2Pac Shakur is Living in Cuba, Leaks 2016 Diss Track (AUDIO)

2Pac Shakur is Living in Cuba, Leaks 2016 Diss Track (AUDIO)



Finding Tupac Shakur is as easy as a Google search. The iconic rapper — considered by some to be the greatest of the art’s practitioners — has been dead since 1996. He was cremated, and his ashes were later “buried on his mother’s farm in North Carolina.”

This is obvious enough. No one really has come forward with any valid evidence to dispute that Tupac is not dead, until now. This song below was leaked from Tupac aka Makaveli dissing many rappers that are out now in 2016. It is said that the track was hacked by an email account located in Havana, Cuba where Tupac is said to be alive waiting to return. Give it a listen and let us know what you think? Is it really Tupac?


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  • MrPhukYoo

    Lots of delusional people on here! Lmao! ??? But still…….RIP Pac!

  • Dior

    Wow. It’s hard to say if he is still alive. That is definitely 2pac rapping but if you think about it all those rappers he is dissin were alive when he was still alive. Maybe he knew they were rising to fame at the time and made a rap about them while he was still alive. I don’t know. Then again there are some people that know how to do very good impressions of other people and know how to sound exactly like someone else.

  • T Fashion

    Well I heard from my friend Cam, that his Aunt’s boyfriends cousins baby daddy that he is alive, Great News huh ?

  • smjeras

    FOH!!! I know y’all don’t believe that is him SMH!!!! You can tell they just sample parts from different songs SMH!!!!

  • Tony Casey

    This is some bullshit. If Pac was alive he’da been kame threw to hurt this nigga in the game right now…

  • Terrell C. Creighton Sr.

    It’s definitely him but real Pac fans know that the line “We chin checkin all you junior high school mother f’ers” is from the song “Don’t Make Enemies With Me ”

  • Abraham N Liz Ortega

    I aint gonna lie, but one time while working as a security guard at the Triple Threat party Alllen Iverson had while an all-star weekend here in L.A……I was working at the main entrance to the VIP ball room, I over heard some big time promoters talking about Tupac and shit, so my nosy ass came in the conversation to ask isn’t Tupac dead?? Couple them guys laughed and said “nah man he over there in Jamaica somewhere”, and the left………now that this is coming out…….it really makes more sense to me that he is alive……….

  • Williams Eric

    If y’all was really tupac fans then you would know and could easily hear what they did. Some parts are from a old Tupac song, that voice yes is him, however where he is calling out names is not him. As much as I wish PAC was still alive, this is just a mix to get people going!

    • https://traceyeaster.org Tracey Easter

      If YOU were really a Tupac fan … maybe you would know that’s how he wanted it to sound.

      • Zilla

        That’s all they did, the dudes dead, been dead.

        • https://traceyeaster.org Tracey Easter

          whaTever makes YOU feel better

          • Zilla

            What I’m saying they took one of his older “songs” and put in some words anyone who’s a loyal tupac shakur fsn knows this cause that shit is phony as fuck. Lol

  • Itz Izzy Daniel Hardeykunley

    Its sound amazing dough but am not suprised,have watched so many youtube video with little evidence that claim that tupac was not dead that he framed his own death but they have no reason.. all I’m waiting for is the end of the whole truth..

  • Phyllistein King

    Wow, that’s PAC. I hope the rest of them got away too.

  • weswcw

    Y’all really think that’s him, lol ,, lol,, lol It do sound like him, but I know some local rappers who sound just like pac, so I’m not convinced

  • KC Hester

    Ohhhhh hell yeah.. Def him,, iv been waitin to know how hed feel bout these rappers today.. My heart just was soothed hearing this… Had a bad day n now can rest.. However, his voice still sounds 20 ish

    • MrPhukYoo

      Cut the jokes! ???

  • Jennifer Richard

    I know for a fact it’s him. Ain’t no mann alive got a voice like Pac. That’s right hit em up Tupac. Give us what we need on the label. You I miss you

    • MrPhukYoo

      Bye Felicia ???

