works such as the first edition of the King James Version of the Bible (1611) continued to print the name with an I.”

          • Brad Smyly

            Not in Hebrew but the New Testament was Aramaic I think and it did contain the letter J

          • TEagle

            No it didn’t.

          • Brad Smyly

            Then I was mistaken.

          • TEagle

            No problem

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Quite apart from the fact that starting your comment with ‘lol’ is boring, is not only pompous but arrogant to equate pompousness with not believing that Jesus existed or to infer that such such a position is the definition of atheism. Not that me believing or disbelieving would have any effect on whether or not ‘he’ does, any more that would me not believing in Santa Claus would cause the fat white one to exist or not exist – which it will not surprise you to learn, I do not. Furthermore unless I missed it, you are the only one in this thread that has raised the issue of whether or not Plato and/or Aristotle even existed. Though I studied a little philosophy and am therefore to some extent familiar with the thoughts attributed to them, I am unaware of either being promoted as the Messiah, so am not sure what your referencing them shows. Your point therefore seems somewhat moot. You have not said so but I assume from your words that you are a Christian, meaning you believe Jesus to be the Messiah, good luck with that belief.

            By the way, if you believe I have an agenda please enlighten me as I am not aware that I do.

          • Ms Pooh

            You hit the nail on the head!

          • Susan Ava

            “Aren’t you guys supposed to be all-knowing master researchers who talk down to everyone else” – No, that’s you, you know, the guys who tell everyone they need to follow your invisible god or else go to hell, neither of which you can prove, by the way. And no, Jesus of the NTB is not a fact. There is no historical evidence that this person ever existed. There is evidence of a lot of religious and political activity in the area during the Roman occupation, and the character of Jesus was a composite of the many self-proclaimed prophets who arose to try to fulfill Biblical prophecy. And I’m sure you also know that the NT was written 70 yrs after the events it describes took place, right?

          • khaliphb

            You go Susan. lmao

          • Steve

            I don’t think we tell you to to follow our “invisible god”. But if you wish not to anyway, good luck to you.

          • Chris Whitley

            that is the whole idea of your entire religion.

          • Steve

            Pretty sure Christianity isn’t telling you to do anything with it. They give you the option to choose.

            If you wish not to be part of it, then good luck with that. I’d be darn scared not to believe, though. Choose wisely.

          • Steve

            I know what it’s like not to be faithful. And I know what it’s like to be faithful.

            My life was a complete mess without God. I’m much happier now.

          • Bill Gilbert

            Good for you. I’m happy for you.

          • Steve

            Thanks. Now has anyone forced you to believe?

          • Bill Gilbert

            Fear is the controler of those who accept it.

          • Steve

            Talk to me when you’re on your death bed. Or when you are beaten down like never before.

          • Bill Gilbert

            Your life was a mess because you somehow or way, were given your life to that point. Whether you made it that way or circumstances had fallen on you through no fault of your own. You, and/or associates connected with you helped change that. You went through it yourself, and through your efforts or acceptance you realized what you could or should do to escape it. Not something you couldn’t see, feel, hear, touch or smell. Your mental capacity were the tools that you used to make it better for you. As for me being beaten down shows a mindset that probably set your detrimental forces into play that for you was there before. It also shows that those tendencies are still with you. Good luck with evolving beyond that. A God won’t do that for you. It’s on YOU.

          • Steve

            So you believe in evolution theory then?

          • Bill Gilbert

            Yes! and you believe in creationism, and that’s ok. You believe what you want. Everything you need is already in you. If not, your not going to get it from outside yourself. Just ideas.

          • ukobserver2009

            The King James Bible many look on as “the word of god” was written in the early 1600’s by eight monks on the orders of King James 1st of England and his parliament. It also had to be approved by them.

            The monks took selective gospels from texts written in the 1200’s which themselves were copies of texts from 400ad handed down from stories told one hundred years after Jesus was supposed to have died.

            That’s what people are referring to when they talk about “the word of god”. Selective edited statements from ancient times from men with agendas.

            I’m not even going to start with the council of Nicea in 400ad or the pillaging of Egyptian religion and the striking resemblance Jesus’s story has to the 1000 years older one about Horus.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            You do know that you are wasting your time don’t you? Not only are there those that cannot learn but there are some that will not – presumably they find ignorance more satisfying!

          • Esau is a cave beast..

            This is wrong…47 of the best hebrew, greek and latin scholars of the time were commisioned to translate the scriptures into english and after the many years it took to do it…king james checked it and authorized it.

            You probably believe the lies about him being white also.

          • ukobserver2009

            Nope. He was Scottish then English. And if HE authorized it how is it “the definitive word of god”?

          • Esau is a cave beast..

            He authorized the translation into english only, and neither scottish nor enlish is a nationality those are languages.

          • ukobserver2009

            Are you joking? Why dont you take a trip to Govan in Glasgow and explain to the Scotsmen who live there that Scottish isn’t a nationality, or a pub in East London full of West Ham and England fans and tell them the same?

            Just make sure you have full holiday insurance.

          • Esau is a cave beast..

            I don’t have to, they should already know.

            Just like african is not a nationality nor is african american… hell american also, it’s not a nationality.

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!!! There IS historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and was a real person. What cannot be proven is the Resurrection of Christ. The men who died alongside him on crucifixes were real men. Take any history course or anthropology class. Believe what your heart tells you personally is right, but educate yourself to know better than to doubt the fact that Jesus of Nazareth indeed was a real man. I’m no Christian either btw.

          • Susan Ava

            And our “agenda” btw is that reason, evidence, and rational thought should be the basis of human society and culture. What’s yours?

          • Steve

            Good luck with that.

          • Valerie Hunsinger

            No, Einstein, it’s not a “fact”. Show me one bit of proof, one legitimate piece of evidence that he was a real person. And no, the bible doesn’t count as evidence.

          • TEagle

            Secular non Jewish, non Christian historians wrote about Him. No one has to prove anything to you. Search it out for yourself. One book you might read is “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” Josh McDowell

          • Darryl Arthur

            Prove that he didn’t exist!

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Prove that the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, the Yeti or Captain America did not exist!

          • Steve

            Prove to me your belief system. Whatever it is.

          • Chris Whitley

            it CAN’T be proven either way! that is the entire point! the IS NO proof of Jesus of Nazareth. it is only written word and belief

          • Darryl Arthur

            Isn’t written word all we have to go by for history period. I mean how could anyones existence be proven past the 19th Century. The fact is Jesus Christ is mentioned in other text beside the Bible. And the fact of how popular Jesus Christ is and has been since his birth is key in his existence.

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            No…the written word is not all we have….we have some physical evidence. We have ruins and artifacts, maps and photos. And generally we have multiple sources of information, each verifying the other as well as additing additonal informaton. Most of history is multi-sourced.

          • Darryl Arthur

            So what is a piece of pottery or an artifact gonna tell you, nothing much. It will leave you to explore a theory but written word tells a story and explanation. You and others choose not to believe in Jesus Christ because it’s a cop out for you. If you don’t believe you feel like you’re not accountable for your actions in this life. However, Christ has been mentioned in other text besides the bible and was even foretold in the old testament, how do you explain that. I’m sure you’ll find a way!

          • http://www.furaffinity.net/user/xuncu/ Xuncu

            “Anyway, Zeus was a real person. That’s a fact. …lol.. If people
            would actually read the Illiad without prejudice, they’d realize it’s a piece of history as well. I have no issue with whatever people choose to believe in, but don’t dismiss the facts just to fit your own agenda. Arbeit mac frei. We’re not at war with Oceana. There are no American troops in Bagdhad.”

            Fixed that for ya.

          • Ben Weaver

            “Aren’t you guys supposed to be all-knowing master researchers who talk down to everyone else because we’re supposed ‘sheep’ who don’t research and think for ourselves?”

            No, we’re not.

            “Jesus was a real person. That’s a fact.”

            How do you know that?

            “If we could obtain information on Plato and Aristotle, why do people think it’s soo impossible to have information on a man born hundreds of years afterward?”

            Two points:

            1. We have contemporary accounts making reference to Plato and Aristotle (meanwhile, there is actually considerable doubt about the existence of Socrates).

            2. It doesn’t matter if Plato or Aristotle were actual, historical persons. They are important because of the ideas attributed to them. If it turns out that they were completely fictitious then the ideas credited to them would still stand or fall on their own merits. The same cannot be said for Jesus. If he never lived then he never died and, consequently, never rose from the dead, the whole vicarious redemption thing fails, and all Christianity has to offer is some rehashed philosophy along with misogyny, homophobia, antisemitism, cheap parlor tricks… no, excuse me, HEARSAY accounts CLAIMING events which could have been done by means of cheap parlor tricks, assuming they weren’t just made up whole cloth, and appeals to emotion directed at the most ignorant, uneducated, and therefore the most vulnerable members of 1st. century Palestinian society.

            Pardon me if I don’t just go along with the assumption that any of that is true.

          • Chris Whitley

            how is Jesus being real a fact. it has yet to be truly proven he ever actually existed. every book in the new testament was written at least 200 years after his death by people who had nothing to do with him that simply rewrote and translated what they found and then said it’s the word of God. that’s like saying everything you read on the Internet is true because someone said it was. there is no FACTUAL historical evidence that he truly existed. although the bible is a historical thing, there is nothing truly factually historical in it. it is ALL about belief. not history. not facts. BELIEF. it’s a book of parables. not history.

          • Shayna Lynn Ferguson

            It’s a fact in the sense that facts can be either true or false. in this case, the “fact” is false, until proven to be true.

          • Chris Whitley

            umm what? a fact, by definition, is something that is true. “a thing that is indisputably the case.” there is the actual definition for you in case you are still confused

          • Shayna Lynn Ferguson

            If you read the entirety of your google query, instead of just the first usage, you’d see that a fact is also information. Like any and all information, some information is good and/or accurate, and some is bad and/or inaccurate. Hence my comment about facts being either true of false.

          • TEagle

            The pattern that virtually every civilization has a version of starts way before Jesus’ birth. It goes back to Genesis. Please get off your high horse and start searching things out with an open mind. I suggested “Evidence that Demands a Verdict.” I also suggested just reading the gospels. I am added the suggestion to check out the books and website for Ravi Zacharias. After you do this, perhaps we can discourse and reason together with a bit more common ground.

          • Chris Whitley

            my high horse? really? you speak in that manner and tell me to get off my high horse? first of all I have read gospels. I grew up in a very Christian home. it IS my open mindedness that lead me to being who I am today. it is the CLOSED MINDEDNESS of Christian and the way you all act and believe that had made me not a Christian. and all of the “research” you are suggesting I do still will prove nothing. it is all hearsay. And just so you know, your ENTIRE religion is based completely off of faith and belief. none of it has anything to do with fact. do your own research buddy.

          • Steve

            What do you believe?

          • Steve

            It’s much easier to obtain their belief system. That way, we get to see how ignorant they really are, as they simply tell us that we are.

          • Chalisandro de Malicia

            The letter ‘j’ did not come into existence until the 13th century. Sooooooo how do you support your statement now?

          • Bill Gilbert

            Ptolemy is where the western image of Jesus comes from.

          • Cheryl LaShawn Evans

            Well said.

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Excellent comment my man! ????

          • Kuntrybear

            I agree with you my brother

          • Sonja Mack

            a mass sucide is all over the news they must have been drinking the Jim jones kool-aid what retards

          • ackeegrl

            Jesus was never fictional. There are too many documentation to prove that he existed. The Jews, muslim, mormon, christians, even budists acknowlege the physical man Jesus. Why you think he is fictional leaves room for questioning your mental health. What we cannot prove physically is God…for that is something beyond our mental and physical realm, for that you need spirituality and faith.

          • Valerie Hunsinger

            Give me ONE piece of proof he ever existed. Just ONE. And then we can talk about mental health, k?

          • Steve

            Give us your beliefs since you think you’re so big and bad. Then we can chat

          • Raymon

            Wrong in the bible and the Quran when it speak of God it say let us make man ,So who is the Us in the bible and the WE in the quran,Let us make man in our image,who is the our that consist of more than one,I can teach you some true understanding of that bible…

          • Chris Whitley

            Jesus has not been proven. ever. what documentation? the bible is NOT documentation. And Jews for a long time never acknowledged him. they acknowledged a man claiming to be their messiah and subsequently refuted everything about him.

          • Darryl Arthur

            Chris Whitely, refusing to believe in Jesus is pure ignorance. You truly sound stupid! I think you actually do believe in Christ and God but you’re upset with him and your only way to punish GOD is to tell everyone he doesn’t exist. If you truly believed he didn’t exist you wouldn’t be wasting your time trying to tell people about it. It would be irrelevant.