    • smjeras

      Are you on drugs or you must be crazy if you think that is him SMH!

  • Jamie

    In my heart with all i seen on the death of the greatest rapper in my eyes. And the death of the cop that was there and blew the wistle on shit and now is dead. I know this real muther fucker is still alive 100% one luv tupac hurry back to spit the real shit

  • Rambro

    That’s him.

  • Zilla

    Lol.. Sounds like all they did was record over the “hit’em up” track & replaced some newer words of what’s in that track & made it with this one. Still pretty funny

    • https://traceyeaster.org Tracey Easter

      exactly what he wanted it to sound like

  • Felicia Edmark

    It’s Tupac I knew he was alive and would be back! I am telling you Jesus has risen!!!!

  • Hannah Stinson

    Tupacs not dead

  • Mo Cash

    It’s crazy at first it does sound like tupac but it could easily be a sound edit, but skeptics have to keep in mind time pass his voice may sound a tad different idk I would like to believe it but I think he would have a bigger an better message after all this time that’s just me as much as it would make me ecstatic I’ve come to terms that it’s more than possible he’s no longer with us an I pray his soul has found happiness as well as peace but also that reality is always stranger than fiction;)>

  • b-rabbit

    Yes alive no doubt

  • william

    Man he good but let’s be real tupac would never come on a song and not leave you knowing it was his by his story telling this is weak . If pac was here he would laugh at this and get on this and murder every name he said but all this says is fucked them . Come on put in a track and just listen to the way he raps not pac hands down they did good need more bass in there voice

  • Zach Larrth Onstott

    Im just saying if this was him it would be way better thin this shit and even if he’s alive you wouldn’t even know if it’s really him to be honest no one would.

  • Don Prince

    Lol ya ppl bugging saying pac isn’t alive you obviously don’t know him

  • Armando Guzman

    Yep that 2pac that how he sounds

  • Press Presley


  • shakira evangeline

    How I wish this true he still the best to ever grace this earth for me ???? but damn how they do him like that with that old age pic

  • Jesika Laraze Diamond

    It sounds like pac but theres also a bit in the rap where it sounds like its someone else over forcing himself to sound like pac. Yes we all know pac was the best rapper of all time but hes gone now. Its been 19years if he was really alive he would have come back ages ago if he was alive and returned i’d be so surprised. Let him rest in peace. R.I.P tupac

  • Kriss Fletcher

    what bullshit take little samples from each words to build up a song of new names etc hes dead get over it and let him rest

  • Gary Malloy

    That aint tupac he wouldnt diss eminem and 50cent they were good friends so its aload of bullshit all thats happend there is cut and paste for a track the instrumental was from hit em up and some cunt was tryna sound like him aswell rest in peace tupac shakur

    • The Rock

      What are you on about jabroni ? 50 & eminem never knew PAC

      That is PAC and he is coming back

  • D Cin Saint

    if you can get 2pac voice why not his video? REST IN PEACE MY GUY….TWO PAC.

  • Rob Webb

    No. Just…no. Let it go people. He’s gone. God rest his soul.

  • cristi89

    2pac is alive!!

  • james

    2pac ain’t alive he’s dead

  • http://www.abefinklestein.com/ Abe finklestein

    He’s alive! And here’s my proof!…… Celebtricity said it so it’s gotta be true! Thank you I rest my case.

  • Bradly Bailey

    This is a very computerized version of hit em up

  • William Beeman

    Yes the voice on video is Tupac 100%, BUT…. its a very clever mix from other orginal songs where this paticular DJ actually mixed indivual words to make new ones. Its not impossible to do lol. Anyway I do think the guy is alive somewhere out there, There are soooo many instances, enough circumstancial evidence and clever original lyrics to suggest that. Will we ever know for sure? I have no idea or maybe we already do?!