          • Chris Whitley

            are you fucking serious guy? a week later you say this nonsense? not believing in Jesus is ignorant? that in all actuality is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard. when in fact studies show the less intelligent and less educated you are the more likely you are to believe in organized religion. so you my friend in fact are ignorant. and I’m not sure I ever said I didn’t believe, merely pointing out that there is no true factual evidence to prove he truly existed. you should actually read what you’re responding to so ridiculously before you spout of such nonsensical bullshit. I’m done with all of you IGNORANT Christians who truly have no idea what your book is actually teaching or how the Jesus you love so much wants you to live. these types of responses and reactions are NOT Jesus like. grow up and read your bible again.

          • Darryl Arthur

            You’re full of BS! Studies do show any of that and if you find one that does, it was probably written by an atheist. You need to go back and read your Bible and see what the Bible actually says.

          • Chris Whitley

            you truly are a moron. I don’t need to read MY Bible as I don’t have one.And I have actually read the Bible which I’m sure you have not. The Jesus that was written about was not the kind of man to act like you. he would never have been as hateful and angry towards a nonbeliever the way you are. he would have been very kind and stated something very passive yet intelligent and still showed that he loved such a person no matter what. so if you’re going to call yourself a Christian you may need change your attitude. READ your bible again buddy. it does not teach you to act in such a horrible hateful manner. oh and grow up and get a life stop being so offended someone doesn’t believen in your God.

          • Darryl Arthur

            You’re right! He is a great savior and he’s kind and understanding. So all these nice things you have just said about Christ and yet this is someone you can’t follow? So I’m the one who is messed up?

          • Chris Whitley

            yes. you are. and I have no problems with his teachings if and when they are taught and preached the right way, but more often they are not and Christians are taught to be prejudice and even hateful to those who do not believe, kind of like how you’ve been acting. and that is all the real reason I am not nor will I ever again be Christian. oh and also I refuse to follow a book that consistently contradicts itself over and over again. so love your Jesus. I truly do not care
            I just think it is hilarious and ignorant to say it is proven fact he existed or much of anything in that book. it is a book of parables meant to preach morality not a factual historical book. have a nice life. love Jesus. go to heaven, and end this ridiculous of which I don’t understand you starting over a week later. bye.

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            Who says a person needs spirituality and faith? How about rationale and evidence instead?

          • dorthey9427

            Oh wowwww. How ludicrous is that and some others of you. I’m not a Bible scholar but I do know I have read for myself a scripture that depicts the physical appearance of Jesus as having eyes like fire, skin like brass, and hair like wool,white as snow; surely a physical depiction of Christ who is definitely a Non fictional character. The problem is non dark skinned people have a problem with accepting he doesn’t look lilly white with long straight/wavy hair as he has been portrayed for decades in pictures, movies, etc. It doesn’t surprise me that white film makers and artists have completely ignored his true physical apperance when creating their films or paintings.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Maybe your remark was not directed at me but either way, they don’t come much less non dark that I am. Or to put it another, I am African proper.

          • dorthey9427

            It was directed to ANYONE who believes there is no physical description of Jesus (when it is clearly stated in the Bible) , who believes he didn’t exist and who does evil things to others then using Jesus’s name to condone their misguided actions. It’s sad that anyone would take their own life but if more people who advocate hating and murdering people just because of the color of their skin or their religious beliefs would follow suit as these 60 did, maybe the world would be a much better place.
            That’s my take and have nothing more to say.

        • M★j★ D☆j☆

          Preach to these fools

        • TheeUnaverageSoul!!!

          Yep. There is a higher chance he probably looked more Ethiopian or Eritrean, than middle eastern.

          • disqus_Ky5OwQygRQ

            Where do you get that from … He was not African … what scripture and verse

          • madperry

            Solomon 1:5 Scripture says Jesus was from the line of David. Solomon was David’s son.

          • SpartanTheophilos

            Ummm, there IS no “Book of Solomon” in the Bible, much less “1:5.”

          • madperry

            You are correct. It’s called The Song of Solomon.

          • Francine Massdin

            You need to read your Bible again. There is a book of Solomon.

          • SpartanTheophilos

            I’ve only been reading and teaching it for over 35 years. The book you may be referring to is NOT the “Book of Solomon”; it is the “Song of Songs” or the “SONG of Solomon.”

          • Christopher Harris

            That’s the song of Solomon King James Version.

          • Sharon

            Its after ecclesesiastes. Song of Solomon: 1:5 Dark I am………

          • Daudi É Cinza


          • Candy Smith

            He is not from africa. The slaves ran there from being killed. He has nothing to do with africa. He is from Israel.

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Who said he was from africa? I read comments that his description is similar to people of African tribes… He is indeed from Israel. Regardless of his color, his message has become muddled in the way we are responding to and treating each other. We are all human! We all deserve compassion and empathy when we suffer.

          • mew

            Since you are so strong as to who Jesus really is why does the world present him as being white? The bible has been translated by so many white people that the bible today has weakened with its savor by which most of them attack or delete Jesus’s deity…

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Umm I’m not a Christian and don’t care about where Jesus is from or hailed to be from. I must’ve been hacked.

          • mew

            Mrs. Torres your response illustrates that you are a part of the problem in reference to your disregard as to what color Jesus was in the flesh… Who were the original Israelites and what color were they???

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Don’t know. Don’t care…

          • Too

            Jesus is from Jerusalem which is in Judah just out side of Israel. The land of the 12 tribes. Open a bible and look at the map.

          • mew

            Candy you sound like a racist…A picture paints a thousand words and that picture of Jesus has painted many lies…

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Don’t you think Jesus’ message and teachings matter more than what he looks like? I’m trying to remember why I had this comment in the first place but I didn’t say anything untrue. Jesus is from Israel, not Africa. That vexed you why? His message is powerful and makes sense today if you know anything about metaphysics and how to apply the word. You’re hung up on race and color which don’t mean shit when we die.

          • Marisol

            LOL, and where do you think Israel is? Most of the Middle East were once AFRICA. There were NO MIDDLE EAST at one time. When the Bible speaks of the East, they are talking about Africa. That’s why The Middle East is left without a continent. It was originally on the continent of Africa. The devils broke up the continent to make their pastey behinds look like there is something original about them, besides pillaging, dehumanizing, enslaving, annihilating and being just plain insidiously evil…..

          • Zephaniah Ben Israel

            KJV 1611 – Song of Solomon 1:5, Genesis 2:7, Jeremiah 14:2, Revelation 1:14-15, Daniel 10:6, Daniel 7:9, Lamentation 4:8

          • SpartanTheophilos

            All OT references, none of which specifically tells us what Jesus, born hundreds of years later, physically looked like.

          • Esau is a cave beast..

            We know exactly what he looked like and God is described also. Wooly hair and dark skin.

          • Sharon

            That’s not God. That’s Jesus.

          • Esau is a cave beast..

            Dan. 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.

            That is God not the one you call jesus.

          • Kati

            lol The Book of Revelation isn’t OT.

          • SpartanTheophilos

            There is this from Isaiah 53, a clear Messianic passage:

            “… he had no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him.
            Isaiah 53:2 ESV

            … so we really don’t know what Jesus really looked like.

          • TheeUnaverageSoul!!!

            Maybe he looked like an average brown/black guy?

          • SpartanTheophilos

            Most Jews look like Africans to you, do they?

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            One good point is that Jews have hair like wool, “Jewfros” could very well be the description they were making. I dunno. Just think race is irrelevant when it comes down to Faith. We are all humans. That’s a point that racism glosses over.

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            If you’re paying attention, you know that no one is talking about Africa… does Charlize Theron look African to you? Your point? What does race and ethnicity look like or matter when following Faith? Grow up.

          • Tracey Lin Miller

            umm you are taking this out of context, this is a comparative statement for the sentence directly prior to it, “He grew up before him like a tender shoot,
            and like a root out of dry ground.” In other words, just like a common plant, he appeared a plain man, nobody special or spectacular in appearance that we would be unusually attracted to him. I really hate that about folks distorting the teachings in any religious practice because the miss the essence of objective truth and objective reality applying their limited and subjective perceptions to these teachings.

          • Laine Vert

            They explain vaguely what he looked like, but with the common sense and knowledge that we possess today, we can safely say he wasn’t white.

          • Discourse Matters

            Africa is a huge continent including Egypt, Ethiopia, and Saudi Arabia to name a few. So many different types are ‘African.’ I am thinking you mean Sub Saharan African.

          • Walter Mrowczynski

            Only 2 of those countries are actually in Africa. Saudi Arabia is in Asia. #themoreyouknow

          • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot

            Please don’t make their heads explode by learning them things!

          • FeeFee

            Lol! Please make our heads explode with all your edumacation things, you two are clearly the most learned here.

            Racist are hilarious!!!

          • Sonny Burnett

            You obviously aren’t educated enough to proofread your own post.

          • FeeFee

            Oh nooooo, I didn’t realize that. You’s a well learned one indeed.

            *head explodes*

          • FeeFee


          • TheeUnaverageSoul!!!

            If that person wants to debate that Jesus might not look Sub Saharan African, then he should look at the Lemba tribe in South Africa, Igbo’s in Nigeria and Malian Jews. They are all connected to Jewish ancestry (genetics). Look at their features…Jesus MIGHT have had a complexion like them. They are still connected to Hebrews, the messiah’s lineage…

          • Tia


          • DaVon Franklin

            On an African continent in an African country. Right.

          • TheeUnaverageSoul!!!

            I said LOOKED Eritrean or Ethiopian and the probabilities I assumed are probably more supported. For example, since you already were given help from others in the comments, especially with scriptures…Just know that there are Jews of color based on historic, science and Genotype evidence. Ethiopian Jews, African Jews (from diverse parts), Iraqi Jews, Iranian Jews, Indian Jews, Chinese Jews, Asian Jews and some Jews in the islands (JUST GOOGLE IT). They are spread out everywhere, also there is a probability that some tribes (as in some of the lost tribes of Israel) migrated to the Americas in ancient times BC: The Natives, Mayans, Aztecs etc.They do not fit just one stereotype of the Ashkenazi Jews (white guy’s) you see in Hollywood and modern day Israel. Don’t be fooled by the paintings you see of “Jesus” he probably looked nothing like that at all.

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Exactly! I got you my brother. You clearly stated “looks like” not “is from.”

          • mew

            Excellent and definitive interpretation. The Masons have control of practically every from of entrainment and operate everything by numbers and gematria tables. All entertainment is scripted and fixed for their bidding. If you do further research you will see that both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are distant cousins. The whole world has been deceived by what the bible calls as spiritual wickedness in high places. Our current day leaders are strongly influenced by fallen angels who influence their concepts and decisions for the glory of Satan – there are so many who just accept that Jesus is white based upon a picture and rely on white racist historians. The devil knows that he has a little time left and he is infiltrating the earth as much as he can – he has so many minions doing his bidding and in the end they will realize that they have been deceived. White supremacy has been at the forefront of everything. Spiritual wickedness operates through the minds of people who control politics, the media, entertainment and money…There are so many arguments as to what color Jesus was in the flesh and what we need to realize is that after his ascension his body was transformed to his majestic state of glory and perfection and is seated at the right hand of the Father. When we see him we will all be amazed at his glory…

          • TheeUnaverageSoul!!!

            I conclude he had to be a brown skinned individual. Where are brown skinned people located? I can tell you about the Jews that are brown skinned…

          • Ada M. Fields

            Where is the Nile River? Im praying FOR the family members of these men.

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Hair of lambs wool. Bronzed feet and color. I don’t know many Whites that fit that description… but no one is saying he’s from Africa anyway. They said he looks like…not is…

          • Esau is a cave beast..

            Jerusalem is the motherland not africa, the messiah was dark skinned.

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Again, who is referring to Africa as Jesus’ birthplace? You’re missing the whole comment. Read slowly if you must. Your comment toward me makes absolutely no sense. Also no one besides you says that Jerusalem is the Motherland. The first man came from Africa. Take a reading and comprehension course, then tackle Anthropology. I never said he wasn’t dark skinned weirdo.

          • Esau is a cave beast..

            I see you can’t comprehend what you read… I was agreeing with your description of the messiah, nobody but me says Jerusalem is the motherland? Let’s prove that wrong with scripture…

            Gal. 4:26

            But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.

            Get out of here with your man made garbage, the first man didn’t come from Africa period.


          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            You came at me negatively. Re read your comment to me and see where you went wrong. So you’re right and all the Anthropologists in the World are incorrect? Doubtful. Have a nice life, I’m done wasting time on you.

            Shalom Shabat

          • Esau is a cave beast..