    • vontressa young

      A lot of rappers seeing him every were so what that telling u 2 pac is back u have to look at all the facts

      • vontressa young

        2 pac is reborn his back just look at the facts his in cube chilling making song

        • vontressa young

          He plan his death he been in cube all this time chill and making tracks people can believe what ever but I no his back and reborn and that’s a fact

          • Stone Jonez

            You are an idiot. Seriously, William Beeman is absolutely 100% correct with his explanation of how this was made. It’s fucking obvious.

  • RedSatchel

    I want it to be true but sadly that is not Pac 🙁

  • Christina Anne Cotter

    I doubt this is true, but if it were it’s because he’s hiding from someone, so let him hide. And he wouldn’t be releasing tracks or be even remotely easy to find.

  • Lamonte Johnson

    Who gives a fuck though? If he’s alive then rap nigga if he ain’t keep it moving. We got close of kin who we actually was raised around, once loved that we let go as soon as the casket drop.IJS

  • Salty

    mmmmmmmmmm WoW I LOve and listen to Pac the King just as much as any of you aye, I admit it does sound like him but if he was around I doubt this would be wat he would be rapping about aye, hed have allot more to say than just this shit…..and it aint that hard to find some1 who sounds like some1 else…R.I.P my Legend

  • Kofi Bartehk

    Pac wanted us to be unsure of his death.
    He wanted immortality.
    Even if pac faked his death, he wouldn’t ruin his death legacy!
    20 years almost since he’s been supposedly murdered.

    And the world never stop saying he’s the greatest…why ruin that?
    If he was alive…he would be expected to have current music that would rescue the world from young thugs snd lil wayne ass niggas!

    And if he doesnt..hell wish he had stayed dead#

  • LORD P ¡ † Δ

    Pac alive. But this aint him…

  • BarryFlexsz Musicz

    Not real this is making by a dj 😉

  • Gophorit

    pac died befre my time but songs like keep your head up was the pac i like to remember..but tracks like hail mary completely destroys this good image that i liked to connect to.. y’all jus jumpin on mediadick when you say he is the best… let him go… time the new leaves replace the old leaves anyway… pac wud b like 50 or summin -_- a completely diffrent man wen they get to them ages.. look at tyson… cant be goin on greezy at them ages, gotta start makin peace with god and shit…

  • Moise Richardson

    jolani and al joey pac is alive .his mentioning current rappers names

  • Gerald Henderson

    I have to agree with Big Hank Pac is gone but I wish he was back rap has went to shit..

  • Mikki Vyrus

    It’s called a vocal effects modulator Google one. Tupac is DEAD. Get over it!

  • http://ebradio.co.uk Ryan J Wells

    Search black haze on youtube, SAY NO MORE

  • alexias Smith

    Can I get a YouTube video and a date stamp to prove that shits real otherwise consider this another Elvis is alive and well conspiracy theory

  • LordDenning

    Sounds like Pac but again in this computer age and all these softwares available anything is possible.

  • Dustin Hands-Free Method Beckl

    2-Pac is worse than the McRib. Just pops up every couple years and disappears. Then when it happens again, people act like its a new thing. lol

  • Tracy Cypress

    If he’s alive I want proof..

  • BeyondGreatness

    So its just a coincidence that he named himself Machiavelli which is a man known for faking his death and returning?

  • B.EZ

    Anyone with 1/2 a braincell will know this isn’t him. You can hear the choppiness between the names as he’s saying them. And that beat is so old… LOL Pac was on a different flow before he was shot. Even if he’s not dead, he ain’t gonna risk his freedom by putting out songs that sound like crap. This shouldn’t even be a discussion.

  • Channelle Kenlay

    I saw his dead body……he’s dead. The back of his head was gone…..he’s gone.

  • Paul Reynolds

    Do yall actually beleive Pac would come back after all these years to diss rappers thats out now with the same beat from the 90’s? Come on pimpin, who u fooling? My boy K’nut from Michigan sounds just like Pac, identical! Do you actually believe he wouldn’t elevate your mind with knowledge instead of a diss rap! Think white and smack yourself!