            Today is not the shabbat and you came at me first…you called me a weirdo remember? I’m a weirdo but you don’t even know your nationality…smh.

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Okay okay, I’m sorry I called you a weirdo. That was rude of me. I’m Black and know plenty about my Nationality as an American citizen. I do admire and have always respected Judaism. My bad that I thought Shabbat was on Thursdays. Accept my apology? It’s sincere. I’m hormonal and have been taking comments personally and the wrong way. No excuse, but I hear where you’re coming from. Truce?

          • Esau is a cave beast..

            It’s all good sister, but Judaism is rubbish also…I am a so-called black man but I have proof that we are the children of israel. We have all been lied to and the truth is coming out daily.

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            I hear that. Thanks for the forgiveness brother. You have interesting points. Are you with the Nation of Islam? So now I understand what you mean by not knowing my Nationality. I hear you. Much love and respect to you brother. ?❤️❤️

          • Esau is a cave beast..

            Nah sis, Islam is trash also, we are the true israelites….the world is finally waking up to the truth.

            It is time to embrace our true nationality, our true heritage.

            Our history is found in the scriptures but the enemy has taken our book and twisted it, they have made themselves to be the children of israel….well let me ask you this.

            When did they go into slavery on ships?, when did they have yokes of iron placed on their necks?, when were their children taken and given (sold) to another people?, when did they get sold to anybody?

            The torah says that we would go through this if we broke his laws and look what happened, As punishment for breaking the creators laws we had to go through this and we are the ones who will be saved when the son returns.

            His name is not jesus it is YAHAWASHI.

            The letter j does not exist in hebrew. His name was never jesus and that white face we see everywhere is cesare Borgia…pronounced ches-a-ray bor-jah.

            It’s time to awaken sister….

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            My apologies. Your quoted scripture says Jerusalem is the mother of us all. Wasn’t that a quote from a Jew? If so, would he not be speaking of and to his fellow Jews? ?? Man made garbage, but who interpreted the Bible again? Man did. So I think you’re the one who can hit bricks. Non scholar. LOL! ??? The remains of the first man were found in Africa. Period. On record. Fact. Proven by non bias scientists, not religious zealots that are human beings interpreting what is considered the word of God. Hypocrite much?
            Enjoy your life! ✌?️

          • mew

            If you did your correct and proper research Jesus also emphasized that the current Jews in Israel are false and are of the synagogue of Satan.

          • mew

            It is done by research and not white propaganda…

          • Cassandra MacDonald

            he dont look like anything hello no fuck no baby

          • Mrs. Torres X 2

            Watch your blasphemous mouth. Using profanity and referring to Jesus in the same breath. Shame.

          • Sharon

            People are quoting from the bible, why curse?

        • Dalton


        • Reginald Taji Ross

          if you gonna quote the fairy tale at least get it right. His head and hair was white like wool, nothing to do with texture, and his feet were like burnt bronze,

          • Jan Kever

            He was Hebrew not white or Palestinian. Palestinian weren’t in Israel at the time and Israel didn’t exist. Jesus was from Nazareth. His hair would had been short and black/brown and curly.

          • Chris Whitley

            except he traveled constantly groomed his hair very little so it was likely long and dreaded

          • Sonja Mack

            Wool is texture….his feet were like burnt bronze AS IF BURNED IN A FURNACE…VERY DARK WOULDN’T YOU SAY? i DO

          • Chris Whitley

            Jesus hair was not white like wool. moses was AFTER he saw the burning bush

        • Bryan Wallis

          You ask med to get on youtube and watch videos on Billy mier if you wanna know the truth bc obviously you ask don’t have a clue bwahaha stupid fuck boys

        • disqus_Ky5OwQygRQ

          What Chapter and verse?

        • Billie Jean Washburn

          It doesn’t matter what He looked like then. His spirit is what is eternal, not the body. Energy never dies and His spirit never died but that body He was in before, dead and gone. No use in having ANY image of Jesus Christ of any race..I believe all are going to be very shocked when the spirit of Jesus Christ returns this time in whatever form that spirit is born in. I know they will be. Following Jesus doesn’t include going against His very words..’real jews’..there are no jews in the kingdom of Heaven, or God, correct? Figure that out..see, it doesn’t matter the skin..what matters is within..this is the reason Jesus is the head of your mind, the head of the church..our bodies as a whole are the temple. It has nothing to do with man’s titles, God is no respecter of titles nor persons nor should we be.

          • Raymon

            Then why did white folks paint him white????

          • Ole White Woman from GA

            Raymon – Europeans painted Jesus in a manner which allowed them to sell their works to a European market. For some reason, many folks pictures god and or Jesus as someone like themselves or someone who could easily live in their community. The most popular painting in America shows Jesus with almost blond hair and brown eyes. And he looks like a really good looking American to me. And this guy sold the painting to some Bible printers and guess what, its in many homes in America. And since many children have seen this artist rendition which he painted in some 25 plus paintings, they assume there was source information which make this image authentic. Have you ever noticed that if Jesus is ever depicted in a live production or a movie, he has substantially the same look as this portrait?

          • Raymon

            Just by your comment i see that you are a sugar coater,Let keep it real,they painted him white to controlle the mindset of people,who thought well since he looks more like them ,that means they are holy than others smh and they are the chosen people ,,,smh which is a lie,Google jesus,and to open your thought process a little more the bible talks about many jesus even the fake one that they put a vision on and said that he was a christian..

          • TEagle

            I was agreeing with you until you said there were no Jews in heaven. There are many Jews in heaven. Most of Jesus’s disciples were Jews. You couldn’t really mean that, I hope.

          • Chris Whitley

            You do realize your beloved Jesus was in fact a jew? right?

          • Steve

            And you do realize that you are a coward, right? If you can rip on others, yet not provide your beliefs, then you are one effin coward.

        • Aziz Ali

          which version of the bible lmfao! the real the fake or the fake?

        • tekwrite

          God is not mocked fool.

        • Pretentious Film Douche’

          Seth Rogan????

        • SpartanTheophilos

          Chapter & verse, please.

        • Komplicated Savage


        • TEagle

          Jews are biologically diverse. Modern genetics find common genes in African, Asian, European, and Israeli Jews. You are too color and race conscious. Skin color is irrelevant. The same parents birth children with different complexions. Noah did. His descendants populated the whole planet. KKK members are ignorant racists. God is not a racist. He created all and loves all. Man judges by outward appearance, but God sees the heart. Anyone who judges and labels by skin color is extremely wrong. Jews can look any way and they are still Jews.

          • Chris Whitley

            again the whole race talk was to point out these ignorant racist kkk members are killing themselves to get away from not white people to be with a man who was in no way ever a white man. and they also forget that suicide is the only unforgivable sin so they’re going to he’ll in all actuality which is where THEY think all the black not white people are.

          • TEagle

            I understood your point and the irony and stupidity of these KKK members. (Actually, the only ‘unforgivable sin’ according to the Bible, is “blasphemy of the Holy Spirit” which is a complicated discussion which should wait for another time.) Please read and research as I suggested.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Read and research is excellent advice – a little bit of it will tell you that no sixty Klansmen killed themselves. Something only has to be said for it to be believed by many it seems.

          • Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop

            Can’t people get that the whole ’60 Klansmen kill themselves’ thing was a spoof. Not everything is true just because it was printed in a manuscript (ancient or modern) or on Facebook.

        • RayCy

          That was a description of a vision, Not a description of Jesus.

        • Elise Monroe

          Hebrew, preach!!! Tell them again!

        • Cassandra MacDonald

          and the bible was written by man you just as well to follow the yellow pages

        • LancasterPA

          WOW I can’t believe how many people believe this fairy tale or fable book is even real. At least it keeps the lambs who have been brainwashed generation after generation in order. Many of us can do the right things without paying a church or TV evangelist to make them rich. There were gods long before the Jews and the Bible and they came from the heavens. I wonder WHO they were. People like us are about 250,000 years old. Do you think a human baby could ever be on its own? What came first the chicken or the egg? Think – Think

        • Hayley Bugg

          Yeah I heard he was more like northeast African looking, lawl.

      • M★j★ D☆j☆

        Yashua is black his name aint jesus and it aint no middle east either it was called that by Europeans

        • xiromisho

          Personally I do think that Jesus was black, and I am indeed a white person.

          I feel that, if a person of the same race as those in Jerusalem, came and did what Christ did, he would not have been persecuted for it. I feel that, in this age, he honestly would have been revered by all as the savior… but him being black almost guaranteed rejection from those who are hateful.

          In end, however, his skin doesn’t matter as much as his message, and that is that God is Love.

          • Dmax Lomax

            Most whites can’t wrap their head around it and why they painted him as white. Pretty normal complex.

          • Steve

            Maybe we should protest and burn everything down like those “smart” black people, then.

          • Dmax Lomax

            Yall already burned everythg down in half the world, so nothing out of the ordinary in your statement, lol.

          • Steve

            Instead of pissin around on the computer in the middle of the afternoon, try working. Or is that something unheard of in your world?

          • Dmax Lomax

            I own, so they work for me. Or is that unheard of in your world, lol.

          • chris crews

            Jesus was a carpenter. The carpenters had some ok songs I guess.

          • Doren Davis

            Prophets were always rejected by their own people so your augment is irrelevant that is one of the reasons why Jesus died.

          • Raymon

            Did you know that the bible speaks of more than one jesus???even the white made up one smh

          • RayCy

            Here’s another. Well the white man’s religion.

            Quote the verse.

          • Chris Whitley

            God is love? really? have you read the old testament. or the entire bible at all. if you truly have then the only thing you can gather about this God is that he is the absolute most bipolar being ever!

          • Steve

            Is that right mr.I Believe In Nothing even though we have a universe? You’re such a douche.

        • tj

          Black, white, pink or yellow. The only thing that matters is if He is who He said He is. All the rest is silly.

        • Tony T. Nguyen

          The people in the UK dug up the skulls during that time in the middle east and forensics put the clay on the skull. Yeshua (his mom called him Yeshua not Jesus) was really dark from the sun and handwork but not black. He also had curly hair, the middle eastern had curly hair. He also had a big jaw line and big nose. He was ugly, not looking like a white female with long hair. 100%

      • Marisol

        Nice try Chuck. The Bible’s description of Jesus in Revelations 1:14-15.
        The hair on his head was white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire. 15 His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace(NIV). Sounds like a black man to me. I’ve never seen a Palestinian that looked like that, and neither have you. You have to remember that the entire Continent was rerouted to appease the white man. The area that is now called The Mid East was a part of Africa. That means that the people were African. The only people in the world who’s DNA can be traced back to the original Jews are the African, Lemba Tribe.


      • Dmax Lomax

        LMAO on how all of a sudden they yall want to be specific on how Jesus looked. Especially since you have never witnessed or seen him, lol. But from the Bible description, he was Black just like Moses.

      • Original Critic

        this thread is a true example of ignorance and confusion

        • Doren Davis

          In which way?

      • http://www.twitter.com/lhyzz Elhyzzabeth

        The area did not have the name “Palestine” attached to it until 130 years after Jesus died. It was known as Judea and Galilee. It was majority Jewish until the 7th century.

      • Raymon

        Wrong them jew are not the real jews of this time are back then.

        • RayCy

          Statement make no sense.

      • Maranatha

        Uhm. he was not a Palestinian jew – most of whom have been deracinated to match Euros; He was a Black Hebrew.

      • ME

        Palestine was the name Roman’s called Israel but it was always Israel.

      • Darnell

        Jesus is black

      • kimisland

        Even what you type is FAKE. Racism will do that to you.

      • TEagle

        You are partially right. Jesus was an Israeli Jew, not a European. Nevertheless, God loves all people, died to save all people and is certainly not racist. “Palestinia” is a term used by Roman conquerers of Israel , in order to insult Jews. It was based on the Biblical Philistines who invaded ancient Israel. The modern use of “Palestinian” was invented by Yassah Arafat who also wanted to delegitimize Jews and Israel. So called “Palestinians” are really Arabs from neighboring countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. Most of them do not have any ancient association with Israel. As Jews started returning to “Palestine” in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, they bought much of the land, land that was reallytheirs, often from absentee landlords. They developed the land and made it more valuable. Only then did Arabs come to live there. Hundreds of thousands of Arabs immigrants came to live in this ancient Jewish homeland and were welcomed there. Unfortunately, as Arab populations grew, many grew bolder in attacking the Jews who had been so hospitable to them.Check out the Hebron massacre in the 1920’s as just one example. Haters and racists have spread a false narrative against Israel. I hope you are not one of them.