  • cincytown

    I’m impartial but he is right that don’t sound like 2pac but he does have a brother that sounds like him doe

  • Christi Johnson Winters

    You SHO correct!

  • Teefah

    As we get older our way if thinking and outlook on life matures, So I know if Tupac was still here spitten raps it wouldn’t be about this Stupid shit that would lead to the continued division of our Black Kings there’s far to many other important Issues that we as Black people need to focus on, and he has to Sharpe of a mind to still dwell in the White mans plan to keep us Divided

    • Pete Fay

      Its not the white man Lady! Get with the times! Im white, and kept down just the same as you. Dont pull the race card. Its government, politics, and cops who are to scared of their shadows and who have watched Lethal Weapon to many times, that are keeping us all divided. I dont know how often you get out, but the problems are not going to go away by blaming a fricken skin pigment. Have a nice day!:)

      • Tbone Lucchese

        And who runs the government and politics the WHITE man so it is the white man, its not the race card its reality, who is shooting un armed African americans? The white man, so you can have a nice day.

        • D Smithery

          Lmfao ppl still crying over race, grow up and stop being so ignorant its 2015. And for the fact of African Americans being shot from what i can tell there are alot of African Americans shooting yourselves. I mean even through the riots it wasnt black against whites or vice versa it was ignorant uneducated people like you against the educated Americans of 2015.

        • Cory Hoover

          Black cops are shooting in armed black men to stupid

        • michael mckee

          Youre a moron….

          • Wolf Haylee


        • michael mckee

          Ever heard of black on black crime?you keep your own people down retard…

        • lawstudent101

          Umm.. is Obama white? How many executive orders has he signed? How many African American criminals has he glorified? You can have a nice day.

      • vontressa young

        2 pac is back just listen to his new track how he no biggie small dead something have to click in your head that showing were he at

      • Hugs and kisses

        Thx for realizing it’s far deeper than race. I agree with you 100%. it’s politics that’s keeping us all divided from the bigger issues that have yet to be surfaced. Wish more ppl were intelligent enough to realize this. We as a society need to work against racial division and pull together to be better prepared for more important obstacles. Can we start by not identifying and classifying ourselves based on color. I have absolutely no problem with being black, and I adore my complexion. but I have personally chosen to not label myself, and no longer wish to entertain the childish racial practices of selecting your racial background on applications, or calling others out bc of color. We’ve learned to do this, but we need to practice against it bc it’s pure nonesense.

      • deese nutts

        Sorry baby he only spoke for the blacks mother as a panther so yes. He would have spoke some real shit instead of trying to feud with these sorry ass rappers

        • Jason w

          absolutley Disagree with your comment i seen a youtube video a couple of years ago to where Amaru shukur admitted half his fans were white an even signed Autographs for some white Kid the video i watched was filmed back somewhere bettween 93 an 95 so you are wrong about that his mother might have been a Black panther but she did not prohibit his interactions with his fan base

    • Dan Jones

      Uhhhh, rappers aren’t kings, they’re entertainers. When you say things like “we as black people” you are sustaining that division the white man created. How about “we as people”?

    • michael mckee

      Wow youre a racist…smh

    • michael mckee

      Teefah you’re whats wrong with the world

    • Kirk Clydeson Eddy

      Never say never, I wish Australia had more beautiful African woman here 🙂

    • Michael Redondo

      Teefah that entire comment was ignorant as fuck. I’m white black and Mexican . “Black Kings” like fr u should be ashamed of that bullshit u posted The only King is God

    • Wolf Haylee

      Um, do you have a disabilitie?

  • Terry Turner

    That basic ass shit, don’t do Pac like that please and that shit wouldn’t take a whole hour to cook up in the lab..snatch the instrumental, have a soundalike ass nigga n loop the chorus. I rap I’m not even a producer and I know that much

  • Raveion Shalayla Johnson

    No this cant be him. He would be in his 40’s and sound alot older if he was still alive. Good try but this aint him. #R.i.pPac

  • Al Stay-Strapped

    I’ve been a 2Pac fan since 1991 and that ain’t him.

  • William Jamerson

    If he was still alive i would find it hard to believe he would still be on some 20 year old “fuck this rapper fuck that rapper stuff”. He would be talking about current events, telling kids to stay in school, i promise you that thug life mentality would be gone. Tupac was highly intelligent and never got credit for it.

  • Claire Wallace

    Just like there are Elvis and Michael Jackson impersonators, there are obviously Tupac impersonators. Someone is really talented and should market his voice talent and get paid to do impressions.

    • donuts

      It wasn’t a voice talent, or an impression. Listen closely there is a voice in there that is definitely not Tupac . its mixed in with his real voice to make it sound like Tupac. Basically like an audio version of Photoshop.

  • MsLovings ConsciousGoddess

    True or not true his mother never cashed his life insurance check or paid for a death certificate so he technically can’t be tried all of it is public information.

  • brassso

    obahma made a statement forget;)

  • Marcie Adams

    Would love for a return but let the man rest and he will
    Always be the first and best

  • fuq

    That isnt even a rap… if it IS tupac, he should stay gone with that kind of flow…

  • Sir Kendrick Jamone

    with all the advancement in technology, there be no denying that voice. I believe this was put together on a computer program…………..pretty sure pac would be past that dissing nigga shyt that the industry control this artist with

  • Addalittlesugar

    Rest in Peace -He is in Heaven where it is Beautiful~♡

  • Tracy Foreman

    Lol.. no that is not tupac. The voice is to lite for 1.. 2 he or who ever that is using old lyrics.. i just don’t believe it!! Tupac is DEAD!!!

  • Wildklkos Oneswe Lok

    He’s dead and gone its just a freaking chopped version someone did I mean he was pronounced dead by doctors on Sean

    • Beat

      Actually he “died” in the hospital. And many news chanals were reporting at the hospital. In one clip you can actually see pac step out of a room behind the news guy holding himself up with an iv and he turns around and sees the camera and dipped into the next room, this was as he was being reported dead the next morning. I’m not saying he’s not dead, but he was alive at the hospital for sure.

      • Christian Boyle

        can you provide that clip your talking about???? id love to see it

    • Yella TrueStud

      Tha only thing I wanna no is if he so dead as ppl say then I’m wondering why he never had a real funeral if he was cremated why not a funeral still an they say he got shot up well if dats true then why they show dead pictures of him looking like he got cut up every which way an also look at that the man that posed 2 have cremated him nobody can find him that man ain’t dead an if he is how come over all these years everybody stressing if he dead or not. Shid biggy had a funeral he’s dead an even shug nite say he ain’t dead an they was ride or die type niggas u had 2 look at tha big picture which is Why Was It Not A Funeral an If he is really dead Why He Didn’t Even Have A Private Funeral. Think Ppl

    • chely

      He could have told the doctors to keep it a secret that he alive, if a doctor leaks out information that the patient said not to he could have been sued. There could have been a lawsuit against the doctor if he gives out information

  • Brian Dexter Williams

    If they can hack government computers, they can chop a Tupac record

    • Jay Johnson

      Dude do you realize how much overtime you’d have to put in?

      • Papa Bugg

        I work with sound and all you would need is someone who sounded like him, a little tweaking in the studio and bam, you have a new Tupac, its really not that hard… in fact, didnt this exact thing happen a few year back, oh yeah it did, I guess he has come back twice now……

        • F*** what you heard

          Hes Jeezus!!