      • Aulin

        Yeah right. He was a dark black man. Everyone was dark and black

      • Fair_Justice

        Thinking from below! Who are ‘Palestines’, and where did you hear the name ‘Palistinian Jew’ mentioned in any historical document or even in the books considered Holy, like the Bible or Torah or even ‘plagiarized’ book of terror ‘Koran’, with ‘Palestinian’ being located where the Islamist trouble makers are occupying now and claiming to be their land! Is Jesus no longer a full JEW? How come Muslims are slaughtering Christians everywhere around the world if indeed Jesus is Islamist-Palestinian?
        Jesus is from the same stock of people that are still being persecuted to that scattered all over the world -Igbo/Biafrans-.
        What is wrong with many people nowadays loving to promote some crazy fantasy as real?

      • TheeUnaverageSoul!!!

        Those Jews in Palestine you speak of are of Ashkenazi descent. We can go a step further and even say Jesus might not look like the Modern Jews that migrate there now. Maybe he was a bit darker in complexion…Who knows? I do know that the tribes of Israel (Real Jews/ Hebrews) are diverse in Phenotype/Appearance. And they happen to be dark olive, light brown, medium brown to darker complexion. Yes even Sub-Saharan dark brown skin.

      • Lavon McLeod

        hahahahahaha. Jesus is a made-up fairy tale. There is absolute No physical, nor written prof that this dude ever existed. I rather believe Superman will come save y’all than this fake cartoon dude name Jesus,
        you believers claimed to have lived 1,500 years before the letter “J” in his name to ever hit the English language, as well as reading fairy tale stories written about him from (4) dudes that wasn’t around him, but felt they could write a script about him 1 thousand 5 hundred years later. WTF?….And I agree with you: “Some people are just too ignorant to realize that”. Ignorance.

      • Cassandra MacDonald

        no virgin can have a child

      • Marisol

        Nice try Chuckie. But you are wrong and you know it. Jesus was described as having hair of WOOL and burnt feet of bronze. Sounds like a black man to me. He definitely was treated like one. One of the white man’s grandest gift is the ability to PILLAGE, and lie about it. They stole the black man’s identity and much more. They are still pissed off because they haven’t figured out how to grow a big penis like a black man….ijs

        • Chuck Presnell

          You are just plain stupid. Racist loser that you are.

          • Marisol

            Hehehehehe, you can call me anything you want to, but I am not the inferior one with a small dick….Hahahahahaha

          • Chuck Presnell

            First of all Whites are not inferior. Second of all some of us have very big dicks. Third of all you are stupid as shit. Description you speak of is not literal. Hair like wool meant whit which symbolizes wisdom. Next you are either a stupid nigger or a stupid spic who needs to fucking die. Fuck you and your hate crimes you inferior bitch. You are a worthless piece of shit shit and a hateful racist bitch. But bitches like you die badly so that makes me happy. Go to the hell you deserve you hateful racist senseless brainless gutless nigger loving wet back bitch!!!!DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I was there to help you do so.

          • Marisol

            Ooooooh My…Chuckie sounds weeeeeeeeeeeally upset. Nothing like the truth to piss off the devil. Don’t get mad at me. Get mad at your DNA for not allowing you to have more than a two incher…heheheeeeeeeee. Be careful what you wish for others. It might just be your little dick behind getting badly hurt. Inferiority must be a real bitch. LOL, Be gone Satan, with yo little wee wee

      • Roy Cooper

        Jesus was not a Palestinian Jesus was a Hebrew,Palistinians and Arabians and Egyptians where all dark skin people. When Moses was taken from the Nile river by Pharaohs daughter he grew up as a Egyptian prince until he realized his true identity (Hebrew Slave) building pyramids and when you look at the hieroglyphics on the walls and see the full truth. Present day North African people are decendents of the Greeks (light skin people ).

      • http://seizethemomentmarketing.com Sean Popeye Brown

        He looked nothing like the Palestinian. The people in Palestine of today are not the original people

    • Zoe Smith

      Jesus is White. Stop with this Political Correct. God use his power to make sure all the people in Jerusalem and around area to become tolerant Jesus being White. Ungrateful and all Homosexuals interfere with God’s Miracle of sight.

      That why, they hate Jesus for being White. Those hummus lover should of worship Jesus. Remember, Whites are God chosen people. Everyone else created through the devil through Evolution. God Gift is to have Whites oversee these monkeys.

      All this is written in the Bible.

      • http://www.jeremymartin72.com Jeremy Martin


      • Sonja Mack

        Get out of here OUR Messiah is Yahshyah who is BLACK. Jesus is a pagan deity which comes from ZEUS

      • GJ

        You reap what you sew, go to hell with the rest of your white racist family.

      • Raymon

        I challenge you to a debate on this matter and at the same time it will be a learning lesson for you the mentally dead who have lost the knowlege of self and is living a beast like life..you ready…

        • RayCy

          But you won’t. You just spout gibberish. Like the post above.

      • LaToya Baker

        Shut the hell up

      • tj

        Hoping this a joke. If not…..speechless

    • Kylene Hobson

      I was just gonna write this!! People can be so Ignorant. Now he stands for Gods Judgement.

    • Mandy Renee

      They are going to be pissed when they do see JESUS. Also they will not be residing in heaven.

    • Billie Jean Washburn

      Jesus has no race..Jesus is an immortal true and good spirit. Eternal life is spiritual not physical. Get over yourselves..no Jew, no Greek..no husband nor wife..One in God and race is vanity.

    • Ruben Faulkner

      They’ll be some disappointed asses!….

    • http://deeperwants.com/ratboys_anvil_2/ cul heath

      What the hell are you talking about? Of course Jesus is White… any damn fool knows that …and the picture I got on my wall proves it !!!

    • Martha Foster

      Amen. Revelation 1:14, confirms that.

    • Falicia Boyd-Tobias


    • katmicus


    • Vessie Campbell

      You are absolutely correct!!!

    • Cassandra MacDonald

      because no virgin had a baby a girl named mary may have had a baby named him jesus but 9 months before that she got some dick

    • Margie Carrell

      The real stigma here is COLOR! Everyone, no matter what color you are, from the darkest black to the lightest white came out of PANGEA Asia, Africa)! Dna tests now show that everyone has a percentage of black DNA in them. A white man was shocked when he was shown that and China just discovered that from the test. So, the change in people is still sais it came from the Creator because they kept trying to build a stairway or building to heaven and thats not what their lives were supposed o do. Life started in one place and changed with time from there, or, you may be an ALIEN from another planet! If they are shown that they are all connected to Africa, they might al do what these lost souls did, too. So evil!!!!