    • Lakesha Blessedandcovered Smit

      True I’m wit you on this one…if that had of been PAC…he would have been spitting hard…. This here is some crap

    • Andy McIntire

      Nah y’all dumb as fuck that was definately 2pac. Listen. Theres no difference at all between where he says “2015” , “drake”(who he shouldn’t even know, so it’s a new recording) and he called eminem shady, no one calls him shady since late 90’s -early 00’s….fuckin retards

      • donuts

        Lol., you’re tone deaf if you cannot hear this south edit. The guy who is mixed along with Tupac doesn’t sound anything like him

    • LbDefiant

      That is one poorly edited audiobite

  • Nickolaos Fotopoulos

    Tupac and Elvis are alive and well in Cuba! lol

  • BeBe Webb

    I mean in this day and age, anything is possible!! Id rather read this then bruce jenners bull!!! Why couldnt he be hinding! Shuuuu, this place we live, American, the earth IS LIVING HELL!!! && big dawg knew that! Rather dead and gone or ducked off and gone, still best rapper ever!!

    • Chaney Akapluk

      Call me 5043603198 bebe

      • BeBe Webb

        For what? Stranger danger!!

        • HalfManHalfMachine

          Lol !!!!

  • Kayleigh Gutierrez

    He’s dead but whoever made this is lame as fuck Cus if he was in “hiding” and going to come out soon why would he start to diss ever rapper who makes hits just to start the same beef that he ran away from? Use your brains

  • Jolani Bigg Hank McClendon

    Not to bust nobody bubble but PAC gone and has been since 1996, let him RIP. Though rap sucks without him. We gotta just accept he’s dead. And even if he wasn’t he’d be arrested and sent to prison for life soon as he shows his face in the US. There’s no 7 year stature on faking your death anymore or else he would’ve been back, they can get you anytime. Although it would be nice to see and hear him back but it is not happening.

    • Al Joey Quattlebaum

      So true Bigg Hank let him RIP!!! Pac was one of the best rappers and he is gone!!! Let the man rest and we all will see him again just not in this life time!!!

      • Jay Johnson

        He’s alive I believe it.

    • Jay Johnson

      Dude before you make such an idiotic statement like that view the music clip.Unless some 1 was putting in some very serious overtime in the studio I believe he’s alive after hearing this…

      • The Esteemed

        That shitty clip is proof that he’s dead. Pac was one of the best; far better than just saying “Fuck this rapper and fuck that rapper”.

        • Kenos Duff

          Exactly. Its not creative at all and that should be enough to reflect its not Pac

          • Andy McIntire

            That’s the point of it. God you people need help. I’m out

        • Joshua Salas

          In tupac hut em up he disses people its possible he’s alive

        • Jc Bailey

          That’s is so true if PAC was alive he would say more than just that get over it hip hop will never be the same!!

        • Emma Jones

          Yes thts not PAC u can tell of I rlly listen specially when the guy talks trying to change his voice like pac , let the man rest n peace ppl will do anything for a publicity stunt…

      • donuts

        L o l

    • Jay Johnson

      You even got Suge knight saying he was alive.

      • Bill cool breezemiller

        Sugar will anything now, sitting in cell getting run over…

    • ttate

      Amen!….people are sick.

    • Debbi

      Your mistaken ..he faked his death in the only city it is legal to do so ..look it up ..I did ..he is alive and is coming back ..I believe it ..

      • Tupac Shakur

        Yep that’s what I just told somebody its legal there 2pac was smart


      I’m with you but you do know you can’t be tried for falling your death after 20 years right. Do your research

  • onefinepr


  • king l.b

    an all this is is technology somebody took alot of time to make his words actually say that or there is a sound alike,..cause if PAC come back now then I guess he wasn’t as real as everybody thought and why take shots at the ones that would put you back on..he knew bout the Illuminati a nigga know you won’t get on dissin names like puff and Jay

  • Kimberley Loveshardplaysharder

    The rap game do suck, but let me ask this… Why the fuck pac taken so long to return? If this is him, my nigga do you hear this wack shit??? Bring dat ass back!