    • Yvette

      So true. Jews looked like Arabs, dark skin. Funny how His followers were shown to be dark with wooly hair. But thise depicting Jesus were fair shinned with light hair and big blue eyes. No one originating from that part of the world was a white European.

    • Natania Eliana Baht-Israel


    • LancasterPA

      And he is a Jew.

    • .?.

      Who cares what Jesus looked like. He was the son of GOD. That is all I need to know.

    • mew

      Neither were Adam and Eve…

    • Sonny fromWi

      Good Lawd, smh and his name is Yahushua not jesus

  • SheBad Jackson

    So they said, “We are going home to Jesus.” Funny that the kkk loves Jesus being that he has every color living up in heaven, lol. So they committed suicide just to go where their are more blacks & Jew’s, REAL SMART!!!! Should of stayed y’all DUMB ass’s here, now because of your selfishness your family members have to suffer, but then again maybe you did some of them a “FAVOR”. Then again what JESUS you know is gone let you into the pearly gates of heaven, after committing suicide??????


    • NoGround

      Considering that suicide is a sin, they just went straight to hell.

      • Andrew Aroisu Mann

        well just because you sin doesn’t mean you go to hell, God knows everyone is born a sinner. just cause you sin doesn’t mean you just instantly go to hell. however they are the KKK and they have done some horrible things that they will be judged for, that is why they will probably go to hell

        • NoGround

          Dude I’m not getting into this and honestly I couldn’t give any less shits than I already do.

          • Andrew Aroisu Mann

            you need to calm down man lmao I was just pointing it out man

          • ThaNuccaDonta’

            But ur pointing out a pointless point… Shhhhhh, learn, and study to show thyself approval.. That’s what the word says…

          • NoGround

            I’m fine. You just went into an extremely detailed post on a joke, which I thought was opening up a confrontation. Hence “I’m not getting into this.” No biggie.

        • To the World…STFU

          With all the shit they did to innocent black people, they are going straight to hell with gasoline draws on and if you don’t like it, you can join them!

          • Theresa Carroll-Hardy

            amen…..truth told

          • Terri Johnson Busalacchi

            assuming that they did anything at all. The KKK isn’t exactly what it was years ago. Not that I know it personally, because I don’t associate with that type of individuals, but I am actually shocked at the individuals on here that sure have it all made up in their mind the “paths” of others. Let’s not worry about these paths, and start worrying about your path, and helping those that can to understand kindness, and good hearts….not more “black on white” crap.

          • Raymon

            So your saying after that 450 years of slavery we should just forget about it???hmmmmmm Would you work on the job that your at for free for 6 hours hurry and answer

        • Touchme357

          It’s written, if you sin and not repent you will surely never make it in. Me included!!!!

          • cjmmjc

            That is old testament… the new testament invalidated that.
            All that you need now is that you have accepted Jesus. and that punches your ticket from that point on. No matter what you may do afterwards…
            Now the reward you may receive in Heaven…. thats another matter entirely

        • killi da prince

          Actually suicide is a one way ticket to hell., along with those who betray, which is why judas is double damned. Essentially you are throwing away God’s gift of life. Also you have to repent your sins to be forgiven. Pretty sure they are not repenting what they have done to Blacks and Jews as they would rather kill themselves than to extend hands of peace and love. And obviously they are not repenting for killing themselves because they thought it was a great idea in the first place

          • Mike

            There’s nothing biblical about what you just said. It’s all from Dante Aligiris Inferno.

          • Julie Marie White

            Good Point!

          • Dennis Losee

            suicide was made a sin by the vatican in order to stop mass suicides of christians in order to be with jesus asap instead of living out their lives it was made a sin by man not god not justifying the kkk by any means tho

          • Devine Gabriel

            actually thats something the church invented because during the dark ages shit was so bad and hearing how heaven was a paradise people were killing themselves in mass numbers.

        • Allison

          But commiting suicide is the only sin you can’t be forgiven for

          • Theresa Carroll-Hardy


          • Hiroshima

            No it’s not, dumbass. The unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the holy spirit. That is the only unforgivable sin…

          • Robert Nellums


          • Allison

            No need to be nasty. That was uncalled for

          • Brittnay Powe-Inge

            I think she meant you cannot “ask for forgiveness” for suicide. #commonsense

          • mimilyn

            That’s what I was taught also.

          • Andrew Aroisu Mann


        • ThaNuccaDonta’

          The bible says that the wages of sin are death, and no man comes unto me except through the son. We all have a choice to live for Christ or to continue to sin, and they chose to sin. They have already made their choice to hate, and do despicable things to God’s people, and then the ultimate sin, suicide sealed their fate. We are all born into sin, but are given the chance to live for God… Read the good book before you speak on what you don’t know.

        • Shannon Adams

          If you kill yourself instead of going the way god has planned for you. your punishment is hell or purgatory..

          • Andrew Aroisu Mann

            incorrect actually

          • Raymon

            PROVE IT

          • Andrew Aroisu Mann

            prove it? read the bible man lol, if you did your research then you would know 😀

          • Raymon

            Not only do i read and study that bible but if you really understood that bible you would see that the black people in america is living and all up in that bible…

          • RayCy

            Give us references. Chapter And Verse.

          • Shannon Adams

            I’m sorry if your not a priest please dont tell me i am incorrect in my beliefs .. THX!

        • Carrie Manigault-Tillman

          You are so right

        • SheBad Jackson

          Committing suicide is a SIN, did they get a chance to repent? No! So there off to hell…….

          • Andrew Aroisu Mann

            when you get judged by God you have another chance to repent, whether he accepts is up to him.

      • Pamela S. Kirklin

        Every sin don’t put you in hell there is no sin greater than the other

        • True

          All sins put u in hell only the repentance of sin saves u…. if I don’t honor my parents I can go to hell…. who told you some sins don’t warrant hell? There is greater sins Tho 2 bar u from heaven regardless… read the word and u will see

      • Theresa Carroll-Hardy


    • Comelia Shawnae

      How do they love Jesus, but burn crosses is the real question?
      Plus suicide is a sin! Those dumb bastards are going straight to hell.

  • TeufelWolf

    That’s where they belong in hell anyways! Racists badtards

    • haulbass17


      • irateatbussiness

        hahaha FUCK THE KLAN?????

    • Reginald

      REALLY!?!?!?!??!? That’s pretty sad, don’t they have common sense where you live?